The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6628 - Lady Heike
Groper in the Heels Studio
Heike is tied to a ceiling hook in the Heelsstudio and has to be available to member Frank from Cologne. First she is groped over the dress, then she gets her breasts exposed, is stripped naked and gets steel weights on her labia. In the end, she gives Frank a handjob while still naked with one hand tied. Heike stands in high mules with Frank for an hour, something the wife is not used to.Ebook: 6629 - Lady Barbara
Elegant with Breast Rings in the Heelsstudio (2)
Today you can see part 2 of my super hot posing on the black sofa in the heels studio. Im still waiting for the horny pump lover in ultra-sheer, black tights and with tightly constricted breasts. Thomas from Hanover had booked a date with me with hot foot and shoe sex. My nipples are stiff again at the thought of what will happen next.Ebook: 6630 - Lady Ewa
18 cm High Heeled Silver Pumps
Lady Ewa is posing today in a bright green dress and sheer black tights. The classy Polish Lady plays with her 18cm high silver pumps, whose heels she licks devotedly. Ewa likes to feel the cold leather of the shoes and the steel heel on her vagina and so she pushes the pumps behind her sheer tights.Ebook: 6631 - Lady Heike
Nylongames in Heikes Fuckflat
No customer is in sight in her little fuck apartment near the main train station in Geldern. The horny Heike is sitting on her sofa in a sheer black dress, black Nylons and high-heeled open-toe pumps. Then blondy opens a pack of sheer brown nylonstockings and slips them over her hands ... She likes to feel the thin material on her bald vagina. Maybe one horny stallion will come today after all.Ebook: 6632 - Lady Barbara
Foot & Shoejob at the DiningTable
Im sitting at the dining table in the living room with tiger leggings and black mules on my bare feet. Below me, the horny foot stallion. He smells and licks my feet and shoes before he lets me give him an extensive footjob and shoe job in the living room. Its just awesome to feel his big cock on my toes and in the end to get a big load of cum from him on my feet.Ebook: 6633 - Lady Ewa
She Loves Boots
Today Lady Ewa is playing with the patent leather boots that I had worn days before on a motorcycle tour. The high-heeled over-the-knee patent leather boots certainly smell nice and hearty of my feet. Over a cup of coffee she plays with the hot boots and like every boot lover she licks the heels and smells the insides to be able to inhale the scent of my stinky feet. Then she tries on the boots herself.Ebook: 6634 - Lady Agnieska
PantyhoseLady Agnieska
In a leather skirt, a transparent top and white heeled sandals, tightsLady Agnieska is sitting on the bed. Then she slowly undresses, because the Polish saleswoman likes it when she can make men horny with her pantyhose and with her shaved vagina. In the end, Agnieska pulls down her tights and opens her bare pussy.Ebook: 6635 - Lady Barbara
Smell my Stinky Soles and more ...
You are hot for naked, stinky foot soles? Come on little slave boy, lie down in front of me on the floor and smell my sexy stinky toes. Lick between my toes and then more up to my salty soles! Lick ... lick ...lick ... and more up to my legs to the middle of my universe. Take my feet, and while you give them a massage, you lick my pussy ! Hard ! Don´t ask ... Do it !Ebook: 6636 - Lady Valerie
Totally in Latex
In the cold, Russian Lady Valerie totters through the landscape park in Duisburg only in a latex cape and 16 cm high, shiny overknee boots made of latex. Under the latex cape, the young Lady wears nothing, but nylons and a black suspender belt, which some of the lounging figures will notice at some point. Unfortunately, none of them dared to appear in front of the camera. Valerie would prefer to have a slave under her metal heels of her boots.Ebook: 6637 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V14 Trying Shoes (2)
Here you can see another 60-minute video from the Vintage series: V14 - The shoe fitting (2). The video has been rescanned from the old VHS tape and is now available in streaming.<br>In this episode you can see how I tried on different sandals and mules with different nylons at the end of the 1990s in my private home in Krefeld.Ebook: 6638 - Lady Barbara
NylonLady in the Bathroom
Here my friend Yolanda more or less secretly photographed me when I was getting ready for a nylon slave. In the bathroom I do my hair to a pnned-up hairstyle and fix my nylons to the suspenders again properly. For my guest I wear flat house mules with about 8cm heels. With that you can hit slaves wienies even better than with real high heels.Ebook: 6639 - Lady Ewa
The Horny White Boots
First Lady Ewa is posing today in a red dress and high white leather boots at the kitchen counter and then she takes off a boot. She pushes the toe of her boot between her big boobs and presses them tightly together. Ewa loves real leather boots, they are so hot that the Polish has to smell them. She likes to suck the heels and to feel the cold leather all over her body.Ebook: 6640 - Lady Barbara
Sleep-Diva with Mask and EarProtector
That evening I had another horny guest for a sleep date to visit. Member Jürgen, who has known me from the photos for years, wanted to take a closer look at everything in person. I was laid ready on the treatment bench in a transparent bed-gown, high pumps and, above all, with a full mask and earmuffs. Because I shouldnt see or hear anything. I should just feel his strong hands and his drooling dick.Ebook: 6641 - Lady Heike
House Slut is Bored and Thinks about the Past
Hobby hooker Heike lolls in patterned black pantyhose on the bed in her fuck apartment in Geldern near the train station. SheEbook: 6642 - Lady Barbara
Spandex Overall in The Rain
In a transparent spandex suit under my coat and with a black mask and hat, I pose in the rain with a transparent umbrella. My thick balls are tied under the spandex and protrude nicely as bulging balls with permanent hard nipples. I wonder whether I should walk through Krefeld in the rain in this dress or rather walk over a parking lot in the evening.Ebook: 6643 - Lady Ewa
Hot Tights in the snow
For all lovers of sheer tights, Lady Ewa is presenting a particularly delicate model with a red leather jacket and 17 cm high, open-toe patent leather pumps. What should a slave do when meeting such a hot Polish Lady? He should get on his knees behind the Lady without being asked, and reverently hope to be allowed to kiss her sexy pantyhose buttocks.Ebook: 6644 - Lady Erika
Naked Posing at the Convertible
On my silver convertible, I show myself stark naked, only in 15cm high-heeled gold mules and with heavy weights on my pussy. Huiii .... they pull a lot, but its also very cool! I like tight lacing around my tits and heavy weights on my labia. I also often wore the shoes which you see here in the city of Krefeld, where I was very popular among shoe voyeurs as The Polish in the High Heels.Ebook: 6645 - Lady Barbara
In Leggins on the Jeep
In tight jeans leggings I pose here on my jeep in Spain. I also wear blue sexy mules and a black lace bra. Ill show you my big buttocks and my permanent hard nipples. So: On your knees slave, and kiss my red-painted toes! I want your tongue to penetrate deeply into my toe slits and lick out all the sweat. If you don´t do this right, I´ll kick your little slave balls.Ebook: 6646 - Vintage-Video with Lady Barbara
V02 Sole Treatment
Here you can see another 45-minute video from the Vintage series: V02 Sole Treatment. Take a look at how the heels of my 6 inch high mules are tied together and how my feet are treated. Topics are: Bound Toes, Clamps on Toes, Cuffed Feet, Foot Whipping, Toe Control, Chained Feet, Thumbtacks, Boot Kicks on the toes, torment of footsoles, peeing on feet etc.Ebook: 6647 - Lady Ewa
Pussy Clamps under the Pantyhose
Lady Ewa is posing today in 16cm high, white sandals and sheer pantyhose with tightly laced tits in the living room. The Polish pulls the tights to her knees and, at the request of a member, she puts tight clothespins on her labia. When the doorbell rang and she had to pull up her panties and tights again, the clips on the pussy flaps hurt even more. Was that intended?Ebook: 6648 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V12 Foot Sluts (2)
Here you see another 45-minutes video from the vintage series: V12 - Foot Sluts (2).Here Lady Barbara and foot hooker Tina pay a heating installer with great foot jobs. Again and again they rub their oiled feet over the big, hard cock of the craftsman. These videos are scanned in mp4 format so they run in streaming mode. You need not wait till the video is loaded completely.Ebook: 6649 - Lady Lena
Smoker´s Paradise at the Champange Bar
In Smokers Paradise, Lady Lena drinks a bottle of wine and smokes various brands of cigarettes. The wine connoisseur and avowed smoker sometimes puts her legs on the counter with high-heeled mules, sometimes she shows you the soles of her feet in stockings. While Lena is playing with her big nipples, smoking and drinking, a slave could well pamper her feet.Ebook: 6650 - Lady Barbara
Stars + Stripes
Its still not as warm as usual at this time. But with a sheer blouse over my Stars&Stripes bikini, I dare to go to the pool for you today. If you like wet clothes, you will get your moneys worth with this update. Because I keep getting my very sheer clothes wet by going into the pool with them. This is how every dress becomes transparent. Maybe next time I should leave out the bikini and go thereafter through the neighbourhood. What do you think?Ebook: 6651 - Lady Barbara
Negligee + Mules
In the morning after breakfast I often sit on the terrace and soak up some sun. I normally only wear my night dress. Today I also wear beige-brown hold-up nylons and black mules with 14cm heels. Because early in the morning it is still a bit fresh. I will later swap the negligee for a costume and then I go alone go to the weekly market with a deep cleavage.Ebook: 6652 - Lady Heike
Nylon Dildo Games
The horny Heike from Geldern wears in this series a black patterned pantyhose, her big hanging tits are naked. The blonde is horny on her dildo, which she pushes behind her pantyhose to her pussy, because her young fucker still has not come. Then the photographer gives her a good-smelling nylon stocking from me. This she pulls over the rubber cock and pushes it first into her mouth, then she rubs her wet pussy with the nylon-dildo.Ebook: 6653 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
The Poland Video
Lady Ewa shows in a 1-hour video today nylon games with one of her lover in Poland. From facesitting to nylon footjobs you can see a lot. Again and again, the horny guy must smell and kiss the Ladys nylons. He blindfolds her with nylons and gets a footjob from her, then he gets a hand job with a nylon over his cock. And so it goes on ... Nylons ... Nylons ... Nylons ...Ebook: 6654 - Lady Barbara
Knit Sweater & Garterbelt
The sun was shining like crazy, but it was pretty cold that morning when, after a strong thunderstorm, I went down to the pool in a gray knitted sweater, sheer nylons and pointed black mules to take this series of photos. As so often, I didnt wear panties again, just a suspender belt for my stockings. Thats how I usually go out without panties.Ebook: 6655 - Lady Ewa
Golden Lady
Lady Ewa is posing today in 18 cm high gold pumps and a gold sequin skirt. Imagine, you are kneeling in front of the Polish Lady and you are humbly giving her a sinfully expensive perfume by Dior or Gucci as a gift. But all you are allowed to do is only one thing: You can kiss the dirty soles of her pumps and maybe lick her dirty heels before you get a kick and you are supposed to leave again.Ebook: 6656 - Lady Barbara
Handjob from the Fur Lady
That evening I went to dinner in a red dress and bright red platform sandals from Boutique 1969 and on the way back in the car I had to put on the boob-rubbers again. Id love to go to a fancy restaurant with the rubbers, but Im only surrounded by cowards. And so I was happy when the foot stallion waited at my door. So instead of the usual limp cock I was able to wank a young, thick stallion dick. So I sat down right next to him in fur and quickly got his already stiff and hard prick out of his jeans. After a few strokes where he was always looking at my toes, I got his hot juice.Ebook: 6657 - Lady Valerie
Masked on a Parking
Valerie is groped by a black masked man and shown to two horny parking lot wankers. Except for suspenders, nylons and shoes, the masked man takes off all her clothes. Fortunately, Valerie cannot see the wanking guys because the masked man has put a blindfold on her. What she doesnt know: the guys are her neighbors Ben and Tobi who have been horny for the young Russian for a long time.Ebook: 6657 - Lady Valerie
Masked on a Parking
Valerie is groped by a black masked man and shown to two horny parking lot wankers. Except for suspenders, nylons and shoes, the masked man takes off all her clothes. Fortunately, Valerie cannot see the wanking guys because the masked man has put a blindfold on her. What she doesnt know: the guys are her neighbors Ben and Tobi who have been horny for the young Russian for a long time.