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Ebook: 6569 - Lady Ewa
Nylons for the Mistress´ Vagina
Which nylons are the most beautiful? Lady Ewa is back from shopping in Cologne and opens the first pack of stockings. The blonde takes out a pair of sheer brown nylon stockings. She pulls the silky fabric and plays with it on the face and between the legs. Then she pushes the sheer luxury nylons into her pussy. Nice close-ups of the smoothly shaved Polish nylon pussy!Ebook: 6570 - Lady Barbara
Crushing a Harley with Platforms
These blue platform sandals (thanks to member Plateaulover), from which the little toes always hang out, are ideally suited for trampling on objects with their profile soles. Today an old plastic Harley model is damaged with these shoes. In addition to great close-ups, you can also see the whole thing in a 10-minute slow-motion video. Maybe one day your cock will has to bite the dust.Ebook: 6571 - Lady Ewa
BootsLady at the Lake
After all the rain of the last few days, the Lady was able to present herself in the nature in a short dress, nylon stockings and black shiny overknee boots under the light gray fur coat. Here at Lake Kaarst near Neuss you can often see the sexy Polish Blondynka tottering around in light clothes. Bet that as most time also today she was watched by one or another horny voyeur? But no problem, Ewa likes that.Ebook: 6572 - Lady Louise
Louise welcomes a member in her hot uniform and high-heeled pumps to do a strip in front of the hot wanker. She slowly pushes up her skirt and strips off her uniform to show her partially shaved vagina under her pantyhose. In the end, the mature blonde slips the sheer pantyhose over her big, hot buttocks and masturbates for him with a dildo.Ebook: 6573 - Lady Barbara
Fucking my Mules at the Kitchen
Today I had a surprise visit from my foot-stallion. In the kitchen, the young guy directly takes my feet, who are naked in bright red mules. While I hold him my hot butt in sexy sexy leggings, the horny guy is more interested in my bare feet with the long toenails. He kisses them and licks them and pushes his big, hard dick between my foot- and shoe soles to fuck my feet.Ebook: 6574 - Lady Ewa
Witch-Hunting in Nylon Soles
Lady Ewa is sitting at the dining table and reading a medieval book about witch hunting. The hot Polish Lady had put her feet on the table in sheer black nylons with a hot sole reinforcement. Look how the long claws shimmer through the thin nylon fabric and imagine the scent of the moist, warm soles under your nose. A scent which drives most man crazy. Ewa wonders if she would have been persecuted as a witch for that in the Middle Ages ...Ebook: 6575 - Lady Barbara
CrocoBoots + Tights
Today Ill show you something for the friends of big buttocks in silky nylon. So I wear ultra-sheer black tights and shiny black crocodile boots, because my guest Heinz from Bochum, for whom I am waiting here, likes that. Under the sequin embroidered top you can see my tightly rubberized boobs. Heinz said on the phone: I want to see your big nylon buttocks and your tits have to stand like balls. And on your feet, please ... expensive designer boots.Ebook: 6576 - Lady Valerie
After the Work
This is what it looks like with Valerie when she comes home exhausted from work. The single Russian woman, who often wears tights under her costume at work, slowly undresses. She lets water run into the tub and after a long bubble bath (here with pantyhose) she falls dead tired into her bed. The only thing she is missing in the tub is an extensive foot massage from a devoted foot slave.Ebook: 6577 - Lady Ewa
Today Ewa is waiting for a new Member. The pensioner has booked the hot Polish as a real wankes object with tight rubber rings around her breasts. It looks as if she has a lot of fun, pulling multiple office rubber bands around her tits, to show the pensioner, that her nipples become hard, when her silicone breasts are stretched extremely tight to big balls. When the camera was off, the old man jerked a full load of sperm between the balls.Ebook: 6578 - Lady Barbara
GoldenShoes in the Sauna
At the special request of a member, I am showing you a large part of my collection of gold sandals and gold mules today. To do this, I heated up the sauna and made myself comfortable there. I am wearing a black and red bathrobe, which I like to leave open sometimes so that you have a great view of my vagina and my rubberized boob-balls.Ebook: 6579 - Lady Ewa
Stretched Nippels under the Fur Coat
While the Lady showed her bald vagina and pulled her nipples long to become wet and hot, the voyeurs had once again hidden in the bushes. There the cowardly guys wanked secretly. When they finally got out of their hiding place, the Lady, here in a fur coat and 16cm hight patent leather boots, left them freezing. Because losers are not worth it to be noticed by such a noble Polish Mistress.Ebook: 6580 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
In this sports video I run for you for 17 minutes in different outfits on a treadmill in the bedroom. Sometimes without shoes, sometimes in sports shoes and of course in various high heel stilettos. Sometimes Im wearing a bobbing miniskirt, but mostly I prefer to be naked and have my breasts tied up tightly, so they dont wobble quite so violently.Ebook: 6581 - Lady Ewa
Pumping Pussy with Gasmask
For those who like gas masks and other bizarre accessories, Lady Ewa presents herself here with a hot pussy pump. Naked, only with a pair of bright red platform mules to the bizarre gas mask, the always horny, naked Polish Lady pumps her cunt really thick. The tightly constricted big tits come into their own here very nicely. Who wouldnt want to knead her big balls there?Ebook: 6582 - Zofe Ewunia
Double the Fun with Feet and Mouth
At a photo date in a hotel in Düsseldorf, member Marek smells and licks my feet. Poland maid Ewunia should ensure with her mouth-cunt that not a drop of Mareks sperm can stain my nylons when he squirts. She constantly holds his hard dick in her mouth and Marek jerks earlier than expected a full load of his sperm into her mouth. Allegedly because my sweaty toes would smell so hot like foot slut.Ebook: 6583 - Lady Ewa
Mistress in Latex
On your knees slave! Mrs. Colonel rules you when she stands in front of you half-naked under the latex cape with 16cm high, shiny overknee boots on her feet. You kneel in awe, little worm, in front of her. You can feel the cold leather of the heels and the blow of her whip, while you can catch a glimpse of her vagina under the transparent panties. You hope that the mistress lets you smell her perfumed silk panties, you loser.Ebook: 6584 - Lady Barbara
Ruberdick crushed in various Mules
Today Ill show you in beautiful close-ups how I get a rubber dick in the back of my mules. My feet are covered with 15 denier RHT nylons and with that I crush the rubber dick between my nylon heel and the shoe sole. Do you need such a treatment for your big cock too, or for your balls? Then get in touch with me.Ebook: 6585 - Lady Ewa
Blinddate with Polish-Ewa
I would like a blind date with the Poland-Ewa wrote member Heinz from Münster. When Heinz arrived at our place, Poland-Ewa was sitting at the bar in a sheer summer dress with a mask and was smoking. She wore sheer black nylons on sexy suspenders to her 16 cm high sandals. After the horny guy had groped the body of the luxury blonde everywhere, she bent down to him and gleefully sucked his big cock with a condom.Ebook: 6586 - Lady Louise
The Secretary´s PantyhosePussy
Lady Louise presents us her sexy buttocks in thin brown pantyhose that are open at the crotch. The photographer really liked the way the pussy oozes out between her legs and the way Louise raised her big buttocks. Meanwhile you can see the sweaty soles of the 41 year old secretarys feet. Surely one or the other of you would like to fuck her in that position.Ebook: 6587 - Lady Barbara
Bootjob in a Garbage Bag
An anonymous member wanted me to do a boot job. He wanted to be in a garbage bag and nobody was allowed to be there, so I had to take the pictures myself. With my 15cm high shiny over knee boots, I tease the guy in the blue garbage bag until his dick was hard. He got to feel the thin heels and the cold leather of my overknees until the pre-juice ran down his prick. I didnt allow him more, because he came without a present.Ebook: 6588 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa is secretly busy today in the dark cellar with my pointed pumps of the brand Les Baisers des Etoiles (see last picture of the insole). Blondy is still walking around in her transparent negligee after the previous hot night. Now she is sitting in the basement, kisses my shoes and plays with them on her vagina. In the last third of the series, she continues to pull her labia apart with the pump tips.Ebook: 6589 - Lady Barbara
More Toe Cleavages in Pumps
Today Ill show you in close-ups the toe slits of my tanned feet in designer pumps. Imagine, my little office slave: You peel in front of my desk, I am sitting behind it in an elegant business suit and a pair of these pumps on my bare feet. Since you didnt do your work carefully yesterday, you have to go under my desk again. Come on and slide your tongue between my toe slits! Lick them clean ... until you understand whos the boss here.Ebook: 6590 - Lady Valerie
Valerie´s NylonSohlenShow
Lady Valerie is again present with new photos. Today the sexy, young Russian is posing in my living room in a short sequined skirt and sheer black nylon stockings with suspenders. On her feet Valerie wears hot mules with 15cm high heels. In addition to her hot nylon thighs, she also holds the sexy stockinged nylon soles for the camera in many close-ups.Ebook: 6591 - Lady Barbara
Gourmet Feet
When I came out of the cellar after a long evening of dancing in thin leggings, my husband put tight rubber rings around my breasts and I had to lie down on the dining table after several glasses of red wine. The three pairs of pumps that I wore alternately that evening with bare feet are also on the table. By candlelight, my husband offered one of the guests my very sweaty gourmet feet to smell and lick.Ebook: 6592 - Lady Ewa
Member Heinz from Aachen was allowed to visit the Lady for a blind date evening and fondle her. While Ewa stood in front of him with high heels and bare breasts, he could take a close look at everything and touch it. Heinz liked to fiddle with the bulging buttocks of the Polish, which he would have loved to pull apart even further. In the end he jerked his full load of cum on Lady Ewas horny nylon feet.Ebook: 6593 - Lady Oksana
The partially shaved stewardess just arrived on her last flight from Canada to Düsseldorf and is about to strip off her hot uniform. Oksana loves to show you her laundry. The blonde packed her big tits in a lace bra during the flight and is only wearing sheer tights under the skirt and black pumps with ankle straps on her feet.Ebook: 6594 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Dangling with Various Heels
Today Im going to show you an 11 minute video with dangling scenes in different shoes in a transparent negligee. You see me at first with sheer seamed nylons and zoccoli in my home office, then I show you there in the stockings some of my house mules, zoccolis, and high heeled pumps, which I let tap on my toes. Which of the shoes does your horny dick like most?Ebook: 6595 - Lady Valerie
Weighst under the Jeans Skirt
Valerie poses in high-heeled mules, a corsage and a jeans mini in the living room. Under the short skirt, the young Russian has clamped heavy metal weights on her labia. Her biggest fan, Grandpa Erich, likes long PeeRags as he calls it. And these heavy stainless steel weights pull the young businesswomans labia neatly out of their hiding place.Ebook: 6596 - Lady Ewa
She Loves Cork Mules
On the Massage Chair Lady Ewa (today only in a red jacket and lace slip) made herself comfortable in fancy Cork mules. The hot Polish shows various sexy cork shoes and rubs her shaved pussy to the soles of my often worn cork mules. Does the Legsworld-Lady get an orgasm? From my own experience I know how sweet the cold leather is on the shaved pussy ...Ebook: 6596 - Lady Ewa
She Loves Cork Mules
On the Massage Chair Lady Ewa (today only in a red jacket and lace slip) made herself comfortable in fancy Cork mules. The hot Polish shows various sexy cork shoes and rubs her shaved pussy to the soles of my often worn cork mules. Does the Legsworld-Lady get an orgasm? From my own experience I know how sweet the cold leather is on the shaved pussy ...