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Ebook: 7207 - Lady Barbara
The Hot Toes Licker
Today a long-time member from Hilden is visiting me. During his visit, the horny guy slowly pushes his wet tongue into all the spaces between my toes. But only after he has kissed my shoes and freed my feet from the annoying nylons. Because he just wants to lick my bare feet and enjoy my foot sweat pure. My stinky toes. While that, IEbook: 7208 - Lady Ewa
Autumn Leaves at her Vagina
Today Lady Ewa is impressed by fresh autumn leaves. The Poland Lady presents her bald, shaved vagina in the midst of leaves, which she likes to feel between her bare legs. The blonde wears thigh-high patent leather boots and a black patent leather cape in which she has shoveled the leaves. Is this the first step towards a Maso tendency? Then she might whip the next slave with nettles in her panties?Ebook: 7209 - Lady Barbara
Draped with Mules
Member Markus is hanging me like a Christmas tree in the shoe room today. However, not with Christmas balls but with different high-heeled shoes. IEbook: 7210 - Lady Barbara
Peeing like a Man at the Urinal
Today IEbook: 7211 - Lady Ewa
Jeans at the Tracks
Today sexy Lady Ewa is waiting for the next train on a train platform wearing tight jeans and 16 cm high blue pumps. Does she go shopping in the city of Düsseldorf? Or is she on the way to a horny member? In any case, the blonde Polish woman is the ideal "victim" for curb violators in such situations, when she is tottering around aimlessly in her super high stilettos, as she does here.Ebook: 7212 - Lady Barbara
Headtrampling + Solefucking
Today I used this member as a footrest after I made myself comfortable at the bar with high heels and a glass of champagne. Then there is some head trampling with bare feet which he got on his bald head from my sexy toes. And at the end I put my 15 cm high heeled mules back on my feet and on the stairs he can slide his cock between my bare soles and the sole of the shoe until he cums.Ebook: 7213 - Lady Valerie
Sexy Golden Pumps
“Hot gold pumps” thought Valerie and started playing on her vagina with the 15cm high heels of the pumps. Today the dark-haired Russian woman with glasses is sitting in a massage chair in the living room in black lingerie and black nylons with suspenders. She got a pair of my gold pumps from the basement and is playing with them. She particularly likes to press the cold metal heel between her labia and use it to scrub her clitoris.Ebook: 7214 - Lady Ewa
Nylonsex with the Widow
Today Lady Ewa and a member are meeting in my garden. In a tight black dress, ultra sheer seamed nylons and mules, the black widow is groped by the horny guy. Then he kneels in front of her and serves the hot Polish woman with foot kisses and gestures of worship. Again and again this member kisses the sheer stockinged legs of the Polish widow to comfort her until she finally takes his cock in her hand.Ebook: 7215 - Lady Barbara
Domina in Latex
Today you can see me in a black latex suit and very high heeled black patent leather mules with platforms on my bare feet, training a slave. Because he is so small and dainty, I call the naked utility piece "Fliegenschiss" which means something like "fly shit". After IEbook: 7216 - Lady Barbara & Monique
Heels in the Holidays
On vacation, member Tommy accompanies today the mature Lady Monique in skyscraper sandals with plateau on the way to shopping. The blonde, who is happy to show off, wears a thin and short summer dress without panties, and is therefore a welcome object for every holiday-voyeur. After Tommy has kissed her feet in the plateau shoes, he helps me on a bench in my neon-colored dainty heeled sandals. Without plateau.Ebook: 7217 - Lady Ewa
Fully Fashioned Nylons on the Couch
Lady Ewa is playing with her skin-colored stockings with a seam on the red sofa today. The hot blonde seems to particularly love such ultra sheer "fully fashioned" nylons with a reinforcement on the foot and a small heel reinforcement in the block shape, so-called Havana heel. First she poses in an off-white suit, the nylons and black patent mules on her feet on the couch, then she slowly takes off the stockings.Ebook: 7218 - Lady Barbara
Walk in a Fur
First you only see me briefly only in the lingerie and shoes at home by the door. Then I make my way to a member: I only go out into the dark in sexy lingerie and sheer black nylon stockings under the fur, as well as in high heel platform sandals on my feet. It usually looks like this under my fur in autumn / winter. Definitely when I visit a user in the evening for a photo shootEbook: 7219 - Lady Valerie
StarkNaked Housework
Stark naked, only in 15 cm high heeled mules, Valerie from Russia is doing the housework today in my livingroom. This time she is cleaning the dust. She wipes the dresser, cleans the television and deliberately bends down so that the old peeper from the high-rise can see her asshole through the binoculars. Valerie enjoys being the free wanker template for such horny old guys.Ebook: 7220 - Lady Erika
Horny Stud in the Pub
It was a rest day in his favorite pub when I arranged to meet member Dirk from Hilden again. We spent a few horny hours with footjob and lick games. I ended up getting a pool cue in my drooling pussy on the green table while my cucky had to take photos. Dirk said with my high heels and big tits I would be the ideal topless waitress for the pub and I would certainly always get a good tip if I let myself be touched under my skirt and on my balls every now and then.Ebook: 7221 - Lady Ewa
Transparent Blouse in the Basement Bar
Dressed only in a transparent blouse and ultra-sheer black nylon stockings, the smoking Polish Lady Ewa is posing today in elegant black suede platform mules at and on the buffet in the basement party room. The sheer nylon panties can hardly cover her shaved wet vagina. Check out close-ups of her glowing slit with a cigarette.Ebook: 7222 - Lady Barbara
Wide open Legs in HighHeels
I am posing today with my legs wide apart on a coffee table in the guest room with a horny shelf bra, sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders and high-heeled mules and pumps. Take a close look at everything, especially my wet, shaved cunt that looks like itEbook: 7224 - Lady Ewa
Pointed Pumps on her Vagina
Lady Ewa likes today to feel the cold leather of my exclusive Gianmarco-Lorenzi pumps between her legs again. In this update, the hot Polish Lady only wears a black corset that exposes her big boobs and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders on the sofa  in the livingroom. Her hot, jeweled hands with the long red claws press the tips of my expensive crocodile pumps between her shaved labia. Maybe the sharp scales are what die blonde wants to feel on her holy of holies.Ebook: 7225 - Lady Barbara
Naked Workout at Home
Today there is something for friends of high-heeled women who love to be naked, only with glitter jewelry: Today I present myself as an oiled exhibit on my SpinBike, so that you can see what kind of dress I wear when I keep my body fit at home. I usually train stark naked in 15cm high heels. Of course, red polished nails are always mandatory and I usually wear some jewelry with them ... thatEbook: 7227 - Lady Barbara & Monique
Two HeelsLadys at the Freight Yard
Together with Lady Monique and our photgrapher I drove to the railway freight station in Krefeld-Linn for this photo shoot. We both are posing for you in tight blue-jeans and high-heeled pumps in front of and in a parked railway wagon. What would you most like to do if we ran with high-heels into your arms in such a lonely area? Kiss our pumps and feet or tear down our jeans and smell between our buttocks?Ebook: 7228 - Lady Monique
Stiletto Poolparty
At the pool in Spain we hcelebrateave a little party for three with our high heels neatly lined up at the edge of the pool. In the cold water of the pool, member Tommy licks Monique´s and my feet in various open-toe high heels while we women lie dry and comfortable on air mattresses on the water. Of course Tommy is very busy to put on different shoes from time to time to our feet. Especially he likes Monique´s platform mules.Ebook: 7229 - Lady Valerie
Highest Heels in the Studio
Today Valerie takes off her brown long street boots in the HeelsStudio in Willich and looks for something higher in my shoe collection. Something very noble and unusual. But it shouldnEbook: 7230 - Lady Barbara
WixMadame Babs in TigerMules
Today I am posing in 15 cm high heeled tiger mules in his hotel room for a member who is horny. At the beginning I wear with the mules some silver-grey lingerie with tight panties, a suspender belt and an underwire bra and on my legs a pair of sheer seamed nylons. In the course of the date, I strip naked except for the mules, so that my gazer & wanker can have his hot fun while he stares at my body.Ebook: 7231 - Lady Ewa
Whip & Bound Boobs
Today, the half-naked Lady Ewa presents herself for a user as a sadistic dominatrix with leather whip. The blonde Polish Mistress only wears a pair of sheer black nylons on a black hip belt to her peaked cap and of course she does not prefer a bra, buttightly bound boobs. The 15cm high heeled black mules on her feet squeeze her red polished toes properly. See her muscular arms. WhereEbook: 7233 - Lady Barbara & Ewunia
Hot for my Stinky Shoes
Today I meet member Marek together with my blonde maid in his hotel room in Düsseldorf. Marek is once again horny for my scented shoes. Even at home, the horny stallion often smells the mix of my toe sweat, leather and perfume in the shoes he bought from me. Here he has the favor of having me there and having my maid get on her knees sucking his big cock. HeEbook: 7234 - Lady Barbara
Kiss my Toes, Slave !
For this French slave, a small slave MOT is announced today: In a vinyl dress with a vinyl cape over it and very high black platform sandals on my feet, I take a close look at the naked Frenchman in my basement and educate him obediently until he kisses my naked, red varnished toes. I like to use the stupid servant as a footstool or bench.Ebook: 7235 - Lady Ewa
The Banana Gift
A member gave it to Ewa while she was shopping, along with a hundred euros. She should take photos with it. With her jeans pulled down and her red thong on her thighs, the Lady is playing with the banana on her vagina today. She hasnEbook: 7236 - Lady Valerie
Smelling Shoes in my Studio
In the heels studio in Willich, Valerie welcomes a member who likes to wear tights himself as you can see. But heEbook: 7236 - Lady Valerie
Smelling Shoes in my Studio
In the heels studio in Willich, Valerie welcomes a member who likes to wear tights himself as you can see. But he