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Ebook: 6324 - Lady Heike
FashionShow by Ehehure Heike
Elegantly dressed in various costumes and clothes, Heike should sit on a stool and present herself as a chaste wife. But of course the horny married whore couldnt help but pull her big boobs out of her clothes again and again. When you see her like that, which dress would you after Corona most like to wipe your drooling hot cock on or would you like to fuck the slut?Ebook: 6325 - Lady Ewa
Naked Lady with Hot Heels
Lady Ewa can hardly walk on these 18cm high gold pumps, but she does not like the High-Heels only on her feet. She loves to lick the Heels and pressing the shoes against her cunt. The sexy blondynka sits on a rock in a scalp garden and makes the owner, Grandpa Herbert from Gelsenkirchen, a treat by posing butt naked there. She got boobs, what? He says that to his friends, the pigeons Jupp and Fritz. And then the three look forward, what the naked Polish slut Ewa will do with the shoes.Ebook: 6326 - Lady Barbara
FootSoles at the Motor Home
For all sole fans there is another series from the last time on the Rhine. At a campsite I sit in front of the mobile home in a transparent negligee and show you the soles of my sweaty feet. As I have now heard, a member has stood with his mobile home just behind us and he watched everything. Its a shame that you didnt dare to come over with 1 or 2 bottles of wine, Friedrich. It would have been very easy. Obstler would be good too for in between.Ebook: 6327 - HD-Video with Lady Svetlana
Svetlana & the Masked Slave
Boss Svetlana sits at her desk and orders the masked slave to pour her a glass of red wine. But thats just the beginning of the harassment. Because of course, the poor guy must lick her dirty, sweaty feet clean. Foot job? Wrong! At the end he is only allowed to rub his cock on the shoes of the strict Russian woman.Ebook: 6328 - Lady Heike
Window Cleaning with Butt-Show
In a black, white dotted polka dress with hanging out tits, black seamed nylons and red platform mules, the long-legged Heike cleans the windows. In between she pulls up the dress again and again so that you have a clear view to her hot buttocks. In the end she is almost naked, and she is cleaning only in hold-ups and mules.Ebook: 6329 - Lady Ewa
In the garden, Lady Ewa is sitting at the small seating area and puts intensively some lotion on her bare feet after she pulled out the red plateau mules. Blondy had polished her long toenails freshly before that. Of course Ladylike in red. When the feet are slippery, the Polish toe slut pulls two condoms over the freshly greased feet. Then she presents her Condomfeet first in the high mules and then barefoot with anklets. Of course, Ewa keeps her naked feet therewhile always high-heeled.Ebook: 6330 - Lady Barbara
Dog Care in Heels & Tights
Because more of you members wanted to see private pictures from me, I show you today how it looks when I do the daily dog care in the morning. To my mules I wear an old leggings or pantyhose and over my titts, which I bind in the morning, a tight jumper. Do you want to become my dog? To get under my thumb and be treated with brush and oil?Ebook: 6331 - HD-Video with Lady Svetlana
Slave on the Desk
Boss Svetlana takes care of the slave again in the office. This time he has to lie down on the her writing table and the Russian woman handles his balls and dick. First she clamps a number of clothespins on his balls. Then she sits on him and wanks his prickn with her mules. And as you can see, Miss Russia has a lot of fun.Ebook: 6332 - Lady Ewa
Elegant Lady in the Park
Lady Ewa sits in the park smoking on a garden chair and after being tied by two men, the hot Polish Lady is groped by these all over her body. While one is chotol on the big silicone boobs of the Polish mare and jerks on them, she must blow the dick of the other. Will she get the full load in her mouth again?Ebook: 6333 - Lady Ewa
On the Sunbed
Today sexy Lady Ewa relaxes in a thin shirt, jeans mini and 16 cm high open-toe pumps in the garden on the lounger. She puts cream on her legs, feet and bottom. Actually, the neighboring houses would be ideally located for a horny voyeur. THehis could get to see a lot from Ewa and me.Ebook: 6334 - Lady Barbara
Holidays in Mules
A transparent, sexy evening dress, a black hat and, above all, high-heeled mules are often my preferred clothes here in Spain when I go out in the evening. Before going to a tappas bar, Ill be posing in this dress for you by the pool today. I also wear sexy wooden mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi.Ebook: 6335 - Lady Ewa
Nude Walk in the Forest
Lady Ewa is led stark naked by some members through a forest and presented there to strange wankers. The only thing the Polish mare is allowed to wear are a pair of high-heeled sandals. Otherwise, the Lady is stark naked and exposed to the greedy looks of the total stranger horny men. She seems to enjoy that she alone is the object of desire.Ebook: 6336 - Lady Erika
Pee at the Bus Station
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today I will show you what I do at a bus stop when the bus does not come: I pull my skirt up and pee in advance so that I don?t have to pee in the bus. Maybe a horny voyeur will watch me.Ebook: 6337 - Lady Lena
Catsuit in the City
Member mats from Hanover wanted to observe a sexy Lady secretly in a Catsuit in the city at night. Therefore, executive secretary Lena this night strolls around in Krefeld nearly naked only with a black, ouvert Catsuit and high-heeled sandals. She walks over a bridge, through an S-Bahn station and is posing in front of an advertising column.Ebook: 6338 - Lady Ewa
Horny Nylonsoles
For the lovers of extremely sheer stockinged nylon soles, Lady Ewa is posing today in reinforced, skin coloured nylons with seam. The update contains nice close-ups where you can almost smell the sweet scent of Ewa´s nylon footsoles . Kneel before their table and press your nose firmly on the beautiful sexy toes of the Polish Madame.Ebook: 6339 - Lady Barbara
Eveningdress in the Pool
Today I go into the pool again dressed elegantly. In a black evening dress with a white summer hat, I go into the water and swim a lap. My hot white thong shimmers through the dress, just like the tight rubber rings for my boobs. As a precaution, I left the expensive designer stilettos outside, the good pieces shouldnt be damaged.Ebook: 6340 - Lady Louise
Pantyhose and Lingerie
The recently divorced 41-year-old secretary shows herself today in an elegant white suit and sexy strappy sandals in white. After the native Polish has taken off her cream colored costume, she presents what she is wearing underneath: yellow lace lingerie and gray sheer tights.Ebook: 6341 - Lady Ewa
BlowJob in the Forest
Member Holger got a promise from Lady Ewa that she would suck his cock extensively in front of other men, if he signed a 3-month membership with us. During a lingerie presentation in a forest he was among the other wankers and could feel the hot Polish girls mouth on his dick. As befits a Lady, she only sucks dicks with a condom.Ebook: 6342 - Lady Barbara
Foot Slave at the Pool
Foot slave Christophe from France serves his Polish Madame -as he calls me- here at my pool in Spain where I rub my bikini cunt on his hairy back. The obedient guy kisses the soles of my shoes, eagerly inhales the scent of my stinky toes and then he polishes my nails. As a reward he can kiss my feet and I play with my heels on his little penis. At the end he gets a short footjob for his wienie.Ebook: 6343 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhoseshow at the Jeep
With anultra-sheer nylon pantyhose under the short tartan skirt and black high-heeled sling pumps on her feet, Lady Ewa is posing in front of my Jeep at the waterworks in Willich. Whether the workers in the waterworks probably are watching her secretly? Many in Willich men are perv on the blonde Polish with the long legs and the big boobs..Ebook: 6344 - Lady Carmen
Mules + Jeans
Brazilian Carmen from Wuppertal is showcasing her sexy, bronzed feet (nice hammertoes!) with the red nails in 15 cm high heeled red mules. On her legs she is wearing a blue jeans and on top only a black bra at the beginning. Later she is topless. Who wants to jerk on her toes or into her mules, till the sperm comes out between her toes?Ebook: 6345 - Lady Barbara
Muffins Crushing
Here I show you, how I am crushing some muffins. See in many closeups and video clips, how I stick my long toenails into the muffins and how my toes make only small crumbs from them. At the end I show you how dirty my naked footsoles are and full of crumbs. Inclusive 12min HD-Video.Ebook: 6346 - Lady Ewa
Naked wirh Hat
Lady Ewa is enjoying the beautiful days in the garden, stark naked, on the sun lounger, wearing only a hat and sunglasses. The stark-naked Polish woman puts cream on her body and relaxes. Of course not without smoking a cigarette and blowing out the smoke with relish. Unfortunately, today she lacks the slave she can blow on with her smoke.Ebook: 6347 - Lady Heike
Semen Brunch for the Toey Blondie
Before Heike went to work, the bustling marriage whore wanted to go to a wanker parking lot. While blondy is waiting by the car in a black dress and red / black peep toe pumps, two horny guys approach her. One of the two grabs the horny marriage whore right away, and the other licks her pussy. In the end, the horny Heike -as mostly bare naked- was allowed to serve both cocks with her mouth and get her breakfast.Ebook: 6348 - Lady Barbara
Smoking in Knit Dress
Here I am posing for you in a tight cappucino knit dress and red shiny platform mules in the garden, while I am smoking cigarettes. I have bound mit tits tight with some rubber rings under the knitwear, so that  my permanent stiff nipples seem to come through the sheer fabric. Before the shooting I was on the solarium. You can see my sun tanned feet - a good contrast to my white foot soles.Ebook: 6349 - Lady Ewa
Masturbating Widow
The Lady is posing today as a grieving widow in a black costume, veil, ultra sheer beige nylon stockings and 16cm high heeled pumps, but she forgot the slip.  What she probably thinks? At the End of the serie, she lifts her skirt and rubbs her shaved pussy.Ebook: 6350 - VintageMovie with Barbara &  Yolanda
V01 - Trying Exclusive Shoes
Video 01 - Exclusive shoe fittings. The vintage videos were re-scanned and converted to MP4 format. Here YOU can see how I walk around in 15cm high heels in everyday life in the 90s, how I paint my toenails beforehand and how I trample slaves. In the end my submissive, Polish friend Yolanda gets the first high heels from her husband ...Ebook: 6351 - Lady Barbara
Cold Leather on my Pussy
I like these dainty Santa Cruz sandals and I like to feel their cold leather and the thin stiletto heels between my labia. But even when I wear these shoes in the streets, they feel super awesome with their thin straps. And the men almost always look behind me, especially when Ive polished my long toenails bright red. Maybe they think i´m crazy.Ebook: 6352 - Lady Valerie
Sexy Butt
Valerie is out and about in a shabby neighborhood in Duisburg. The young Russian Lady continues to undress until she is only standing there in her sexy lingerie and pumps. This is how Valerie presents you her firm buttocks. Are there any horny bucks lying in wait somewhere that are secretly covering the young mare?Ebook: 6353 - Lady Ewa
Harley Lady
Lady Ewa poses in 16cm high platform mules and black seamed nylons on a Harley. In addition, she wears a short tartan skirt and only a pair of tight nylon panties which she also likes to pull aside to show her vagina. There are also nice close-ups of her shoe soles with the wide feet that protrude to the sides.Ebook: 6353 - Lady Ewa
Harley Lady
Lady Ewa poses in 16cm high platform mules and black seamed nylons on a Harley. In addition, she wears a short tartan skirt and only a pair of tight nylon panties which she also likes to pull aside to show her vagina. There are also nice close-ups of her shoe soles with the wide feet that protrude to the sides.