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Ebook: 6538 - Lady Barbara
Ready for Going to the NewYearsBrunch
Im almost ready to go to NewYearsBrunch today when my webmaster said I should briefly hold my stinky nylon feet into the camera for the members so that everyone can enjoy my wet soles again directly in the New Year. So, before I slipped into my shoes, I did a short posing for you in the hall. Which shoes do you think go best with this dress? Slim pointed pumps, or open-toes shoes?Ebook: 6539 - Lady Ewa
Are that Pumps or Sandals?
Are these 18 cm high silver stilettos with the thin straps actually open-toe pumps or are that  a kind of colsed sandals? I dont know for sure... What would you say? At any rate Ewa seems to like these stilettos so well that she does not want to take off the shoes with the skyscraper heels. The long-legged Polish mare would have loved to stumble with it through the cold snow.Ebook: 6540 - Lady Barbara
Fuck my Boobs in the Garden
This member just wanted to get a handjob from me in an elegant 60s outfit (costume, nylons and pointy crocodile pumps). Then he saw my tightly tied Boobs and said he wanted to do a BoobFuck with the BOLLENBABS (in Germany they call me Bollenbabs - that means BoobsBabs) now. Sure, Id love to ... I held my big balls with my hands and he fucked inside. I thought my nipples were bursting ... puhhh. A really horny macho stallion I would love to dance with.Ebook: 6541 - Lady Lena
Cleanliness check in the warehouse (1)
Today boss Lena shows us the soles of her dirty bare feet in her office in Cologne, after she had checked barefoot the warehouse for cleanliness. The high-heeled pumps she had taken off before the inspection are still on the desk. Lena has sat down at her desk, put her dirty feet on the table and smokes a cigarette. There is already a false champagne on the desk. What is the boss doing today?Ebook: 6542 - Lady Valerie
Hoovering in Heels
Russian Lady Valerie cleans the living room. Only in black lace lingerie, sheer black nylons on suspenders and very pointed, 13cm high black sling pumps from RoSa from England is the horny, young businesswoman with the vacuum cleaner at work. She has little time to make everything sparkling clean until the first guests arrive tonight.Ebook: 6543 - Lady Erika
Visiting a Member in Oberhausen
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Today you can see how I have fun with a member in his apartment in Oberhausen. I visited the young Bull more often because he always had a big and hard dick and could handle it well. Here I am still hairy on my vagina while we are having fun in his kitchen.Ebook: 6544 - Lady Ewa
Horny Nylonsoles on the Dining Table
For all friends of delicate seamed nylons with reinforced soles, the smoking Lady Ewa presents herself in this hot update in ultra-sheer black seamed nylons with a wide sole reinforcement. Surely you would like to kneel in front of the table and smell the sweaty soles of the super-hot Poland Lady? Or would you rather rub your dick on her labia with her hot stinky nylon toes on your face?Ebook: 6545 - Lady Yolanda
Sexy Foot- and ShoeSoles
In her tight, black and white summer dress, the classy Polish woman shows you the soles of her delicate strappy sandals and her bare footsoles today. Get close to your monitor, maybe you can smell her sweaty, stinky feet. Yolanda is also happy to press her toes in your face while a live-meeting and let you masturbate therewhile. Today she drinks a glass of red wine at the end for a short video clip while holding her bare feet in the camera againEbook: 6546 - Lady Barbara
Date in Sexy Mules
The foot stallion is once again horny for my sexy wooden mules from Gianmarco Lorenzi when he is visiting me. As soon as I had put the designer shoes on, his big dick became hard again. I love that. Unfortunately, wearing nylons is hard to walk in your shoes. My posing in front of the camera made him so horny that he quickly gave me a big load of his cum on my nylon soles.Ebook: 6547 - Lady Lena
Cleanliness Check in the Warehouse (2)
Boss Lena checked barefoot her warehouse in Cologne yesterday. You have to be able to eat from the floor, she had told her warehouse manager Müller over and over again. Müller is summoned to the bosss office because someone has to clean her feet now. Since Müller was repeatedly unreliable, the boss forces him to do it with his tongue. Lena enjoys how the poor man must clean not only her soles, but also the spaces between her toes with his wet tongue again and again.Ebook: 6548 - Lady Ewa
With A Glass of Red Wine
After the third glass of red wine, nylon Lady Ewa finally pulls down her panties for Paul, who is secretly watching, and caresses her bare vagina. While the unsuspecting Polish woman is standing there as a wank icon in her 16 cm high blue pumps, her transparent nylon panties are hanging on her knees. As you can see in the video clip, Lady Ewa scrubs at the end her cunt properly again, drinking another glass of red wine on the sofa.Ebook: 6549 - Lady Yolanda
Bound Feet & Tied Little Hangers
For the fans of bound tits, Lady Yolanda got a rope out of the drawer today and had her tits tied. Anyone who thinks that a good portion of silicone belongs here is welcome to contact us or discuss it in the chat.Ebook: 6550 - Lady Barbara
Costume + Hat
Here you can see me in a white costume with a white hat and elegant 18 cm high platform sandals by Gianmarco Lorenzi. I love these delicate heels, and as you can see, its not just me. There are many men who would like to sow the dainty flower and my long toenails with sperm. The foot stallion is one of them. But today he is only allowed to stand obediently next to me and watch out.Ebook: 6551 - Lady Barbara
The SoleWanker
Although I have only just received a massage and am still naked under the bath towel, the horny foot stallion is approaching my feet again. He fucks my toes and squirts my bare, wet shiny soles full with his sperm. Then he licks everything off and rubs his big cock right back on my soles. I think hed fuck my feet all day if I was with him. Similar to my ex-husband, who fucked me 4-5 times every day normally. But that was a long time ago.Ebook: 6552 - Lady Yolanda
Wet Nylon Soles
Yolanda actually deserved a foot massage today. After she had tidied the closet in high heels for half the day, her feet hurt a lot. Since there was no foot massage therapist, the hot Polish woman put her sweaty nylon feet on the small table and held them up to the camera for rest. The warm and humid foot soles would surely be a hit for every fan of foot odors. Stinky feet at its best. Take the opportunity next time.Ebook: 6553 - Lady Ewa
With Apron in the Kitchen
Lady Ewa is standing in the kitchen teasingly and high-heeled today and is making a few preparations for the evening visit in nylon stockings, 16 cm high heeled red patent leather pumps and a little apron. Because the horny Poland Lady has to cook and entertain him later. Wouldnt you like to be welcomed at home by such a sexy Lady after work?Ebook: 6554 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V03 The Toes Slut
Here you can see another 45-minute video from the vintage series: V03 The toe whore. Im Lady Babsi from Krefeld, the Lady with the long toenails, and: YES, Im a toe whore. Here you can see footjobs and shoejobs, watch how my feet are fucked and how someone pees on my toes. Those are the things Im into. Making men horny with my feet, slaves smelling my feet or licking my dirty soles. And doms who like to pee on my toes. That´s my world. The worls of Toes-Babsi.Ebook: 6555 - Lady Ewa
GasmaskMistress with Whip
With a gas mask over her head, 18 cm high red platform mules on her feet and tight rubber bands around her big boobs does the stark naked Lady Ewa play with her whip. Its cool how the naked Polish pulls up her buttocks and plays on her anus with the knob of the whip. Wouldnt you like to be the slave who crawls stark naked on all fours in front of his Naked Mistress?Ebook: 6556 - Lady Barbara
Black Sexy Angel
Today you see another wish of a member (a mask fan) in Spain, where I am wearing a long black knitted dress with a turtleneck, 15 cm high wine-red mules from Elite and my face is fully masked. nly my mouth is free. You see my red lips, but I can´t see you. How is your imagination? I cant see anything, you can give me for drink a high-proof, sweet liqueur ... Then you push me into a corner, push up my dress ... and then? What do you do with me? Write to me...Ebook: 6557 - Lady Yolanda
With 1970s Nylon Stockings on the Bed
Today Lady Yolanda has fun all alone on her bed with sheer nylon stockings from the 1970s. She herself wears black lace tights and pointed crocodile pumps with a red sole. After pulling a nylon stocking over her hand, she caresses her shaved pussy with it. Yolanda loves the feeling of very sheer nylon fabric between her legs.Ebook: 6558 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Toes in Sexy Mules
Today I have a photo special for all friends of anklets and tanned feet in delicate stilettos. Ill show you close-ups of my sexy feet with red-painted, very long toenails in various high-heeled mules in Spain on the terrace and between the rocks. Come on footwanker, kneel in front of me and jerk your hot sperm on my sexy toes. I love this feeling.Ebook: 6559 - Lady Ewa
Play with Pointed Pumps
When Lady Ewa saw my pointy pumps on the shelf, she couldnt help it: She took the shoes one floor higher with her to the guest room and wanted to play with them right away. After she had sniffed extensively at the inner sole of the pumps I had just worn, she pressed the shoe-tip firmly to her pussy and on her butt hole and masturbated. Lots of beautiful close-ups of the shoe-horny blonde.Ebook: 6560 - Lady Heike
Waiting in the Slut Apartment for the Next
Boot whore Heike is waiting today in black lingerie and her new boots (black and knee-high with 12cm heels) for the next user. "The boots are the right thing for the winter" she thinks. But boot polishers donEbook: 6561 - Lady Barbara
CatsuitLady at the Sea
For all friends of the crotchless catsuits: Here you can see me again in this catsuit, from which my pussy oozes out so nicely. Although everyone can see me from the street and I know that every now and then an old guy is watching me with binoculars, I like to pose with this dress on the terrace. Maybe because of the wanker, because it makes me horny. Would you like to kneel in front of me now and smell or lick my shaved vagina?Ebook: 6562 - Lady Louise
Frivolous Housemaid
Dressed in a housemaids outfit with sheer black tights and black sandals, Louise is swinging the feather duster for her horny old landlord today. Hes sitting comfortably in the armchair. Even if he doesnt want to show himself: the old fart has his little cock in his hand and is wanking like mad. What would you do in his place, when you were such an old pervert wanker fart?Ebook: 6563 - Lady Barbara
The Footsoles of the Masked Lady
A special Member wish was today, that I should make photo series, where I can see nothing. As Masked Lady, you can see from my head only my mouth cunt with bright red lipstick. So blindfolded I had to wait for chat commands, which my cameraman got on his mobile. For example: show your feet in black mules... or: show your stinky, bare soles into the camera ...  etc.Ebook: 6564 - Lady Anoushka
PantyhoseStripping in the Livingroom
Anoushka is standing in her living room with a see-through blouse, blue skirt and black tights. First she takes off her blouse, then her skirt. The short-haired blonde with the long fingernails presents her white lace panties that she wears under the thin nylon, her black mules and how she finally inserts her gold dildo into her partially shaved vagina.Ebook: 6565 - Lady Ewa
Naked in 16 cm High Heeled Sandals after the Date
Lady Ewa had an exciting photo shoot with member Josef from Münster today. Still stark naked with only 16 cm high sandals on her feet, the Polish woman sips the last bit of her red wine and smokes a cigarette. Although it was pretty cold for Ewa in the living room, we took with the hot Blondynka some hot photos for you. We don´t know how much she bluna with Josef, but she seens to like it and she ist very funny today.Ebook: 6566 - Lady Heike
Today the blonde married slut from Geldern serves a crossdresser in hold-up nylons in a porn cinema in Duisburg with her mouth. When a black stallion came along, Heike was completely blown away. The blonde desperately wants to suck his much bigger dick and let both of them wank a full load of sperm into her face. At the end she cleans the floor from the sperm. There has to be order.Ebook: 6567 - Lady Barbara
With Maske at the Quad
Its nice and warm during the day and so I pose in a settlement in Spain as a masked Lady with a hat in a black and white summer dress. Sitting on my quad, I take off my 16cm high black patent leather mules and present you my bare soles. I dont know what the people who saw me were thinking, but I bet someone was watching me. Maybe you see him.Ebook: 6568 - HD-Video with Lady Heike
She Loves to Masturbate
Actually, she wanted to remain anonymous and be called Heike from Munich. But since everyone recognizes her anyway ... Today the always horny housewife is sitting stark naked and of course masked after an assessment on a sofa. Just as her master led her there on a leash, with black and silver mules and nipple suckers, the horny wank template from the Lower Rhine is finally  allowed to masturbate.Ebook: 6568 - HD-Video with Lady Heike
She Loves to Masturbate
Actually, she wanted to remain anonymous and be called Heike from Munich. But since everyone recognizes her anyway ... Today the always horny housewife is sitting stark naked and of course masked after an assessment on a sofa. Just as her master led her there on a leash, with black and silver mules and nipple suckers, the horny wank template from the Lower Rhine is finally  allowed to masturbate.