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Ebook: 6385 - Lady Louise
Pink Dildo
Louise slowly peeled off her white blouse and floral skirt. The blonde Polish woman wears a blue bra and blue panties with the sheer nylons on suspenders, which she pushes aside at the end. Then her horny little dildo is used again and plows the always wet, shaved cunt of the exhibitionist Lady.Ebook: 6386 - Lady Ewa
Turning Pages
Today Lady Ewa got the order from member Herbert from Nuremberg to turn the pages of an old book with her toes. After the blonde Polish Lady had carefully taken off her 16cm high peep-toe pumps (its not that easy with long toenails), she turns the pages of the old book just as carefully.Ebook: 6387 - Lady Valerie
RussianLady among Wankers
When Valerie poses on a forest path, a few men are quickly on hand to take the 26 year old Russian Lady as their wanking template. While the guys rub their dicks, the young Russian Lady provocatively shows her suspenders and her bare fuck slit to the guys. Always hoping that she gets to see many stiff and jerking cocks.Ebook: 6388 - Lady Barbara
Neglige & Stinky Footsoles
Today I show you the wish from a member in the updates: I hold my stinky bare footsoles on the terrace into the camera, while I am wearing leggins and negligee. My boobs are bound with tight rubber rings. Sometimes I like to be a foot + boob object for wankers. But I also need slaveswho will kiss my stinky toes and lick my stinky foot soles!Ebook: 6389 - Lady Ewa
Ballbusting + Footworship
In short denim skirts and a white top, Lady Ewa made an appointment with a member in a parking lot in Neuss. She wants to vent her frustration on men again with a hard ballbusting on a submissive slave. After every kick in his testicles, he thanks the Polish woman with intense kisses for the favor she granted him.Ebook: 6390 - Lady Heike
Miss Lower Rhine
On special request of a member, the Lady with the big udders is showing off today first in a hot black pleated skirt and black stockings on garter belts at the entrance of Geldern. Soon the hot blonde undresses and shows only her big hanging tits and is then completely naked just in stockings, suspenders and a slave collar with chain. The blonde beauty could easily be a mature Miss Lower Rhine.Ebook: 6391 - Lady Valerie
On the HighwayBridge
In suspenders and sheer nylons, Valerie poses on a motorway bridge on the A57 near Düsseldorf. She has opened her short yellow coat wide. In the middle of the bridge, the young Russian poses and takes off her coat completely. For this she gets honking applause from the truckers, who enjoy the short change and a scooter driver has stopped at the end of the bridge. To see the traffic, of course.Ebook: 6392 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Used on the Massage Bench
At noon I was time for styling before the party started at 8 p.m. It was a normal party with a lot of wine and champagne and with horny feet kissers. When almost everyone had already left late in the night, I was danced so hard by a member, that I had to make myself comfortable in the back room, exhausted. I must have dozed off. The party guest was so horny for my pumps that he took advantage of the situation when I was resting on the cosmetic bed. He grabbed me, fubled my vagina, buttocks and boobs, and he took off my elegant, high pumps. Then he rubbed his dick on my legs, before he wanked into my pumps at the end. During the night I didnt notice anything, not even the sperm in my pumps. I only saw everything on the video. Well done, unknown wanker. I love that!Ebook: 6393 - Lady Heike
Heike´s Private Brothel
EHEHURE (Married Slut) had the blonde hobby hooker written with lipstick on her chest by afan to please her master. And so she is probably also known. Today you can see various photos of the shaved Lady with the saggy bulbs, which were mainly shot in the course of time in her sex apartment at the train station in Geldern. If you also have a horny marriage whore that you would like us to present, then get in touch. Send us a photo and well see.Ebook: 6394 - Lady Barbara
Relaxing after NailPolish
After I have freshly polished my toe nails, I made myself comfortable on the massage table and leave my toes wide apart so that the toenails can dry. Because laterI am about to go dancing.  But only in may mind, because clubs always have closed. So I dance alone in the living room until the clubs reopen. Lately more and more slaves have asked me how they can get to know me after Corona. Its relatively easy: meet me while dancing and by chance have a couple of comfortable, soft wedge mules (size 37) with you, and a tube of foot cream. Then you have the chance to serve me after all the dancing. For Free.Ebook: 6395 - Lady Ewa
Wide Dirty Foot Soles
After an extensive barefoot run on Lake Kaarst near Neuss/Rhineland, the soles of Ewa´s feet look like this - really dirty. Are you an obedient slave? Then get down on your knees and get out with your wet tongue! Lick the lLdys dirty mud soles clean! And if you are not mobile now, have to work or cannot because of your jealous housewife, then do it on the screen. Now ! Serve the Lady.Ebook: 6396 - HD-Video with Lady Gina
Videotrailer of a StilettoBeginner
Here the mature, elegant Polish-Gina shows some of her experiences on video. From the first (still very clumsy) tottering in 16 cm high stilettos on a dirt road (please don´t laugh!), demonstration in a transparent blouse on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf, use by members at home and in parking lots, and how she is used as a mouth urinal. A nice overview for all the Fans of this elegant, pervert Poland Lady.Ebook: 6397 - Lady Barbara
Horny Pantyhose Lover
During a tour to the Moselle, member Orkan convinced me to meet him again later. The horny Turk man with the big cock is fascinated by my sexy pantyhose buttocks. Hes trying to go in my pants when we met at a parking lot near the water. When he notices that I was already at a wine tasting and was well bluna, he kisses my pantyhose ass and rubs his stiff cock on my hot stockinged buttocks. Carry on boy ... I just thought.Ebook: 6398 - Lady Heike
HeelsGames in the Garden
After Heike came home from work in nylons and a light dress, she sat at the little iron table in the garden and played with her shaved vagina. Was she working like that? Without bra and panties, just with the thin dress over her saggy hangers? First of all she asked for a glass of champaign. Then she pressed her own pumps and of course also my pointy designer pumps that were on the table, firmly against her clitoris. Above all, she rubs the tips of the shoes against her long, moist labia. Would Heike prefer a dick instead of heels?Ebook: 6399 - Lady Lena
At the Pump House
After an evening on the party mile, Lady Lena walks around half-naked in suspenders and seamed nylons at the pump house in Krefeld-Oppum at night. The submissive fetishist also wears red suede pumps with a platform. And because the photographer had given her a lot of wine beforehand, Lena now sprays the weeds with a powerful jet from her horny, wide-open vagina. Was the photographer afterwards also allowed to use her vagina?Ebook: 6400 - Lady Ewa
Hot Buttocks under Transparente Skirt
For all fans of transparent clothing, Lady Ewa is wearing a green, transparent skirt through which everyone can see her hot buttocks, together with sexy seamed nylons and 18 cm high gold pumps. Take a look at how you can see her sexy bottom through the thin fabric. So the Lady cycled on her bike from Schiefbahn to us in Willich. It is a wonder that she did not pull hordes of men behind her.Ebook: 6401 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Secretly Used Feet
Towards the end of a party, I was drained and tired when this visitor sneaked into my relaxation room. He tampers with my legs, feet and shoes while IEbook: 6402 - Lady Heike
Naked at the BusStop
What is the horny Lady Heike doing today, stark naked, only with a collar and high-heeled pumps in Geldern at a bus stop. Is she waiting for her next user or does she want to ride the bus naked? When nothing happend and it became boaring for Heike, the horny blonde kneeled there on all fours and sticked out her hot big buttocks. DId she want to be fucked or licked?Ebook: 6403 - Lady Ewa
NylonLady in a Bedroom Studio
Lady Ewa is visiting member Nylonfritzin Heinsberg. In his bedroom the Lady ties the slave who is very horny on nylons to his cross before treating him with her sexy stocking-hands and with a whip. The blone Polish ties his balls off with her worn tights, which the slave can sniff before. In the end, she jams his dick between the sole of her foot and her mule.Ebook: 6404 - Lady Valerie
Half Naked to the Examination
Valerie takes a walk on a paved dirt road on the A57 motorway near Neuss. The slim Russian is only dressed in a black suspender belt, sheer black nylon stockings and red suede pumps. She has her small handbag with her and today Valerie wears a metal slave collar around her neck. Will she be presented to her new Dominus?Ebook: 6405 - Lady Erika
Negligee in the Garden
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Here I am showing a short, transparent negligee with only high-heeled mules on my feet in the garden. Some of the neighbors probably saw me again, but what the heck? By now everyone knows that Im a horny toe whore who loves fetish sexEbook: 6406 - Lady Barbara
QuadTour in OuvertTights
Today I did a little quad tour in the mountains. At a certain point I only rode with a small shirt, open crotch pantyhose and high-heeled pumps. Once at the top I pose on the quad and show you my secrets. Should I take you with me on a tour through the mountains? Perhaps in ultra-sheer stockings on suspenders and sexy open-toe sandals or mules with thin straps? You can hold on to my big balloons while driving, and I can sit on your hard club.Ebook: 6407 - Lady Ewa
Lady with Drill
Today you see Lady Ewa in a transparent catsuit and 16 cm high shiny red pumps with an electric hammer in her hand. Her large breasts are tied under the catsuit with tight rubber rings so that they do not wobble while working. Can she even handle the hammer drill? Seems like the hot Polski would rather have a living hammer for her wet shaved vagina instead of the heavy handicraft tool. Do you have a hammer for polish vaginas?Ebook: 6408 - Lady Heike
Upskirt Sundays in Geldern
The horny housewife Heike is looking for her breast pump in the car. When she finally finds it, of course she has to put it on and show in front of the camera how she works with it. Of course there is no milk, not surprising at this age. But Heike is working on it. Anyone who has tips and would like to help are welcome to get in touch. There must be something to get out of these big hangers ...Ebook: 6409 - Lady Erika
Delicate Champagne
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were never posted on Legsworld before. Today Ill show you how I sip my own nectar. In a studio in Frankfurt I had to sit naked on a leather chair after I got a bottle of champagne to drink from the studio operator. I got a glass, had to pee in it and then slurp my pee. Perhaps you would also like to try my sparkling wine, it is delicious.Ebook: 6410 - Lady Heike
Finally ParkingLot Dicks Again !
Heike couldnt help it again and is near the A57 again. Almost naked, dressed only in a wide-meshed fishnet catsuit and open-toe pumps, the horny wife is stumbling through the forest. Always in the hope that there will be some horny gropers and wankers for her. Every now and then she has to stand at attention or stretch her hot nipples. In the end, the blonde is allowed to serve two guys with her hand and mouth cunt. Finally fresh, foreign sperm for slutty again.Ebook: 6411 - Lady Heike
Shave on the Bidet and then to a Car Park
After she not only brushed her teeth with an electric toothbrush, but above polished her clitoris with it, the blond, curly haired Heike shaves her vaginal hair correctly on the bidet at home. Everything has to be bare! Then she is allowed to serve her master with her mouth, as it should be for an obedient country slave. Then, as so often, she wants to be brought somewhere to a parking lot where complete strangers can to use the naked slut.Ebook: 6412 - Lady Louise
With Seamed Nylons in Bed
Today Lady Louise is posing in white lingerie and sheer brown seamed nylons on her bed. The blonde wears white strappy sandals on her feet. In the course of the photo shoot, the seductive Heels-Louise pulls her panties aside and shows us her tight and, as always, perfectly shaved vagina.Ebook: 6413 - Lady Barbara
Footsoles and Bikini
Today, it was very hot here in Spain. After I was back home after a stroll through the market, I thought to myself: Better get out of the clothes, and especially out of the narrow pumps. So I put on my yellow bikini and matching 16 cm high, yellow slippers. I relax on the terrace with a glass of champagne and show you my naked stinky foot soles.Ebook: 6414 - Lady Louise
Tiger Lingerie
Louise is posing for a member in sexy tiger lingerie. Unter her panties the hot blondie is wearing a sheer skin-colored pantyhose. And because showing her sexy body makes Louise so hot, she spreads her pussy lips wide open and takes her dildo at the end. Where it belongs.Ebook: 6415 - Lady Ewa
On Willy´s Balcony
Today is the sexy Lady is visiting Member Willi in Krefeld, Germany. In a sheer dress with ultra-sheer nylons, the Polish is posing permissive and with naked butt on Willi´s balcony. Whether the male neighbors will probably watch the horny blonde? Willi anyway, gets his dick out of his pants and shows how the Lady makes him hot.Ebook: 6415 - Lady Ewa
On Willy´s Balcony
Today is the sexy Lady is visiting Member Willi in Krefeld, Germany. In a sheer dress with ultra-sheer nylons, the Polish is posing permissive and with naked butt on Willi´s balcony. Whether the male neighbors will probably watch the horny blonde? Willi anyway, gets his dick out of his pants and shows how the Lady makes him hot.