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Ebook: 6719 - Lady Barbara
At Home in Lace Catsuit
Vintage series from 2000 that has never been posted here on Legsworld. At home in Krefeld Im waiting for my husband to come home. After getting up in the morning and showering, I had to put on this lace catsuit and a pair of 16cm high heeled patent leather mules with a small platform. He then handcuffed me so that I couldnt go shopping and had to stay at home alone till he comes.Ebook: 6720 - Lady Barbara
Catsuit + Glitter Shoes
Today I am posing in Spain on the terrace for member Bernd from Koblenz. Bernd likes crotchless catsuits that are also transparent or made of lace. Although the wind kept my hair completely tousled, I was getting more and more horny. But that often happens to me when I have expensive shoes on my feet or when I sit on the cold stone with my bare buttocks. Weird, is´n it?Ebook: 6721 - Lady Ewa
7 Inch Boots
Here you can see how Lady Ewa slips out of her old black slingback pumps and tries on a pair of 18cm high heeled patent leather boots. Today she is wearing a black costume and sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders. Her big silicone balls almost seem to jump out of the costume jacket. Who wouldnt want to jerk off a nice load of cum in the cleavage of this elegant blonde Polish?Ebook: 6722 - Lady Barbara
Isolated for a Dream-Fan
After a bottle of champagne, yesterday I was laid on the treatment couch with the boobs tightly tied and completely isolated with a full-face mask and headphones ready for inspection. As requested, I wore my heavily worn Santa Cruz sandals with the red soles and the thin straps for my guest. I lay there completely motionless as if in a trance and only felt my vagina getting wetter with these thoughts ...Ebook: 6723 - Lady Barbara
Footfucker on the Solarium
Boy George from Amsterdam visited me at home last weekend and wanted to fuck my feet while Im lying naked on the sunbed. Again and again I took his bulge in the tight panties between my toes until he finally squirted a really thick load of cum on my feet. If you can jerk more sperm on my feet, you can get a date for free.Ebook: 6724 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose at the Jeep
First the Polish Lady poses in a black costume in front of the jeep, then she takes off her skirt and shows her sexy bottom in a sheer, reinforced nylon pantyhose. In addition, NylonLady Ewa wears a pair of 16cm high red patent leather pumps with toe opening. In between, she pulls the tights down over her buttocks. Always in the hope that she will be watched by peepers again this morning.Ebook: 6725 - Lady Barbara
Fuck my Toes !
In a black, semi-transparent catsuit, I present you on the finca wall in Mallorca first the badly worn soles of my red Lorenzi mules and then my bare, sweaty foot soles. On your knees slave, breathe the smell of my sweaty soles and lick the toe slits wet so that a stud can fuck them. Otherwise you will feel the whip.Ebook: 6726 - Lady Erika
The Businessman
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you see me visiting a horny businessman in his hotel room in Düsseldorf. Right from the start I have to strip completely naked and let myself be fondled. Then Ill get my pussy licked by the horny guy.Ebook: 6727 - Lady Heike
WankerObject in the ParkingLot
Married whore Heike poses in a forest parking lot near the A57 motorway, where male wankers soon gather. Naked, only in stockings and suspenders, the horny mare goes to two southerners and is first examined in detail by both of them. When she is supposed to serve an Arab with her mouth, she immediately crouches down very submissively: Arab stallions ... theyre still real men is her attitude.Ebook: 6728 - Lady Barbara
Blue Nails at the Solarium
I go to the sunbed 2-3 times a week so that my body and especially my feet are always tanned in a crisp brown for the photos and clips. Today you can be there again and watch me lying there naked with blue nail polish on my toes and how I am slowly tanning. Do you want to have to smell my hot soles? Clean the spaces between the toes with your tongue? Or smell my after-notch, while your balls touch my foot soles?Ebook: 6729 - Lady Erika
Groper in the Green
Never shown before at Legsworld: At the end of the 1990s, a man talked to me on a highway embankment in Krefeld Bockum that he liked my transparent skirt and my high-heeled mules. He put 100 marks in my hand and started groping my buttocks without asking me. Well, and since it was his turn anyway, I didnt want to make a fuss and preferred to give him a quick hand job. Thats how good I am to you men. The whole thing made me so horny that I then lifted my skirt in a grove and fondled myself while peeing standing up.Ebook: 6730 - Lady Ewa
Peniscrush on the Red Desk
Lady Ewa has a date with a crushing slave in the heels studio. First with her 15 cm high heeled black mules and then barefoot with sheer black nylon stockings, the Polish Blondynka tramps down on the slaves cock in the heels studio until the white sauce finally spills out. Beautiful close-ups, where the long red lacquered toe claws are covered by the ultra-thin nylon when trampling. Again and again she crushes the wienie mercilessly with her well-trained fuck toes and stilettos.Ebook: 6731 - Lady Heike
Heike and the Biker (1)
The masked marriage slut Heike meets a biker in a wanker´s parking lot on the Kaarster See. After the biker became a member, he picked up the blonde pretty roughly. The biker also has a pair of rubber rings for Heikes big tits. The employee from the Lower Rhine is good at doing everything for him in front of strange wankers, the main thing is that nobody can recognize her.Ebook: 6732 - Lady Barbara
Meine SleepyDate-Outfits
Today I show you my outfits that I have planned for the SleepyDates in my VW bus. Various full body suits and high heels, just like some of you who have already made a date with me wished for. And my BOLLE collar. Most of the high heels are also bought directly from my feet. Just ask me.Ebook: 6733 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Lady at Platform 1
In Kaarst near Neuss Lady Ewa is on the train station in a tight black suit today. In sheer nylons with a seam and high-heeled pumps, the Polish blonde staggers across the platform and shows people the welts of her sexy nylons. Again and again she has to garter the silky stockings to the suspenders under the gaze of two housewifes. But above all it is the men who are gazing back the high-heeled Lady.Ebook: 6734 - Lady Heike
Heike and the Biker (2)
Mouth Cunt Training: After the rubber rings didnt really fit on Heikes big hangers, the Lady first had to stand at attention. She got a tight belt around one hanger and after the cunt was groped with rubber gloves, Heike had to bend down. The biker repeatedly pushed his stiff dick all the way to the stop into her throat until she was pumped full of sperm. By the way, the secretary had her dress, which had fallen on the floor, really spat on during the mouth cunt training. But youll see that in the video next time.Ebook: 6735 - Lady Barbara
BoobsLady with bare soles
In black nylon leggings, a black pleated negligee and with a transparent lace bolero over it, I am posing on the TV lounger and show you my bare, stinky foot soles. My boobs are tied off with tight, black rubber rings. In between, I get a call from a guest who wants to smell my body from head to toe right after the photo shoot. Shall I do that?Ebook: 6736 - HD-Video with Lady Heike
The Bikervideo
Heikes greed for strangers cocks was once again very great, despite the fear of meeting friends. Thats why she wore a full mask again and called herself Evelyn. Before meeting the family, she is first groped by a biker in the parking lot at Kaarster See and then fucked in her mouth. Just a little, she thinks, because the family is waiting. But the biker fucks the mouth cunt really hard and deep, until Heike drools on her beautiful dress.Ebook: 6737 - Lady Ewa
A member is visiting the Polish Lady for teatime. After he bought a worn pantyhose from her and put it over his face, he was ready to show us how he worships the Lady´s feet. At first he had to kiss the Lady´s brown suede pumps. After a while she allowed him to take her pumps off. Now he was in heaven : The taste of leather and sweat from the Lady´s naked feet.Ebook: 6738 - Lady Tamara
Today there are some private selfies from Lady Tamara. Especially for her fans, the mature Düsseldorf blonde took the camera herself today. In her small garden she shows not only the selfies in the mirror but also how she photographs her feet with the long toe claws in sandals. The mature blonde likes to present her feet in this outfit in the hot summer at the Düsseldorf Kö (Koenigsallee).Ebook: 6739 - Lady Erika
Golden-Shower behind the Hightrise
In this series you can see my adventures as red-haired Lady Erika from 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today Im doing a horny show for secret peepers in a park behind a apartment tower in Krefeld-Bockum and let me watch while I pee standing up and squatting. Do you want to try my warm golden shower?Ebook: 6740 - Lady Barbara
Sleepdate with Marcel
Today Im going to show you some cell phone photos that I took from my sleep date with Marcel in the car on a parking lot. As requested by Marcel, I was wearing a lace catsuit, lots of jewelry and a full mask on my head. First we did some solo photos with show my bare feet. Then Marcel came with another voyeur and I had to put on my 15 cm high heeled mules.Ebook: 6741 - Lady Ewa
Tartan Skirt + Nylons
In a tartan skirt, sheer nylon stockings from Ars-Vivendi and 15 cm high heeled patent leather mules, Lady Ewa poses revealingly in front of a rental car station at Mönchengladbach Airport. Each of the passing drivers can look under the skirt of the blonde and see if the shaved Polish Lady is wearing panties. What do you think: does she wear one or does she wear none?Ebook: 6742 - Lady Heike
At Service in the Grove
In the wood Leucht at the A57, Heike lets a strange old man grope her body and then she serves his dick with her mouth. Heike would like to remain unrecognized today because she is afraid that there might be neighbors or friends in the parking lot. Today she wears black nylons on suspenders, black patent leather pumps and a black fabric dress, which she has to take off at the end. But the old man wants more than a normal blowjob. Put my dick in your mouth cunt and in unison lick my balls! he orders.Ebook: 6743 - Lady Erika
Old Gentleman at the A-Class
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see how an old gentleman picks me up on the car and licks my pussy. It made me incredibly horny. With such experienced gentlemen, I usually come to orgasm more often when licking and if someone skillfully fingers me at the same time, I also squirt wet.Ebook: 6744 - Lady Barbara
Sunbath for Naked Soles
While Im sunbathing extensively on the Mallorca finca, I hold my bare soles in the photographers camera. Since he also likes the horny smell of my feet, he came closer and I could see how he quickly got a bulge in his pants. What would you do with my soles or toes in his place? Sniff it, lick it, or fuck my toes?Ebook: 6745 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose + Rubber Dick
In the garden NylonLady Ewa is sitting in a black lace blouse and a sheer, black pantyhose at the garden shed and plays with her favourite toy: a big, horny rubber dick. The hot Polish slowly pushes the big prick under the shiny fabric of her pantyhose and rubs the cock on her shaved pussy lips, which are getting wetter and wetter.Ebook: 6746 - Lady Barbara
Dirty Foot Soles and Long Nails
After I had a hot dance date with a member who was hot on shoes barefoot naked in my Heelsstudio last night, Ill show you today my naked, dirty soles of my feet in the heels studio this morning. Also naked as I was last night. On your knees slave! After youve wiped the basement on all fours, you may lick my dirty, dirty feet clean with your useless tongue!Ebook: 6747 - Lady Heike
Little Man in the Wood
Heike could almost be described as high-heeled fair game. You see the horny nymphomaniac today in nylons with suspenders and high heels in the wood. When the weather was nice, she drove to the parking lot light on the A57 near Geldern. The little old man, who had only become a member a few days ago and who had arranged to meet, goes really hard on Heikes horny body parts. Maybe you ran into her with her underpants on her knees and her cunt dripping.Ebook: 6748 - Lady Erika
Sex on the Parking
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see me in a lonely parking lot where I was put in chains and groped by a young fuck boy in the evening. I was almost naked without a top, my skirt was pushed over my buttocks and I was only wearing high heeled sandals with platform and thin straps when he presented me like this. I got on orgasm several times, it was so cool. Later this guy became my lover.Ebook: 6749 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa shows two different pairs of steel shoes on the wooden terrace in the garden, similar to my iron walking machines. Again and again you can see under the short denim skirt of the Polish Blondynka up to her bare buttocks. And in the extraordinary heels you can always see from behind her stinky, bare soles. Actually, someone could jerk her directly his sperm to her foot soles.Ebook: 6749 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa shows two different pairs of steel shoes on the wooden terrace in the garden, similar to my iron walking machines. Again and again you can see under the short denim skirt of the Polish Blondynka up to her bare buttocks. And in the extraordinary heels you can always see from behind her stinky, bare soles. Actually, someone could jerk her directly his sperm to her foot soles.