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Ebook: 6354 - Lady Heike
The Broken Heel
Ehehure Heike is my guest again. She plays with a pair of sexy 18 cm high silver pumps on the terrace and carelessly breaks off a heel. The always horny hobby whore has to be punished for this. What would be a just nice punishment? The fact that she has to put the broken heel into her vagina is more fun than punishment for her. What do you suggest?Ebook: 6355 - Lady Barbara
Nylons + Pumps
Classic in an elegant costume, black sheer nylonstockings and 16cm-high lace pumps by elite heels, I made a stroll in the city. When I got home, I had to sit down first, because the feet hurt a lot. As my photographer wanted to take new pictures, I got installed the tight rubber rings to my boobs. In the city I still dont trust to go with them.Ebook: 6356 - Lady Ewa
Member-Meeting in the Forest
At an outdoor meeting near Cologne, the Lady is groped by members in the forest. Everyone was allowed to touch what they had previously only been able to admire here in the Internet: the tight, big buttocks, the bulging boobs. And sometimes pull on the Ladys nipples. In the end, they used the red-polished toes of the Lady as a wanking object.Ebook: 6357 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
Tottering in Mules
Member Egon likes it when young foreign women dance to his tune. That is why Russian Valerie wears a red top, red hot pants and is walking around in 16 cm high mules at the Willich waterworks. Because there Egon can secretly observe her. As you can see, it is not that easy to heel off perfectly on 16cm high mules with a pencil heel. But see for yourself.Ebook: 6358 - Lady Barbara
Nylon-FootSoles on Terrace
Here I pose for you with breast rubbers under my bikini top on the terrace in Spain and show you my heavily stinky footsoles covered with sheer nylonstockings. This time the photos were taken by Tommy, an acquaintance who lives there and who has always been after me. By the way, your nylon feet smell particularly good at 30 degrees in the shade, he said jokingly while we were doing the shoot. But I think he had a stiffness in his pants.Ebook: 6359 - Lady Ewa
Colorfully at the old Roadster
For fans of colorful design, Lady Ewa poses in a pink hat, red top, a checked tartan mini and blue stiletto pumps in front of an old English roadster. In addition, of course, she wears ultra-sheer black nylons with seams. Is anyone is watching the sexy Polish mare? One of her car park friends from the Neuss forest car park?Ebook: 6360 - Lady Svetlana
Dirty Footsoles of a Russian Lady
Russian Lady Svetlana from Duesseldorf walks barefoot on a dusty dirt road in her red dress. She has just taken off her nylons and sandals. As she sits down on a guardrail, she shows the photographer the soles of her dusty gray feet. In the event of a meeting you, slave, have to lick the eastern Ladys feet pretty clean. Geddit? Obey the Russian Lady!Ebook: 6361 - Lady Ewa
The Pantyhose Biker
With member Bernd from Aachen, the Lady was meeing at a farm, wearin 16 cm high heeled pumps, sheer pantyhose and a mini skirt. The horny biker also was wearing a pantyhose, so that both made a grab at each other over the sheer pantyhoses between their legs.Ebook: 6362 - Lady Barbara
SatinLeggins + Goldpumps
In a skin-tight satin leggings and toe open golden pumps, I walk in this photo series masked and with laced up breasts under the jacket through a settlement. I have to look that I will not stumble, because I can see only dimly. Whether wankers were watching me at my titt-show , will be an enduring mystery of the photographer.Ebook: 6363 - Lady Ewa
Summerdress + Pantyhose
In a thin summer dress and with high-heeled sling pumps on her feet, Ewa presents sheer, skin-colored tights at the jeep. She keeps holding her bulging pantyhose buttocks into the camera and then she goes with her hand behind the thin fabric to her bare vagina. Is she still so horny to show in front of the camera?Ebook: 6364 - Lady Svetlana
Svetlana on the Park Bench
Svetlana goes for a walk through a park in Dortmund in silver mules and a turquoise-black costume. The young Russian woman wears sheer, skin-colored hold-up nylons on her legs, and she likes to show off the lace tops of the stockings. On a park bench she starts to play with her mules ... and as you can see in the background, she is already being observed.Ebook: 6365 - Lady Ewa
Roadster + Pantyhose
In the Legsworld Roadster, the Lady drove to a lonely parking lot between the fields near Willich and posed in front of the silver vehicle in crotchless sheer tights, black / red costume and 17cm high open-toe patent leather pumps. While smoking, she notices two wankers who are hiding in the bushes. She pulls up her skirt and demonstratively shows her bare vagina into their direction.Ebook: 6366 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Vintage Boob Games
Only with high-heeled, black mules on my feet, I am playing a great boobs game with a member. Naked with an updo hairstyle and freshly shaved vagina, I dance a hot boobs dance in front of the horny guy in my very first heels studio. I let him tie my boobs hard and pimulate my steely nipples. Its a super awesome feeling, especially when a hard cock wanks in front of me, my pussy gets wet. You can see the whole thing in a 13-minute video. Have fun, and mybe we two once dance together.Ebook: 6367 - Lady Valerie
Smoking Valerie at the ForestPArking
Valerie takes a short break in dark brown nylons and pumps in a forest parking lot beside the street and smokes a cigarette. She lets you see the garter belts again and again and she has also unbuttoned her costume jacket so that her bare breasts can be seen. Secretly, the young Russian hopes for mature, well-off wankers, whom she can show a little more.Ebook: 6368 - Lady Ewa
Body Measurements
Member Leo from Dortmund gets a visit from the hot Poland Lady because she would like to be measured extensively. After the Lady has stripped herself completely naked down to the high platform mules, she gets several office rubbers pulled around her tits and then her body is measured in detail with a tape measure and a caliper. From chest to toes.Ebook: 6369 - Lady Heike
Slut At the Bus Shelter
The half-naked Lady Heike is waiting with a collar and otherwise scantily clad in a black summer dress, sheer nylonstockings and black pumps at a lonely bus stop on the Lower Rhine. She awaits a horny member. With every passing car the blonde spreads her legs and shows her shaved cunt to the driver, always in the hope: this is my customer.Ebook: 6370 - Lady Barbara
Footjob at the Rhineshore
After a walk on the Rhine promenade in Düsseldorf, Orkan got so hot on my tits and feet that he wanted to unload his balls on my toes. We drove to the Rhine beach near the harbor, where he first touched my ass and then he wanted a footjob. This update also features the slow-motion videos footfucking, tit wiggling and ass grabbing.Ebook: 6371 - Lady Ewa
Wanker´s Help (2)
Sometimes Lady Ewa meets this horny wanker on a parking around Duesseldorf. Almost with pictures from me. Because he is a long time member, the sexy Polish almost helps him to jerk off. In such cases the attractive Polish likes to be a wanker´s help, the main thing is that hot member-sperm is flowing!Ebook: 6372 - Lady Lena
Catsuit + Strapon
Lady Lena poses in a hot night at a car wash in Duisburg only in a transparent lace catsuit and red suede pumps with a strapon. Actually there should be a lot of cruisers on the road, but unfortunately there was no slave to take on. So where are you ? Who can Lena take in front of the camera with her strapon? Mask not a problem.Ebook: 6373 - Lady Valerie
Waiting at the Bus Station
Valerie is out and about at a park in a business dress today. In her beige, tight dress, a pair of sheer, skin-colored nylons on suspenders and high-heeled leopard sandals, the horny Russian woman puts on make-up at a bus stop and she provocatively shows her suspenders to cyclists and motorists which are passing by.Ebook: 6374 - Lady Barbara
BarefootNylons at the Terrace
Im going to show you the soles of my thin stockings on the terrace today. After taking a stroll through the town with Alberts barefoot nylons and mules in spite of the heat at noon, luckily in the evening a cool breeze came from the sea and I was able to put my tired feet on the table for now. The barefoot nylons were completely wet with sweat and my feet gave off a scent that anyone could have smelled while walking by.Ebook: 6375 - Lady Svetlana
Victory ! on the GardenSwing
Russian Mare Svetlana plays with slave Tim and lets him kiss her black pumps. Repeatedly, the hot slave must suck off the heels of the Svetlana´s  shoes while she is comfortably seated on the swing in the garden. At the end he got Svetlana´s shoe in his face and must lick clean the grip soles of the pumps.Ebook: 6376 - Lady Ewa
Sandals + Jeans
In this series, Lady Ewa presents various gold-colored sandals to go with her tight, blue jeans. While she mostly sits in the massage chair in the living room and smokes a cigarette, she shows her sexy sandal feet. Today, as is so often the case, her toenails are long and painted silver-white, which often makes them stand out in the neighborhood.Ebook: 6377 - Lady Svetlana
At the Balkony
On the balcony of her high-rise flat, Russian Lady Svetlana takes off her skirt for the photographer and shows her little wet panties. She knows that the horny old buck from the house in the other side is covering her with binoculars again, as is often the case when she is dressed sexy. Can you see him?Ebook: 6378 - Lady Barbara
Sheer Dress
Slightly dressed in a sexy summer dress and dainty designer sandals, I am posing for you today on a garden chair in the rock cellar under my bedroom. Sometimes I sit there with my legs apart, sometimes I hold the worn soles of my dance sandals in front of the camera. Do you want to go dancing with me soon?Ebook: 6379 - Lady Valerie
Valerie Shows her Soles
Today Valerie wears red hot pants, a red top and 15 cm high red mules at the gate of the waterworks in Willich. In this series she tries to let you look at her bare, sweaty footsoles from behind into the mules. What would you prefer to do at this point? Would you rather smell the gap between the soles of her feet and shoes or slide your cock into it?Ebook: 6380 - Lady Ewa
Lady in Clear Film
Today the Lady wraps herself completely in cling film. The blonde Polish woman wears sheer black nylons on suspenders and red patent leather pumps with extremely high heels. How long can she stand in such stilettos when her legs are tightly packed together? Is it still fun for her in the end or is this restricted standing in heels rather uncomfortable for the Lady in the long run?Ebook: 6381 - Lady Barbara
Here I am cleaning the windows of my bedromm while it is raining. I am wearing a guccci dress and sandals from santa cruz where my little toes are mostly hanging out ... incl 11 min video. The original luxury garment of Gucci (EU size 40 - but seems to be smaller) is for sale. Make me an offer!Ebook: 6382 - Lady Ewa
Lady on the Mountainbike
For the fans of super short mini skirts, Lady Ewa today is posing on a mountain bike with sheer nylon stockings and high-heeled, open toe patent leather pumps. Look under the short skirt of the Lady. And certainly many people ask themselves, how deep the narrow saddle probably pushes into the ass notch of the Polish Lady?Ebook: 6383 - Lady Louise
Pantyhose Lady Louise
My blonde friend Louise, a divorced very horny 41 year old secretary, shows herself here in black sheer tights and black pumps. After pulling off her tights, the blonde Polish girl plays with a small dildo on her freshly clipped vagina.Ebook: 6384 - Lady Barbara
Before the Concert Visit
Before I go to a classical concert in the evening, Ill pose for you in the dress Ill be wearing. A black and red summer dress with sheer nylons and 16cm high pumps. I wear a gold anklet on my right leg. As so often, I left the slip off again. The suspender belt to the nylons has to be enough, then it doesnt pinch between my legs.Ebook: 6384 - Lady Barbara
Before the Concert Visit
Before I go to a classical concert in the evening, Ill pose for you in the dress Ill be wearing. A black and red summer dress with sheer nylons and 16cm high pumps. I wear a gold anklet on my right leg. As so often, I left the slip off again. The suspender belt to the nylons has to be enough, then it doesnt pinch between my legs.