Lady Barbara
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Lady Barbara

An der Holzhütte

An der Holzhütte : Von Sklave Michael liess ich mich am Wochenende an meiner 'Tiroler Hütte' bedienen. Ich ließ ihn nicht nur die sehr hohen Absätze meiner roten, zehenoffenen Lackpumps lecken sondern ihn auch meine Nylonbeine küssen, an meinem Po riechen und meine Pobacken küssen.

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20. [Guest] The position here of being in heaven having the joy and honor of looking up into Lady Barbara s controlling eyes - She Looks Happy And Amused
19. [Guest] I want to be under your feet to lick the Heels and also your ass.
18. [Guest] This Lady goes through slaves like a normal person goes through toilet paper - a thrill to express my thoughts
17. [Guest] Yes Mother Over All Others - Lady Superior - Your Make Up Here Is Stunning -you are always in complete control - we are honored to serve and obey at these feet- we all tribute You via Pay Pal
16. We all look up too and speak up to You Superior Lady someday i hope to lick my sperm off Your toes for Your amusement i serve You always
15. I want to fill this Heels with my sperm...
14. Supergeile Pumps trägt die Lady hier in der Serie
13. How can one Lady be so powerful and control sl many other people - we all drop to Her feet in honor and awe.
12. Slave Michael Is So Lucky Here !
11. I am awestruck and mesmerized by this magnificent Lady Barbara -i could n imagine the thrill and joy of being before this superior Lady at those awesome feet - it would b
10. Great And So Powerful Picture Of Empress Barbara Always Looking Down At Her Pets - I Beg To Be In This Position To Her !
9. Unter Füßen der Goettin. Gern würde ich tun was sie sagt.
8. One day i will be under ur feet
7. I want to kiss our gorgeous Heels...
6. We Beg To Be Put On Your Leash Before You ! Great Lady ! the thought of it all is heaven - reality of not being here before You is hell
5. Your make up looks so regal and Your beauty and expression of satisfaction soo regal and commanding - how lucky we all are having You as our Divine Empress
4. I beg to grovel and serve forever forever at Lady Barbaras feet
3. We all beg to be beneath You Empress Barbara personally i dream of someday being Your favorite slave and pet ! thank You Your greatness !
2. Barbara - You Rule Over All ..what An Honor It Would Be To Be At Your Feet And Toes
1. Eine wunderschöne Herrin die Lady Barbara da wartet man gerne auf seine Bestrafung.