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Ebook: 7146 - Lady Barbara
My Spanish Slave
Today my French slave Christophe is being brought up by me in Spain in the living room because he dropped something while putting things away. He is held naked by collar and leash and has to lick my dirty platform sandals clean. First I wear a pair of very modestly tight pants with a blouse, before I change my clothes and make myself a little more comfortable in my transparent nightcoat.Ebook: 7147 - Lady Barbara
Naked Lady Cleaning the Dust
Today you see me again in a series about "domestic nudity". Whenever itEbook: 7148 - Lady Ewa
Meeting a Member
Today member Rolf from Hilden has arranged to meet Lady Ewa in a parking lot at the Kaarster See near Dusseldorf to pick up the sexy Polish and knead her hot buttocks and big tits. But I think he mainly wanted to secretly present the Blondynka to his wanker friends in the bushes as a naïve Polish woman and thus exploit and trick her. Which he seems to have succeeded ;-)Ebook: 7149 - Lady Ewa
Waiting in Transparent Negligee
Today the Lady is waiting in the living room for a member with whom she has a photo shoot later. Ewa wears a transparent negligee, sheer black seamed nylons and 15 cm high-heeled black mules. As if she canEbook: 7150 - DutchRia
Party Fun
Lady Ria from neighboring Holland had a lot of fun at this small private party. First she poses in the stairwell before trampling on a guest barefoot only in sheer nylon stockings. Then she sucks another memberEbook: 7151 - Lady Ewa
The Ass Licker
Today Lady Ewa gets a visit from a longtime member. Asslicker Fred from Duisburg is once again a guest at the Polish Lady in the relax room to do in front of the camera what he likes to do most with pretty women: Fred loves extensively smelling and licking this hot ass, and then end up with a thick load of cum on the naked, wide footsoles of his favorite blondynka.Ebook: 7152 - Lady Oksana
Show your Cunt!
Oksana, who wears glasses, is dressed elegantly in the office today in a black skirt, white blouse and sheer seamed nylon stockings with suspenders. The sexy Russian from Kaliningrad wears a pair of black patent leather sandals with a small platform on her feet. Come on Oksana, lift your skirt and then show us all your vagina. We want to see if you have shaved it properly.Ebook: 7153 - Lady Lena
Hot SummerNight in Suspenders
Has she sat here at the flight simulator during the day? Anyway, in the evening the horny Lady Lena returns to the airport in Mönchengladbach and after she has taken off her light summer coat, she presents her big breasts to voyeur & photographer Mike in black nylon stockings and garter belt in front of the company premises. In the semi-darkness under the tight bodice, Mike can only guess at the big, demanding pussy of this hot earth mother.Ebook: 7154 - Lady Barbara
Foot Sex in the Industrial Park
Today I am meeting with member Marek in the industrial park in Duisburg. In platform sandals and an elegant suit, I have an appointment with him for foot sex. IEbook: 7155 - Lady Ewa
Sexy House Work
This is how it can happen when the cleaning slave moves you: Today Lady Ewa has to wipe the dust and do the housework herself. Of course, the racy Polish only does this as becomes a nylon Lady: In sexy lingerie like here: a corset from the 50s. She also wears sheer nylon stockings and a pair of high-heeled mules with 15 cm heels. After the work is done, Ewa lights a cigarette and thinks about the punishment for the slave.Ebook: 7156 - Lady Barbara
Dressed in the Shower
Today you can see me in sheer nylon stockings and for once in comfortable street pumps in the shower. My thin, white shirt immediately becomes transparent when itEbook: 7157 - Lady Oksana
Oksana in the Riding Stable
Lady Oksana finished todayEbook: 7158 - Lady Erika
Mac on in the Pub
Today IEbook: 7159 - Lady Ewa
Pumps Games in Corsage
Today Lady Ewa is sitting on the sofa in the living room in black lingerie from the 1960s and sheer seamed nylon stockings with high heels. There the sexy Polish is playing with my expensive Gianmarco Lorenz reptile pumps on photos and clips. The blonde likes elegant high heels and silky stockings more than anything. Watch her sexy red lips cup the thin pencil heel and suck it like a little cock.Ebook: 7160 - Lady Barbara
Stroll Totally in Red
On todayEbook: 7161 - Lady Ewa
The Shy Boobs Kneader
In my heels studio, member Franz is allowed to knead the racy blondeEbook: 7162 - Lady Barbara
All in Red with White Seamed Nylons
After I strolled through Krefeld without nylons in this dress the day before yesterday, I put on afterwards some nylons when I was at home. Then IEbook: 7163 - Lady Oksana
Police Officer in Tights
Today you see policewoman Oksana in sexy pantyhose. Imagine you are alone in the interrogation room with this uniformed, high-heeled police officer after your act of exhibitionism in the park. She arrested you and now you have to get on your knees and answer all of her embarrassing questions. Maybe sheEbook: 7164 - Lady Barbara
Shopping Stroll in Thongs
Today I show you photos from a shopping spree in Düsseldorf. In a white skirt, black top and white glittery thongs on my bare feet, I go on a little shopping spree through the city. I have to be a bit careful with my stupid top, where every now and then a tit slips out when I bend down. And somehow I have the feeling that a voyeur is following me.Ebook: 7165 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Walk at the Rhine with Cigarette
On this fresh Sunday morning, Lady Ewa wants to go for a walk on the river Rhine in Krefeld and smoke a cigarette after the small but long party last night. In black nylon stockings on suspenders under her costume and black and red pumps on her feet, the Lady is on her way. As I heard afterwards, a party attendee paid her to secretly watch her from his car as the blonde dressed scantily and presented obscenely on the promenade on the chilly morning.Ebook: 7166 - Lady Oksana
Russian Lady in Latex
Busty Oksana poses here in the office studio in a short, sexy latex dress. The red-haired Russian Lady wears a pair of black overknee boots made of latex and a sheer beige pantyhose. First Oksana sits on the chair with her legs apart and gets only her tits out of the dress, then she starts to undress until the pantyhose hangs on her knees again. "Now you can do it, boys" says the always horny Lady.Ebook: 7167 - Lady Barbara
The Boot Slave
When I came back from a stroll in boots yesterday, I had an appointment with member Markus from Aachen in the party cellar. First, the slave had to suck the heels of my white overknee boots clean ... then he was allowed to work his way up on the boot shaft. In the end, I had a boot raised and let the slave lick my sweaty, pinched toes.Ebook: 7168 - Lady Erika
Nearly Unshaved
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today IEbook: 7169 - Lady Ewa
StrapsLady at Yellow Crane
Today Lady Ewa is posing at a yellow crane in the port of Krefeld-Uerdingen. The blonde is wearing an elegant suit with a very short skirt, high-heeled blue pumps with 16 cm heels and sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders. In her hot dress, the sexy Polish attracts attention, especially when she pulls up her skirt in front of some walkers in the port so that her hot suspenders come out. Is she wearing panties at least today?Ebook: 7170 - Lady Oksana
Cheerleader Oksana
In a red and white cheerleader costume and sheer pantyhose, the big-titted Oksana is mainly looking for applause for herself. Therefore, the sexy Russian likes to spread her legs again today and shows what sheEbook: 7171 - Lady Ewa
The Red Slip
Lady Ewa is lolling for you today on my massage chair in the living room in a black leather jacket and sheer nylon stockings. Below, the blonde only wears her red panties and red pumps on her feet. Again and again she leans back with her legs apart and she spreads her legs more and more wide open. As you can see, Ewa has already played extensively on her vagina. She ends up masturbating with 18cm high heeled gold pumps.Ebook: 7172 - Lady Barbara
Toe- and Mules Sex in the Hotel (1/3)
I had extensive toe- and mules sex with this member in his hotel room in Krefeld in the last few days. I was in the hotel for a whole long day to take photos with him. I especially like his long cock with the big glans. Today Markus is allowed to slide his cock into my mules-cunt, rub it on my foot soles and when I have to pee inbetween he lies down in the bath tub and I stand on the edge of the tub with my 15cm heels. So he had a very nice view I think.Ebook: 7173 - Lady Louise
Corsage + Seamed Nylons unser Red Dress
In a little red dress and black seamed nylon stockings, Louise shows us her hot, sweaty foot soles and her big buttocks, which she would like to have a slave lick out at some point. Then she shows what she is wearing under her red dress: a black girdle + panties. But the black panties only get in the way and they only disturb Louise, so she quickly takes them off.Ebook: 7174 - Lady Barbara
Toe and Mule Sex in the Hotel (2/3)
Today you see the 2nd part of my hotel date with member Markus from Aachen, with whom I had extensive toe and mule sex in his hotel room in Krefeld. I was there for a whole long day to take these 3 photo series. I especially like his long cock with the thick glans. Today Markus continues to work on my mule cunt with his stiff prick and with a hard grip I make him cum at the end.Ebook: 7175 - Lady Barbara
Fucking with Heels on the Stairs
In sexy lingerie and sheer beige nylons, IEbook: 7175 - Lady Barbara
Fucking with Heels on the Stairs
In sexy lingerie and sheer beige nylons, I