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DrunkPhone : This is something for the Drunkfans among you: you can watch how I drink vodka with a member on the phone and do a hot talk with him. At the beginning, I wear still my elegant evening dress, but in the course of the conversation I'm persuaded to undress completely naked.

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11. [Guest] How Do I Apply For Life Long Permanent Slave Position, 24-7 , To Serve This Goddess Everyday Of My Life ?? please respond
10. Just read comments below - yes there is nobody else who compres to Empress Lady Barbara - She Dominates Everybody Under Her Feet
9. We Could Not Imagine The Thrill Honor Of Being Here Beofre Beneath Her - For Her To Use Us As Slaves
8. I am now jerking off over the thought honor of personally being here -- serving Empress Barbara at Her feet after i eat my sperm as She has instructed me to do. - She laughs down at me.
7. Empress -your Greatness Is Unsurpassed - I Beg To Someday Belong To You -devoted To Serving You And Your Feet -thank You
6. Barbara ist eine topgeile Partyfotze mit ihren abgeschnürten Bollen.
5. Wenn ich die abgebundenen Bollen der geilen Fotze sehe, kann ich nur abspritzen.
4. Ich würde gerne mal mit Bolle so feiern.
3. Als Drunkfan bin ich super begeistert. Wäre gerne dabei gewesen.
2. Riechersaftiger Pferdepimmel wird massiert in der kurzen Sporthose mit Spermatropfen beim richtig gierigen Anblick von Barbaras hochhackiger Plateauclearpantolette mit
1. Geiles video für jeden drunkfan