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Ebook: 7023 - Lady Barbara
LaceDress and PlatformPumps
Only in a transparent lace dress without bra and panties, but with very high platform pumps on my feet I am posing for you today in the garden. Should I venture into the city dressed like this? What do you think? Is that too daring or not? In any case, you can meet me again in summer in such a closed lace dress (catsuit) on a sleep date. However, I donEbook: 7024 - Lady Barbara
Visit on Saturday
This nice dominant member visited me last sunday. After a blown kiss, we were sitting down at the garden desk and he directly began to play with my pointed sling pumps and after taking them off, he smelled my stinky nylon toes: "I am not a slave, but I need your stinky toes on my nose, Lady Barbara" he said . After teaking some deep drags from my nylon toes he told me that I amfor him not a domina, but a long-toenail wanking slut ... Yes, I love to be the wanker slut Lady Barbara ! And I love big dicks much better then the wiener I have at home.Ebook: 7025 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Full Load of Cum
Today, in the evening sun, heels Lady Valerie totters up and down the street in an industrial park like a real Eastern hooker in a short black skirt, sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and green 16 cm high heeled designer sandals. After pushing up her skirt, a masked man leads her to a fence. There, the half-naked Russian has to let a masturbating member jerk on her legs.Ebook: 7026 - Lady Ewa
The Sandal Gift from User "StinkyShoes"
Lady Ewa is very enthusiastic about the package with gifts for her: three pairs of sandals from user "StinkyShoes". Two pairs of rhinestone sandals in gold and blue, and a pair of wooden sandals with thin ankle straps. As user "StinkyShoes" wanted, the blonde smells and licks the insoles in front of the camera, sucks off the heels and licks the toes area enthusiastically. But something seems strange. Were there other feet in there before her, or even some dicks?Ebook: 7027 - Lady Barbara
Smoking Lady (1)
While a young man from the neighborhood is doing the gardening, I am showing today a combination of a white, slightly transparent skirt and a transparent lace blouse in front of my husbandEbook: 7028 - Lady Ewa
Dirty FootSoles in the Garden
It had rained heavily just before. After Lady Ewa walked barefoot through the garden only in a tight sexy dress, she shows you her dirty bare soles. While she holds her soles in the camera and spreads her shaved pussy with her long fingernails, some of them probably donEbook: 7029 - Lady Barbara
Smoking Lady (part 2)
While the young neighbor continues to work in the garden, I present a combination of a white, slightly transparent skirt and a transparent lace blouse. I also wear suspenders, sheer, skin-colored nylon stockings and pointed pumps. Can the young neighbor see anything? Not that he gropes my tits at the next street festival when IEbook: 7030 - Lady Svetlana
20-EURO Pussy between Hold-Ups
Svetlana actually only wanted to show hold-up nylons for 30 euros in her hotel room in Krefeld. Because the young Russian likes sheer nylon fabric on her skin, especially if the nylons were previously worn by another Lady. So she plays with the stockings in high-heeled transparent platform mules. Since she urgently had to buy a train ticket, she finally showed her rore fucked vagina for 20 euros more. Who wouldnEbook: 7031 - Lady Ewa
Lady in the Bed
On the tiger bed of a user, Lady Ewa poses in sexy lingerie, sheer brown seamed nylons and 16 cm high-heeled pumps. In between she takes off her panties and pushes them into her juicy pussy. Then the sexy Polish slides her long, red-lacquered fingernails over her stiff clitoris. Guaranteed she left a stain on the ceiling. Well, if that doesnEbook: 7032 - Lady Barbara
Walker in the old Industrial Park
I have often seen a young man in the old industrial park in Duisburg who crossed my way when I was walking frivolously in high heeled sandals and only in underwear under my closed coat. Sometimes I had the impression that he crossed my way more often than usual. Then happened what I was instinctively waiting for: he spoke to me and without thinking I opened my coat slightly. He showed me a spot whereno one coud see us. After the young man kissed my feet, he wanted to feel my toes and sandals on his cock. I pressed the pointed heel against his urethra until I got a large load of cum from his big dick. Right on my sandal feet.Ebook: 7033 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
NylonWalk in Mules
In this video series, when the weather is nice, Lady Ewa strolls through some Places on the Lower Rhine in a short flared skirt (the kind of mini skirt where you "accidentally" can show everything if you just bend down slightly), sheer seamed nylons on suspenders and worn-out 16cm high heeled mules . Today the blonde Polish woman visited a well-known supermarket chain in Willich, not far from my home. I think she went there on foot.Ebook: 7034 - Lady Valerie
Sexy Walk at the Rhine (1)
In the beginngs she wears a beige dress, but then Valerie stumbles along a street beside the river Rhine only in black lingerie and sheer skin-colored nylon stockings on suspenders on her colorful sandals. Well, the heels could be higher and thinner. But what people think of her and whether they think the young Russian is a whore, Valerie doesnEbook: 7035 - Lady Barbara
Nylonfrog - Wide open Legs
I want to see you wide-legged with open vagina was the photo order. ThatEbook: 7036 - Lady Ewa
Secret SandalGames
With a pair of yellow sandals, the Lady is secretly playing in the garden today while I went for a walk with the dogs. She only wears sexy lingerie and sheer pantyhose. Again and again Ewa pushes the yellow patent leather shoes between her big tits or on her vagina under the nylon. As it looks, she seems to be having a blast in those sexy stiletto heels. The stiff nipples slipping out of the bra give her away.Ebook: 7037 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Tottering in Stiletto Mules
In a 10-minute slow-motion video, Valerie is tottering across a street in the Duisburg Marxloh industrial area in 16 cm high-heeled mules. She wears various sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and an ultra-short skirt... The young Russian loves to show her big, bare buttocks on high heels. You will surely like her chassis just as much as the workers who watched secretly from the window of the company hall.Ebook: 7038 - Lady Barbara
Widow shows Soles & Boobs
Today IEbook: 7039 - Lady Ewa
The Biker & The Lady (1)
While the Lady is smoking a cigarette on a street in suspenders and high heels during a photo shoot, a biker drives up and stops. The guy in leather and jeans canEbook: 7040 - Lady Barbara
Widow in Transparent Blouse
Because of the many emails, IEbook: 7041 - Lady Valerie
The Masked Groper
In a lonely industrial area, Valerie is sitting on a bar stool in the middle of the street in front of a turning hammer in a blouse, skirt and nylon stockings on a Sunday afternoon when she is surprised by a masked man. After the initial shock, the young Russian allows her jacket and blouse to be removed without resistance and the man gropes her small tits and big big, round bottom. He is fascinated by her butttocks. Meanwhile, a couple of horny peepers watch whatEbook: 7042 - Lady Ewa
The Biker & The Lady (2)
While the Polish Lady has made herself comfortable on his yellow motorbike, she forces the hardcore biker onto the ground next to his bike und her feet and let him kiss and lick her nylon toes. While he smells and licks one foot, Ewa practices a nylon foot job with the other foot. At the end, the horny guy cums humbly on the blonde LadyEbook: 7043 - Lady Barbara
Exclusive Sandals
Today I show you great close-ups of my bare sexy feet in this pair of exclusive 1500 Euro sandals by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Maybe you can touch my feet in these shoes on the next sleep date in summer, or smell my hot, luxury toes which will be stinky of sweat, perfume and leather, when I wear these shoes especially for you. I might even sell this unusual stiletto on a SleepDate. Make me an offer I canEbook: 7044 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Garden Work in Garterbelt
Because she constantly wears my shoes and clothes, Valerie is used today by me as a gardening help. The young Russians Mare makes herself useful in a short skirt, various high heels and sheer nylons in the garden and sweeps the leaves together. She presents her crisp, young butt under the short skirt for you again and again.Ebook: 7045 - Lady Barbara
Smoking with a Cigarette Holder
After a stroll through the city, I put a fur stole over the lace body instead of the coat which I was wearing outdoor. With sheer black nylon stockings and very high black pumps, IEbook: 7046 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose Ass and Long Nails
Dressed only in a light blue costume jacket and 16 cm high heeled tight pumps, Lady Ewa presents her hot big buttocks in reinforced, sheer pantyhose in the garden. She also lets her thick silicone balls dangle nicely on the costume jacket. Secretly, the blonde was hoping someone would be watching through the bushes and getting turned on by her steamy performance. ThatEbook: 7047 - Lady Barbara
Creaming my Feet
Today you can see me in the morning after breakfast on the bench in front of my house in Spain in a turquoise beach dress with a straw hat, putting lotion on my feet. I always have to be careful not to break my (now silver painted) long toe claws. Because I want to go to the beach afterwards, in the golden mules that you see at the end. By the way: I wonEbook: 7048 - Lady Valerie
Tottering HeelsLady
In this series, Valerie staggers around on a parked trailer in an industrial area in 16 cm high heeled green sandals. She only wears a costume jacket over her suspenders and nylon stockings. She puts on a show for some peepers who watch from her car down the street. If you would like to see her staggering like that in real life, sign up for a shoot with her.Ebook: 7049 - Lady Ewa
SandalLady at the Parking
Scene parking lot Kaarster See near Neuss in the Rhineland: In front of some secret wankers, the blonde Polish Lady pulls up her short skirt and shows her sexy buttocks. Then she takes off one of her high heeles mules and plays with it on her horny, wet cunt while the guys in the bushes are wanking like crazy. Do high heels really build muscular calves? Here you can see it.Ebook: 7050 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Boobsex with Lady B
Here I dug up an older video which shows me with dancing boobs while a member ist rubbing his dick on them. Member Markus from Aachen had booked a nude lesson with boob sex with me. You can see a little vintage video of that today, how we both dance naked together, he ties up my tits and beats his dick on them. At the end he jacks off at the sight of my dangling boobs. Do you also want to turn the stiff knobs on my tits?Ebook: 7051 - Lady Barbara
BoundBoobs + Zoccoloi
In a sheer pink shirt, under which you can clearly see my permanently stiff nipples, and a cowboy hat, I present myself here in the garden at the special request of a member in tight jeans leggings. On my bare, freshly perfumed feet IEbook: 7052 - Lady Ewa
After taking some posing photos in white booties in a parking lot for a special user, the sexy blonde got two unknown viewers. The two representatives had taken a break there and offered Lady Ewa a special service: They wanted to lick the vagina of the hot Polish woman and knead her big silicone tits properly. Will the two strangers bring sexy Ewa to orgasm?Ebook: 7053 - Lady Valerie
With Garterbelt on the Bridge
The recordings were made for an organizer of gangbang parties in Duisburg. After a rain shower, Valerie poses at the wooden bridge in the garden in black suede mules with platforms and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. Under her short skirt, the hot Russian keeps pulling her panties to the side. Sitting on the damp wood of the bridge, she shows her bare cunt with her thighs spread wide.Ebook: 7053 - Lady Valerie
With Garterbelt on the Bridge
The recordings were made for an organizer of gangbang parties in Duisburg. After a rain shower, Valerie poses at the wooden bridge in the garden in black suede mules with platforms and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. Under her short skirt, the hot Russian keeps pulling her panties to the side. Sitting on the damp wood of the bridge, she shows her bare cunt with her thighs spread wide.