Lady Barbara
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Küss meine Zehen, Sklave ! : Für diesen Französichen Sklaven ist mal wieder Sklaven-TÜV angesagt: In einem Lackkleid mit Lackcape darüber und sehr hohen schwarzen Plateausandaletten an den Füßen, erziehe ich einen nackten Sklaven in einem Keller bis dieser gehorsam meine nackten, rot lackierten Zehen küsst.

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9. [Guest] Of course we all drop in honor at these high heeled feet and toes - hope he knows how lucky he is here - wait in a long line to drop grovel and pay homage to these feet
8. [Gast] You make me feel satisfied when i look at your style...ich will ein orgasmus haben...
7. [Guest] Great Great Representation Of The Most Superior Lady On Earth - An Honor To Witness
6. [Guest] Your Highness - Your Feet Toes Are So Month Watering Awesome -i Will Pay Much To Buy These Awesome High Heels -please Allow Me
5. The Side View Of Superior Ladies Foot Here Is So Awesome -- She Rules Over All On Earth
4. Th Euncomparable Greatness Pwer Of Lady Barbara -- Nobody Else Compare An Honor To View
3. Awesome Pair Of High Heels --wow This Is A Great Picture -- I Too Am Crawling In Honor Beneath You To Kiss Suck These Toes -thank You Great Lady
2. Yes Superior Lady Barbara I Agree 100 W Last Writer- I Would Crawl To These Feetand Beg To Serve Worship You Devotedly -all People Look At Feettoes.
1. Fussfetischist3so muss ich auch erzogen werden...