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Someone was very horny on my big ass. Again and again this hot member pushed his nose and his tongue between my big buttocks and licked. But his cum I got -as usual- on my footsoles. How do you like my seamed nylon stockings?

The latest LEGSWORLD Updates from 'Lady Barbara'

X - Diva

The Boot Slave

Dressed in the Shower

Shopping Stroll in Thongs

All in Red with White Seamed Nylons

My Big Pantyhose Ass

Stroll Totally in Red

Foot Sex in the Industrial Park

Naked Lady Cleaning the Dust

My Spanish Slave

Shoes & Toes Job

Fucking Bound Feet

Bicycle Tour in Heels

Walk with the Dog

CFNM- Tied Feet

Markus loves Thongs

The Hotel Servant


Tied Scotrum Leash

Blue Bikini

Lingerie + Nylons in the Heels Studio

Date in Sexy Mules

Nylon-FootSoles on Terrace

Cum on My Ass in the Bathroom

Lace Bikini

In Nylons on the Tanning Bed

Open-Toe-Pumps in the Garden

Sexy Foot Soles in Pantyhose

Bar Naked with Gold Chain

Red Platform Mules & Blue Sky

PenisCrushing with Long Claws

In 16cm Sling Pumps on the Rocks

Long Silver-Nails in the Sun

Licked In the Bathtub

Toes Sluty in the Dog Box

Merry Christmas in White!

BikerLady in the Garden

Blinddate for Three

Sexy Shoegift

The Transparent Dress

Footsoles in Seamed Nylons for Georg

Nylons and Mules in the Garden

Naked Lady on teh Examination Gurney

Pantyhose Show a the Old Train Station

In High-Heels on the Sunbed

Golden Shower from my Pussy

My Mules Pussy

The Wet Knittdress

Double Anklets

I love Titt Rubber under the Top

Wet Transparent Dress

Slingpumps + Summerdress

Walking the Dog in Heels

Sheer Summer Dress

Swimming in Knitwear

Stark Naked. No Polish on Toenails

Squeezed in "Heel Cages"

Totally in White on the Bed

Wet Foot Soles

My French Slavedog

Dirty Footsoles

The Lady and her Peeslave

The Secret use of my feet

Pee drinking Slave in the Forest

Outdoordate in Yellow Dress

Isolated for a Dream-Fan

Trip at the coast

Zoccoli Lady on Terrace

With Suspenders in Bed

Outdoor-Foot Wanker

BoundBoobs + Zoccoloi

Blind Date with 2 Horny Businessmen (Part 2)

Blinddate with 2 Horny Businessmen (part1)

Laid Out on the Terrace

Sleep-Diva in Spandex

for my Pee

The hot Shoe Salesman

Walking the Dog in Heels

Sleep with Double BoobRings

In Strapped Pants and Designer-Sandals

Fur Lady in Pumps & Nylons

Toes Worship in the Garden

Pink Lady with Slave

Private Series in the Garden

Pink Dress at the Pool

EasterLady in Suspenders

In a Stretch Dress at the Power Pole

Ready for the Opera

Blind Date in Sandals

Private Party in the Basement Bar

Naked Widow


StarkNaked on the Terrace

Toes Wanking At the Garden House

Dr. Meier (2)

Sexy Female Cook

Long Blinddate Night (4)

Long Blinddate Night (1)

Long Blinddate Night (2)

Naked ExhibitionObject

Slave Michaella (vol 2)

Sexy Lingerie & Ankle Bracelet

Breastbondage in Platform Heels

Stinky Soles in Black Nylons

MulesFuckt of Gasmask

Relaxing before the Dance Evening

The Masked Masseur

Roman Sandals & Blue Nylons

The Blindfolded Date

Mowing the Lawn in Heels

Creaming my Feet

Smoking with a Cigarette Holder

Exclusive Sandals

Widow in Transparent Blouse

Widow shows Soles & Boobs

Nylonfrog - Wide open Legs

White transparent Dress

My New, Young Asss Licker

Serve your Lady, Slave !

In the Army now ... ?

Smoking Lady (part 2)

Changing my stockings

Red Sandals & Long Nail

Walker in the old Industrial Park

Firing Practices in High-Heels

Seven Inch in the Garden

Waterboarding-Help my Toes

Nylonposing on the Terrace

CatsuitLady at the Sea

Buttocks Posing on the Bed

Show you Buttocks, PumpsLady !

With Extreme Sandals through the Village

Smoking Lady (1)

Pink Sabots on Terrace

Visit on Saturday

LaceDress and PlatformPumps

Posing on the terrace-table

In Negligee at the Garden House

Stinky Soles after Long Walk

Holidaypictures from Spain

Transparent Dress on the Terrace

In Front of the Mirror

Corvette Lady in Nylons

In turquoise pumps at the sea

18 cm High Heeled Sandals

Ready for your Dick

Trying some Shoes in my Office

Foot Impressions

Sexy doing the Housework

Sexy Mules & Sandals

Outdoor Upskirt

BoobRibbers & Handicap

Footjob at Teatime

Foot- + Shoejob for the Toes Wanker

Groper at the Fence Gate

Visit for Shoe Smelling

Before I go to bank

Lady B and the Pantyhoselover

Handjob from the Fur Lady

BoobsExposure & Hang Out Toes

Six Inch Outdoor

Breast Training with Weight Plate

Breast Rubber Bands

Pantyhose + Platforms

Relaxing at the Fireplace

Footsex in Catsuit

White Pants and Sandals

Blinddate Visitation

NylonLady in Mules

Home Alone at Night

Briefly Footjob

QuadTour in OuvertTights

Handjob and Facesitting

WorkOut in Pantyhose

Slave in Tulle

The BoobsLady + her Wanker

Boobs Run with Dogs

Naked Titts + LeatherPants

Beach Trip

Nipple Sukker + 16 cm Pumps

Corkshoes at the Pool

Trampling and Handjob

Smoking Lady with Bound Boobs

Holdup Fishnet Stockings

LivingDoll Babsi

Footsoles and Bikini

Poolcleaning in ultrasheer Pantyhose

Painting the Wall Naked

Mules Masturbation

Platformsandals + Long Nails

Summerdress in the Storm

Facesitting + Handjob

Tits + Toes for your Fun

Trip in my Classic Car

BikerLady in 6inch Mules

The Big Bra Show

Private Series: Reading a Magazine

NylonFootjob with Long Nails

Relax with Pantyhose and Neglige

The Soles of my Pumps

Into the Pantyhose

Tanned Feet

In Black&White at theTerrace

Nylonsoles in Pumps

Long Red Claws before the Thunderstorm

Tripple Breastrubbers

Visiting a Member at Home

Long Nails Close Ups

Festive in Black & White

With NylonCatsuit in the Forest

Mules + Foot Jewelry

In Nylons and Boots on the Pool Terracca

Merry Nylon-Christmas

Tight Bound Balls Under The red Pullover

Blinddate for the little Grandpa

The Visitor from England

Cooking for Christmas

Foot Soles at the Dining Table

FootCunt at the Barrier

Pantyhose Soles after the Walk

Trampling in pumps

Private Show for a Member

Diamond Ladyd eLuxe

Ready for Going Out

Packed in Clear Film at the Monastery

Lingerie in the Pool

Strip on the Balcony

Slave Michaela in the Cellar

Slave Abdullah from Cairo

Hochhackig ! ... on the Bed

Seamed Nylons under the Tartan Skirt

Handcrafted Sandals

Nylonsoles after Shopping

The Toes of Goddess Barbara

Noble DesignerMules on the Rocks

Big Rubber Dick

Not only Footmassage

Black + White

Eveningdress before the Eiffeltower

Back home from a Latexparty

At the old swing

Toes in shiny Stockings

Seamed Nylons at the Pool

Platforms + Cummed Soles

Furcoat in the industrial area

Minutes before the Date

Cruise Trip (1)

Serve me slave !

Electric Blue

Jeans and Sandals at the Port

Cruise Trip (2)

Feet in Plastic Wrap

Cruise Trip (3)

Picnic at the River Rhine

Leathercoat + Pumps

Chat in Neglige

Transparent NylonBlouse

The Golden Sandals

My Designer-House Mules

Pantyhose Show at the FincaPool

Cruise Trip (4)

Worn-out Stilettoshoes. Sold Out !

Kiss my Shoesoles

Stand Attention!

Cruise Trip (5)

Kissing Feet in the Garden

Rub your Dick at my costume

MulesFeet with Dildo

Wet Foot Soles on the Fur

Cruise Trip (6)

Bootys and Crutches

The Knit Dress

DomBabs and the Naked Slave

Footfucker John

Cruise Trip (7)

Bar Naked Soles

The BoobsTrainer (1)

My Sexy Pantyhose Ass

Pantyhose + MulesShow

Extreme Sandals

In the Champagne Cellar

The BoobsTrainer (2)

Cruise Trip (8)

MemberVisit at the Boobs Groper

Nylontoes in Mules

Hot Dancing Night with a Member

Black + White (Vol 2)

Pumps in the Rocks

In Lingerie at the Gym Bicycle

In the Treadmill

Cruise Trip (9)

Shoes Fitting with the Slave

My Naked Polish Mule Cunts

BoobsKneading At The Promenade

Hot Bollerinas

Leggings Lady

Porn Toes in Flip Flops

Tartan Skirt in RetroStyle

Cruise Trip (10)

Topless on the Green Field

Black Nail Polish

Zehentrenner for the LongNails

MemberPhotos: Jeansfan Jerry

Red Dress at the Jeep

Walking the Dog at the Beach

Cruise trip (11)

All Golden - Vintage Platforms

Corcwedges in the Garden

Looking on my Big Balls

Shoemaid Michaela

Sheer Dress + Sabots

Fur Cap + Garterbelt

Jeans + Mules

Fur Stole + Garterbelt

Pantyhoseposing in the Garden

Partyimpressions with Fußriecher

Busineslook and Naked Soles

Naked FootSoles for Smelling

Frivolous on my Quad

Massage + Wet Soles


Mules + Soles in Nylon

SwinSuit with RhineStones

Lady on the WC

Golden Sandals + Costume

Footfucking in the Sauna

Lingerie under the Fur

Nylon Footsoles on Terrace

Fishnetbody + Overknees

Come with your Nose

On your Knees!

Pink Lady with Hat

The Hot Nylon Wanker

In the Tub

Golden Shower with & without Nylons

Pantyhose Ass & Cunt

Alone in the Sex-Villa

Mules + Sexy Ankle Bracelets

Cum on my Mules Toes

Naked Pussy under the Tartan Skirt

Fur + long Nipples

Footjob at the Bar

WC-Lady in Heels & Nylons

Fishnet Pantyhose in the Corridor

Extremely Hard Nipples


Jerk on my Balls

Striptease on the Streets

In Hold-Ups at the Oldtimer

In the Kitchen

Wanker´s Icon Naked at Attention

Shoejob at the Bar

Oiling my Feet for Toe Fucks

Latex Suit and Black Toe Polish

At the Balls Rope of the Lady


Nude Show at the Old Forester

Seamed Nylons and Mules

Sandal Masturbation

Latex Suit and Black Toe Polish (2)

High Heeled on the Exercise Bicycle

Smoking Babs in Fur Coat

Footlicker in the Morning

Chatting at the Notebook

Glitter Thongs (Part 1)

Mit Catsuit and Furcap in the Snow

At Home in Lace Catsuit

Detention for the nasty Boy

Bound Boobs under the Bra

Catsuit + Glitter Shoes

Lingerie and Nylons

Happy New Year 2019 !

Sole + Ass Show

Shoe- + Footjob

Hot Boobs & Sandal-Toes

The Tricky Nylonfan

Overknee on the Terrace

Fur + Catsuit

On My TipToes

Footfucker on the Solarium

Money, Money, Money ...

Footjob Training

French Nails & Giraffe

Trampling in Blue Costume

RhineStoneSandals in the Snow

Fuck my Toes !

Oily ToeSex

Snow White Shoes

Relaxing in the Pool

1969 Boutique in Red

Bound at the Blinddate

Stinky Nylon Footsoles

FurLady in the Snow

HarleyLady In Pink Laced Boots

Black Platform Mules

Dr. Meier (part 1)

The FootFuckBox

Totally White in the Snow

Blue Nails at the Solarium

Slave Visits Me

Kiss my Dick, Slave!

HarleyLady In Pink PlatformMules

Coloured Stilettos of B

Slave Visits Me (2)

BoobsQueen in Latex

Transparent Neglige for Peter

My Toe Slits

Off Under my feet !

Footjob by Lady Babs

Jeans and DesignerPumps

The White Dressing Gown

Meine SleepyDate-Outfits

On your knees, slave !

Fishnets in the Snow

Falling in High Heels

Posing in the Red Bureauchair

Give me your sperm !

Permission to Wank

Black Costume

Long Claws in Mules

BoobsLady with bare soles

Naked in Thongs

Smoking in the Snow


Stinky Footsoles

Seamed Nylon Soles

Red + White

Naked in Mules

Trampling + Footjob

defenceless on the Massage Bench

Visting a Member in his Hotel

Tramping in Sheer White Dress

Various Leggins

With Capri Trousers + Sandals in the Snow

Wet Holes under Transparent Dress

Downblouse in Black

FootJobs with Harry

Sleepdate with Marcel

Outdoor Rhinestone Mules

Shoe Gift from Boutique 1969 (2)

GoldenShower in the GuestBath

The Cock Plank

Fucking Toes on the Bed

In Nylons at the Bar

Bound + Toefucked

Golden Shower in a Hotel in Moers

Black Mules + French Nails

Glitter Thongs (Part 2)

Sunbath for Naked Soles

The Bedside Rug

Hot Heels with Ankle Bracelets

Heels + Jeans CoseUps


Rhinestone Stilettos

Gasmask + Nylons

Exhibition Piece with FurStole

Neglige + Pumps

Spandex + Platformshoes

Dirty Foot Soles and Long Nails

Visiting the Houseslave at Home

Tied Titts in the Pool

Facesitting + Spitting

Smoking Lady in the Livingroom

Transparent Dress

Sexy Mules and Long Claws

Overkneeboots and Pantyhose

Private Party with Member Claude

Nylon Footsoles on the Counter

Sexy at the Balkony

Handjob in wrinkled Silkstockings

The New Slings

Half Naked in the Snow

Jeans and naked Feet

Barefoot Dancing

Walking with the Dog

Worn Out Sabots

Merry Christmas from Lady B

Pumps and Seamed Nylons

Sexy Christmas !

Buttocks in Red Leggins

Footbull at Champagne Bar

Albert´s Barefoot Nylons

Posing in Rose Fishnet Stockings


Toecleavage + Anklechain

Sperm on my Toes

Pumps Games

Red Leggins

Red Lingerie + The new Sandals

Footsoles in Sheer Nylons

Bare Naked behind the Door

Pantyhose Lady in Spain

Bare Feet in Red Croc Pumps

The Business Call

French Nails in Mules

Toejob for the Masked

Mules Fucking

Catsuit on Terrace

Biker Lady in Tight Leather

Vintage: Pinned-Up Hairstyle & Tights

Mules without Toe Straps

Driving The Thing with Platformsandals

Blowjob at the Glory Shutter

Toes Jewelry & Rubber Dick

After Shopping

Lingerie & Hat

Lying in Nylons on the Bed

Golden Lady (Part 1)

With Steady Hard Nipples on the Bike

Colorful HighHeels

LatexLady with Gas Mask

Trying Golf

Golden Lady (part 2)

Pantyhose & Overknees in the Kitchen

Exploration on the room table


Prepared as Sleep-Diva

The Tub is Full

Controlling the Slave

The Nap

Knitwear + Pumps

Hot Buttocks

Big Boobs & Winter Sandals

Walk in Nylons & Lingerie

Groper in the Golf Club

Golden Shower in the Eveningdress

The Installer

Female Drummer in Fishnet Dress

Breastrings at the Old Castle

Fucked into my Mulespussy

Bare Cunt in Business Suit

Peniscrushing with Goldheels

Painting Toenails


The Sole Wanker

Santa Barbara in Platforms

Mini Skirt and Wooden Mules

Slave on the Leash

Hot for my Ass

BOLLE in NylonCoat

PlatformLady with Hat

Red Mules

Wet Foot Soles on the MassageChair

Pantyhose Strip

Licking Date

Visiting a Parking in FurCoat

Mistress in Lingerie

Makeup in Front of the Foot Bull

Sexy Flip Flops

Blue Nailpolish

The Phone Call

Nylonshow in a Small Village

Doktor B´s Shoeexperiments

Footjobs + Toefuck (Vol 1)

Pink Eveningdress

French Nails on Tour

Lady at the Pool

Red Dress

Dressed for my Blinddate

Into the Sabots

The tight Pumps

Footjobs + Toefuck (Vol 2)

Female Footslave Gina at Screening Test

Patrol in Black Latex

Punishment of the Slave

Lick me slave !

After the Party

Russian LAdy in Pumps + Fur

Golden Shower in the Tub

The Mules Fucker

Reunion in Jeans

Busty gives Footjob

Hot fot Pumps + Nylons

Various MiniSkirts

Nylon-Fishnetbody + Gasmask

Feet in Chains

The Naked Lady and the Businessman

Evening in Spain

ABeforeter the Party Night

Downblouse and Glittersandals

Six Inch Forever

Weights on the Terrace

Fur Coat and Widows Hat

Blinddate at the Bar

Smell my stinky Soles

Widow in Neglige

Oiling Tired Feet

At the Computer

The Shoe Photographer

The Masked Slave in the Bar

Stilettos and Crutches

With Negligee in the Kitchen

Catsuit + Hat in the Garden (1)

Hooped Socks

Big Ball in the Neglige

The Yellow Peep Toe Pumps

Shoe Masturbating with Gasmask

Pantyhose and Ankle Boots

Sole Licking + Wanking


Catsuit + Hat in the Garden (2)

Totally in Nylon

Cooking in seamed Nylons and Stilettos

White Overkneeboots in the Park

The Red Condom

Diva on the TreatmentBed

Peniscrushing with Grip Sole

Blind Date with Member Gregor

Mini Skirt and grey Nylon Stockings

Catsuit + KrokoBoots

Naked in the Pool

Pedicure and Nailpolish

Pantyhose Soles

My New Stilettos

Blindfolded Recreation

Manhattan Heels

Treatment at the ChampagneBar

MachoJailer in the Prison Bus

Ready for Going to the NewYearsBrunch

In Spandex at the Door

FishnetDress + Heels

Lady and Maid

Posing + Pedal Pumping

Handjob in Pink

Stinky Bare Footsoles

Fuck my Boobs in the Garden

Mask + Platformsandals

Bath Robe + Lace-Up Sandals

HighHeels for my Car


Dancing Lady

Showing my Titts at the Jeep

PantyhoseLady at the Pool

Naked Lady with Hat and Heels

Wet Soles in front of NC 9606

PumpsLady in Fur Costume

The Greedy Asslicker


Long Blinddate Night (3)

Lady in Pink Leggins

For Sale

Tennis at the Finca

PumpsLady in Jeans Skirt

Early in the morning in my bathroom

Turquoise Trouser Suit

Victory for General B !

Toerings at the Eiffel Tower

Partyimpressions with Bound Boobs

In the Red Dressing Gown

In Nylons on the Sofa

Blind-Date with Office Rubber Rings


In Spain with 25cm Heels

Costume + Hat



The SoleWanker

White 6-Inch-Sandals

Stand at Attention

The Shoes of his Wife

Footsoles and Jeans

Blinddate in Golden Dress

Nail Polish

Lady in Gasmask

Long Toenails

Summerhat + daringly Decollete

Naked Soles at the FincaPool

Footwanker at the Pool

Try on Shoes (part 1)

In the Medieval District (1)

At the House Telephone

Tanned Toes

Black Sexy Angel

Decorated Queen

Lady with Watering Can

Try on Shoes (part 2)

Holidaypictures in the Medieval District (part 2)

Pantyhose + Soles

Boots + Breastrings

Sexy Toes in Sexy Mules

Fishnet Stockings

PornToes in the Snow

Blind Date in the Corridor


Footjob in the Hotel

Nylons + Mules in the Garden

Knit dress over the Neglige


FootBull Orkan Cummed on me

Private At Home

Bound Boobs + Mules

The Footsoles of the Masked Lady

High-Heeled in the Rain

Nylon Soles in the Garden

Dusting in Pantyhose

Relax in the Villa


PrivatePhotos at the River Rhine

Barefoot in Mules

Dirty Foot Soles

Sandals and Mules in the Snow

In the Prison Bus

Foot Soles in Mules

With Maske at the Quad

Pussy Shaving at the Pool

At the Wooden Bridge

Spain 2018 at the Pool

MoselleTrip with the Dog

Blank Footsoles and Jeans at the stony Coast

Crushing a Harley with Platforms

Catsuit + Summerhat

Tight Boobs on the Bench

Pantyhose Show between the Rocks

Golden Soles

New Wedgemules

Fucking my Mules at the Kitchen

Licking Toes on the Grass

Pantyhoseposing on the StoneDesk

Fur Jacket and Mules

Allone at the Autobahn

Reinforced Seamed Nylons

CrocoBoots + Tights

Footsex in the LivingRoom

Asslicking and Footjob

Mules Show


Without Toestraps

Naked and Isolated

Straitjacket & Bare Boobs

GoldenShoes in the Sauna

My visit in the Airport-Hotel

Before the Blinddate

Nylonsoles in Mules

Knit dress on the Bank

FootSoles in Ultra Sheer Nylons

Stark Naked in Spain

Sole Wanker with Long Dick


Heavy Weights on my Labia

FootSoles at the Motor Home

Recently Oiled at the SpinBike

Wanker on the Parking

BlueJeans + Pumps

Cum on my Legs

Camping Weekend

Ruberdick crushed in various Mules

Toe Sperm by the FootBull

Blowjob at the Gardenhouse

Dog Care in Heels & Tights


Ultralong Nails

Standing up Pee

Horny Soles + Smoking

Bootjob in a Garbage Bag

Stinky Soles After the Walk

Black Satin Dress + Mules

Tight Jeans + Mules

Foot Massage

More Toe Cleavages in Pumps

Pussy Show in the Garden

Catsuit in the Snow

Holidays in Mules

Overknees Boots & Knit

Sperm on my Feet

Gourmet Feet

Blinddate Stark Naked

With My Motor Home at the Upper Rhine

Bored LuxuryLady

Taken Away after the Presentation in the Garden

Overknees in the Garden

Red/White at the shore

Furcoat on the Gardenbridge

Stroll in the Evening Sun

Eveningdress in the Pool

Examination in JeansMini

Black Fur Stole

Blinddate with the ButtocksWanker

Brown Nylon Footsoles

Nylons + Mules Outside in the Dark

Platform Mules in the Snow

Foot Slave at the Pool

Nylon Soles + Fur Coat

Desired Dress

My Horny Big Butt in Sheer Dress

At the Shore

Fucking my Titts

Black Swimsuit

Muffins Crushing

Fuddled in a Nylon Catsuit

The Nylon-Soles-Fucker

Queen of Toes

Bound Boobs under the Jeansjacket

Merry Christmas in Red/White

The Nylonsoles of Lady B

Gardenwork in Slingpumps

Smoking in Knit Dress

The NylonsSoles of the Sexy Widow

In white Pumps at the pool

Christmas Feet

Pussy-Tanning at the Coast

The yellow Mules

PrivateSeries: Dog Walk

Black Bride

Smoking in the Red Eveningdress

Sweaty Footsoles

Cold Leather on my Pussy

Sexy Widow on the Cemetery

Naked Footsoles at the Pool

Highest Heels

Sleep-Diva - Utilized

With Garterbelt and Hotpants in the Garden

White Wine for Breakfast

Facesitting in the Heelsstudio

Heels on the Bar

Winterdress in Spain

With Furcoat in the Snow

At the old Monastery

Nylons + Pumps


At the pond

Jeans + Sandals

Transparent Rain Coat

Neglige+ Pumps in the Afternoon

Posing with Hat

Blinddate in GucciDress

The CorkMaid

Elegant Breast Rings in the Heelsstudio (1)

Shoes without Toe Straps

Oiled Feet + Breasts

Nearly Naked in February

Greased Soles

Long Red Nails in the Snow

SatinLeggins + Goldpumps

Big Boobs in Turtleneck Sweater

BoobsFuck in Lace Catsuit

A Day Relaxing at the Pool


Lady with Turban

Stark Naked with Strawhat

In Pink Evening Dress on Terrace

Gasmask Slave (1)

Outdoor-Posing in 6 inch Sandals

Toegames in the Garden

Pumps and Fur

Sexy Soles on the Desk

Ripping up my Nylons

Titt Training

PrivateParty with Groper

Waiting for Guests

Naked at Home

Wanking with Rubber Gloves

Titts + Heels

Naked Soles in the Sun

Footjob at the Rhineshore

Footsmelling is Horny

Styling for the Opera

Cum on my Ass

Pantsuit + Pumps

The golden Bikini

Elegant with Breast Rings in the Heelsstudio (2)

Squished Balls

Long French ToeNails

BarefootNylons at the Terrace

Walking in my 6 Inch Heels

Southern Comfort

The Horny Gasmask Slave

Special Shoes

Sexy Rhinestonesandals at the Mosel (1)

Mules- and Sole Fucking

Foot & Shoejob at the DiningTable

Naked in Heels

The Shy Member

Dancing at the Pool

Sheer Dress

Facesitting in the Hotel

Sexy Rhinestonesandals at the Mosel (2)

Smell my Stinky Soles and more ...

MassageDate for my Feet

Hot on 7inch Heels


With Blue Pumps in the Garden

Blinddate with the HandWanker


HighHeeled + Bound

NylonLady in the Bathroom

With the Pantyhosefriend in the Hotelroom

The CraftsWoman

LegginsButt + More

Xmas Surprise

Before the Concert Visit

Sleep-Diva with Mask and EarProtector

Hot Dance Night

The Masked SoleWanker

Big Boobs under the Corsage

Fuck my Tit Balls

Extremely High

Stinky Naked Footsoles

Spandex Overall in The Rain

Latex handjob into a Salad Bowl

Mules Feet

Black Widow in Platform Mules

Cum on My Toes

Furcoat in the Car

Neglige & Stinky Footsoles

In Neglige at the Garden House

In my Roadster at the Airfield

In Leggins on the Jeep

Lady in Red + White

Milkinggrease (part 1)

Fruit Salad made by Lady B

Stark Naked Wankers Object

Tiger Coat and Designerpumps

Milkinggrease (part 2)

The Hot Catsuit Groper

Iron Shoes for Babs

Open your Jeans, FootBull !

Relaxing after NailPolish

Stars + Stripes

Full Load on the Feet

Naked under the Coat

Negligee + Mules

Stinky Naked Soles & Jeans Ass

On the Massage Bank

Foot Jewelry + Rubber Dick

Sexy Footsoles in Mules

Horny Pantyhose Lover

Hanging Boobs & Transparent Mules

Private Shots

Knit Sweater & Garterbelt


The FishnetSoles of the Widow

Private Photos in Holidays

Going to the Opera
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more sets are
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