Lady Barbara
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Seamed Nylon Soles : On request of member Ingo from Aachen I have bound my tits under the tiger dress as so often very tight with rubber rings and I hide my pussy under a sheer nylon string. Because it takes a while till wanking Ingo comes and smells on my nylon toes, I show you my sexy feet in the brown sheer nylonstockings on the kitchen counter. Can you smell my stinky toes?

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12. What Is How Is The Best Way To Apply To Be Personal Servant Slave To Empress Barbara ??
11. Her Beauty Is Breath Taking - She Is Most Stunning Lady In All The World
10. How Much More Personal Does It Get Being Placed At Lady Barbara s Feet Toes To Serve And Obey Her ??
9. Fussfetischist3wenn ich denduft wirklich riechen könnte,würde ich stundenlang am bildschirm sein!!!
8. Lady Barbara - Das Geruchslerlebnis für jeden Fußwixer. Total geil die Mischung aus Fußschweiß, Leder und einem Hauch von Pimmelgeruch vom letzten Footjob.
7. Its very exciting for me. I love very much...thanks
6. Riechermmhh, ojaa Barbara, ich kann Deinen Duft hauptsächlich von beiden verschwitzten NahtNylonsohlen richtig gierig und sehr lange riechen, herrlich!
5. Aristocratic blue blooded Lady You are the most stunning Lady in the world - what is your address to send tributes - thank You So Much !
4. And Grovel Before You In Honor And Awe
3. The Most Stunning, Aristocratic,blued Lady Of Class And Dignity - Your Make Up Is Mesmerizing - We Drop To These Feet.
2. Superior Lady Barbara You tease all of us lucky submissives - we all beg to serve at Your feet !
1. Nylonfandiese wunderbaren Nylonfüße treiben mich noch in den Wahnsinn, alleine beim betrachten wird mein Schwanz steif. Verehrte Lady darf ich abspritzen???