The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6689 - Lady Yolanda
HeelsMasturbation in the Bus
Yolanda has always been horny for me and my heels and she likes to wear my shoes too. When she was sitting in the back of the VW Bully in a fur coat after an outdoor shoot, she grabbed a pair of sling pumps from me and rubbed her clit with the tip of the shoe. Again and again she pulled the pointy shoetip through her labia and masturbated. In between she sucked the tips of the shoes as if she had a dick in her mouth. Thanks to PeterLW for the hot heels.Ebook: 6690 - Lady Ewa
Widow with Rubber Dick
After the funeral service, Lady Ewa is back home. The widow has retired to the white treatment bench and is pleasuring herself with her dildo. To her veil she only wears the underwear that she wore at the funeral service: sheer nylons on suspenders and black patent leather pumps. Her big tits are wedged in tight chest elastics. Among other things, you can see how the grieving Polish tries to insert the dildo and the tip of her blue pumps into her vagina at the same time.Ebook: 6691 - Lady Barbara
Kiss my Shoesoles
On your knees slave! When a slave visits me, he has to serve me unconditionally. So you too: Come on slave, kiss the dirty soles of my green platform sandals. Let your tongue slide over the sole from front to back until everything is clean. You will lick each dogs hair individually from the soles. If you dont do it right, Ill crush your little worm with these green platform sandals. So be careful.Ebook: 6692 - Lady Barbara
Wet Foot Soles on the Fur
For everyone who would like to jerk on my damp, sweaty soles again: Here are the templates. After a boozy and happy evening at the Italian restaurant in tight shoes, I lay down on the bed at home and held my shiny and sweaty soles in front of the camera. You can certainly still see the pressure points from my tight, petite pumps. With my long toenails, I can only wear narrow, pointed pumps as closed shoes. My Cucky loves to get my stinky feet out of my pumps after a celebration like this. You also ?<br>As a wixing instruction you can listen to something about my live dates in July and August 2022 today. (sorry only in german)Ebook: 6693 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V21 - The Theft (tickle video)
Here you can see another 48-minute video from the vintage series: V21 - The Thief (tickle video). In several scenarios, my Polish friends Dunja and Giga and I are of course also tied to the bed and our feet are tickled with long fingernails or a feather. And not just once, because we are all very ticklish. We love to see the others cry , when they cant stand the tickling anymoreEbook: 6694 - Lady Oksana
Hot Phone Call in Nylons
Russian Oksana is sitting at the desk in an elegant black suit, sheer nylons on suspenders and high-heeled pumps and is on the phone with a member. The conversation with the nylon fan must have made her really horny. When she replaced the handset, the stewardess took her big boobs out of her blouse and played her hairy vagina with her fingers. Again and again she pulled the long labia wide apart. What was she dreaming of?Ebook: 6695 - Lady Barbara
My Sexy Pantyhose Ass
Tit-wanker Herbert from Aachen had just left again. I quickly cleaned my big boobs from the sperm when I had the idea to take for all buttocks fans a nice series of photos with my big nylon buttocks. I present you my bottom in black tights with reinforcement. On the photos you can see my shoe collection in the background. Several of my high-heeled shoes are from time to time to be fucked by premium members in the Cologne area for free in my absence.Ebook: 6696 - Lady Erika
Member Visit CFNM
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see how a pitiful member with measly little wienie visited me on Sunday morning for a CFNM date. First I had to sit in front of the wanker on a champagne bottle from the previous evening and then I must suck (I bet, he can no longer fuck) this measly wanker wienie. And I also had to pretend I thought he was great. Are you such a loser too? or a real macho with hard dick?Ebook: 6697 - Lady Ewa
Smelling Feet with Gasmask
With a gas mask on his head, this member is allowed to kneel in front of the elegant, smoking Lady Ewa, who is sitting in the armchair in costume. He can stroke her nylon legs and smell her sweaty feet and shoes. Member Mike from Frankfurt takes off the Polish womans high-heeled pumps one by one and holds the air connection of the gas mask into the damp-smelling shoes. He takes a deep breath - and his lump gets bigger and bigger. But cruel Ewa does not allow him to unpack his dick.Ebook: 6698 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V23 ShoeFetishFriends
Here you can see another 60-minute video from the vintage series: V23 - Shoe Fetishists. After her breast surgery in Poland, Jadwiga is lounging in a Bundeswehr parka and various high heels on the bed. The blonde is wearing hot lingerie from lace and black nylons under the parka. Then we sit together on the couch and flip through the Legsworld catalog of the 1990s.Ebook: 6699 - Lady Barbara
Hot Bollerinas
Here are my first pictures from Spain this month. I pose on the balcony with lace leggings, a transparent top and plain ballerinas (in contrast to my hot, rubberized Bollerinas) so that everyone on the street can see me. With a summer hat and sunglasses, of course, then at least nobody will recognize me. My big boobs well out of the lace top because of the rubber fixation.Ebook: 6700 - Lady Barbara
Porn Toes in Flip Flops
Today, at the request of a member, I will show you my oiled and shiny vacation feet in front of a sunny Spanish backdrop. Once I wear pink flip-flops with it, then without any shoes, when Im driving and when polshing my long toe claws. If anyone of you knows such typical flip-flops with a high wedge heel (11 cm or higher) from the same material, please contact us.Ebook: 6701 - Lady Barbara
Red Dress at the Jeep
Here I am posing for you all in red with golden mules in front of my jeep. The red leggings Im wearing today are skin-tight and almost see-through. Anyone with binoculars can see my camel toe between my legs, even from afar. Under the sweater, my breasts are tied hard and my nipples seem to be valves before they burst. My bright red, long toenails match the color. Today my feet are in very open 15 cm high gold mules.Ebook: 6702 - Lady Yolanda
In Fur Coat on the Bank
During our photo shoots at the Borussia Stadium in Mönchengladbach, Yolanda had to sit on a bench every now and then. Except for stockings, suspenders and bra, the classy Polish woman was naked under the fur coat. On her feet Yolanda wore a pair of delicate rhinestone sandals with sheer nylons, but walking was very difficult with them in the nylons. It would have been better with naked feet.Ebook: 6703 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V24 The Nylon Witch
Today you see another 60-minute video from the vintage series: V24 - The nylon witch.<br>I am sitting sexy dressed on my sofa in my apartment in Krefeld at the time. Between several high heels, I lasciviously try on a wide variety of nylons ( from skin-colored to black, with and without lace) and matching high heels. I didnt have these extremely long toenails at the time, but they were always polished re, of course.Ebook: 6704 - Lady Ewa
The Boots Wanker
This member is an absolute boot fan, especially the 18 cm high lace-up boots of the horny Polish Lady were his favourites. Of course, Lady Ewa took advantage of it and made him really horny with these boots. On the terrace, member Bootwanker from Cologne finally had to cum on the shiny, super high patent leather boots of the sexy blonde. She left the fat sperm splashes on her boots: My slave can lick them tonightEbook: 6705 - Lady Barbara
Frivolous on my Quad
Today Im in a short black flared skirt and seamed nylons from Ars-Vivendi with a quad on the Rhine meadows. I wear red patent leather pumps with 13cm heels to match my red top. Secret voyeurs are often hidden in the Rhine meadows. I like it when they watch me from the bushes and then secretly wank their cocks. But you always see something of these horny guys.Ebook: 6706 - Lady Barbara
Mules + Soles in Nylon
Today you see me in sheer skin-colored nylons and various mules on my feet. The camera always looks into my shoes from behind. All just close-ups, so that you can see my mules cunt up close. Maybe you dream of sniffing it or pushing your cock from behind deep into the slit between the soles of my feet and shoes? Then come on, kneel down slave!!Ebook: 6707 - Partyimpressionen
When nobody knew Corona
Those were the days when we could celebrate our parties in the old premises without Corona, masks and distance rules. Here are the old pictures in large quality. Guests included Mirani, Monique, Tommy, Ewunia and many others. We women had a lot of fun when the men lay beneath us and we could tease them with our nylon legs and sexy feet. Will this carefree time come again?Ebook: 6708 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate with 2 Horny Businessmen (part1)
Thats how I like it best: when I cant see anything and am pleasantly surprised. When, after a polite Good evening, madam, cold hands immediately grab my feet and boobs or my crotch. Some time ago late in the evening, after a merry dance evening, I had a blind date with two horny businessmen. My husband wanted it like this: I had to wear a short denim skirt for the two of them, as well as tight breast rubber bands, high mules, a toe ring and a lot of jewellery. I felt like a rubber ducky with bling-bling.Ebook: 6709 - Lady Barbara
Blind Date with 2 Horny Businessmen (Part 2)
Last night, after a merry dance evening, I had a blind date with two horny businessmen. In part 2 you can see today how they accompanied me to the toilet when I had to pee. They were dying to see the jet spurt out of my vagina. Then I went back to the counter, hold by them. They continued to grab their squeaky duckling as they called me and finally they jerked a really juicy load of cum on my buttocks.Ebook: 6710 - Lady Ewa
BallBusting in the Heelsstudio (1)
Today Lady Ewa has another series with ballbusting photos for you. The masked slave Reinhard from Moers wears a pair of stolen golden panties from Ehehure Heike to his high-heeled pumps. He had to suffer from his balls because he stole the panties from Heike. And so the elegantly dressed nylon Lady Ewa takes on him today. She happily crushes his balls and cock with her mule feet, slides one of my 15cm mules over his stiff dick and tests him. Because the day after tomorrow she really wants to kick Reinhard´s balls in a video.Ebook: 6711 - Lady Barbara
Golden Shower with & without Nylons
Today you can see me peeing on the toilet, dressed elegantly in a costume, sheer nylon stockings and mules. Then, on the other hand, the same but only naked with a blouse and mules and, on the other hand, I pee on a slave lying on the floor in front of the urinal in nylons, pumps and corsage. Would you also like to try my pee?Ebook: 6712 - Lady Ewa
BallBusting in the Heelsstudio (2)
Today Lady Ewa keeps her promise and delivers you the ballbusting video with slave Reinhard from Moers. The masked slave has to wear the same dress as before: in addition to his high-heeled pumps, he wears worn out golden panties from Ehehure Heike. The elegantly dressed Nylon Lady hits Reinhards balls mercilessly with her 15 cm high-heeled mules. Over and over again. And she slips my silver mules back over his stiff slave cock. Yes, kick harder, Ewa! Give him hell!Ebook: 6713 - Lady Erika
Shoe Fetishist gets a BlowJob
Today you see how I spoil a shoe-horny member, and not only with my high-heeled feet. Thats what the foot expert says: The big dick contrasts very well with the red fingernails and the red hair. A dream of every shoe fetishist to be sucked by Lady Babs next to many of her high heels and then that she rides his cock. Heaven on earth.Ebook: 6714 - Lady Ewa
Masturbation in Garzweiler
In front of a lonely mill in Garzweiler/Rheinland, Lady Ewa presents herself in a long, transparent lace dress in front of some peepers. Dressed so sexy and of course naked under the dress and with 15 cm high heeled mules on her feet (this time with blue toenails) the blonde Polish masturbates and shows the peepers in the video how a Polish Lady pees standing up.Ebook: 6715 - Lady Barbara
Striptease on the Streets
On the street, Im slowly peeling out on my black leather coat in this update. As you can see, Im only wearing a white suspender belt and sheer, white nylon stockings. And I wear black pumps on my feet, sometimes with and sometimes without platforms. Actually, I had hoped that a lot of horny wankers would be on the way at this point. But I have you to whom I can show my half naked body.Ebook: 6716 - Lady Anoushka
The Lithuanian Sex Doll
The 32-year-old saleswoman from near Vilnius is lounging on the bed in a short tiger dress today. Anoushka likes it when she has to take off her pantyhose and panties to show the men her shaved pussy. When she gets horny with something like that, you always have to give her a big rubber cock quickly, otherwise this little slut will go crazy.Ebook: 6717 - Lady Barbara
Nude Show at the Old Forester
At the  Old Foresters Lodge in Moers Im out and about in my black leather coat and tiger pumps. In the immediate vicinity of the wooden house I am supposed to open my leather coat and show myself naked. Of course I do what is asked of me. I even take off my coat and walk in the street naked. The main thing is that my wanking fan behind the window of the wooden house is satisfied.Ebook: 6718 - Lady Ewa
The Mistress & her Polish HouseSlave
In the video you can see how Ewa is served and licked by her Polish house slave on the terrace of her small castle and how the often horny Lady shows this lowly slave her cunt with her legs apart in return for his services and how he pisses and sprays her nylon legs and feet leaves. Every slave wishes for such a beautiful and permissive mistress.Ebook: 6718 - Lady Ewa
The Mistress & her Polish HouseSlave
In the video you can see how Ewa is served and licked by her Polish house slave on the terrace of her small castle and how the often horny Lady shows this lowly slave her cunt with her legs apart in return for his services and how he pisses and sprays her nylon legs and feet leaves. Every slave wishes for such a beautiful and permissive mistress.