UPDATE: 2758

Lady Barbara
Summerhat + daringly Decollete

Because a lot of members wanted to see me back after a break, here is my first new series with mw in summer dress with daringly decollete and 15 cm high heeled sexy mules. To all, I am still wearing a light beige summer hat and as so often much jewelry.

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10. But You Should Have Your Nails Painted Only Red Or Orange
9. The Power Superiority Of These Lady Barbara Feet - They Rule Over Control The Planet -everybody Drop Obey Now
8. You are simply the best!
7. You Lady Barbara are such a tease and torture over all us millions of people who dream of being at these feet - serving You always - respectfully and devotedly
6. Superior Lady Barbara rules over and above all - could you imagine the honor of being at these magnificent feet ? We all shoul send periodic tributes to the empress !
5. Barbara - You Rule Over All ..what An Honor It Would Be To Be At Your Feet And Toes
4. Lady B, zieh doch bitte dein Dekoltee runter und zeige uns deinen dicken Bollen.
3. Lady B sieht wieder mal richtig sexy aus.
2. Ich würde gern die roten Krallen küssen bevor ich mein Samenopfer gebe
1. So horny and worthy of worship. Id like to kneel at the mules and kiss the feet, then have them in my lap to empty a big load over.