UPDATE: 5212

Lady Barbara
Smoking Lady

Shortly before a shopping spree in the city of Krefeld, I'm sitting on the sofa in a black costume, smoking a cigarette. A slave wants to come with me and watch me, when I am wandering through the stores in these 15 cm high heeled mules and ultra-sheer nylons and when men are staring behinde me. Unfortunately, he is too shy to take pictures of me, the jerk. But of course, he must pay for the purchases and carry the bags.

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5. I Would Carry Your Bags - Always Walking Behind You Unless Instructed Otherwise By You - Then Fall To These Feet Toes Beg To Serve You Forever
4. So Much Strenght Power About This Awesome Picture -complete Representation Of Female Domination By Great And Superor Women Thank You - i am honor to witness
3. Continue - to beg to you to please take him and train him properly - where he belongs - Forver Devoted To Serving You And Your Feet Toes - I Would Beg To Be Your Personal Pedicurist
2. Of Course He Was Too Shy And Most Likely Very Nervous And Afraid Of You - That How All Sub.s and slave should feet in your mere presence - I Hope You Took Him And Put Him Right At Your Feet For Him To
1. Xmanfredx wie gern würde ich vor dir liegen und an deinen geilen Zehen schnuppern und sie lecken du FußGoettin.