The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6597 - Lady Barbara
Nylons + Mules Outside in the Dark
In the garden I get some fresh air in the evening. I will show you my big boobs, which are tightly tied with elastics to be kept in shape. I wear a tiger skirt, a leather jacket with a mink collar and sheer, brown seamed nylons with 14cm high mules on my feet. Thank goodness my long toe claws havent broken the nylons this time.Ebook: 6598 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V32 Hard Kicks
Here you can see another 34-minute video from the Vintage series: V32 Hard Kicks. Member Bernhard is beaten by me with 15cm high thin heels of various pumps. For the ugly slave, as he was called by everyone, today there are hard kicks on the tail, a red bottom and the prints of my pencil heels he gets not only on his back.Ebook: 6599 - Lady Erika
Blowjob in Cologne
In the update series  Erika  you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Today I show you how I visited once again member Harry in Cologne, when his wife was a few days visiting her friend. First the hot goat was vigorously showered by me with my golden rain in the bathtub. Then I sucked his big dick on the couch.Ebook: 6600 - Lady Ewa
Widow is styling
Lady Ewa can be seen in the bathroom with lingerie and nylons today. For her loyal member Franz from Munich she should style herself as a widow. First she puts on her 16cm high pumps, then she takes off her bra, because her tits should be tightly tied underneath with elastic. Before putting on her black designer costume, the blonde Polish woman first puts on the veil. So shes a perfect widow.Ebook: 6601 - Lady Barbara
Fuddled in a Nylon Catsuit
In a full-body nylon and new 16 cm high open-toe pumps (thanks to Guido) I was laid on the bed in the afternoon. Something seems to have been in the champagne I got before. My breasts had been tied off with rubber rings, I got dressed in a full-body nylon with my jewelry over my hands. Then I was put on the bed with very high pumps. I was completely fogged and did what I was told - like a puppet.Ebook: 6602 - Lady Oksana
Hot Pants and Pantyhose
Today Oksana presents you a sheer pantyhose under hot pants. In the course of the shooting, the 34-year-old Russian with the big tits takes off her hot pants. While the tights are hanging on her knees, Oksana presents her partially shaved pussy. Her labia look like they have been weight-trained on a daily basis.Ebook: 6603 - Lady Ewa
WankerShow in Silverpumps
Today you see Lady Ewa in a fur coat at our Wrangler Jeep on a wanker parking lot near Neuss. Under the fur coat, the horny Polish Lady wears only sexy lingerie with sheer black nylon stockings under the coat and a pair of super cool 18cm high silver pumps on her feet. This is how she presents herself to the parking lot voyeurs. Some guys standing in the background cheer the sexy Lady with their stiff cocks in hand. Folks, dare to go in front of the camera next time, your faces will all be pixelated. Always.Ebook: 6604 - Lady Barbara
The NylonsSoles of the Sexy Widow
When I came back home from a long windowshopping walk in Duesseldorf, I put my tired legs with boots on my feet on the table to relax. Then I undressed the boots to show you my sexy stinky footsoles in original Albert´s Barefoot Nylons. I´m sure my feet were smelling extremely. Do you want to sniff my stinky porn-feet?Ebook: 6605 - Lady Ewa
Masturbating with Latex Gloves
Latex in every form is a fetish for many ladies, where they get really wet between their legs. In this update Lady Ewa is sitting in a gold dress and sheer nylons on a bar stool and pulls on a pair of white latex gloves. With them she takes her 18cm high gold pumps and plays with the shoes on her freshly shaved vagina. Again and again she licks her latex fingers. Is Ewa secretly horny for latex too?Ebook: 6606 - Lady Oksana
The Maid
In a black and white housemaid look with ultra-sheer seamed nylons on suspenders and sexy lingerie, Oksana wanted to clean the livingroomwith a feather duster. But instead of doing her job, she prefers with the panties on her knees to open for the host her shaved vagina or to pull her buttocks wide apart. That gives her a good, additional tip every time.Ebook: 6607 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
2 Members in the LegsStudio
Today there is a 30-minute HD video where we have fun with two nylon-horny members in the Legs Studio. Lady Ewa massages a members naked torso with sheer nylon stockings over her hand, whereby I dance as a wanker´s template before him. Then she wanks his dick with her hot nylon hand. Later I take his dick into my mouth cunt and knead his long balls. In the end he is allowed to jerk on my tight bound boobs, which the slave then has to clean.Ebook: 6608 - Lady Barbara
Highest Heels
For the friends of 16cm high sandals there is a series today on the pool terrace with white lacquer sandals and a transparent tulle cape. Look at how I not only wear the shoes but also how I push the heel of the hot stilettos into my vagina with my legs apart. Come on and put your big cock between the soles of my feet and shoes and give me what I need most: your full load of sperm.Ebook: 6609 - Lady Monique
Pantyhose in the Garden
Monique tries on some pumps and mules in patterned nylon leggings at the wooden house. She wears a summer dress buttoned at the front. Through the tight nylon panties you can see the deep crack of her vagina and her thick bush. The foot expert says: This is where I like the gray, high-heeled mules of the horny Monique best, because you can test the clacking on the wooden floor. But before and after I want to smell it really greedily.Ebook: 6610 - Lady Ewa
Spring Cleaning
The spring was not really visible that day, but Lady Ewa swept the terrace. And as it should be for a real nylon Lady, despite the cold, the Polish blondynka does her work appropriately in hot lingerie, ultra-sheer seamed nylons and a pair of high-heeled black platform pumps on her feet. Everyone would like to have such a horny nylon fairy at home.Ebook: 6611 - Lady Erika
For the Fans of Sportcars
Here I am sitting on the hood of my silver sports car andI show you  not only my sweaty, stinky nylon footsoles. My photographer said I should open my vagina and my buttocks and show you everything I have to satisfy you. What he didnt notice: an old voyeurwatched me wanking behind the bushes. Surely he would also like to own such a revealing Poland cunt like me.Ebook: 6612 - Lady Melania
On the Way to the Opera?
StrapsLady Melania got ready for the opera in a black sequin dress, sheer nylons on suspenders and high-heeled black pumps. But before she starts, Melania gets a call that she should show herself in front of the camera. The sexy blonde shows you what exactly she wears under the dress. Namely her totally hot, sexy buttocks surrounded by nylon stockings.Ebook: 6613 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Foot Soles in Pantyhose
Today, after a stroll through the Centro shopping mall in Oberhausen, I am presenting my sweaty foot soles in a pair of sheer black seamed tights at home on the guest bed. I wear a pantyhose, like here, mostly without panties. So if you order worn pantyhose from me, please note that they are usually quite with strong smell in the gusset and can still be damp.Ebook: 6614 - Lady Erika
Naked + Bound
In this series I present you my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000 which were never before shown on Legsworld. Today you see me with leather manacles on my hands and 16cm high heeled platform mules. My pussy was at the time still almost natural, only to my labia I had shaved the area. Then, it was new for me, but cool to be tied up and having to present my vagina for the men.Ebook: 6615 - Lady Barbara
Elegant Breast Rings in the Heelsstudio (1)
Here I am sitting elegant in a sofa with pantyhose and open toe pumps ins my heels studio. On top I only wear rubber rings. Because Im waiting for a member, which is only interested in one: to see me half naked in heels and use me as a wankers object. My big tits must be stretched with rubber rings very tight. My nipples must stand like pins. Then his prick also becomes hard.Ebook: 6616 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
Domina Stark Naked
Here Lady Ewa presents herself stark naked in a 10 minute video in front of two horny guys who pretend to be slaves. The blonde Polish wants to be caressed and massaged by the slaves. While the alleged slaves grab the naked Lady greedily and make the Polish vagina hot, she satisfies herself with a dildo and even sucks the cock of one of the slaves.Ebook: 6617 - Lady Louise
Dildo in Pantyhose
In a fur coat and turquoise tights, Louise (the one with the big butt) is playing with her favorite dildo on the couch today. First the hot blonde fiddles with her fingers under her pantyhose on her vagina, then she pushes the thing deep into the hole until she cums. At the end the Polish secretary shows you her bare, big buttocks. Who wouldnt want to ... ?Ebook: 6618 - Lady Barbara
Big Boobs in Turtleneck Sweater
Today I am presenting my big boobs to you under a white, very thin turtleneck sweater. As you can imagine they are tied tightly with rubber bands. The nipples stick out so that it looks like they want to pierce the sweater. Im wearing black leather hotpants underneath and black crocodile pumps on my feet. Can I go shopping right away, or is that too daring? What do you think?Ebook: 6619 - Lady Ewa
The Widow comes home
In a home series, Widow Ewa shows what she does when she comes home from the cemetery. The hot blonde takes off the fur coat, tightens the suspenders again and sits down on the couch with her long legs apart. Yes, she was in the cemetery without panties the whole time, and her labia were pretty cold. But home, Lady Ewa grabs her favorite dildo to warm up between her legs and pushes it straight into her shaved, cold vagina.Ebook: 6620 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V05 The Toe Mistress
Here you can see another 45-minute video from the Vintage series: V05 The Toe Mistress. I go for a walk in the city of Krefeld in high-heeled pumps. When I get home, the shoe slave has already prepared some of my stilettos. He must have played with it before. He crawls around in front of me and kisses my feet & shoes. And of course he has to wash my feet, which are sure to smell like leather and sweat.Ebook: 6621 - Lady Heike
High Heels are Better than Dildos
Heike from Geldern is really horny today for the heels of her open toe black patent leather pumps. The photo shoot has barely started when the blonde secretary takes her big natural tits out of her dress and fondles her shaved vagina with two of her high-heeled pumps. With two heels she pulls her long labia apart and shows where she likes to be groped by strangers in parkings lots and cinemas most.Ebook: 6622 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Soles on the Desk
I just got home from a long shopping stroll through Cologne. Since I was on my feet in the high heels for 5 hours, my feet hurt a lot. After taking off my green platform shoes, Ill show you my stinky nylon soles. Come on, you horny slave, Im in a good mood today: Kneel in front of me, get your cock out of your pants and smell my wet and stinky toes while you are allowed to wank. I will see that you cum.Ebook: 6623 - Lady Ewa
LatexCape + Whip
Are you submissive and like leather and latex? Then you are sure to have a dream: should the Polish Lady face you, poor worm, styled like this when you have to crawl in front of her and lick her boots? With a latex cape over her shoulders, tied boobs and nylon legs stuck in thigh-high boots, she controls you. But be careful: the whip is not in your hand for fun!Ebook: 6624 - Lady Heike
Takeover of the House Whore by Black Bull Madox
More than 100 years ago, the white woman would have chained the black man. But Madoc from Uganda knows that the black bull is in charge in porn cinemas these days when it comes to married whores in heat. In a porn cinema in Duisburg, Heike poses in her elegant dress and makes the moviegoers horny. Madox goes first to the whore. When he unpacks his thick black cock, Nylon-Heike only wants one thing: she wants to serve him and suck him to the end. Do you see the sparkle in her eyes? Finally a tough guy.Ebook: 6625 - Lady Erika
Without Panties in the Hotel
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Today Ill show you how I sit around in a hotel complex in a thin summer dress without panties with my legs apart. I never wear panties in summer, but like here, where some people could look right in front of my naked pussy, I usually dont sit down.Ebook: 6626 - Lady Ewa
Masturbating after the BusinessDinner
Lady Ewa has just come home from a business lunch. The sexy nylon blonde is still wearing her gray, sexy business suit together with black tights. After sitting on the sofa with some pumps on her feet, she starts to play with them. The hot Polish licks the tips of her shoes and pushes them into her vagina. Sometimes this is how Ewa masturbates and comes to orgasm.Ebook: 6627 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Mules Fuck Video with Dildo
Today I present you in a 22-minute HD video how I fuck my bare sandals and mules with a rubber dick. In a transparent negligee and lace leggings I sit in the guest room and play with my rubber cock. Again and again I push the rubber dick between the soles of my maked feet and my shoes. Maybe your cock could match in there too?Ebook: 6627 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Mules Fuck Video with Dildo
Today I present you in a 22-minute HD video how I fuck my bare sandals and mules with a rubber dick. In a transparent negligee and lace leggings I sit in the guest room and play with my rubber cock. Again and again I push the rubber dick between the soles of my maked feet and my shoes. Maybe your cock could match in there too?