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6. [Guest] Guest 3 Comment Has It Exactly Right - I Too Sit .. "trembling In Total State Of Obedience Awe - To Someday Serve This Superior Goddess
5. [Guest] Lady Barbara Is From Another Alein Race - Not Entrirely Earhtly Being But From A Far Superior Race - Should Never Be Shown To Be Servant
4. [Guest] Yes Guest 3 - you are so right - this Lady represents Fem Dom to the highest possbile degree and all related to female domination and control
3. [Guest] I am on my knees, trembling in obedience and desire, and crying for You and Your unreachable Perfection! i... Am... Crying... My Mother and Goddess Barbara. I want You so badly and I Love You!!!!
2. Babs ist ne hammergeile Vitrinenfotze, das Ausstellungsstück schlechthin
1. Deine affengeilen Kugelbollen kannst Du mir gerne auf dem Tablett servieren, liebe Babsi