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Ebook: 7054 - Lady Barbara
Ready for the Opera
Today I am posing for you in the garden in a blue dress with a short fur jacket before I let a slave drive me to the opera in Düsseldorf. On my feet today I am wearing my finest and most expensive designer sandals. Without nylons, of course, so that everyone in the opera house can see my red polished toenails. Here in the updates are also nice close-ups of my feet in these luxury shoes by Gianmarco Lorenzi "black label". Take a look.Ebook: 7055 - Lady Barbara
In a Stretch Dress at the Power Pole
Last Saturday I was in a meadow at the sports haven in Linn near Krefeld. There I took a few photos in a half-length, black stretch dress at a power pole before I was invited to a barbecue party with acquaintances there. On my feet you will see a pair of unusual metal shoes with a platform. Apart from my dress and heels, I only wear a lot of jewelry, especially foot jewelry and anklets. The way I like it best as soon as it gets warmer here in Germany.Ebook: 7056 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Nylon Fitting on the Terrace
Valerie sits on the terrace and tries onsome sheer nylon stockings. Which of the stockings should the Russian wear tonight? She canEbook: 7057 - Lady Erika
Heels Sport in a Stretch Dress
Another series of photos was taken at the Linner Hafen in Krefeld last Saturday on the meadow shortly before the barbecue party with friends was taking place. I pulled my half-length, black stretch dress up to my buttocks and then I did a little "heel sport". I tried to run in different high heels (the metal platform shoes from the second last update and 15 cm high heeled patent leather mules). Here and there my boobs were flying out of the dress. I hope that none of the anglers who are sometimes there behind the bushes saw that.Ebook: 7058 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Soles for  all Foot-Sniffers
Lady Ewa is sitting on the terrace today in a black and red summer dress and original nylon stockings from Ars Vivendi. She has put her "stinky" nylon soles on the table and would like to offer all foot-sniffers the opportunity to help themselves. While the sexy blonde smokes a cigarette, she imagines that itEbook: 7059 - Lady Barbara
Outdoor-Foot Wanker
Today I went to Duisburg in my anthracite business suit and silver platform sandals. While I am teasing him in the costume, my sheer black nylon stockings and the sexy platform shoes in the industrial park there, member Marek is allowed to smell my aromatical nylon feet and wank his hard cock on them. It makes him horniest when he fucks my heels with his glans. See how hard his dick became then.Ebook: 7060 - Lady Valerie
Der Strapsbummel
Valerie had a lovely afternoon today. With sheer, dark brown nylon stockings on a garter belt, the young Lady strolls through a park and past parked cars in her costume. Always in such a way that the tops of her nylon stockings look out from under the skirt. Valerie buys an ice cream at a kiosk and at the end the sexy Russian sits down in a cafe and smokes a cigarette. Of course she sits down always "very awkwardly" so that everyone can see her suspenders.Ebook: 7061 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa waters the flowers in the garden in a black stretch dress and super high black mega platform sandals. The black stilettos show off her long, red painted toenails. After the Polish woman has sat down on the garden table, she spreads her legs and runs her long finger claws behind the red lace panties. Who would not like to be the smell servant? Toes first, then vagina?Ebook: 7062 - Lady Barbara
Zoccoli Lady on Terrace
Wearing wooden zoccolis with silky nylons is a pretty slippery thing. Today I show you how I look at the palm trees on the terrace in a thin summer dress with laced breasts. IEbook: 7063 - Lady Barbara
Trip at the coast
Today IEbook: 7064 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Show on the Footpath
While Lady Ewa is walking today scantily clad on  a footpath between Krefeld and Düsseldorf. She wears  15 cm high heeled mules and sheer nylon stockings from Ars Vivendi, when she lifts her black skirt and shows you her suspenders. Since she can be seen by pedestrians at any minute, the hot PolishEbook: 7065 - Lady Valerie
Sexy Walk at the Rhine (2)
Today Valerie is strolling half-naked, only in hot lingerie, sheer skin-colored nylon stockings and sandals with a small platform in an industrial area along the Rhine. Surely some sailors from afar from the ships watched the sexy Russian wiggle her purse. Maybe they mistook Valerie for a street hooker? You be better off because you are very close to everything, especially to her thick, round buttocks behind which every slave should kneel.Ebook: 7067 - Lady Ewa
PumpsLady with RubberDick
After a stimulating shopping spree with a member, sexy Lady Ewa relaxed in her hotel room and sat down in an armchair. She wears light brown, stockings and blue, tight patent leather pumps with 16cm high heels. She was already wearing both when strolling with Heinz. Her breasts are hanging out of her white dress, she has pushed it up and put a dildo in her pussy. What made her so horny? Maybe how the guys looked after her whens she was tottering?Ebook: 7068 - Lady Barbara
Outdoordate in Yellow Dress
Here I meet member Hans for a hot photo shoot in the evening in a parking lot near Neuss. At the beginning I wear a yellow summer dress with a hat and high-heeled mules on my feet. But soon the horny guy pulls my top down. He gets to work on my big boobs and fingers my vagina till I´m wet. Very wet. In the end IEbook: 7069 - Lady Ewa
PantyhoseLady is Cutting the Lawn
In bright red 16 cm high-heeled peep-toe pumps, sheer tights and a red costume jacket, the Lady is mowing the lawn in the garden today in bright sunshine. Especially nice to see are the blondeEbook: 7070 - Lady Valerie
Peniscrushing in the Industrial Area
In an industrial area in Duisburg, Valerie is sitting on a bar stool on the street. She is wearing a sheer dress with a velvet jacket over it and black nylon stockings on suspenders. Her stockinged feet are in 15 cm high-heeled gold mules. The Russian uses them to work the cock of a masked member. Horst lies on the street in front of her with his lower body bare and dutifully endures the kicks of her heels.Ebook: 7071 - Lady Barbara
Pee drinking Slave in the Forest
In this update I show you how I meet a slave in the forest in the Düsseldorf area. With a white summer dress and silver platform mules, I had arranged to meet the horny guy there for a photo shoot. First Ralf had to worship my bare feet and my shoes. After a short footjob, the slave had to kiss my bottom and in the end he got plenty of golden refreshment from me: my pee straight from the source.Ebook: 7072 - Lady Ewa
Platforms in a Puddle
Lady Ewa went to the Kaarster See near Neuss with only a thin, sexy summer dress, black nylon stockings and red platform mules. There she first poses a bit for the camera, takes her boobs out of the dress and then, at the request of a member, the sexy blonde stumbles around in a puddle with her bright red stilettos. The horny dude watches from his dry hiding place in the bushes as the PolishEbook: 7073 - Lady Barbara + Yolanda
Hot Afternoon in the Nature Reserve
My friend Lady Yolanda and I are having a hot afternoon at a nature reserve near Krefeld today. Actually, we just wanted to meet up with a member on a meadow to have some fun with golden showers. But soon we women strip naked and take a walk with the dogs only in high-heeled platform shoes. At the end, member Tom also undresses and gets another hot golden shower from us stark naked women .Ebook: 7074 - Lady Valerie
Wanker Show on the Jeep
Valerie loves my red mules. Today she masturbates with the shoes on the jeep in front of secret spectators in a parking lot. Some peepers who were hiding in the bushes are secretly watching the young Russian masturbating. While she smokes a cigarette, she presents herself in a transparent blouse, black nylon stockings with suspenders and 16 cm high-heeled black patent leather pumps. She likes to push up the short, brown pleated skirt and shows her horny vagina.Ebook: 7076 - Lady Barbara
Dirty Footsoles
Here in Spain I go barefoot around the house and by the pool most of the time unless IEbook: 7077 - Lady Barbara + Lena
In the PartyRoom
I drink some sparkling wine with the strong smoker Lena from Essen in the party cellar, and at the latest when two more men come along, we have real fetish fun. The busty secretary with the sunbed body kisses the high heels of her open-toed black pumps. She would have loved to kiss my heels too, or maybe even more? Women are often the bigger shoe fetishists than men.Ebook: 7078 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose Show at the Wanker´s Place
In black, 15 cm high mules, Lady Ewa is out and about in a forest parking lot near Neuss today, where she recently took the photos in the puddle. Today the hot Polish Lady shows something for all fans of sheer nylon pantyhose. In a thin summer dress and black, 15 cm high-heeled mules, the sexy Polish presents her pantyhose to the delight of some peepers hidden in the bushes.Ebook: 7079 - Lady Barbara
My French Slavedog
Today you can see me in a transparent evening dress and then in a mesh catsuit (one with the large  meshes) with my French slave dog in Spain. The submissive guy gets a very special treatment on the leash from me. Both times I wear high platform shoes and my naked "French-Doggy" has to obey me and crawl in front of me. Just like a little dog: Always on foot!Ebook: 7080 - Lady Valerie
Pipi Behind the Hotel Parking Lot
Actually we wanted to shoot a video with Valerie in her hotel room. Then she hurries across the hotel car park in the direction of the bushes in a business suit and high-heeled mules. She needs a pee and knows she wonEbook: 7082 - Lady Valerie
Behind the Scenes
At an outdoor photo shoot, several members take care of the young Lady, as you can see. They put on ValerieEbook: 7083 - Lady Barbara
Totally in White on the Bed
Today you can see me here in Spain in hot lingerie, white sheer nylon stockings and 15 cm high-heeled silver mules on the bed and on the terrace. I also wear white lingerie to match the white nylons. Lying on the bed, I always like to pull my panties aside for you horny bucks and masturbate with my long red claws.Ebook: 7083 - Lady Barbara
Totally in White on the Bed
Today you can see me here in Spain in hot lingerie, white sheer nylon stockings and 15 cm high-heeled silver mules on the bed and on the terrace. I also wear white lingerie to match the white nylons. Lying on the bed, I always like to pull my panties aside for you horny bucks and masturbate with my long red claws.