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Ebook: 6507 - Lady Ewa
The Special Member Gift
Lady Ewa likes to wear mules at home without tight toe straps, where her wide feet have enough space and the toes are not squeezed in as much as in narrow shoes on the streets. This pair here, which member Plateaulover sent her, had allegedly been worn by a sexy mannequin beforehand. Plateaulover wanted to see if Ewa is really horny for the sweaty toe odor of other sexy women and if she would smell and lick the insoles of these shoes. In fact, she seems really horny for it.Ebook: 6508 - Lady Yolanda
Nylon Lady is Ready for the Dansant
Today Yolanda finally wants to go dancing again. After the slim Polish woman has received her two vaccinations and a booster, she is drawn back to the dance floor. Here you can see how you have finished styling yourself: The black costume jacket with a black and white polka dot skirt goes perfectly with her ultra-sheer, skin-colored nylons from the Kunert brand from the 1970s. Yolanda wears open-toe beige-black patent leather pumps on her feet. Would you like to go dancing with her like that?Ebook: 6509 - Lady Barbara
Big Boobs & Winter Sandals
When it comes to winter, I prefer (if it has to be open) sandals with a practical treaded sole ... So I can show my toes even in snow. In tight blue jeans and a transparent black blouse Im presenting you today in the garden a pair of these pink platform sandals by Giaro. What do I wear under my blouse? Take a Look!Ebook: 6510 - Lady Erika
MemberFuck at the Car
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Here I met member Tom at his car in a parking lot near Krefeld. Above all, the older fan first grabbed my tits and kneaded them until I was finally allowed to touch his big cock. He rubbed his thick, tight part between my buttocks until I was all wet, then he had to fuck me. In the end, I was able to taste my own juice because Tom wanted to cum in my mouth.Ebook: 6511 - Lady Barbara
Fucked into my Mulespussy
Feeling a living cock under the soles of your feet is hotter than a dead rubber dick. Especially when its as thick and hard as Orkans. So the foot stallion pushed his horny big dick between the insole of my mules and my bare, sweaty foot sole. Great, your naked mules-cunt! he said and after he had rubbed plenty of pre-juice on my soles, I got a full load of cum into it.Ebook: 6512 - Lady Barbara
Santa Barbara in Platforms
For fans of hot platform sandals I am posing today to Santa Claus in a red crotchless spandex overall with tightly laced tits. I also wear a pair of red lacquer sandals with a platform and a red Christmas cap. In the close-ups you can clearly see my black and blue lacquered long toe claws as they look out of the bright red sandals from the 1969 boutique.Ebook: 6513 - Lady Ewa
Shoe- & Footjob in Front of the Red Sofa
Today the elegant Lady Ewa is sitting on the sofa with glasses and has a slave at her feet. While she smokes a cigarette and drinks a big glass of red wine, the sexy Polish Lady first gives member Herby a shoe job with her 16cm high pumps and then he gets a footjob with Ewa´s  long toenails in sheer nylons. While doing this, she repeatedly scratches his stiff dick with her long toenails.Ebook: 6514 - Lady Yolanda
Come on! On your knees slave! Lick my Vagina
Come on! On your knees slave! says Yolanda in thought to her imaginary counterpart. The classy Polish woman would have loved to have a lick servant with long and hardworking tongue for her first shoot, but the dates were unfortunately too short. Maybe you will be there next time and you can lick the Ladys vagina out. Become a member and get yourself a full face mask with open mouth, then you will not be recognized. Since there was no slave today, the Lady had to satisfy herself with the knob of her whip, but that also worked as you can see in the video, very well.Ebook: 6515 - Lady Barbara
Wet Foot Soles on the MassageChair
After a long stroll in platform mules through a shopping arcade (my long-time member Lobberich had booked me for it) I made myself comfortable on my massage chair at home, took off my mules and stretched my wet, sweaty soles towards the cameraman. They smelled so good that he immediately got a big bulge in his pants when taking the close-ups.Ebook: 6516 - Lady Heike
Babs-Heels on Heike-Vagina
Ehehure Heike from the Niederrhein is almost always horny. She likes to pose for strange men and to satisfy them without being recognized herself. Today she wears a delicate negligee, sexy lingerie and small designer sabots with very thin heels. As you can see, she also likes to feel the thin metal heels of my fuck-me-sandals on her shaved vagina. Probably because she knows that there have already been a lot of cocks on it.Ebook: 6517 - Lady Erika
PlatformLover Tommy
Member Tommy has always been a big fan of platform shoes. During a visit, he was allowed to play with my feet in sexy plateau mules before we danced extensively. After the dancing (dancing makes my cunt wet) I was so hot that I let the horny guy play with his dick on my tits. Then I put his cock in my mouth and Tommy was allowed to fuck my wet cunt. So things can happen after dancing with me.Ebook: 6518 - Lady Yolanda
Catching customers at the Borussia Stadium
Lady Yolanda would like to do some cruising in parking lots in the Duesseldorf area. Almost naked under a long fur coat, the 48-year-old wants to present herself to the men there and see as many stiff cocks as possible. Here at the Borussia-Stadium in Mönchengladbach, the Polish woman is already practicing what it is like to walk around only in sandals and only in underwear under a warm coat at 10 degrees temperature. The fur she opens here today just for you.Ebook: 6519 - Lady Barbara
Red Dress
Last Friday evening I had a visit from a long-time member who likes leggings and 16 cm high, white strappy sandals. I recently went shopping in a supermaket in Spain in the sheer leggings. I was wondering why many men turned around and were watching me. More than usually. Not until in the photos did I see how transparent it is. I think some men had their fun and stared hard at my ass.Ebook: 6520 - Lady Yolanda
PornoFeet in Strappy Sandals
Today Lady Yolanda shows you her hot feet in floaty summer sandals with extremely delicate toe straps. She was just downstairs shopping for a lipstick. There in the supermarket you can often see the Polish woman shopping in sexy sandals and sheer dresses, even in winter. The thin straps of todays shoes tie nicely into her toes. Do you want to see Yolanda in these stilettos while strolling in a shopping mall, follow her and secretly take photos from her with your mobile phone?Ebook: 6521 - Lady Ewa
Fully Fashioned Nylons
For all friends of sheer seamed nylons with reinforced soles and high heels, Lady Ewa is posing for you today in a transparent negligee and suspenders in the living room. In addition to her big, round sexy bottom, she shows you her wide, hot nylon footsoles. with a sip of Grand Marnier the Polish mistress prepares for her date with the double vaccinated and boosted nylon slave Thomas from Leverkusen .Ebook: 6522 - Lady Erika
Platformmules at the Garden Gate
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Today you see me in an elegant evening dress with bare legs and then in a sexy mini dress and fishnet tights, but always with ultra-high platform mules. Heel height? Definitely more than 10 inches. When I stad at the gate, often a special neighbour is watching me.Ebook: 6523 - Lady Barbara
Hot fot Pumps + Nylons
Having just come home from shopping, my foot stallion Orkan war ringing the doorbell. You can believe me that your feet hurt a lot after spending 2 hours in such high, pointed pumps. It was a wonderful feeling when the bull took off my pumps. For him too it was awesome when he was allowed to smell the bitter scent of my nylon feet. In the end, the horny foot bull got a footjob from me with my sweaty and stinky nylon toes.Ebook: 6524 - Lady Yolanda
The HighHeeled Cook (part 1)
In a leather skirt and sexy lingerie, hold-up nylons and high-heeled pumps, Lady Yolanda fulfills a photo request from member Gero from Duisburg in front of the camera. Because of Corona, she cooks something to eat for the virtual guest on her own. She soon takes off her leather skirt and just stands there only in lingerie. In the second part, which will appear tomorrow, you can see Yolanda masturbating here with the wooden spoon in her kitchen.Ebook: 6525 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V20 Nylonshow
Here you can see another 48-minute video from the vintage series: V20 - 60s nylon show. In my apartment in Krefeld, I try on various ultra-sheer vintage nylons from the 1960s together with my friend Sonja. Sometimes very unusual pieces that I got from my member Nylonlover. The Heels are from England from the company Seven-Inch, London.Ebook: 6526 - Lady Barbara
Fur Coat and Widows Hat
My hands are in delicate lace gloves. In a warm fur coat, a widows hat and a pair of pointed patent leather boots on my feet, Im standing at the wooden garden gate in Willich today. Im stark naked under the coat, only my big boobs are held in place with stiff elastics and are already half hanging out of the coat. Not only my permanent stiff nipples would be visible to everyone if I were to go out to the streets, dressed like this now.Ebook: 6527 - Lady Yolanda
The HighHeeled Cook (part 2)
After Lady Yolanda has stirred the soup enough, she sits down on the kitchen chair only in her lingerie with the wooden spoon. First she fumbles with the stick behind her panties, then the classy Polish woman spreads her legs and shoves the thing into her wet vagina. Maybe you would like to be cooked for by Yolanda in your dream outfit in your kitchen and watch her masturbate?Ebook: 6528 - Lady Barbara
Oiling Tired Feet
After a hot shopping tour with my high-heeled friends, I am sitting alone at the dining room table at home and my feet hurt a lot. Those of you who have ever worn tight high pumps can understand that. After Ive peeled my feet out of the pointed, narrow stilettos, I first have to massage them with a good foot balm. Ah, thats fine ... actually that would be a job for a foot slave.Ebook: 6529 - Lady Ewa
Lady in Red with Cigarette
Here you see the smoking Lady Ewa from Poland when she came back from a shopping spree in Krefeld. To please her companion, she was wearing the whole time 16 cm high peep-toe pumps. Color matching is her red/black costume. Including to that she wears an open crotch pantyhose and no panties of course. For you, she pulls open her labia on the photos and rubs her naked cunt.Ebook: 6530 - Lady Barbara
Merry Christmas in White!
My team and I wish you all a Merry Christmas 2021. In this Christmas special I am posing for you with a little Santa Claus in a red Christmas dress. Under the open coat I wear white sexy lingerie, plus white, ultra-sheer nylons on suspenders and red crocodile pumps with metal heels. My panties are made of sheer nylons where my labia are clearly pressed through. But you can see it all in the images here.Ebook: 6531 - VintageMovie with Lady Barbara
V61 Christmas Crushing
All vintage videos were re-scanned by me and made available in mp4 format. Today there is Video V61 Christmas Crushing. With various platform shoes, I trampled on everything from cookies to sausages to toys here on Christmas Eve 2010. At that time, one or the other slave had gotten an appetite for the squashed delicacies, but that was the Christmas present for my house slave.Ebook: 6532 - Lady Ewa
ChristmasSpecial mit Lady Ewa
In a magical photo series in front of the Christmas tree, Lady Ewa in a red dress plays with one of her presents: a whip. She likes the cold leather and licks the handle of the whip damp. Then she pushes the thing between her buttocks into her asshole and then she licks it off again. In the end, the Polish mistress pushes the handle deep into her pussy. Did the sexy blonde have one or more Christmas orgasms?Ebook: 6533 - Lady Barbara
Totally in Nylon
Here you can see me in my red Christmas coat and red boots in the garden. Im completely wrapped in nylon under the coat. My transparent full-body nylon suit covers my entire body, but in principle Im actually naked. Because everything can be seen, from the boobs to the crack. Merry Christmas again everyone to all of you, your Polska BabsEbook: 6534 - Lady Barbara
Peniscrushing with Grip Sole
With my new red platform high-heels, I take today in the livingroom on the big dick of the foot stallion for task with a pair of special high heels. While I make myself comfortable in the armchair, he will get to feel the heavy tread of my trekking sandals between his legs, especially on his dick and on his balls. If thats what you want ... it could be painful.Ebook: 6535 - Lady Ewa
Fur Cape + Boots
Here Poland Lady Ewa can be seen Strictly in White. The hot blonde shows herself in the living room in a white fur cape and white leather boots with 14cm high heels and she twirls her nipples stiffly because she loves to show off. Ewa also wears light brown hold-up nylons and a black nylon thong. Come on, you horny boot slave: on your knees and kiss the heels of the Polish Mistress.Ebook: 6536 - Lady Ewa
New Year´s Eve Pre-Celebration
During a small private New Years Eve pre-celebration for two, member Roman from Cologne is allowed to kneel in front of and behind the Lady and lick both holes extensively. While the Lady stands with relish in her 16 cm high pointed pumps in front of him, sips her champagne and smokes a cigarette, the slave must first pamper the vagina and then the butt hole of the sexy Polish mistress. As long as Mistress Ewa is satisfied. Of course, he has to do all of this naked.Ebook: 6537 - Lady Barbara
Treatment at the ChampagneBar
In the small champagne bar, the foot stallion tampered with my feet in the afternoon. First he smells my sweaty feet in the mules, then I can finally feel his big cock under my toes. After a short trampling action, he jerked the first full load of sperm on my bare red-painted toes. But as you know the stallion, there is more to come out of his big balls.Ebook: 6537 - Lady Barbara
Treatment at the ChampagneBar
In the small champagne bar, the foot stallion tampered with my feet in the afternoon. First he smells my sweaty feet in the mules, then I can finally feel his big cock under my toes. After a short trampling action, he jerked the first full load of sperm on my bare red-painted toes. But as you know the stallion, there is more to come out of his big balls.