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Lady Barbara

Shoe- + Footjob

Shoe- + Footjob : If you also want to have a shoe job with my pointed designer pumps or a foot job with my super-long toenails, you have to be a member of my website. Then you, like this young man, may feel it all at your own, horny dick when I accept more members for dates. At the moment I still take care of my sick mother and can not make any dates.

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5. [Gast] Nylonfan alleine der Gedanke die Füße der Lady am Schwanz zu spüren lässt meinen Schwanz hart werden.
4. [Guest] I like yo be tour perfect member... I wana feel your toes in all of me. Perfect date if you like a spanish 30 year old boy. Kisses baby
3. [Guest] Your feet are the most perfect feet so i would worship not just them but the objects they have touched. Im not a gay but i would suck all those lucky dicks that touched Your heavenly feet!!!
2. [Gast] My big dick would match better to he sexy toes than that wienie.
1. [Guest] As always Your foot here looks mouth watering suckable - You have the most famous ladies feet in the whole world thank You - i wish i could help You care for Your mother for You