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Ebook: 7115 - Lady Barbara
Golden Shower from my Pussy
Slave Markus from Aachen is being treated by me in the party room today. First he has to lick the heels of my high heels, then thereEbook: 7116 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Show a the Old Train Station
Today you can see photos of my trip in a red costume to the old platform in Krefeld-Hüls. Where else the historic steam train drives, I pose in different tights. I wear black and red patent leather pumps on my feet. First I wrapped my legs in open toe light beige pantyhose. In between, I change the pantyhose and wear a sheer model in black with an elegant rose pattern on the right leg.Ebook: 7117 - Lady Ewa
Red pumps + jeans in the garden
Today Lady Ewa shows herself in the garden in 16cm high-heeled pumps with open toes and red soles. This time, however, very modestly as "The girl next door" in tight blue jeans and a transparent blouse. So letEbook: 7118 - Lady Oksana
White  Corsage & Black Nylons
Red hair, big breasts and a seductive smile - this is Oksana, 34 years old, from the Far East. Today the Lady from Siberia shows you how she is posing on her bed in white lingerie, black nylon stockings and high-heeled gray platform mules and how she opens her shaven vagina for all wankers. "Especially for the non-fuckers" said the red-haired vamp "they should jerk off in my hole without having physical contact".Ebook: 7119 - Lady Barbara
In Nylons on the Tanning Bed
Just back from shopping I take off my elegant dark blue suit I take off my elegant dark blue suit until IEbook: 7120 - DutchRia
Fetish-Friend Ria Loves my Toes
Visit from Holland: Fetish Lady Dutch Ria was my guest again in the party cellar. And of course the first thing we Ladies do is talk about delicate nylon stockings and sexy high-heeled shoes. When another member came to the heels studio to kiss my feet, Ria also got a taste for it. She also let member Alberto play with her nylon feet and got horny on my long toenails..Ebook: 7121 - Lady Ewa
The Foot Fucker
Today member John from Amsterdam visits the sexy Lady Ewa for a free foot fuck in front of the camera at my place in Willich. In the relaxation room, the blond Polish woman is lying on the treatment couch with bare legs and bare lower body and let John play with her bare fuck feet. He immediately took out a one-year subscription on the condition that he could fuck the blonde Polish womanEbook: 7122 - Soraya
Sexy Feet under the Burka
Today I will show you something mysterious. Sexy Soraya paints her fingernails under an Afghan burqa. The "Arab" wears glittering platform mules on her bare feet. The only thing she can use to tease men under her burqa are her bare feet with the long, black lacquered toenails that keep sticking out from under the fabric and make men crazy.Ebook: 7123 - Lady Barbara
Lingerie + Nylons in the Heels Studio
For the lingerie friends, I am showing myself today in my heels studio in Krefeld-Bockum in fine lace lingerie and sheer seamed nylons from Ars-Vivendi on a suspender belt. I also wear 15cm high heeled sandals. The recordings show me as IEbook: 7124 - Lady Ewa
Half Naked at the Desk
In a thin, white dress, a pair of brown nylon stockings and 16 cm high heeled blue patent leather pumps, Lady Ewa poses at a desk in the hotel and looks into her notebook. The Polish blonde is still waiting for a horny admirer for a photo shoot. When it is still a long time coming, Ewa becomes impatient. She takes her rubber cock and sucks it.Ebook: 7125 - Lady Erika
The Shave
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see how I visit a member in Neuss at his home and how my unshaven cunt bush gets a chic hairstyle on his diner table. First a partial shave, then completely shaved. The Neusser guy was one of several applicants who wanted to shave my unshaven vagina.Ebook: 7126 - Lady Oksana
UniformLady Oksana
Today the strict Oksana is in charge in her uniform. And obedient little men make her very horny. So horny that the buxom blonde opens her uniform, pulls down her pantyhose and fumbles under her panties. If you are good and obey her, the smoking Lady will also pull up her skirt for you during the shooting and will not only show you her panties, but also what she is hiding behind them. Do you want to smell her?Ebook: 7127 - Lady Barbara
Tied Scotrum Leash
I have arranged to meet member Markus from Aachen for a photo shooting this weekend in a hotel in Krefeld. In this series I receive the horny guy in a black and white suit and various black sandals. After he has stripped naked, I take him to a scotrum leash and treat his hard cock with my red claws on this hot sunday afternoon.Ebook: 7128 - Lady Ewa
Awesome Hotel Weekend
Today you can see Lady Ewa spending weekend in a hotel at theriver  Rhine. In her elegant suit and black patent leather pumps she checks in and takes a look at the lobby. Then the hot Polish Blondynka makes herself comfortable on her hotel room in a bathrobe and red open-toe pumps on the bed and she shows you how she pushes a dildo into her shaved pussy. The next morning she takes the dildo again, but this time sheEbook: 7129 - Lady Barbara
Today I have a dream date with a member on my dining room table. IEbook: 7130 - Lady Barbara
The Hotel Servant
Again, when I stay in a hotel while traveling, I sometimes prefer a servant who does my bidding and with whom I can enjoy a little time. Today servant Markus from Aachen has to kiss my feet and shoes and lick the spaces between my toes clean. As a reward he gets to feel my hands and my feet on his stiff cock at the end of the evening.Ebook: 7131 - Lady Oksana
On the Schooldesk
Schoolgirl Oksana smoked in the classroom during the integration course. As punishment, she has to go to the front of the blackboard, pull down her panties and her sheer pantyhose and present everything on the school desk. Since Oksana is the only female participant in the class, maybe she smokes extra in the class? Does she like being punished by her teacher Mr. Müller?Ebook: 7132 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Dildo Lady in Hotel
Today sexy Lady Ewa presents herself on the carpet of her hotel room in white French knickers and 16 cm high, very pointed pumps. The tight shoes really squeeze her wide feet while she plays with her dildo in her cunt. Imagine, you come very close to her good smelling sexy body and you may kiss her buttocks! While you hear the buzzing of the dildo, you breathe in the scent of her wet, perfumed panties and Ewa allows you to rub your horny hard cock on her dirty shoe soles.Ebook: 7133 - Lady Barbara
Markus loves Thongs
Member Markus from Aachen wasnEbook: 7134 - Lady Oksana
In Ultra Sheer Tights
Oksana teases the photographer today with sheer pantyhose over her tight purple panties. The Russian stewardess lolls on her bed and stretches out her smelly nylon soles into the camera for the photographer. Then she shows her big tits and stretches her hairy pussy wide open for you. At the end, the blonde does a headstand with her legs apart, pulling down her panties and pantyhose. The perfect position to eat pussy.Ebook: 7135 - Lady Barbara
CFNM- Tied Feet
Today there is a new series from the series CFNM - Clothed Female Naked Man. While IEbook: 7136 - Lady Ewa
Smelling Shoes in the Heels Cellar
Today Lady Ewa has an appointment with foot and shoe fan Markus from Aachen in my HeelsStudio. The long-standing member has often been our guest. Today he gets a special treatment from Lady Ewa. The blonde Polish Lady opens his pants, takes out his cock and binds his balls with one of my nylons. Markus is allowed to fuck different shoes, rub his dick on Ewas boobs and as a highlight he gets a 16cm pump tied on his nose.Ebook: 7137 - Lady Barbara + Sabine
Party for Three in the Old Bar
In hot sheer nylon stockings, my blonde friend Sabine from Bochum and I serve a member in my old basement bar in Krefeld-Bockum. First the hot Rudolf picks up the horny Sabine and makes her very keen on taking his cock into her mouth. He doesnEbook: 7138 - Lady Barbara
Walk with the Dog
Im taking a walk with the dog near Krefeld this morning. I will be accompanied by a member in suit and tie. I only wear 14cm high-heeld black strappy sandals, and apart from that Im stark naked. Just like the horny guy wanted me to be there. And so we went as The Businessman and the Naked through the fields.Ebook: 7139 - Lady Ewa
The Mules Slave
Today this member gets a mule in his mouth from Lady Ewa on a parking lot in Krefeld in the port area, while she treats his cock with steel clamps and with her 16 cm high heeled patent leather mules. At the end the slave is milked by the Poland Lady into the red patent leather mules. As it should be, he has to donate his sperm to the blonde like any good wanker. Incl. video.Ebook: 7140 - Lady Barbara
Bicycle Tour in Heels
Today IEbook: 7141 - Lady Ewa
BlueJeans + Transparent Blouse
For all jeans fans, the Lady is presenting herself in tight blue jeans, 15 cm high-heeled black mules and a transparent black blouse in the garden today. Her long toenails are freshly painted - in bright red, of course. The sexy Polish woman slowly pulls her jeans down a bit so that you can see what she usually wears underneath her clothes when she goes shopping. No more than a hint of thong separates her buttocks.Ebook: 7142 - Lady Oksana
Russian Oksana is practicing in the old sports hall in Düsseldorf today for her next performance in front of an audience. There she is supposed to appear again soon in this cheerleader costume and the sheer brown pantyhose. But whether she will present herself so freely, I hardly believe. Surely she wonEbook: 7143 - Lady Barbara
Fucking Bound Feet
Today I am tied up on a bed in the hotel room in a costume and member Markus from Aachen has fun with me and my feet. He rubs his cock on my "porn toes" (as he calls them) and fucks my bare tied feet. At the end he has to spoil my feet and lick my soles clean. WouldnEbook: 7144 - Lady Ewa
Nylon- Schuh- + FootWorship
Late in the evening Lady Ewa got a visit from a masked member who kisses her shoes and feet first. The feet of the sexy Polish blonde are - as so often - als this time in sheer, black nylon stockings. While the slave is doing his job, the Lady rubs a 18 cm high heeled gold pump on her shaved labia. Much to the delight of her submissive visitor.Ebook: 7145 - Lady Barbara
Shoes & Toes Job
This member was spoiled by me with my gold pumps at home last weekend. First I worked on his cock with the sexy shoes until his dick was stiff. Then he was allowed to press his cock between my hot porn toes. At first I took the photos myself, then my photographer pressed the shutter button while I was able to milk the visitor on my toes. I love it when my toe slits are full of cum.Ebook: 7145 - Lady Barbara
Shoes & Toes Job
This member was spoiled by me with my gold pumps at home last weekend. First I worked on his cock with the sexy shoes until his dick was stiff. Then he was allowed to press his cock between my hot porn toes. At first I took the photos myself, then my photographer pressed the shutter button while I was able to milk the visitor on my toes. I love it when my toe slits are full of cum.