The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6934 - Lady Ewa
BootLady with Gasmask
Lady Ewa is lolling today on the treatment couch in black overknee boots and she is playing with some of my high heels on her shaved vagina. Does the Lady like it that way? Does she prefer cold thin heels instead of a real cock? Does she enjoy being squeezed into the tight gas mask and then feeling the cold leather and thin heels on her wet slit? In the video clip you can clearly see how she loves it to jerks off with the shoes.Ebook: 6935 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Soles after the Walk
I know that some of you are waiting for my NAKED sweaty soles again. But today they are available in sheer, black nylon tights for you guys. Ill show them to you here in Spain right after a long walk with the dogs. Imagine how intensely the damp toes and sweaty soles are smelling. Even my photographer (who is used to a lot) showed me through his bulge in his pants.Ebook: 6936 - Lady Barbara
Packed in Clear Film at the Monastery
During this photo action, I was packed in thin transparent film here in Spain.The weather was nice when I were stark naked posing in front of an old monastery. I was only allowed to wear my 14 cm high heeled, black mules and my golden jewelry. After all, I should look classy. At times I was also put in chains. But in the end I was able to free myself and I ripped the entire foil off my body.Ebook: 6937 - Lady Ewa
SandalKicks from A Cruel Lady
In the second part of the session with the sandal slave Horst, he gets to feel the rhinestone-studded sandals of the domineering Poland Lady on his balls. Again and again Ewa kicks him in the balls with her shoes. After Horst has endured a lot of hard kicks and his balls are finally really thick, the blonde milks the slave with her long fingernails on her hot sandal feet. She milks until she has the entire contents of his balls on her stinky, bare feet. Will you lick it up?Ebook: 6938 - Lady Barbara
Seamed Nylons under the Tartan Skirt
Today Im posing for you in a tartan skirt and special black tights that look like Im wearing seamed nylon stockings. I also wear a pair of strappy sandals made of black patent leather on my feet. The lacing of the shoes actually goes better with bare legs, but here you can see it with nylons. I hope you like it anyway. There are views from me on the stairs, poolside and sights under the skirt.Ebook: 6939 - Lady Barbara
Noble DesignerMules on the Rocks
Today you can see my feet in close-ups between the rocks. I wear black designer mules with gold clasps and gold heels with sheer skin-colored nylons and this time I styled my toenails in a French look. Would you actually (if you met me like this) rather jerk off on my nylon toes or fuck me from behind in the opening between the sole of my foot and the sole of my shoe? What would you prefer?Ebook: 6940 - Partyimpressions
Footjob Party
Here you can see some photographic impressions from my last party that took place before Corona. At this footjob party with many friends, things got really busy again. Many worshiped my feet and then got a foot or hand job from me or my friends. A lot of sperm flowed, not only on my feet. Thanks to our member Willi who took these pictures.Ebook: 6941 - Lady Ewa
The Nylon Thief
Member Paul should only pay his yearly fee to Lady Ewa in the cellar bar. In an unsupervised moment, the horny guy has tampered with the Ladys nylons and is promptly caught doing so. The Poland Lady confronts him and forcibly milks him so that he doesnt get any more stupid ideas. When he promises not to do that anymore, Ewa takes off her costume and lets him see what kind of nylon stockings she is wearing.Ebook: 6942 - Lady Gina
Naked Return to the Slave Cellar
Lady Gina likes it when men want her. The elegant Lady likes to serve as an object for gentlemen and enjoys being held naked and examined / evaluated. So today she returns to the slave cellar in Duesseldorf. However, she still has to get used to the sometimes rough treatment in the SM cellar with nipple checks etc. Gina prefers to be appraised like a commodity and then used as a 3-hole Lady. The red-haired, mature Polish woman enjoys the humiliation when men use her mouth only with a safe condom.Ebook: 6943 - Lady Barbara
Jeans and Sandals at the Port
Today you can see me in a private series in Spain at the port. Im going for a little stroll there in jeans. And because its nice and warm, I put on my elegant designer sandals. My toe sandals as I call them. Because the foot in the shoe front is only held around the big toe by a small rhinestone-studded toe strap. I often walk around here in the harbor in open dainty stilettos and keep noticing how the men look at my long toenails.Ebook: 6944 - Lady Heike
Memberservice in the Heelsstudio
Heike from Geldern is doing hot member service with a mask in my heels studio today, because she thinks she knows the man. The masked wife makes her mouth cunt available for the long-term member in the middle of my heel collection. While she is licking the sweaty ass-crack of the bra-wearing man, Heike is satisfied with a whip grip. Heinz only wants to give the blonde his cock with rubber, because only one person should have fun: He - her neighbor.Ebook: 6945 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa is visiting member Heinzs apartment in Geldern. Half-naked, the hot blonde lolls in her nylons and sexy wooden sandals on his sofa. The horny user obviously enjoys watching her as she poses for him on his sofa. Ewas ultra-thin stockinged feet in sexy wooden sandals turn him on the most. She looks like a real fairground hooker, said Heinz to the photographer. A funny compliment.Ebook: 6946 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Show at the FincaPool
Its just after breakfast and I havent showered yet. Im on Mallorca and Im posing for you today at the fincas pool in sheer, black pantyhose and bright red mules. My boobs are already tied tightly, just the way I like it. This afternoon were off towards to Arenal, lets see if theres anything going on there. But before that you could get your head between my legs and sniff on my slit properly with your big nose.Ebook: 6947 - Lady Barbara
Stand Attention!
I made this series for a special member. In 15cm high patent leather pumps with toe openings, sexy anklets and otherwise stark naked, I had to stand to attention last Saturday like in the military. Present your Boobies and your bald slit correctly said Lieutenant Müller. Would you like to be my company commander? Or rather the medical officer which can examine me?Ebook: 6948 - Lady Ewa
FishNet-Tights & Soles
Lady Ewa has put on fishnet tights on her endlessly long, sexy legs with well-formed thighs, which her admirer Jan from Hanover finds really fetish-horny. Does she wear tight panties underneath? Or does the hot blondynka prefer it when she can feel the constricting threads of the fishnet tights directly on her pussy?Ebook: 6949 - Lady Louise
Two PantyhoseLadys having Fun
Louise and Sammy are presenting their gorgeous buttocks in sheer, colored nylon pantyhose in their apartment today and they certainly had a lot of fun together, as you can see. Especially Louise got horny when she could smell her friend Lady Sammys pantyhose vagina. Soon you will see more solo series with the blonde Louise.Ebook: 6950 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Ass
With a super short mini skirt, sheer nylon stockings and a pair of my bright red high-heeled mules with platforms on her feet, Lady Ewa kneels on the treatment table and spreads her big buttocks for you. Where is the slave who is now kneeling behind the classy Polish woman and licking the blondes crack with his warm, wet tongue?Ebook: 6951 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose + MulesShow
Im enjoying the sun on the terrace in Spain in brown suede mules and black, sheer tights under a blue and white striped summer dress. Take a look at beautiful close-ups of how the thin nylon stretches over my long, red-lacquered toenails in the dainty mules. Then you know why many men only look at my feet when they see me like this.Ebook: 6952 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V37 The Mules Servant
In this series you can see my adventures from the years 1995 to 2000, which you could buy in those days at Legsworld as a VHS cassette. Today you can see another 45-minute video from this vintage series: V37 The mule servant. In my first small heels studio in Krefeld, shoe slave Dirk from Hanover serves me. He could put different heels on my feet, massage my toes, lick heels and much more as long as he obeyed me.Ebook: 6953 - Lady Barbara
Pumps in the Rocks
Today I am posing for you in my rock garden in Spain with black designer pumps, sheer beige nylon tights and a red summer dress. It has been raining a bit the last few days. The wet streets really took a toll on my luxury pumps and the red soles are pretty worn out. I think they need a slave tongue to clean them.Ebook: 6954 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose in the Studio
In high-heeled brown suede pumps and reinforced black pantyhose, Lady Ewa is lying on the treatment bench today while member Fritz is working at the blondes long nylon legs like a submissive mutt andhe begins  sniffing her stockinged lower body. While Fritz jacks off his cock, he massages ewa´s nylon legs and smells her buttocks. Then the Polish woman lies on her back with her legs apart and fondles his balls with her pumps. Incl. Video.Ebook: 6955 - Lady Ewa
Double Series in the Bar
Today there is a double series with PolandLady Ewa:<br>1) Sandals Servant: The masked slave Horst loves and adores sandals from perfumed ladies.<br>2) Hard grips: Here slave Horst gets to feel the hard grip of Ewas jewelry-covered hands on his balls and cock. I hope he really worshipped her hot sandal feet and she wont tear anything from him.Ebook: 6956 - Lady Barbara
Tartan Skirt in RetroStyle
In this update in retro style, Im not just showing you my backside under a very short tartan skirt. In addition I wear thin black nylons and partly black patent leather pumps and partly very high patent leather mules with platforms. Under the transparent nylon blouse you can see my big boobs, which are tied with thin rubber bands. Thats how I like it.Ebook: 6957 - Lady Barbara
Walking the Dog at the Beach
Here I show you some private photos from Spain. Today you can see how I usually walk the dog. Leggins and boots underneath and a short jacket on top. Most of the time I dont wear a bra under the top, like here, just my tight rubber bands. When walking the dog or when shopping. But in last case I usually dont have my jacket as open as here.Ebook: 6958 - Lady Ewa
Open Sandal Straps
While the lonely Lady Ewa is eating a banana, she is trying out the strappy sandals that go with her sexy outfit in the heels studio in Willich. Today the Polish blonde is wearing a lilac-colored corsage and a wide-meshed fishnet pantyhose, giving you horny footlickers a hot look at her bare feet and her freshly shaved vagina. Although she never closes the straps of the sandals.Ebook: 6959 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Mules Walk at the Pool
In Spain, I prefer to wear sheer clothes and high-heeled, wide-open mules and I like to have my nails long and always painted red. Today Im going to show you great slow-motion shots in yellow Capri pants of me stumbling around in stilettos in an almost cloudless sky in Spain. The camera follows me closely at the pool, on the stairs, on the terrace and on the street.Ebook: 6960 - Lady Ewa
Measure Up
In the heels studio, Lady Ewa plays with my stilettos in sexy lingerie and sheer nylon stockings and takes a tape measure to measure the heel height of various shoes before sucking them off. But before she goes to zhe shoes, the blonde takes her own measurements. In addition to the circumference of the waist and hips, she measures the distance between the nipples of her silicone breasts. How big are her boobs? How long are the legs? Ewa wants to know everything.Ebook: 6961 - Lady Louise
In Nylons on the Bed
Louise lolls on the bed in sheer seamed nylons. The 41-year-old secretary loves to make you hot in sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. First she pulls down her bra so that you can see her big boobs and then she pushes her little panties aside. What are you waiting for?Ebook: 6961 - Lady Louise
In Nylons on the Bed
Louise lolls on the bed in sheer seamed nylons. The 41-year-old secretary loves to make you hot in sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. First she pulls down her bra so that you can see her big boobs and then she pushes her little panties aside. What are you waiting for?