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Ebook: 6993 - Lady Barbara
BoobRibbers & Handicap
Today I show you the first April photos on my terrace in a colorful little summer dress with tight rubber bands around my boobs and a small handicap. Of course, I also put on plenty of gold jewelry and very large earrings. If you like seamed nylons and sexy slingbacks in combination with a small handicap, you will get your moneyEbook: 6994 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Mules & Sandals
Today I have something for the friends of open shoes in which I can present my toes perfectly. I show you close-ups of my feet in different, great sandals and mules with foot jewellery. Of course I always have bright red nail polish on my toes and my nails are long on the big toes as always and as you like it.Ebook: 6995 - Lady Barbara
Foot- + Shoejob for the Toes Wanker
I carefully touch his limp cock with my mules toes. Today IEbook: 6996 - Lady Valerie
NylonStroll over the Wanker Parking Lot
In a red costume, sheer black nylon stockings and brown pumps with a red plateau, Valerie goes to a wanker parking lot on the A57. First she slowly walks around there and keeps meeting horny voyeurs. Then she sits down on a bench and smokes a cigarette. But not without showing the wankers the suspenders and her bare vagina under the thin lace panties from time to time. Unfortunately, none of the horny guys dare to approach her.Ebook: 6997 - Lady Ewa
The Shredded Catsuit
Today you can see Lady Ewa smoking in an elegant trench coat in a parking lot at the Kaarster See near Düsseldorf. Under the thin coat, the sexy Polish wears a transparent catsuit with high, black mules. During the shooting, the blonde slowly begins to tear up the catsuit, while hidden peepers look on from the bushes. But what does she do with the cigarette on her toes?Ebook: 6998 - Lady Barbara
Trying some Shoes in my Office
I hadnEbook: 6999 - Lady Ewa
WankerLady in the Car
The elegant Lady Ewa sits in the car and shows her charms in a business suit and high-heeled mules in a relevant parking lot. She has no nylons on her legs. Will the hot Polish be secretly ogled by peepers? After all, it is quite well known as a wanker template in the parking lots around Lake Kaarst. She is especially popular as a smoker, because she likes to blow the cold smoke into slavesEbook: 7000 - Lady Barbara
Footjob at Teatime
A young man who lies at my feet and for whom there is nothing nicer than sniffing my fragrant shoes, nylons and feet, I always like having someone like that. This member came to see me at teatime a little late early in the evening. He didnEbook: 7001 - Lady Valerie
The Sheer Blouse
Valerie is posing in front of an office building in a transparent shirt, green pumps and cappuccino-colored nylon stockings with suspenders. An ominous caller had transferred her money so that she could appear there despite the cold in just this thin shirt, heeled shoes and nylon stockings. I wonder if someone is still working inside and using the young Russian as a wankerEbook: 7002 - Lady Ewa
Jerked off on her Nylons
First Lady Ewa and this member are snogging with several of my high-heeled shoes in the Heelsstudio, while he is wanking his cock. When the Lady goes for his dick, Herbert can no longer control himself. He is rubbing his dick on her legs and squirted a thick load of his sticky sperm onto her hot nylon thighs. See how he is jerking on the Video.Ebook: 7003 - Lady Barbara
Outdoor Upskirt
This is what happens when photographers go diving. Good old Member Ebby from Saarlouis really wanted to see what I normally wear underneath my skirts or dresses. So my photographer lay down on the floor and checked for you. Since it wasnEbook: 7004 - Lady Barbara
Corvette Lady in Nylons
Today you can see me in a floral summer dress and sheer stockings on suspenders in a parking lot at a userEbook: 7005 - Lady Ewa
Elegant at the Hotel Window
Lady Ewa elegantly presents her blank thick boobs at the hotel window. In an exclusive hotel appartement the smoking and champaign drinking Lady is photographed in a black evening dress at the window. Sie also wears 16cm high heeled mules and seamed ultra-sheer nylon stockings. Sometimes the Polish lifts the dress up to her sexy ass. Is the Lady waiting, that someone from outside is watching her ?Ebook: 7006 - Lady Valerie
The Blue EveningDress
In a blue evening dress, Lady Valerie is lolling on the bed in a Düsseldorf hotel today. Who is she calling? Is it one of their phone slaves getting final instructions for the day? Again and again the young Russian holds the worn soles of her sandals in the direction of the camera and fondles her shaved vagina. What makes her so horny today?Ebook: 7007 - Lady Barbara
Holidaypictures from Spain
This time you can see me at my vacation spot in Spain tottering sexy through the urbanization in high-heeled mules and hot pants. When I was back home, I stripped naked again, as I often do when the weather is nice as today. Of course except for my mules these I keep always on my feet. And so I spent the rest of the afternoon on the terrace. Stark naked, showing my boobies.Ebook: 7008 - Lady Valerie
Walk at the Rhine
In a slightly transparent beige summer dress, skin-colored nylon stockings and sandals with platforms, Valerie strolls along the Rhine promenade in Krefeld. She has some very shy peepers in tow who prefer to keep a low profile in front of the camera. But once the camera is packed, they tell us how they enjoy watching the young Russian smoke a cigarette while pulling up her dress and showing the stockings.Ebook: 7009 - Lady Ewa
At the Bike
Sunday biker meeting at the Kaarster See near Neuss? Not exactly. Lady Ewa is posing there in the parking lot with a trench coat, summer dress, nylon stockings and sexy high-heeled mules on a userEbook: 7010 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Cum on my Fishnet Stockings
Member Dirk from Essen wants to examine Lady Ewa in fishnet stockings in my presence on the treatment couch. He carefully sights every inch of the blondeEbook: 7011 - Lady Valerie
Pussyshow in Cork Shoes
Wearing high cork sandals and sheer, brown nylon stockings, Valerie is sitting on a truck trailer from Turkey in an industrial area near Duisburg. She spreads her legs for two viewers in the background. Probably the driver and his passenger. The young Russian slowly pulls her pink panties aside and everyone can see close-ups of ValerieEbook: 7012 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara + Joanna
The Ballbusting Slave
Slave Holger from Mainz gets a really hard treatment from Joanna and me in my party room. While we smoke cigarettes, we spit into the slaveEbook: 7013 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
With Stretch Dress in the Pool
Here in Spain the temperatures are almost good for the pool, but itEbook: 7014 - Lady Ewa
HeelsHorny at the Daybed
Look how Lady Ewa is posing frivolously on a lounger today in a hot tiger dress and sheer nylon stockings with suspenders. Invited by user Martin from Geldern, the blonde Pole sticks out her bottom for him so that you can see her protruding pussylips and the worn soles of her 16cm high peep-toe pumps very close. As she gets horny from showing, she starts masturbating with a pair of high heeled mules. Much to the delight of Martin, who is wanking his cock again behind the camera.Ebook: 7015 - Lady Barbara
18 cm High Heeled Sandals
Here you can see me in the living room in long suit pants and white, 18 cm high heeled strappy sandals with metal heels and thin straps. The whole thing today without bothersome nylons but as always with super long and bright red painted claws on the big toes ... just something for the barefoot fans. Even the friends of my bare soles get their moneyEbook: 7016 - Lady Gina
Naildesigner Clotted in the Porn Cinema
First nylon whore Gina is licked and used by moviegoers on a dirty sofa in a porn cinema in Düsseldorf. The sexy nail designer came straight from work in her elegant business suit, sheer seamed nylon stockings and high heels. The red-haired Polish woman served every man with her mouth cunt, was once again properly fucked (the cuckold canEbook: 7017 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
DildoGames in Pantyhose
In this video, Lady Ewa enjoys a thick rubber cock in the garden. The sexy Polish wears pumps and sheer pantyhose. She pushes the thick cock behind the nylon fabric again and again and rubs the rubber cock on her wet labia. As you can see, the Lady is a real masturbator Lady. Although she is not a "Never-Inside", she has been "abstinent" for several years. Men needs only Ewa to lick her vagina and anus.Ebook: 7018 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Dog Walk in  Narrow, Pointy Pumps
Today IEbook: 7019 - Lady Barbara
Stinky Soles after Long Walk
Today you can see my sweaty foot soles with and without shoes. How do you think my feet smell when I arrive home barefoot in tight high heels after a long stroll and take my shoes off? If I was out with sandals or mules, itEbook: 7020 - Lady Ewa
Needy Exhibitionist with Stockings in the Park
Unfortunately, you see something like this far too seldom on Germanys streets: A really elegant sexy Lady in a super short mini skirt with flashing suspenders. Ewa also wears a pair of very high-heeled mules, which clatter on the pavement and are quite uncomfortable. Nothing for the German housewife. But Ewa knows: This is how you attract the attention of horny men and how they keep chasing after the sexy blonde. Ewa often hears sentences like "When you walk around like that, you donEbook: 7021 - Lady Barbara
In Negligee at the Garden House
For fans of sheer pantyhose, I show myself today at the garden shed in skin-colored fine pantyhose and 15 cm high-heeled red mules. I slept loang this day and just got out of bed now. So IEbook: 7022 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Ballbusting in the Industrial Area
Valerie tries ballbusting on a member but she is not as professional as Svetlana. Which of the users can take more and help her with practicing ballbusting? Because the young Russian really enjoyed kicking a man into his balls during the video. Especially since sheEbook: 7022 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Ballbusting in the Industrial Area
Valerie tries ballbusting on a member but she is not as professional as Svetlana. Which of the users can take more and help her with practicing ballbusting? Because the young Russian really enjoyed kicking a man into his balls during the video. Especially since she