The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6750 - Lady Barbara
The New Slings
My second series on the Corvette this time is with a gift from another horny friend: super sexy 60s style pencil heeled slingback pumps by Rosa Shoes. In addition I wear sheer black nylon stockings with suspenders and a colorful summer dress by Desigual. Who wants to do a hot lap with me around Krefeld and Duesseldorf?Ebook: 6751 - Lady Heike
Everyone can Touch her !
On Friday afternoons, housewife Heike was horny again for parking lot dates. But since her car didnt start, the blonde drove in her husbands car to the Kaarster See parking lot. She thought that nobody here knew her, but the first grabber was quickly with her and grabbed her big hangers. Then he jammed her boobs in the open window slit of the car and while Heike was standing outside, he had fun with her hangers in the vehicle. Then the horny marriage whore had to hold her mouth and suck his dick.Ebook: 6752 - Lady Erika
Disco Acquaintance
In the Erika update series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. This young guy asked my husband in a disco in Herne if he could dance with me more often that evening. As you can see, he was allowed and it didnt just stay with dancing, he even became my lover. Thats how it works. I had really great sex with him and my husband could watch us and cold take photos für you wankers. This he likes more than to fuck me himself.Ebook: 6753 - Lady Barbara
Albert´s Barefoot Nylons
Today I show you an absolute nylon dream: Alberts Barefoot Nylons. These are very sheer nylon stockings in which my soles and toes really come into their own. I used to wear stockings like this in the 1990 years in the city of Krefeld and was very popular in the area as ToeLady Babs from Krefeld. But now only you serve me: come very close to the screen with your nose and suck the hot smell-mix of perfume and foot sweat out of the delicate fabric.Ebook: 6754 - Lady Ewa
Parkingbay Licker
During a visit on the parking lot, the elegant Poland Lady demoted voyeur Thomas from Neuss to a butt-sniffer and lick servant. The submissive man obeys the instructions of the Polish mistress and licks her nylon legs and feet. He licks the Polish womans small anus particularly intensely. It would certainly have made her hornier if he had stretched her buttocks really tight, I know that from my own experience. Its not about a macho who tears your cheeks wide open.Ebook: 6755 - Lady Heike
Used by Old Wankers
After marriage-whore Heike had fired up the wankers with her bare ass cheeks in the parking lot at Kaarster See, two of them were allowed to come closer and let the big-titted blonde serve them with her mouth cunt. An old man got his cock sucked extensively and another did not only grop her big sagging tits but also rubbed his dickon her big buttocks. This is how the horny nymphomaniac feels good, as fair game on wanker places.Ebook: 6756 - Lady Erika
Weights & Pee on the Bonnet
On the bonnet of my silver sports car, I am posing for you stark naked with heavy metal weights on my long labia. I get a can of beer and then pee my hot urine in the middle of the hood. Look at how the heavy weights really pull out my long labia and how the stream of urine shoots out between the long rags.Ebook: 6757 - Lady Barbara
Bare Feet in Red Croc Pumps
In an almost semi-transparent red leggings (where my big buttocks are clearly visible) and red 16 cm high-heeled crocodile pumps on my bare feet, I am fulfilling a members wish today. In an urbanization, I go for a walk in these stilettos with anklets and laced-up boobs under the blouson. From afar, a lonely peeper seems to be watching me. Was that you? Then write to me.Ebook: 6758 - Lady Barbara
Vintage: Pinned-Up Hairstyle & Tights
In this vintage series, Im wearing delicate lace panties under my sheer beige pantyhose and a beige corsage and brown leather mules with 15 cm high heels. Dressed like this, Im waiting with my updo hairstyle for member Werner from Leverkusen, who loves to smell the thick pantyhose asses of slim sexy Ladies.Ebook: 6759 - Lady Ewa
Squeezing Balls
This masked member had to endure a lot during his visit at the high-heeled blonde bombshell: First she is groping with her slim hands hard between his legs, but also headtrampling with her 16 cm high heeled pumps and other humiliations. Especially the Polish Mistress likes it to treat the balls of her guest with severe kicks with her knees.Ebook: 6760 - Lady Barbara
Lingerie & Hat
Today I am posing in front of a white wall with sexy underwear and a light beige summer hat, sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and 16 cm high, colorful sandals with extremely thin toe straps. They very hurt my toes. I also have a white handbag with me matching to my hat. Should I walk across a wanker parking lot in the summer? Well maybe in the evening, who knows?Ebook: 6761 - VintageMovie with Lady Tina
V30 Footsex with Tina and me
The beginnings of the Legsworld foot fetish club: Foot fetish fan and club member Martin from Frankfurt was allowed to visit foot fetishist Tina from Duisburg and me at home in Krefeld. Martin found our long toenails particularly horny - he called them porn toes. Thats why he came to us. He was allowed to kiss our toes and got several footjobs in a row from both of us. All cum just for our toes.Ebook: 6762 - Lady Ewa
Rhinestone Mules
The Polish Lady with the long toenails is presenting you new sexy rhinestone mules on her bare feet in my garden today. The hot blonde wears a super short denim skirt and a white shirt. The shoes are a gift from member Herbert from Frankfurt. They are a bit small and unfortunately the front strap is too tight for her wide feet, so that they are quite squeezed.Ebook: 6763 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V26 ToeShow in Sandals
Here you can see another 47-minute video from the L.E.G.S Vintage series: V26 toe show in sandals. In various 15-16 cm high heeled sandals and mules I present you my bare feet with bright red painted toenails indoors and outdoors at the end of the 1990s. In the midst of my (then still small) stiletto collection, I do a heels show or pose in leather lace-up trousers and 16cm high  mules on my motorbike.Ebook: 6764 - Lady Heike
On the Dirt Way
Member Herbert from Xanten wanted to see the fat titted blonde in the nature at the Lower Rhine, playing with a big rubber cock. We gave him the positon, where he could watch us from the bushes, while we took the photos. In various sexy dresses and a sheer fishnet catsuit, Heike is posing on dirt ways near her location. At the thought of beeing observed, she got so hory that she took a rubber dick and played with it.Ebook: 6765 - Lady Barbara
Walk in Nylons & Lingerie
Only in high heels, sheer black stockings on suspenders & sexy lingerie I am walking here in a lonely settlement in the Spanish mountains. I like it when I can move around so completely freely outside only in lingerie or naked. The only thing I would have wished for about the hot sun that day would have been to meet some of my hot fans. But you can not have it all.Ebook: 6766 - Lady Ewa
Too WIde Feet - Overhanging Toes
Today there is a very special photo shoot right after breakfast: Lady Ewas white sexy sandals with the thin straps are too narrow for her wide feet. But since the Ladys toes sometimes slip through the straps, they often stick out laterally over the sole of the shoe and then constantly touch the dirty floor. Ideal for those of you who liketo lick dirty toes, when the Polish Lady has gone for a long stroll beforehand.Ebook: 6767 - Lady Ewa
With Neglige in the Garden
Today Lady Ewa poses sexy in a red transparent lace negligee and black and red 16cm high heeled mules in the garden. The horny Polish with the long, plastic nails presents us her big silicone boobs and her shaved vagina that looks like it hasnt been used ever. Is the sexy Polish show-object being watched by someone through the bushes from the main road? This happened more often than you think.Ebook: 6768 - Lady Barbara
Mini Skirt and Wooden Mules
Here I am posing for you on my terrace in Willich in a jeans mini skirt and designer mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi. With golden anklets of course. And this time -unusual for me in summer- Im also wearing panties. Thin spaghetti straps have to hold my big boobs in the top. Whenever I wear this top when I go shopping, Im always afraid that the straps will break down.Ebook: 6769 - Lady Heike
Naked Slave at Eckesdyck
With a thin, open wrap dress over her naked body and high, open-toed pumps on her feet, the blonde housewife Heike stands like a street hooker at the corner of Eckesdyck and Marktweg in Geldern. For a thorough inspection, marriage whore Heike has to take off the thin dress completely and show herself stark naked only in collar, leash and heels. It doesnEbook: 6770 - Lady Barbara
BOLLE in NylonCoat
Today I present myself with new cork wedge mules on my feet. Thanks for this nice gift to user Schlaffi. Anyone who wants to give me shoe gifts (size 37) can do so as a spectator on the dates. You can put your shoe gift on my feet and kiss my feet for a moment. Today Im wearing a sheer nylon coat and breast rubber bands with my new shoes. You can see me in a similar way on my live dates.Ebook: 6771 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Strip
The heat in Spain is still bearable early in the morning. Compared to noon it is almost fresh. In a short, thin knitted bolero over my summer dress and with tightly bound breasts, Im sitting on the old wall of the Mallorca finca at 8 a.m. Im still thinking: coffee or champagne. Then I slowly take off my tights for you so that you (not only) can see the long, silver-white polished nails on my toes better.Ebook: 6772 - Lady Ewa
This slave always wanted to lick and smell nylon feet. When he visited NylonLady Ewa he wanted to lick the whole foot at once. The Poland Lady then shoved one of her sexy fwwt deep into his mouth. Well, why shouldnt there be another deep throat? When she pulls it out again, you can see the wet nylons on the toes, wet with saliva.Ebook: 6773 - Lady Ewa
Nylonsoles in Cloth Mules
In this hot update, Lady Ewa presents some sexy mules and sabots in close-ups and she shows her sweaty widish soles in nylon stockings. Who wouldnt like to put his stiff cock in there and fuck the Polish Lady between the soles of her feet and her shoes? Or would you better like to poke your nose in there, to smell the Polish foot scent?Ebook: 6774 - Lady Barbara
Footjobs + Toefuck (Vol 1)
Today Im lying comfortably on my massage table again and let myself be pampered by the foot stallion. First the young boy oils up my bare feet and massages them, then he is allowed to use his cock: rubbing his dick on my toes and getting a footjob. I like young, stiff cocks like his one much better than old, half-flabby wienies. He enjoys my long, red-lacquered claws until the pre-juice slowly rises up in his big cock... well continue the day after tomorrow in part 2.Ebook: 6775 - Lady Ewa
Tartan Mini + Straps
Here you can see the smoking Lady walking in a pair of sheer, sexy nylons, high-heeled mules and a scottish mini in the parking lot of Mönchengladbach Airport on the Lower Rhine. Look at her big, round buttocks under the skirt and see how the Polish masturbates with black pumps in the public. Of course, the Polish show mare was secretly watched by horny wankers when she tottered, as so often.Ebook: 6776 - Lady Barbara
Footjobs + Toefuck (Vol 2)
While Im still lounging comfortably on my massage bed, the foot stallion is now allowed to use my feet as a wank template. Since he always comes to me with a bulge in his pants, it never takes long until his stiff, huge cock cums for the first time. I particularly like his big dick and I always like to feel it on my feet and elsewhere. Better than old, limp wienies.Ebook: 6777 - Lady Heike
With Slip on her Knees
Today the horny marriage whore shows you her fuck apartment at the Geldern train station and how she happily waited there half-naked with panties on her knees and high heels on her feet for the next customer. During the photo shoot she was already very horny and wondered who she could hold her hot ass for the next time. Two hours of three-hole fucking for little money, thats what her customers loved and usually they grabbed first at big big hangers and in her wet vagina before they paid.Ebook: 6778 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose Posing in the Garden
Lady Ewa is posing for you today in the garden in my Willich in sheer black pantyhose with reinforced buttocks and not only shows you her nylon buttocks but above all the shaved vagina on photos and in the video. The following applies to slaves: Kneel naked behind the noble Polish Lady and kiss her buttocks in the silky, fragrant pantyhose!.Ebook: 6779 - Lady Erika
Presentation in the Turkish House
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see my first visit in elegant strappy sandals in an empty apartment of a Turkey family in Duisburg. First Im still wearing an elegant suit, but I have to take everything off for him. At the end I have to bend down and open my buttocks in front of the evaluator. Very humiliating for me, but the mediterranean stallion was enjoying it, so as my husband.Ebook: 6780 - Lady Barbara
Feet in Chains
Nice close - up footage with and without high heels: Today you see my naked feet put in chains. In the morning after breakfast we made photos in the garden, where my feet are chained to silver mules and secured with carabiner hook. In the evening, my bare feet were chained and the chains were also dragged between my toes. If you like that, make a sleep date with me and bring necklaces.Ebook: 6780 - Lady Barbara
Feet in Chains
Nice close - up footage with and without high heels: Today you see my naked feet put in chains. In the morning after breakfast we made photos in the garden, where my feet are chained to silver mules and secured with carabiner hook. In the evening, my bare feet were chained and the chains were also dragged between my toes. If you like that, make a sleep date with me and bring necklaces.