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Ebook: 6811 - Lady Barbara
At the House Telephone
Who is it on the house phone? Just as I want to make myself comfortable in my knitted dress, nylon stockings and my sexy high-heeled mules on the sofa, the house phone rings. Pensioner Erich had found me at the finca on Mallorca and wanted to come in with 2 bottles of champagne to smell my sweaty nylon soles. Unfortunately, the old man didnt want to be in front of the camera, so he had to pay double for my sweaty feet.Ebook: 6812 - Lady Ewa
Beige Nylon in her Polish Pussy
In a costume and high-heeled mules, Lady Ewa is sitting on the old garden swing and plays with some ultra sheer, skin-colored nylon stockings on her vagina. The Poland Lady likes the soft fabric in her most intimate place. She pushes one of the nylon stockings all the way into her pussy and pulls it out again. How beautifully it is shining from her juicy, polish wanker vagina ...Ebook: 6813 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose + Soles
Today I present my sweaty big butt and my good smelling foot soles in an ultra-sheer, reinforced pantyhose after I had made a long shopping trip in the city of Duesseldorf. Come on slave to the ground behind my buttocks. Smell my ass and my feet and jerk your hot sperm into a condom. Maybe I still need it later. Come on, quickly, you little wienie!Ebook: 6814 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Pantyhose Legs
Today there is an update series for fans of sheer tights: In a black business suit, the Poland Lady is walking beside a railway line in the east of Krefeld. She takes off her tight skirt and shows you her long sexy legs in tights in the great outdoors. In addition to the silky nylons, Ewa wears 16 cm high designer pumps on her feet with which she has some trouble getting through the bumpy terrain.Ebook: 6815 - Lady Lena
Smoking in the StoreHouse
For all fans of smoking ladies, boss Lena is lighting a cigarette again in the warehouse today. While she takes deep drags on the nicotine from her cigarette, the Lady lifts her sheer lilac summer dress and plays with her shaved vagina. Of course, as so often, Lena doesnt wear panties under her thin dress. Are some warehouse workers secretly watching their boss again, as they often do when she plays with her fingers between her legs?Ebook: 6816 - Lady Barbara
Knit dress over the Neglige
Here you can see me posing in the evening sun with a cardigan over the transparent negligee on the terrace in Spain. My boobs are laced with tight, black rubber bands and under the negligee Im still wearing sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders, and on my feet there are high mules with golden buckles and metal heels. I hope you like it.Ebook: 6817 - Lady Evelyn
The Needy House Whore Heike Chums up on BAB 57 Leucht
Lady Evelyn is exhibiting as a public display in stockings, lace panties and pumps in the forest at the A57 near Geldern, to attract wankers. So that no one should recognize who she is, the Lady wears a mask. But in the clamp scene on the lower Rhine, masked Lady is known not only because of her large, hanging Tits. Almost every wanker has been able to press his cock into the whoreEbook: 6818 - Lady Ewa
Boots- and Nylonlicker Frank
Boot pig Frank has to lick Lady Ewas new patent leather boots clean today. After doing his work the Polish mistress take off her tight, high boots and the boot slave can enjoy the tangy scent of Ewa´s hot nylon feet. While member Frank lies on the floor and worships the mistress, she sits smoking on a bar stool and enjoys his submissiveness.Ebook: 6819 - Lady Erika
Sexy Trying on Bras
These pictures are from my early days as LADY ERIKA: Today Im trying out different bras for a horny wanker from Duisburg. The order to me was: But your horny permanent stiff nipples must always stick out. No problem, because a quick touch is enough and they are hard for a few hours. In principle, they are almost always standing. And I like to show them.Ebook: 6820 - Lady Barbara
Dusting in Pantyhose
This is what it looks like when the cleaning slave doesnt come on time: I grab the duster myself and the slave can ring the bell as often as he wants. Finally! In a noble and sheer, black pantyhose without reinforcement and in pointed pink-colored mules I wipe dust on the stairs and in the hallway. Im only wearing a short sweater, so you can see my pantyhose gusset and my buttocks.Ebook: 6821 - Lady Ewa
GArden Cleaning in Plaid Skirt
Dressed in a short pleated skirt, black sheer seamed nylons and a pair of high-heeled mules on her feet (which offer only little support, especially in the nylons) Lady Ewa gets down to it again today and cleans the patio chairs for guests. The sexy Polish woman always allows the camera to look under her short skirt. But I´ll guess its not only the camera who is watching watching.Ebook: 6822 - Lady Erika
Fun in the Hotel Room
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see how I meet a user in a hotel in Düsseldorf. With high black platform sandals I have a whole evening of fun with him in the hotel room. Blowjob - lick my pussy - fucking, the user gets me down, but I always keep my black platform shoes on.Ebook: 6823 - Lady Lena
Inbetween ParkingWankers
In the early evening of this last warm day, Lady Lena from Essen drove quickly to a parking lot on the A57 in a short dress with a necklace, nylon stockings and suede pumps. The hot secretary from Essen rubs her horny pussy between two parking lot voyeurs. She pulls her shaved labia apart in front of the two wankers and lets the men use her as a cheap wanker template.Ebook: 6824 - Lady Ewa
Broken Heel
With 18 cm high heels, a heel can easily break off. Thats what happened to Lady Ewa while tottering through the garden. But even with such broken heels, Lady Ewa can do something, as you can see. Today the blond Pole is sitting in the garden and she is looking what she can do with that broken Heel. The thin metal heel is long enough for the SuperLady to masturbate her hungry pussy properly.Ebook: 6825 - Lady Barbara
Blank Footsoles and Jeans at the stony Coast
Today I am posing with bare feet on the rocky coast in Spain in tight jeans and a cowboy hat. I will only show you the bare, dirty soles of my feet, which are totally sweaty after a long walk through the nature reserve. At that moment, I think every foot smeller would have been delighted with the very special scent mixture of my foot sweat, leather and some perfume.Ebook: 6826 - Lady Ewa
Cum on her Nylon Soles!
During his visit to the LegsStudio in Willich, this member has to squirt a full load onto the Ladys nylon soles. In a costume, stockings and mules, Lady Ewa welcomes member Ulrich from Bonn to the studio on Saturday afternoon. First she kneads his bulge in the trousers of his business suit on the red sofa, then the businessman gets a footjob. But in the end he has to wank his cock himself on the soles of the Polish woman.Ebook: 6827 - Lady Lena
Lena and the Doc
The Ladies on our website are checked regularly by the Legsworld Doc. Measuring blood pressure, palpating the breasts and various other examinations such as measuring the body temperature in the anus have to be endured by sexy Lady Lena today. Then the doc tests the usability of her vagina with a dildo and for her mouth the doc put his best piece in a condom. Lots of pictures and a 7-minute video show you all.Ebook: 6828 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Show between the Rocks
I pose for you in Spain in the rock cellar in skin-colored tights under the hooded jacket and black mules on my feet. So Im about to show myself later to a good old fetish friend who likes to smell my pantyhose pussy and my pantyhose bottom while he jerks off. Unfortunately, Heinz is very camera shy, otherwise I would have shown you that too. So you have to make do with me alone.Ebook: 6829 - Lady Ewa
The Garden Swing
Without nylons, only wearing a mini skirt and very high red patent leather pumps, Lady Ewa is cleaning the old swing in the garden for the last time this year. Then she smokes a cigarette. On behalf of User Neo, she stretched rubber bands around her tits. In my opinion, the few rubber rings are far too flimsy for Ewas BoobsGranades. She needs her own soft latex rubbers that very firmly enclose the silicone cushion. As always, very beautiful: The muscular calves of the classy Polish mare ...Ebook: 6830 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhoseposing on the StoneDesk
On Mallorca I am posing for you this morning at the finca in sexy black pantyhose and red mules. As a stage I took the stone table in the garden where you can admire perfectly my nylon bottom. My boobs are tightly tied under the black and white dress with tight rubber bands. Styled like this, I like to let the sun shine on my buttocks. Then theres breakfast. But before that, kneel behind me, then well both have fun.Ebook: 6831 - Lady Gina
No Escape
With an elegant red and white suit and a transparent black blouse underneath, the mature, elegant Gina staggers lonely through the city of Düsseldorf on 14 cm high heeled mules. And so she promptly attracted a peeper who photographed the Polish woman on her stroll. Lucky for us. As you could see, this peeper wasnt the only one staring at Gina. There were a lot of open and secret glances from male passers-by for the woman with the transparent blouse.Ebook: 6832 - Lady Ewa
Good Morning in Pantyhose
Early in the morning after breakfast, Lady Ewa is already posing in an ultra sheer, black pantyhose and a pair of black mules for a camera-shy wanker. The hot Polish mare wears no panties under the tights and after pulling down the silky nylon, she can slide her finger with the long nails freely into her pussy. Ewa loves these games. How will her vagina taste?Ebook: 6833 - Lady Barbara
Without Toestraps
These golden mules have 15cm high heeld, bu no toestraps. Because of this, my toes are wide open and my outer toes always touches the ground. The shoes were bought a fan, who was sure that my little toes while walking with them, would touch the always the ground. I would like such shoes (which are incidentally not uncomfortable) with a very short toe part. Maybe YOU have an idea?Ebook: 6834 - Lady Agnieska
Pulled Down Pantyhose
Polish Lady Agnieska is on the phone in an elegant business outfit with a member in the office and smokes a cigarette. The 32-year-old saleswoman from Krakow wears transparent tights under her black skirt, which she likes to show off. What did the man on the phone tell her that she suddenly undresses until her pantyhose hangs on her knees and you can see her bare vagina? And then she takes a dildo ...Ebook: 6835 - Lady Barbara
FootSoles in Ultra Sheer Nylons
Today I show you the soles of my feet in sheer stockings in an elegant outfit on the terrace. I prefer to show my feet in ultra sheer nylon stockings, even if its a bit stormy like today. But the foot sweat stays in the nylon. Because when the photographer sniffed my soles after the shoot, he had a hard prick right away and I had to get on the couch with him.Ebook: 6836 - Lady Ewa
The ShoeGift
A pair of nylon stockings and mules with thin straps decorated with rhinestones is a present from this member to the smoking Lady Ewa. As a reward, the young slave who loves to smell the Polish mistress is only allowed to kiss the shafts of the hot, shiny boots. There is nothing more for the young man, because the Lady prefers other guys. Real guys.Ebook: 6837 - Lady Erika
Fucking in PlatformsShoes
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today I show you how I go to bed with a platform shoe fetishist in his bedroom in Oberhausen. Thomas has been my lover for a long time, I often suck his cock and it makes me horny when he fucks me. Today he does it in red platform mules, this makes his dick particularly hard.Ebook: 6838 - Lady Barbara
Recently Oiled at the SpinBike
Today you can see me naked only with red mules and foot jewelry and freshly oiled with the finest high-performance oil during my daily training on the spin bike. I would love to work out naked in a public studio with only jewellery, anklets and high heels. If the right men were there then... But I bet theyll throw me out first.Ebook: 6839 - HD-Video with Lady Lena
In the Storage Depot
First boss Lena in Neuss seduces her warehouse worker Mueller and makes him horny by playing with her vagina in front of his eyes, so that he is already looking forward to a hot fuck. But then the horny thoroughbred mare forces him to his knees and he has to kiss her bare dirty feet. In the end, instead of getting a hot fuck, Müller just gets the order to cum on her feet.Ebook: 6840 - Lady Ewa
Pumps + Pussy
Her ultrasheer black nylons are attached to black suspenders. In a red costume jacket and red, open-toe patent leather pumps, Lady Ewa shows intimate insights in the garden today in this series. She is very enthusiastic about these 16 cm high patent leather pumps and rubs the cold patent leather of the shoes and the steel-hard heels on her shaved vagina again and again until she gets wet.Ebook: 6841 - Lady Barbara
Toe Sperm by the FootBull
I had just put on tight leggings and a pair of expensive mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi when I got a surprise visit from my faithful foot stallion. As soon as he had welcomed me with a hug, the horny goat rubbed his dick on my sexy feet in the noble mules. After only two minutes, he jerked the first horny load of sperm on my toes without warning. Your porn toes need this! he always says.Ebook: 6841 - Lady Barbara
Toe Sperm by the FootBull
I had just put on tight leggings and a pair of expensive mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi when I got a surprise visit from my faithful foot stallion. As soon as he had welcomed me with a hug, the horny goat rubbed his dick on my sexy feet in the noble mules. After only two minutes, he jerked the first horny load of sperm on my toes without warning. Your porn toes need this! he always says.