The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6842 - Lady Ewa
Dressed in a trench coat, costume and 16 cm high heeled suede pumps in which she can hardly stand up straight this day, Lady Ewa serves a member on the terrace. The sandal fan is allowed to smell my strappy sandals, which the Lady is holding in her hand, and then he gets with the shoes a hand job from the classy Polish woman. Ewa inserts the cock all the way into the shoe and so she wanks his big dick.Ebook: 6843 - Lady Barbara
Stinky Soles After the Walk
After a long stroll through town in tight, high heels, I first have to relax on the armchair and stretch my horny, sweaty soles in the direction of the camera. My toes are glued together from wearing the tight shoes for so long. Come on, kneel down in front of me, slave! Lick my soles and toes and massage my tired feet. After all, what are you here for?Ebook: 6844 - Lady Lena
Stark Naked in the Heels Studio
In my heels studio in Willich, Lady Lena is  stark naked trying on different high-heeled shoes in her size this morning. The big-titted secretary from Essen likes to be watched by strangers via the camera. Because - as it seems - the thoroughbred Lady loves to present herself stark naked in front of unkown men. And with a freshly shaved vagina, the brunette cuts a fine figure in these high heel shoes.Ebook: 6845 - Lady Ewa
While his cock is caught between the thin straps of the dainty sandals, Lady Ewa greedily sucks on the stiff condom dick. The Polish woman wears a light beige trench coat, a black costume and 16 cm high-heeled suede pumps for this sandal blowjob. Sandal fan Harry said afterwards that it would have been the hottest blowjob of his life. I hope the neighbors didnt notice.Ebook: 6846 - Lady Barbara
Overknees Boots & Knit
In a dark warehouse, boot and tights fan Fred from Frankfurt took pictures of me in a cardigan, sheer black tights and white overknee boots. I had my breasts strapped tightly with rubber bands and as you can see, my permanent stiff nipples are again very hard and I pull my buttocks wide apart under the pantyhose for you. What does that mean? Im horny to no end.Ebook: 6847 - Lady Ewa
Nylons + Rubber Dick
Lady Ewa is having fun today in the heels studio with my black, sheer and stinky-smelling nylon stockings and my dildo. The sexy Polish pulls a sheer nylon stocking over the small rubber cock and presses the thing with the stocking over it into her shaved pussy. It seems like having lots of fun with my Stinky Nylon in her cunt.Ebook: 6848 - Lady Barbara
Bored LuxuryLady
I am posing for you in the living room in front of the fireplace in high, elegant platform sandals and sheer nylon stockings. These fancy sandals are from Gianmarco Lorenzi and have extremely thin heels. The right thing for the coming spring. But until there is still time and right now I feel neglected and Im bored. Who helps?Ebook: 6849 - Lady Ewa
Wide, Dirty FootSoles
Lady Ewa is showing you her extremely wide and unwashed soles today at the house in different mules. Imagine the following: You are kneeling in a quiet backyard in Krefeld City behind the horny Lady and smelling her soles. The mix of foot sweat and leather makes you horny. You push your stiff cock into the gap between the sole of her foot and the sole of her shoe. After a few movements, you squirt a thick load of sperm into the foot-vagina. With her sticky soles, Ewa then has to continue strolling through the pedestrian zone.Ebook: 6850 - Lady Erika
Negligeeparty with Sabine & Heinz
My friend Sabine and I had a small negligee party with her husband in the old basement bar in Krefeld. Although I found it more appropriate to stay in my negligee and nylon stockings the whole time, the horny Sabine immediately stripped naked in front of the camera even before the first picture was taken. Heinz was less into my feet than my hands and especially a horny mouth cunt, which he said clearly. And so Sabine eagerly sucked his little cock. Would Heinz have gotten bigger in my mouth cunt?Ebook: 6851 - Lady Barbara
Examination in JeansMini
Here I am examined by a shy voyeur in mini, dainty strappy heels and with tight bound breasts in my cellar bar. The dirty old man was especially perv on my ass cunt. Becouse the 140 KG man wanted again and again that I pull open my butt crack for him and when the camera was off and my husband was gone, he took me to smell my anus.Ebook: 6852 - Lady Lena
Fixed in the Garden
In the garden, the frivolous Lena is fixed to a metal chair by a hobby doctor and then groped by him. The sexy company boss wears a black bodice in the style of the 60s and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. On her feet, Lena wears open-toed, black pumps with 11 cm high heels. She seems to enjoy that she is bound. Is the Lady who is always so tough with her co-workers submissive at heart ?Ebook: 6854 - Lady Ewa
Smoking on the Sofa
Smoking Lady Ewa is posing on the sofa in the guest room in a red costume jacket, sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders and red high-heeled pumps. She is presenting her shaved vagina in transparent panties to all of you. Later she then pulls the panties down to her knees and then pushes the thin fabric into her vagina. And in the end she smells the panties, just like you would like to do.Ebook: 6855 - Lady Barbara
Nylon Soles + Fur Coat
With a transparent blouse under the fur coat and smoke-colored nylon stockings, I sat down on the swing in the garden today and show my cold-sweaty, stockinged foot soles directly into the camera. Where is the slave who will give me a hot foot massage now? Whenever you need someone, nobody is there! I would let you smell my stinky feett too.Ebook: 6856 - Lady Ewa
The Lady?s Naked Soles
After a long walk at the Kaarster See with a member, Lady Ewa takes off her high-heeled mules for friends of bare feet in the guest room and presents you her bare, worn-out soles. The Polish blonde repeatedly grabs her bald pussy behind her panties. After getting hornier and hornier, she pushes her panties deep into her hole at the end.Ebook: 6857 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V33 Dreams on Heels
In these rooms on Königstraße in KrefeldI celebrated my first foot sex parties more than 20 years ago. Here you can see a 49-minute video from the vintage series: V33 Dreams on Heels. In this video I show you different high-heeled shoes in this old fetish apartment in Krefeld. The Heels which I present were mainly by Little Shoebox from London. At that time the trendiest heels shop.Ebook: 6858 - Lady Ewa
Boot Kisses
This morning Lady Ewa put on her overknees right after breakfast and went down to the HeelsStudio. While she is posing there in the new black patent leather boots, the boot slave is lying on the floor in front of her again and has to lick the heels and tips of her overknees clean. What happens if he doesnt work well? Will the Polish mistress crush the little worm?Ebook: 6859 - Lady Barbara
Bound Boobs under the Jeansjacket
On Mallorca I pose alone on the finca with a denim jacket, nylon stockings and straps. Its getting dark and I hear guys sneaking around outside the gate who seem to be watching me. But it doesnt matter, I bet theyre just horny for my nylon feet or my tightly bound balls under the jacket. So what the heck, Ill keep going and get my tightly bound boobs out of the jacket.Ebook: 6860 - Lady Ewa
The Nylonsoles of the Smoking Lady
Lady Ewa went shopping in Krefeld today in a fur coat and pumps. In this update, the smoking Lady then holds her wet nylon soles in the garden for the camera. Look how her sexy toes shimmer through the thin nylon. But the hottest thing is the smell: come to the screen with your nose, then you can perhaps guess the tart scent of her wet nylon soles.Ebook: 6861 - Lady Barbara
PrivateSeries: Dog Walk
Today in the sunshine Im going for a walk with the dog in horny riding pants, high-heeled boots and a warm fur coat. I tied my tits under my sweater because I love the feeling when theyre tied and I like the way they look. If I wear the fur coat open, I notice that guys who are comming towards me are staring at my bound boobs. If they can see that my boobs are tied?Ebook: 6862 - Lady Ewa
The Lady Loves Mules
While the gardener tidies up outside and winterizes the garden, Lady Ewa plays with some of my thong mules mules. It looks like the Polish Lady doesnt just love my worn mules only on her feet. Because first the blonde tries on the 16cm high black mules, then she smells a pair of my sexy tiger slippers. Does she find my foot smell just as awesome as any other foot scent fan?Ebook: 6863 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V34 Platform Dreams
In this series you can see my adventures from the years 1995 to 2000, which you could buy at Legsworld as a VHS cassette in these years. Today you see a 45-minute video from this vintage series: V34 plateau dreams. In my foot fetish apartment on the Königstraße in Krefeld, I present many of my long and often worn high heels with platforms in this video.Ebook: 6864 - Lady Barbara
Sleep-Diva - Utilized
A few days ago I had a Sleep Diva Date with an old friend here in Spain. When member Horst (who unfortunately didnt want to be photographed) had left, my photographer really took advantage of me and photographed me on the bed with a full mask and bound tits in my ouvert catsuit. Surely one or the other would have liked to touch my body.Ebook: 6865 - Lady Barbara
Facesitting in the Heelsstudio
In my Heelsstudio in Willich, Im busy again with my horny gas mask slave again in a Negligee with tight bound boobs. First I work on his cock with my pointed pumps, then I sit on the breath of his mask with my damp tights pussy and let the horny guy wank his dick. He would have loved to take off his mask, then, as so often, he could smell my asshole.Ebook: 6866 - Lady Ewa
The Boots Cleaner
Lady Ewa welcomes member Frank in the HeelsStudio in Willich today. The shoe-loving slave first cleans the Ladys patent-leather boots with a soft rag and then with his tongue. Polishing his mistress boots to a high gloss and making her happy is his Frank´s greatest wish. In any case, the submissive boy makes an effort, as you can see on the video.Ebook: 6867 - Lady Barbara
Today I serve a member with a pump job. First I work on his balls with the high, thin heels, then I push horny, high patent leather pumps, crocopumps and other pumps over his thick, stiff cock so that he can enjoy the cold leather. So I often test member cocks to see if theres anything more I can do with them. This one got a good grade.Ebook: 6868 - Lady Barbara + Yolanda
Treating a Slave
In the early 2000s, together with Yolanda, I often brought up slaves. We called this one fly shit. The member got an extensive treatment from the horny Lady Yolanda and me in the basement in Krefeld. Both of us ladies were dressed in vinyl and latex, and of course with high heels as always. The slave had to kneel naked in front of us. You can see what he had to endure in these photos.Ebook: 6869 - Lady Ewa
Waiting on the Massage Bed
In sheer seamed nylons and an elegant coat with a hat, Lady Ewa is sitting on the treatment couch in the wellness room. She is waiting for a user who wants to go for a walk with her as she is. Almost naked under the trench coat. In the course of the session, the sexy Polish shows what she wears under the trench coat and for all friends of intimate insights, she also spreads her buttocks wide and shows her anus. As if she would say: take it.Ebook: 6870 - Lady Barbara
Neglige+ Pumps in the Afternoon
A few days ago, I received the order to show myself in a negligee with leather gloves. I got by post a transparent black negligee, with which I made photos with and without nylons. To the shooting Ive tied off my boobs with tight rubber rings and on the feet, I wore tight, pointed designer pumps with 16 cm high spiked heels. And of course, the leather gloves. With the gloves I spread my buttocks to show you all.Ebook: 6870 - Lady Barbara
Neglige+ Pumps in the Afternoon
A few days ago, I received the order to show myself in a negligee with leather gloves. I got by post a transparent black negligee, with which I made photos with and without nylons. To the shooting Ive tied off my boobs with tight rubber rings and on the feet, I wore tight, pointed designer pumps with 16 cm high spiked heels. And of course, the leather gloves. With the gloves I spread my buttocks to show you all.