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Feb, 1,2023

All about the passions of high-heeled shoe and nylon fetishist Lady Barbara

High Heels
My Long Nails
Fully Fashioned Stockings
Frivolous Dress
Fast Cars
Driving Boat
My Dogs

Ich mag nicht
Unimaginative sex
parasites and
boring gys
Dear fetish friend,,

my name is Barbara and I have been addicted to high-heeled shoes and exceptional fetish sex for many years. Because since I was 16 years old I am only wearing most time high-heels. In time, other things have come, like long toenails and later more and more fetish interests. So if you have a specific fetish (like something very fancy), please send me an email. Maybe it is interested for me too. What I have never been to have is ordinary vanilla sex ...

Well, what I like, you see as a member of LegsWorld.
You can only meet me as a member, at my parties or at private meetings. You can find more information about this in my member area.
You can find my photos in the member area. As a member, all photos are available to you for the duration of the membership. There are no time or volume restrictions. And every month about 2000 new horny photos are added.

Of course we are also keen on your ideas and help. If you have cool ideas, unusual locations or want to join in, then get in touch with me. Either by email or 0900 telephone, or as a member also via my private telephone number from the members area.
You can find my videos also in the member
area. As a member all videos and clips
are availiable for the duration of the
membership to you. There are no time-
or volume restrictions.

New updates on the clips and videos
appear in irregular Intervals.

But if you are cool, unusual ideas
for video clips, and those with us
want to implement, then sit down
just contact me. With pleasure
let us realize your unusual ideas
with you into reality.
Meanwhile, my collection has expanded to about 200 pairs,
of high heels and I am still far from over .... There are new
ones added every month. The newer shoes are all from 14cm high.

As a member you can see them at the parties.
All shoes (except for very few) are worn by me regularly
also privately.

Many members have already worn shoes of mine and maybe one of them lives near your town and he lets you play with my used shoes.

Contacts can be made in my chat.
I am happy to meet with members for unusual photo campaigns, not just around the topic of foot eroticism. Other types of fetish are also welcome. No matter what your inclination, get in touch with me and we'll talk about it. There are only a few things that I do not accept, such as illegal and the crushing of insects etc.

Which I don't either
search or offer,
is normal traffic,
no matter what kind.

Was ich ebenfalls nicht
suche  bzw. anbiete,
ist normaler Verkehr,
egal in welcher Art.
Derzeit in unregelmäßigen Abständen finden im Raum Düsseldorf meine Privatparties statt, zu denen sich jedes Mitglied anmelden kann.

Als Nicht-Mitglied kannst Du leider nicht teilnehmen.
Du möchtest mich mal treffen wenn ich privat ausgehe? Auch das ist gelegentlich möglich, aber nur wenn ich gerade nicht in meiner zweiten Heimat - Spanien- bin. Wenn ich in Deutschland bin, kannst
Du Dich (als Mitglied) mit mir oder meinem Mann kurz schliessen um zu erfahren, wann ich wo unterwegs bin. Ich bevorzuge Fetischpartys, wo es um Nylons & High-Heels, sowie um ausgelassenes Feiern und Tanzen geht. Wenn Du ein guter Tänzer bist, hast Du vielleicht Chancen bei mir.
Geboren in
Krakau / Polen
Living in
175 cm in 15cm Heels
54 KG
My size
Stilettos from 13 cm

I still have to take care of my sick mother and Corona makes everything more difficult. So I can hardly make any dates on my few short visits to Germany.

If I have more time again, I would be delighted to be in contact with a groomed and generous gentleman on dance events

Who knows what can
happen then ... ?