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Ebook: 6872 - Lady Ewa
With high heeled sandals and sexy mules the Lady Ewa is working at he dick of this horny member with beating his balls. While his dick is inside one of the strappy sandals nearly exploding, the blonde Polish shoe slut puts her sexy red lips over it and sucks his dick in the comdom. At the end the shoe lover is allowed to jerk off into a pair of my red high heeled Jante mules. Incl. Video.Ebook: 6873 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara + Ewa
Massage and more
Ewa and I have fun with member Markus on the treatment table. Handjob, footbob, blowjob ... he gets the full program. While I am massaging him, Ewa is milking his cock and balls with oily hands. With his cock in a pair of pumps, he can first fuck my pussy and then Ewa´s until we both are totally wet. Then we both wank his cock with a firm grip in our mouth cunts while he licks our pussys. At the end there is a load of cum on Ewa s bare pumps feet, with the cum running into her toe slits.Ebook: 6874 - Lady Barbara
BoobsFuck in Lace Catsuit
A member from the Rhineland is playing in the limits of a sleep date with me on the cosmetic bed today while Im wearing a lace catsuit and rubber bands around my boobs as well as golden platform mules. First the horny guy fondles me, then he wants to feel my hands and toes on his stiff cock. And in the end the horny stallion fucks my tied-up boobs. Ahhh... cool!Ebook: 6875 - Lady Tina
I Love Pantyhose
In front of the mirror in her room, Tina is posing today for all pantyhose fans in sheer tights and high-heeled platform sandals. The blonde likes it when she imagines how horny fans with a stiff cock in their hands gape at her round, big buttocks and her narrow cunt bush and get excited about it. Then her bush between her legs gets all wet and Tina is ready to be taken.Ebook: 6876 - Lady Barbara
Gasmask Slave (1)
After I went to my heels studio with the horny gas mask slave, he was allowed to sniff my toe through the mask opening. In the middle of my luxurious heeled shoe collection he could breathe in the hot scent of my foot sweat and leather. Then I wanted to feel his stiff dick on my shoes and feet. Because if theres something I particularly like, its a stiff cock on my porn feet.Ebook: 6877 - Lady Tina
St. Nicholas
Lady Tina shows up in a Santa Claus costume today. Underneath, the blonde is wearing sheer brown nylon stockings on suspenders, matching red panties and platform sandals. The 34-year-old saleswoman likes December with St. Nicholas, the days of Advent and Christmas. She always makes herself particularly chic for her fans in sheer pantyhose or nylon stockings, which the hot blondynka likes to show off again and again.Ebook: 6878 - Lady Ewa
Blondie in Jeans and Pumps
Last Saturday the smoking Lady Ewa was spotted sporty in a leather jacket, skintight jeans and high heeled black whore pumps in an industrial area in Neuss. Was the Polish woman going shopping, or was she waiting for her young loverboy? Unfortunately, Heels paparazzo Jens had to stop his photo campaign and couldnt find out anymore. But Blondie didnt just catch his eye with her 16 cm high heels.Ebook: 6879 - Lady Ewa
Jeans Strip on the Street
Lady Ewa has to let down her pants for a member at the wanker parking lot at Kaarster See today. The pretty Polish woman is dressed in bluejeans, black 14 cm high heeled sandals with very thin straps, nylon stockings on suspenders and a warm fur coat. The longer she stands there, the more she notices: Ouch, the straps on the shoes cut into my toes. Is that what member Ulf hiding in the car wanted to see?Ebook: 6880 - Lady Barbara
PrivateParty with Groper
This naked guy was keen for a photo shoot with me on the red sofa. But the hottest thing was how he really harassed me in my black dress. I like those machos who smell good and can also behave. In front of the camera he was allowed to fuck my slingbacks and got a footjob. Ive also sucked his PumpsDick. What does that look like? Best take a look...Ebook: 6881 - Lady Ewa
Beige Trenchcoat on ParkingLot
Today the smoking Lady Ewa poses for you during a walk in the wintry parking lot at the Kaarster See in the Düsseldorf area. The blonde mare is equipped with 15 cm high heeled black patent leather mules on her bare feet and a beige trench coat, which, however, does not adequately protect them from the cold. But what is the blond Polish Lady wearing under her coat?Ebook: 6882 - Lady Ewa
Happy 3rd Advent...
we wish you today. Sitting on a sofa, the smoking Lady shows you her damp, stark naked soles after a home visit to a member. Her bare feet stuck the whole time without warming nylons in tight, pointed pumps and smell they smell like a mix of cold sweat and leather. At the end of the photo session, the Polish mare puts another cigarette between her toes and starts smoking.Ebook: 6883 - Lady Barbara
Styling for the Opera
Its 6 p.m. and a fan is about to pick me up here in WIllich near Duesseldorf for an evening at the opera today. Now you can see me getting ready in the bathroom before he arrives. My admirer wants me to wear a vintage corsage and girdle in the style of the 60s under the costume, along with sheer seamed nylons and pointy black pumps. Would that also be your preferred underwear for me?Ebook: 6884 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Games in the Heelsstudio
With a horny pair of ultra-sheer, skin-colored nylons, which the Polish Lady has pulled over her hands with the red lacquered claws, she plays with her tits and her shaved vagina today. Does she get one orgasm after the other when she touches herself with the sheer nylon? Take a look at many horny close-ups of her vagina, where the pleasure juice also escapes.Ebook: 6885 - Lady Ewa
Playing with the Pump
Today the high-heeled nylon Lady is playing with a pussy pump. Surely one or the other of you would have liked to help Lady Ewa with this. Or at least he would have licked the blondes nylon legs and feet while she pumped her cunt over and over again. But Ewa can also help herself very well and gets turned on by the smell of her own shoes while pumping. Leather of stinky shoes smells good, said the Polish.Ebook: 6886 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V35 Female Toesucker
Today you can see a 22-minute video from my L.E.G.S Vintage series: V35 The toe licker. At that time I was still a bit shy and acted with a blindfold. I show how I paint the toes of one of the first members stark naked on a leash. After the polish on his toes has dried, I put 15cm mules on his feet, suck on the heels, massage his feet and lick his toes.Ebook: 6887 - Lady Barbara
The Horny Gasmask Slave
I came to a slave in a transparent negligee with a nightgown and tight tied boobs in the basement bar. With the negligee I wear a sheer black nylon pantyhose and high-heeled mules. The gas mask slave has to take these mules off my feet and then he tries on very pointed 60s sling pumps on me. Would you like to see more of me in 60s style?Ebook: 6888 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
HeelsLadys and their Sexslave
This member is really well used by Lady Ewa and me in the Legsworld Studio. Until he is finally allowed to cum on my nylon soles, the horny buck is milked by both of us ladies, but first of all without being allowed to squirt. Instead, he has to serve us diligently with his tongue when we are treating his cock. Exactly as is right and proper for a good slave. Then he gets milked in one of my pumps in between times.Ebook: 6889 - Lady Ewa
Horny NylonShow on the Bed
Poland Lady Ewa is posing today in hot, black lingerie with a hat and sheer seamed nylons on the treatment bench. Shortly before she had dressed like this on a date as a wankers template for a member. She now takes off her sexy sandals in front of the camera and shows her hot stinky nylon soles in front of the camera. Can you smell the sweaty scent of her nylon feet?Ebook: 6890 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
On the Red Sofa
Lady Ewa sits on the red sofa with nylon stockings and high heels and makes telephone calls withmembers. Thats what the foot expert says: You can see how she plays with the weights that are clamped to her pussy and how she diligently jacks off her wet cunt during phone sex. While she feels her sweaty nylon feet sticking in her high heels and tells us NylonFans about it, were busy jerking off on the phone.Ebook: 6891 - Lady Barbara
MassageDate for my Feet
This member booked a massage date with me in my wellness room. In my case, that doesnt mean that I massage my guest, but the slave can see me naked and then massage me on my treatment bench. For once, this horny guest didnt want to massage my tits, buttocks and vagina, but only my tired legs and feet and then cum on my shiny soles.Ebook: 6892 - Lady Ewa
HandJob in LatexGloves
With different latex gloves Lady Ewa milks the little cock of club member Werner from Aachen on his kitchen table. Good that his wife was not at home. To make Werner horny, the Pole wears sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and high-heeled mules. At the end you see how blondynka Ewa milks Werners sperm into her transparent latex gloves. incl. 18min slow motion video.Ebook: 6893 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Pain in HighHeels
This update was a video as request of a member: Valerie has to show, that she can stand 2 hours in this 16 cm high heeled sandals. Until first everything goes well, then it becomes the agony for the legs and feet of the girl. The thin straps of the 16 cm-high Sandals pain especially on Valeries red-polished toes. At the end the legs of the sexy Russian are shaking total and after she can sit, she gives a massage to her toes with have clear imprints of the tight shoes. However, she got rid of the 120 euros again.Ebook: 6894 - Lady Ewa
On All Fours in the HeelsStudio
On all fours and only dressed in hot lingerie and high-heeled mules, Lady Ewa is busy in the heels studio in my absence and she is playing with my high-heeled shoes. The hot Polish smells my pumps and mules, licks them like she would suck a dick and plays with the shoes between her legs. Because she adores my little fetish objects like any other shoe fetishist.Ebook: 6895 - Lady Barbara
Xmas Surprise
<b>Today I wish all of you a Merry Christmas 2022.</b> What does the slave give a toe mistress like me for Christmas? Of course horny high heels. Here you can see what I got from my house slave this time: A pair of pointed beige-gold mules with very thin toe straps. Ideal for long shopping tours in summer. Ideal for long shopping tours in the summer because they are not quite as high but present my toes well.Ebook: 6896 - Lady Barbara
Hot Dance Night
Today I let my visitor put on my rubber bands to my boobs and then I dance with the nice man in my basement bar in nylons, suspenders and slingbacks. I quickly felt that something was getting hard between his legs. But when you dance exuberant , thats the way it is. I think thats great. Finally an exuberant dance evening again, like I used to have regularly.Ebook: 6897 - Lady Barbara
Fuck my Tit Balls
More and more members want to fuck my tied, big boobies in front of the camera. Member Theo from Essen: So I can enjoy my date for years afterwards and still be completely anonymous. So if you also want to come to boob sex with me, like this stallion ... gladly. But you have to be prepared for a longer wait at the moment.Ebook: 6898 - Lady Ewa
The Perfidious Shoe Gift
Today a gift from a perfidious member just arrived. The red patent leather mules have sophisticated perforated heels, which Ewa likes a lot. At the request of her patron, the Lady kisses the shoes and heels deeply and licks the toe area in particular. What the Polish doesnt know: The shoes have already been fucked by some cocks in the parking lot.Ebook: 6899 - Lady Barbara
Black Widow in Platform Mules
Today I show myself on the terrace in very high, noble platform mules from the brand 1969 - Made in Italy. Additionally  Im wearing a black suit, graphite-colored nylon stockings and a black widows hat with a veil. As the sheer silky stockings begin to slip, I pull up my skirt to reattach them properly to the suspenders. Is there no one there to comfort the grieving widow?Ebook: 6900 - Lady Ewa
Mules Games
Lady Ewa is posing today in sexy lingerie, sheer black nylon stockings and an elegant black hat on the treatment couch and unpacks her hot Christmas present, which she received from member PartyHeinz: A pair of black high-heeled patent-leather mules, with which the big-titted Polish woman then also intensely plays with her bald pussy. Ewa loves high heels, she likes to smell and lick the cold leather. Incl. slow motion video.Ebook: 6901 - Lady Ewa
The Nylonboy
Lady Ewa gets nylons as a gift from a member today. In her gray business suit, she welcomes the young, submissive man in the party room on the red couch. There the elegant Polish Lady is smoking a cigarette when the boy has to take off her slingbacks and massage her feet. Then she lets her young nylon boy pamper her legs and feet in very delicate stockings and lick her toes.Ebook: 6902 - Lady Barbara
Stark Naked Wankers Object
Today you can see me stark naked, only posing with rubber bands around my boobs and 16 cm high heeled strappy mules on my feet. I tell you: These thin straps of the mules really have hurt my toes. I made these recordings for a special member and had to stand stark naked in high heels in front of the horny old wanker for a quarter of an hour until he had jerked off three times on the floor. Better he had shown himself and wanked on my toes.Ebook: 6902 - Lady Barbara
Stark Naked Wankers Object
Today you can see me stark naked, only posing with rubber bands around my boobs and 16 cm high heeled strappy mules on my feet. I tell you: These thin straps of the mules really have hurt my toes. I made these recordings for a special member and had to stand stark naked in high heels in front of the horny old wanker for a quarter of an hour until he had jerked off three times on the floor. Better he had shown himself and wanked on my toes.