Born in
Krakau / Polen
175 cm in 15cm Heels
54 KG
Stilettos um 13 cm
High-heeled shoes
My long nails
Genuine nylons
Fancy clothes
Fast cars
Water ski
Fetish sex
My dogs

I dont like
Uninspired sex
Parasites and
flange oilers

Dear fetish friends,

my name is Barbara and love since many years high-heeled shoes and fancy fetish sex. Because since I was 16 years old, I was wearing high heels only (except a few situations). Things like "long toenails" to do so, and later more and more other fetish interests came in the course of time.

If you're also in a very particular fetish (like also some very unusual), send me an email.  But what I never like, is quite normal "vanilla sex"...

What can you expect on LegsWorld?
You want to meet me even when I go out privately?  Also this is occasionally possible if I am in Germany.
Currently at irregular intervals my private parties held in the Düsseldorf area, to which each Member can log on.

You can not take part as a non-member unfortunately.
I like seeing members for fancy photo actions, not only related to foot worship. Other types of fetish game are welcome. No matter what fetish you have, come in with me and we talk about it. There are only a few things that I do not accept, such as unlawful and the crushing of insects etc.

What I also do not
search or offer, is
normal sex, no
matter what kind.

Now  my collection has expanded to approximately 200 pairs, and I'm not so still long at the end... There are new ones every month. The newer shoes are all 14cm high. As a member, you can see it on the parties.

All shoes be worn regularly also privately (up on quite a few) by me.

You like to clean shoes and you are a legsworld-member? Come to the party so that we get to know us, then apply with me as my personal "shoe parlour". My collection needs regular cleaning and maintenance. And who could do it better than a proper shoe fetishist?
You can also find my videos in the members area. As a member, you are all videos and clips for the duration of membership available. There is no time or volume limits.

New updates on the clips and videos appear at irregular intervals.

If you have some horny outlandish ideas for video clips, and you want to implement them, then just send me an email. Gladly we implement your unusual ideas with you in reality.
You can find my photos in the members area. As a member, you have all photos for the duration of the membership available. There are no time or volume limits. And every month you see about 2000 new horny pics.

There are new updates every day from Monday to Sunday.

Of course, we are keen on your ideas and help. If you're have hot  ideas, or you know unusual locations for photos or even want to join, then send me an email.
You can only meet me as a member, on my parties or I also do private meetings. Information about this please see in my members area.