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Ebook: 6781 - Lady Barbara + Yolanda
Shopping Downtown
In the late 1990s, I went on a sexy shopping spree on the Kö in Düsseldorf with my friend Lady Yolanda. Of course, we were most interested in the shoe shops. At the end of the tour I couldnt find the toilet in the parking garage, but peeing is also possible between the cars... I wonder if there was a camera there? By the way: Im sure some of you have already seen us styled like this in the city of Krefeld.Ebook: 6782 - Lady Barbara + Monique
Stinky Foot Soles in Twin Pack
For all lovers of stinky foot soles Monique and I took off your shoes. We went with the Quad on a Railway yard  to show you our sweaty soles on close up photos. Make a footsole comparison. Come very close with your nose to the screen and smell our stinky feet. Which smell better? Where would you rather rub your Dick off? Write it in the comments!Ebook: 6783 - Lady Ewa
The Gift
During his visit to the Heelsstudio in Willich, member Rolf from Essen brings a gift to his mistress Lady Ewa. There are a pair of black overknee boots for the coming winter and sheer nylon stockings. While the Lady is inspecting the gifts, the young slave has to kiss and massage the hot Polish womans feet in the mules and thank her for accepting his gifts.Ebook: 6784 - Lady Barbara
At the Computer
Here you can see me sitting at my notebook on Sunday mornings with bound boobs in a transparent, sexy lace skirt and high-heeled mules. I just made an appointment with a member for toe sniffing. And he wants me exactly in these ultra-sheer Alberts Barefoot-Nylons. At the end there is a view for you on the soles of my feet in these stockings. Would you like to smell it too?Ebook: 6785 - Lady Ewa
Double Series BallsCrush + Nylons Wanker
1) Penis + ball crushing: The members cock and balls are tormented by the boot Lady with her 18 cm black patent leather boots. Again and again she pushes the shoe tips and heels into his balls.<br>2) The nylon wanker: After he has dutifully endured all the torments, the Lady puts on a pair of pointed pumps and teases the slave with these elegant eveing shoes. He is allowed to smell her pumps and nylon feet and finally the Lady forces him to cum a big load on her nylon toes.Ebook: 6786 - Lady Barbara
Hooped Socks
Today there is another series of me with a black full face mask - this time in tight blue jeans. Ill show you some black lace socks in light blue open-toe pumps on my feet and sexy black lace gloves. My breasts are once again tied up with tight, black rubber bands under the strait, white top. As you like it. Because then my hard nipples seem to drill through the thin fabric of the top almost by themselves.Ebook: 6787 - Lady Heike
Heikes summer dresses
The big-titted marriage whore Heike shows you some of her private dresses in over 450 pictures. Maybe in one or the other dress you have seen her at Aldi, Kaufland or Mc Donalds before. Of course she shows - how could it be otherwise - from time to time frivolously her big hanging udders or with her dress pushed up she pulls her shaven labia long. As normally in summer, here she is without a bra and panties.Ebook: 6788 - Lady Ewa
Naked Soles + Rubber Dick
Here you can see how the Polish SuperLady plays with a big brown rubber cock on her bare foot soles. Again and again she pulls the glans between her sweaty fuck toes. Would she rather have a real dick between her stinky toe slits? I dont know, I can only tell you what I like to feel between my toes: hard, big cocks.Ebook: 6789 - Lady Barbara
Cooking in seamed Nylons and Stilettos
At the request of some members, Im showing private photos from Spain of myself again today. In sheer seamed nylons and high-heeled shoes I cook a delicious lunch. Im actually dressed like a typical housewife on a Sunday morning. But I dont believe that every housewife also wears ultra-thin seamed nylons and 15cm mules for cooking.Ebook: 6790 - Lady Valerie
Stip in Front of the Office
Valerie slowly peels off her jacket, blouse and denim skirt in front of her ex-boss office building until she is naked. She is only wearing stockings and shoes. After her boss fired her, the young Russian wants to show him what hes missing. She only keeps her nylons and heels on, after all she is a nylons and heels mare as he always said when they were alone.Ebook: 6791 - Lady Ewa
Kiss my Overknee Boots!
While Poland Lady Ewa in a black skirt, red costume jacket and a pair of 16cm high black patent leather overknee boots makes herself comfortable on the treatment couch in the Legsworld studio, member Frank has to kneel on the floor in front of her and he has to obey his mistress: Lick the dirty soles of my boots clean and suck the dust off my heels she orders him in broken German. At the end, the Lady opens the zipper of her boots and takes out herreally stinky nylon feet.Ebook: 6792 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Soles
Dressed only in a sheer pantyhose, tie, lace gloves and tight breast rubbers, I present you my hot nylon foot soles in sheer black nylon. I have to hurry up with the photos, because a regular guest is coming soon who wants to sniff my horny smelling nylon toes again. He always calls them Babsis Stinky Toes. That makes his dick hard.Ebook: 6793 - Lady Louise
Cheerleader Slut
Pantyhose hooker Louise today strips out of a cheerleader costume and the sheer pantyhose she wears underneath. In the end, the big-titted Polish secretary masturbates with her favorite dildo, because the divorced secretary still doesnt want a new man by her side. Poor Louise, she could have had plenty guys to choose from. Especially pantyhose fans who would fulfill her every wish.Ebook: 6794 - Lady Barbara
In Spandex at the Door
With my big, bound boobs under a transparent spandex catsuit and red high-heeled mules on my feet, I am posing for you in front of the entrance to the finca on Mallorca. I am wondering, if there is any horny goat waiting for me inside the building? One who grabs between my legs and my big boobs, or who rips my thin suit off my body ... this would be hot.Ebook: 6795 - Lady Ewa
Foot- + Shoejob for the Gasmask Man
This gas mask fetishist visits the elegant Lady Ewa to feel her high-heeled pumps and her nylon feet on his body, balls and dick. While the elegant Lady in a black suit works on his best piece with her nylon feet, he can smell the freshly worn pumps of the mistrasss. They smell like a wix of leather and Ewas foot stinky sweat and favourite perfume.Ebook: 6796 - Lady Barbara
Mask + Platformsandals
For all mask fans: Today you can see me in  black leggings with rhinestones and super-sexy bright red patent leather sandals with platforms from the shoe boutique 1969 ITALY. Matching to the black leggings Im wearing my black full mask and of course I have tight rubber bands around my big boobs again, just as you like it.Ebook: 6797 - Lady Valerie
Show us Your Russian Pussy
Lady Valerie presents herself in nylons and suspenders at an old mill near Düsseldorf. When the young Russian takes off her nylons and briefly holds heryoung shaved pussy into the camera, she already notices the first secret voyeurs in the bushes. Three older men watch their wank victim from their hiding places. Maybe you spot one in the photos?Ebook: 6798 - Lady Ewa
The sleeping Lady
This masked member plays with sleeping Lady Ewas nylon feet and legs. He rubs his cock on the hot nylon soles and pushes his dick between the Ladys soles and mules. Then the horny guy cuts open the toes of the Polish Ladys nylon stockings to finally get to her bare feet. He greedily sticks his tongue into the sweaty toe slits and jerks.Ebook: 6799 - Lady Barbara
PantyhoseLady at the Pool
Today Im enjoying the midday sun at the pool on the finca in Mallorca in a black and white dress and black tights. I also wear red patent leather mules with metal heels on my feet. As I sit there topless with my boobs tightly tied off, I have the feeling that the donkey next door is watching me again. But whatever ....Ebook: 6800 - Lady Lena
Lena?s Private Jet ?
Lena remembers her time as a stewardess and poses in front of her favorite jet in seamed nylons, pumps and a black suit. At that time she served the passengers in similar outfits. Today you can kneel in front of her as a good slave with a nice gift. Then the horny Lady may not only let you touch her feet, but she will also let you lick her juicy vagina on a private flight.Ebook: 6801 - Lady Ewa
Wide Feet in Narrow Mules
Lady Ewa is sitting in a black costume and sheer black seamed nylons at the dining table and has her feet on the table. Look how much worn the soles of her high-heeled mules are and how wide her stinky nylon feet stick out over the sole. Get on your knees slave in front of your screen and humbly lick the Ladys shoe soles clean while she plays between her legs with her red polished fingers.Ebook: 6802 - Lady Barbara
Tennis at the Finca
This is what it looks like when I play tennis on the finca in Mallorca. I dont need any special tennis clothes as you can see. Tight, sexy leggings and high-heeled mules on my bare feet are enough for me. And when my boobs are tied tightly with rubber rings, they wobble less than with a sports bra. Maybe you want to play against me? Naked?Ebook: 6803 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V31 FootFetishDreams
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see on 45 minutes: V31 foot fetish dreams. After a few cans of beer, a young man realizes his dream of sexy feet. A foot caresses his leg... another foot joins it. He is allowed to stroke and kiss them before he falls completely into a trance and only sees high heels and feet everywhere.Ebook: 6804 - Lady Ewa
Footgames with the Rubberdick
With her wide feet in sheer nylon stockings, Lady Ewa plays with a big rubber cock in the heels studio. The Polish mistress wears black strappy mules, a black skirt and a transparent lace blouse. She grips the rubber cock with a firm grip as if she wants to milk it. And then her toes circle around the glans with the thought of a real cock. Ewa would have loved to have had this one in real life. Big, brown and hard.Ebook: 6805 - Lady Barbara
In Nylons on the Sofa
This Sunday afternoon I am posing on my sofa in Spain in a black negligee and sheer nylon stockings. As so often at home, I am wearing a pair of black patent leather mules by Renzi with gold-colored stiletto heels. I like these shoes a lot, thats why I have them in different colors. This time my toes are painted in French style. During the shoot, I ask myself if I can go out like this in the evening?Ebook: 6806 - Lady Lena
The Smoker
It is well known that Lady Lena likes to smoke and to smoke a lot. In black lingerie from the 50s with pearl necklaces around her neck, black sheer seamed nylons and high-heeled black pumps on her feet, the Lady is posing here in front of her dream car: a white Porsche Panamera. In beautiful close-ups, she pulls her black panties aside and shows her always wet, shaved milf vagina. Before you lick her, let Lena blow the bitter cigarette smoke into your face.Ebook: 6807 - Lady Ewa
The Boots Fan
On the floor, you horny boot pig! were the words which member Frank, who visited her here with flowers and gifts, heard from Mistress Ewa. Lying on the floor, the young man is allowed to kiss the toes of her boots and the high heels of her overknee boots and slowly move his tongue up the patent leather uppers. But not only Frank likes to smell and lick boots. The Lady likes to smell my freshly worn leather boots from time to time.Ebook: 6808 - Lady Lena
Smoking in Lingerie
Lady Lena from Essen had already taken off her costume and was only wearing black underwear from the 50s. She quickly threw on a fur coat because it was a bit chilly in the garden this early evening and the Lady had to have a smoke first. While she was busy with her cigarette, she put her nylon feet on the table and showed us her foot soles, which had been in tight pumps all long office day and were quite sweaty.Ebook: 6809 - Lady Ewa
Waiting in Pantyhose
In the living room, Lady Ewa is waiting for her nylon lover today in 15 cm high, blue pumps with open toes and sheer black nylon pantyhose. Before the bell rings, she would like to show you her charms in front of the camera. She quickly pushes up the black skirt so you can see her sexy nylon butt on the pictures. Who wouldnt want to kneel behind that tight bottom?Ebook: 6810 - Lady Barbara
Naked Soles at the FincaPool
In tight leggings and with my breasts tied off with rubber rings, Ill show you my sweaty, wrinkled foot soles at the finca pool in Mallorca today. Completely without nylons, but really shiny with sweat you can guess the smell on the screen. Come a little closer and smell my feet before the old, horny neighbor wants to attack my fuck toes again with his drooling thick pipe.Ebook: 6810 - Lady Barbara
Naked Soles at the FincaPool
In tight leggings and with my breasts tied off with rubber rings, Ill show you my sweaty, wrinkled foot soles at the finca pool in Mallorca today. Completely without nylons, but really shiny with sweat you can guess the smell on the screen. Come a little closer and smell my feet before the old, horny neighbor wants to attack my fuck toes again with his drooling thick pipe.