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Ebook: 6903 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
CFNM with the Slave
Today there is something about CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Men): In this video, a naked member is milked by me and Lady Ewa (two fully clothed ladies) again and again without being allowed to squirt. Only after slave Markus has licked our vaginas with his tongue to our satisfaction is he allowed to jerk a thick load of his cum on my stinky nylon soles.Ebook: 6904 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Strip on the Bench
Lady Ewa is sitting on the treatment bench in the basement with nylon stockings in a beige trench coat and a black hat. The sexy Polish woman slowly takes off her sheer brown seamed stockings and holds her bare soles into the camera. You can clearly see the underside of her long, artificial toe claws. The blonde hides her vagina under a touch of nylon panties. Hopefully someone will come and lick my stinky feet and my pussy soon she thinks.Ebook: 6905 - Lady Barbara
The Hot Catsuit Groper
After a small party, this long-time member wanted to see me in a transparent house dress and with platform slippers on my feet. I did him a favor and then dressed like I often dress at home in the summer: I presented in the basement bar in a lace catsuit with an open crotch and a transparent nightcoat over it. I think he would have loved to fuck me.Ebook: 6906 - Lady Ewa
Heels Deer in Nylons at the Airport
While Lady Ewa is waiting for a member at the airport car park in Mönchengladbach in an ultra-mini with flashing suspenders, the Polish Lady is passing the time with some posing for this photo series. In addition to her elegant leather jacket and the ultrashort mini skirt, people particularly notice the sheer nylon stockings with seams and the 16 cm high-heeled mules.Ebook: 6907 - Lady Barbara
Stinky Naked Soles  & Jeans Ass
Today I show you my horny and sweaty bare soles in a thin blue leggings. And not only that. I pull down my leggings and you see my bare butt first in a sheer nylon panty and then without it. Maybe you want to lick everything out, slave? Or to everyone else: How about a toe fuck with docking? While you fuck my feet, you stick your nose between my cheeks and get your olfactory kick?Ebook: 6908 - Lady Ewa
The Horny Pantyhose Patient
Dressed in sexy 15 cm high heeled patent leather mules and a doctorswhite  coat, Lady Ewa treats member Fritz from Aachen in the HEELS-PRAXIS. The horny wanker has to wear pantyhose himself during the treatment on the instructions of the doctor. He is not allowed to touch his dick during the treatment. Only Frau Doctor does that over and under the pantyhose to control the stiffness until the patient cums.Ebook: 6909 - Lady Barbara
Hanging Boobs & Transparent Mules
Today I show you transparent mules in front of a beige wall in the studio. Ill present to you a topless corset in a tiger look so that my big boobs can hang freely. I also wear sheer nylon stockings with matching suspenders.Probably I will wear that underwear under a thin dress at the next dance evening in spring or summer.Ebook: 6910 - Lady Ewa
Horny for my Nylons
Lady Ewas shaved vagina is already quite swollen when she wraps a pair of elegant pointed pumps in my recently worn nylon stockings in the heels studio and starts playing with the shoes on her slit. The blond Polish wears sheer brown nylon stockings and a transparent negligee. Also in the video you can see how she pushes the nylon pumps into her wet pussy. Will she have an orgasm while doing this or is she just the cool exhibition Lady?Ebook: 6911 - Lady Barbara
Going to the Opera
Before I go to the opera with this longtime friend, I put on some make-up on my lips. But prior to this, I had to let him bind thight rubber bands on my boobs. This is a MUST when I go out with him. I also have to adjust my nylons. You can imagine what I wear under my costume. I like not having to push too much aside when someone is playing my vagina.Ebook: 6912 - Lady Ewa
Bootsfan gets Ballbusting
Lady Ewa is sitting in heels and corset smoking at the bar when a masked slave comes in. Tom from Mannheim is totally into super high overknee boots and puts one of these pairs on the Lady´s legs right away. The thin heels and the black patent leather make the slave powerless. Kneeling on the floor, he may only touch the coveted objects with his tongue. With the first mistake he catches a hard kick between his legs. Again and again the blonde Mistress kicks his balls with her boots. You can see how he squirms quite well in the 6-minute video.Ebook: 6913 - Lady Barbara
BoobsExposure & Hang Out Toes
I am posing here with a cowboy hat on a rocky beach in skin-tight blue jeans, a denim jacket over the laced-up bolls hanging out of my blouse and sexy blue mules on my bare feet. My horny toenails are of course very long as always and today they are simply painted in the French style. In some pictures my little toe is hanging out of the mule. That happens often to me and then I walk through the dirt with it, which I usually dont notice directly. Incl. Slomo-video.Ebook: 6914 - Lady Ewa
Ouvert Jeans in the Car of Member Tom
A horny fan really wanted to see Lady Ewa again in crotchless jeans. Sitting in the members car in her specially cut jeans, she stretches her vagina wide and attaches two metal weights to her labia with tight clamps. As you can see, it hurts her a little at first. The Polish breed is once again wearing sexy, 15 cm high strappy sandals on her feet. The ideal dress for a toe whore in winter: On top a warm turtleneck sweater and below the bare feet in sandals so everyone can see her toes.Ebook: 6915 - Lady Barbara
Relaxing at the Fireplace
After a long stroll in tight pumps and nylon stockings through rainy Palma on Mallorca, I relax in my accommodation by the fireplace. Im still wearing the sheer, stinky seamed nylons and Im showing you my damp, sweaty soles into the camera. Can you smell the scent of my cold sweaty feet? My cameraman smelled it from two meters away and immediately had a lump in his pants.Ebook: 6916 - Lady Ewa
The Man with the Shopping Bag
Member Bernd from Cologne (name and location changed) just wants to be in front of the camera with a shopping bag over his head. After lying down on the cold terrace in just a t-shirt and jeans, he gets a few powerful kicks in his testicles. Then he can feel the cold, dirty soles of Ewas mules on his bare cock. The Lady enjoys the effect her red polished toes have on him and slides her bare, sweaty feet under his plastic bag.Ebook: 6917 - Lady Barbara
Home Alone at Night
Here we have recreated what happened to me when my husband was on a photo tour with Lady Ewa for a few days in November. I suddenly woke up at night because I wanted to look for something. As if in a trance, I put on my 16 cm high platform sandals by Gianmarco Lorenzi and crept through the house. I no longer knew what I was actually looking for. So I turned on the washing machine in the laundry room ... naked of course.Ebook: 6918 - Lady Ewa
Playing with Chopsticks
No, these are not Asian chopsticks that Lady Ewa is playing with here. Both of her heels broke off while dancing in 18 cm high heeled white patent leather pumps. Instead of throwing them away, the blonde Polish prefers to make herself comfortable on the lounger and play with her breasts with the broken heels and squeeze her nipples with them. At the end she pushes the thin pencil heels into her vagina.Ebook: 6919 - Lady Barbara
WorkOut in Pantyhose
Today Im training in sheer black tights on an exercise bike in my bodega in Spain. Im wearing a denim jacket and blue mules. Under the denim jacket, my breasts are tied tightly with rubber bands. Look between my thighs and on my buttocks while I work out. The more I struggle, the wetter the tights get in the crotch.Ebook: 6920 - Lady Ewa
Long Nails in ToeSqueeze-Sandals
In these sexy strappy sandals, which are a bit too small, the Lady presents her sexy long claws under the sheer nylon in great close-ups. The Polish blonde wears sheer black nylon stockings that make her long claws look very sexy. Take a close look at how the thin nylon material stretches over the long claws and how the straps cut in between the toes. This isnt just a fun for toe sados.Ebook: 6921 - Lady Ewa
Trying on Sandals in the Cold
The Lady got three pairs of sandals from member Jerome, which she thinks are great. The shoe fetishists gets horny when he can watch women in sandals and nylon stockings in winter. With a pair of sheer brown nylons on her legs, the Polish tries on the sexy shoes in the cold garden on the swing while Gerome is allowed to watch from the background. Again and again the young Frenchman grabs between his legs and kneads his bump.Ebook: 6922 - Lady Barbara
Naked Titts + LeatherPants
Ive been walking around the finca in leather pants and mules all day. Only in the afternoon did we come up with the idea of taking up the desire of leather fans. And so I show myself here in tight, sexy leather pants and high-heeled red mules with golden heels in front of the camera. Under the half-open jacket I present you my tightly tied boobs. Who would like to grab my boobs or suck on my nipples?Ebook: 6923 - HD-Video mit Lady Barbara
Wankers Lady with the Drill Hammer
This video was created here as a request video for a friend of masks, glasses and ear protection. My craftsman dress are fishnet tights, strappy sandals and rubberized tits. At first Im naked and have to dress accordingly before I get to work with a drill hammer... Let me know if you want me to drill a few holes in you wall when I´m dressed like that ;-)Ebook: 6924 - Lady Ewa
Blondie does Nipplestretching
Look how Lady Ewa plays with her thick, tied udder balls. How she kneads the big round balls and then pulls the horny, stiff nipples with her long silvery-white lacquered finger claws as if she wanted to pull the stopper on a balloon. Would you also like to touch those big polish boobs? Or would you rather feel Ewas long claws on your balls and dick?Ebook: 6925 - Lady Barbara
Poolcleaning in ultrasheer Pantyhose
In a white sweater and summer hat Im cleaning the pool of an old friend on the Costa Blanca today. Since nobody lives there, I can do it only in sheer beige seamed tights and my garden wedge mules. Hopefully the old man and his wife wont suddenly come back at the moment from their tour to Germany. If you are interested in my mules, please contact me.Ebook: 6926 - Lady Ewa
Wrinkled FootSoles
Lady Ewa is sitting in a nylon catsuit at the wooden table on the terrace and has put her feet on the table. Even though its cold, she unzipped the top so you can see her tits. Ewa smokes a cigarette and shows the wide, wrinkled soles of her feet to the camera. Who wouldnt like to kneel in front of the Polish and smell or lick her salty soles? Or are you one of those people who would rather feel Ewa´s long, painted fingernails on your balls?Ebook: 6927 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V36 The Italian Lady
In this series you can see my adventures from the years 1995 to 2000, which you could buy in former times at Legsworld as a VHS cassette. Today you can see another 60-minute video from this vintage series: V36 The Italian Lady. In my first apartment studio I receive a couple from the south: the Italian woman and her husband. She is a nylon and shoe fetishist and he likes to kiss feet in heels.Ebook: 6928 - Lady Barbara
NylonFootjob with Long Nails
With sheer, skin-colored nylons over my feet, I squeeze the measly balls of this small-wienie user with my feet. I really berated this loser during the session. But even though he wanted it that way, he couldnt get his limp little thing to stand. But because he endured everything well, I gave him a footjob afterwards. I hope yours stands up when you come to see me.Ebook: 6929 - Lady Barbara
In Black&White at theTerrace
I am posing for you this morning on the terrace with a black hat. I wear an elegant black and white dress, sheer nylon stockings and black and white mules. The neighbor (you know, the old Dutchman with the binoculars) looked over curiously again, but Im not interested. I present myself how I want, when I want and where I want.Ebook: 6930 - Lady Ewa
Boot Games
For all friends of high-heeled leather boots, Lady Ewa shows today how much she likes to play with the cold leather of my boots in the heels studio. She sucks on the heels, presses the tips of the boots against the bald pussy and the stucks the pointed heels in her big boobs. It looks like the blonde is not only a shoe fetishist but also a real boot fetishist. Just like you?Ebook: 6931 - Lady Barbara
Long Red Claws before the Thunderstorm
At the end of the month I present you here in Spain my long, bright red claws without nylons, just before a thunderstorm comes up. I creamed my feet beforehand to make them shine. If you want, you can enjoy my long toenails (with or without nylon stockings) again from July on a real sleep date in the Lower Rhine area. Because then Ill be again back in Germany. Sign up in time.Ebook: 6932 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
NylonPresentation in the Livingroom
In this 32-minute video, Lady Valerie shows you today in my livingroom some unusual nylon stockings and presents them on suspenders with bare buttocks in 7 inch high heels. Again and again the sexy Russian puts new stockings on her suspenders and shows you her round, sexy buttocks, framed in crackling nylon. Who wouldnt want to touch that?Ebook: 6933 - Lady Barbara
Tight Bound Balls Under The red Pullover
Today I am posing for you on the terrace in Spain in the morning after breakfast in a sheer black pantyhose and with tightly tied boobs under my sweater. Look at how my permanent stiff nipples almost drill through the fabric. On my feet I wear - as so often at home - a pair of black/white, high-heeled, sexy mules.Ebook: 6933 - Lady Barbara
Tight Bound Balls Under The red Pullover
Today I am posing for you on the terrace in Spain in the morning after breakfast in a sheer black pantyhose and with tightly tied boobs under my sweater. Look at how my permanent stiff nipples almost drill through the fabric. On my feet I wear - as so often at home - a pair of black/white, high-heeled, sexy mules.