The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 7084 - Lady Barbara
Squeezed in "Heel Cages"
Today you can see my feet with and without nylons in super close-ups. Look how my toes with the extremely long claws are imprisoned in this super high, open strap cage. My toes get squeezed together from the straps. First they are wrapped in sheer nylon stockings, then my feet are bare and sweaty and always extremely steep in these red patent leather sandals with 16 cm high heels. incl. HD video clip.Ebook: 7085 - Lady Ewa
The Soles of the Blonde Widow
Wrapped in a black veil like a widow, the smoking Lady shows her sweaty soles in sheer seamed nylons on the garden table today. You can also see how the string pynty has pulled tight between her labia. For a slave that means: Kneel down in front of the hot Polish Lady and smell her wet feet. And then ask her to push the panties aside and lick her vagina!Ebook: 7086 - Lady Valerie
Lottery !
That day Valerie had an appointment with a member at an old commercial building in the Duisburg corner for a photo shoot. As agreed, the Russian Lady was on time at the appointed location in a tight skirt and a transparent blouse. Who didnEbook: 7087 - Lady Barbara
Stark Naked. No Polish on Toenails
Here you can see me walking around at home most of the summer: stark naked. So of course I do the housework too. Ironing, wiping traffic jams, making beds ... IEbook: 7088 - Lady Barbara
Swimming in Knitwear
When itEbook: 7089 - Lady Ewa
NylonLady at the Car
While Lady Ewa is posing smoking in and around the Landcruiser in a black suit jacket with red lingerie, sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and 15 cm high heeled mules, she is watched again and again by a parking lot peeper behind the car. Of course, the horny guy jerks off like crazy in the bushes when the Polish gets out and presents her big tits in the red bra and long nylon legs as a wankers template.Ebook: 7090 - Lady Erika
Golden Shower in the champagne cooler
Today there is something for the fans of golden showe among you to see: First I pee for you in the champagne cooler in the garden. Always in the hope that the neighbors wonEbook: 7091 - Lady Ewa
PlatformLady onthe Bike
Today Lady Ewa is posing with bare boobs in sheer nylon stockings and red platform mules with over 16cm heels on a yellow and white Honda Shadow. Does the biker want to tow the hot Polish afterwards? Or would he just like to have the juice of her wet Polish pussy on his bench and have fun with it at home? In any case, the blonde only wears a wafer-thin, white lace lip around the bottom.Ebook: 7092 - Lady Barbara
Walking the Dog in Heels
Today IEbook: 7093 - Lady Valerie
Pink Wedges in the Park
At the weekend, Valerie went for a frivolous walk in the Stadtpark in Düsseldorf when not so many people were out and about. Wearing only a purple corsage, black nylon stockings and purple wedges, the young Russian walks half-naked through the park and embarks on a discovery tour. Her purple strands of hair go perfectly with the corsage and the shoes. Is she secretly being watched?Ebook: 7094 - Lady Ewa
Wanker?s Delight in Overknees
Tight gray costume, stockings on suspenders and 16 cm high latex over-knee boots: This is how the racy Polish Lady presents herself in a relevant parking lot, where often wankers keep hiding behind the bushes. Lady Ewa cheekily pulls up her skirt and shows everyone her big, bare buttocks and pulls her transparent panties aside with her long fingernails and rubs her vagina. Everyone should see it.Ebook: 7095 - Lady Barbara
Wet Transparent Dress
This morning I was in the pool again with my summer dress. In this update you can see how I just got up onto the terrace. There I oresent my body in the still soaking wet transparent summer dress and 14 cm high heeled dark brown mules with thin toe straps. IEbook: 7096 - Lady Ewa
With Summer Dress & Heels in a Tunnel
At the special request of members, we have made this photo series with the elegant, smoking Lady Ewa in a sewage tunnel. The Lady is wearing high-heeled, light-blue pumps with open toes on her feet. Further up are sheer, black nylon stockings on a champagne-colored suspender belt and a thin summer dress. Where is the slave who crawls through the sewer and kisses the soles of the LadyEbook: 7097 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Transparent Dress in the Pool
In this slow-motion HD video, I walk down the stairs to the pool in a transparent nylon dress and black high-heeled mules. I sit on the poolside and cool my feet in the cold water. Of course with the mules on my feet. After I went in that dress into the pool, there are underwater shots to be seen. In the end I go back up the stairs in the wet dress and the sexy heels and begin to pose on the terrace.Ebook: 7098 - Lady Valerie
Sandal Wankers at the Fence
At the fence of a company premises in Duisburg, the young Russian woman in hot underwear, nylon stockings and 16 cm high-heeled sandals on her feet meets some members for a photo session. Blindfolded, Valerie lets the masked black man grope he sweet body and wank on her feet first. Then itEbook: 7099 - Lady Barbara
The Wet Knittdress
Today you can see me after I got out of the pool in a soaking wet red knitted dress with tight breast elastics under the dress and high heeled thong mules with a star on my feet. At first I sit in the water with my dress on, then I go up to the terrace where everyone can see how wet I am. The nipples of my bound boobs look like they want to push through the thin fabric.Ebook: 7100 - Lady Ewa
Hot PantyhoseFitting
Dressed in a white summer dress and wide-cut platform mules, Lady Ewa is trying on new sheer pantyhose on the terrace in Willich today. Look at the shaved, wet pussy of the Polish Lady which you can clearly see under the sheer nylon and her naked, sexy buttocks when she pulls down the pantyhose. Who wouldnEbook: 7101 - Lady Barbara
I love Titt Rubber under the Top
Today you see photos from Spain in a sheer green top and mules with metal heels. Much better than wearing saggy brassieres (if that is the case, lace underwired bras are the best option), I like it when I can pull tight rubber rings around my breasts and my boobs then stick out like bulging balls. So that my hard, long permanent stiffening nipples are always clearly visible under the fabric.Ebook: 7102 - Lady Valentina
The Hoteldate (1)
Today I show you the first update with high-heeled Lady Valentina. The submissive Lady from South America meets a member in the hotel for a photo shoot. She quickly has to take off her black pants and her transparent lace blouse to show herself completely naked in front of member Mark from Oberhausen. She is only allowed to keep the 14 cm high toe separator mules. Valentina gets her little tits tied up, is led to the bathroom in handcuffs and has to put on the poker bed.Ebook: 7103 - Lady Ewa
Widow on the Swing
All in black in lingerie from the 60s, with sheer, black nylon stockings on the suspenders and a wide bodice belt - this is how Lady Ewa sits today styled as a widow on the old swing in my garden. The blond Polish Lady wears 15cm high heeled black mules on her feet. Of course, the sexy mare will also show you what sheEbook: 7104 - Lady Barbara
Double Anklets
Today there are again horny close-ups from Spain: This time IEbook: 7105 - Lady Valentina
The Hoteldate (2)
Today I show you part 2 of the hotel date that Stiletto Lady Valentina did with member Mark from Oberhausen. The submissive brunette from South America meets here with the big-dick member in the hotel for a photo shoot. In this update she wears white lingerie and nylons. Today she gets her persevered cunt fucked with the handle of a toilet brush. "Good length but too much thin" was ValentinaEbook: 7106 - Lady Erika
Yellow Rain - Golden Shower
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Normally IEbook: 7107 - Lady Ewa
NylonPosing in Mules
Lady Ewa is posing today on the terrace in Willich in a black and white costume for her new nylon friend, who has given her plenty of delicate nylon stockings. In addition, she wears the sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders brought by User Eberhardt and her 15 cm high heeled patent leather mules. The old voyeur likes it when the young, classy Polish woman poses for him so frivolously and happily. Then he gets a lump in his pants.Ebook: 7108 - Lady Valentina
The Hoteldate (3)
In part 3 of the hotel date with Stiletto Lady Valentina and member Mark from Oberhausen, the submissive sales manager from South America is being fucked by member Horst on the hotel bed with my red, 14 cm high heeled pumps. Then she gets clamps on her labia, her small saggy tits are tied off and she has to get the sperm from member Horst with her hand and mouth.Ebook: 7109 - Lady Ewa
The Masked Slave
Lady Ewa meets this masked slave in a parking lot today, whom she takes on a leash in public in a sexy corset and sheer nylon stockings. Then the slave has to kiss her legs before he gets kicks in his balls and feels the whip of the Lady on his cock. In the end, the horny guy has to kneel in front of her and squirt a load of cum into the PolishEbook: 7110 - Lady Barbara
Nylons and Mules in the Garden
In this update IEbook: 7111 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Walk through the Park (1)
In a sheer, short knitted dress and a pair of high-heeled red patent leather pumps, Lady Ewa is walking with a member in the park in Mönchengladbach today. The buttocks of the horny Polish are clearly visible under the thin fabric and of course a few guys are watching the sexy blonde. Surely one or the other would have liked to grope the muscular legs or the tight cheeks. In part 2 you can see what the two are still up to on a park bench in the park.Ebook: 7112 - Lady Barbara
Footsoles in Seamed Nylons for Georg
Before foot fucker George uses my nylon toes this afternoon, Ill show you how I have styled for him today. Im wearing a black Latex Cape and ultra sheer Brown seamed nylons on suspenders at his special request. While I am posing on a leather sofa, Ill show you my good smelling nylon soles. When I smell my nylon toes and suck on them, I imagine how he pushes his (hopefully) big dick into the spaces between of my toes and how he will squirt his sperm through the sheer nylon, until the toes are totally stuck.Ebook: 7113 - Lady Barbara
My Mules Pussy
Again and again, mule fucker Markus happily pushes his thick cock from behind between my nylon soles and the leather soles of the mules. He calls the area between the sole of the foot and the sole of the shoe "mule cunt". The horny foot stallion always looks greedily at my long silver painted toenails when rubs his dick on my feet. Because he didnEbook: 7114 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Walk through the Park (2)
After her walk in the park (1) there is now foot sex on the park bench. Today the Lady sits down on a park bench with the member and first teases him with her stockinged feet. The horny nylon fan first puts on her sheer stockings and then kneels in front of the park bench. From there he can enjoy her nylon feet on his cock and see the mistressEbook: 7114 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Walk through the Park (2)
After her walk in the park (1) there is now foot sex on the park bench. Today the Lady sits down on a park bench with the member and first teases him with her stockinged feet. The horny nylon fan first puts on her sheer stockings and then kneels in front of the park bench. From there he can enjoy her nylon feet on his cock and see the mistress