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Ebook: 6293 - Lady Barbara
In the Red Dressing Gown
Quickly a few photos before breakfast: Im not fully awake yet and not fully dressed, when my webmaster takes out the camera and takes photos of me. Fortunately Im already made up ;-) Here you can see me with a red dressing gown over my lingerie and black and white sandals. What do you thing, can the neighbor see me?Ebook: 6294 - Lady Barbara
In Spain with 25cm Heels
When I wear these over 25cm high platform thongs in Spain, everyone, but really everyone, looks behind me. Maybe the one or the other good dad has his sunglasses fall off his head when he recognizes my long toenails. By the way, there was also shaking of the heads, but I dont care what stuffed shirts ?think.Ebook: 6295 - Lady Ewa
24h in the Hotel: 5. Taking a Bath with Nylons
Today the 5th part of the series 24h in the hotel with Lady Ewa and member Upskirt is about the following: After she has had dinner with the horny nylon fan, the hot blonde gets into the bathtub. With sheer nylon stockings on a garterbelt, of course. She only took off the red platform mules after smoking and drinking a glass of champagne.Ebook: 6296 - Lady Svetlana
With HoldUps & Blank Buttocks through the Park
Why shouldnt you just pull up your skirt while strolling through the park, Svetlana from Cologne thinks. And so the naturally horny Russian walks with hold-up nylons, high mules and bare bottom through a castle park in Mönchengladbach. It doesnt seem to bother the strollers present. And wankers? Unfortunately false report.Ebook: 6297 - Lady Nicole
The FootFriend & the Curch Mouse
Foot and shoe fan Markus from Aachen is very enthusiastic about the young church employee with the large cross around her neck. First, Markus tries on a pair of shoes for the good footsex beginner, but when she accidentally pressed her foot into his crotch, Nicole felt the big bump and member Markus had to get his cock out. To the delight of Markus it then ended up between Nicoles foot and shoe sole.Ebook: 6298 - Lady Barbara
Summerhat + daringly Decollete
Because a lot of members wanted to see me back after a break, here is my first new series in a  summer dress with daringly decollete and 15 cm high heeled sexy mules. To all, I am still wearing a light beige summer hat and as so often much jewelry. I like this bling-bling and I know that you like it when it jingles nicely during the handjob.Ebook: 6299 - Lady Ewa
Dear Doctor makes a Cigarette Break
Dr. Ewa takes a short smoke break on the antique garden swing before examining the suitability of the next patient. As usual, the Polish doctor only wears a white blouse, tight briefs and 16 cm high red patent leather pumps with toe opening during testicular examinations. If that doesnt work, nothing works anymore, she says.Ebook: 6300 - Lady Heike
Again at the Glory Holes
The big-titted Heike has made herself chic for the porn cinema. She wears skin-colored seamed nylons and high-heeled black patent leather pumps with her lace dress. When she stands in front of the porn cinema in Duisburg, the anticipation is great again: When she sees the stiff cocks hanging out of the fucking hatches, her eyes light up. She is in 7th dick heaven and sucks everything that hangs out of the hatches. Thick, thin, white, black, good smelling and also unwashed stinky dicks. Heikes mouth cunt is there for everyone.Ebook: 6301 - Lady Ewa
Biker, Jerk off in your Pantyhose !
Before the barn door is a horny bikers waiting for Lady Ewa. Under his Bikerdress, he wears a sheer nylon pantyhose. The Nylonbiker gropes Ewas tits, and she puts on rubber rings arounf her balls. When he pulls her black dress up, he realizes that the Lady is wearing also a pantyhose to her 16 cm high open toe pumps. He hassles her more and more until the Lady wanks his little dick under the pantyhose. Nice clip from the final scene.Ebook: 6302 - Lady Barbara
Boots + Breastrings
Some people book me sometimes for crazy walks in parks or through the city. Shortly before I set off on a frivolous stroll through Krefeld with a member, my photographer wanted to take a few more photos from me in the garden. With crocodile boots, sheer tights and rubber rings around my boobs under the lacquer coat, I am posing for you. Unfortunately, my photographer was not allowed to accompany us on the stroll.Ebook: 6303 - Lady Valerie
Strip in the Park
Russian Lady Valerie walks in a green costume and brown pumps through the park of an industrial complex on the Lower Rhine. When she finally finds a bank there, she takes off her costume and just walks on in her hold-up nylons, high-heeled pumps and in her sexy lingerie. Hopefully no one will meet her. Although: A horny wanker wouldnt be so bad ... said Valerie.Ebook: 6304 - Lady Ewa
The Slave with the Suction Tube
With the proboscis of his gas mask, slave member Benno from Rüdesheim can smell Lady Ewa´s body and inhale her divine scent. He holds his trunk to the fragrant, moist vagina of the horny Polish Lady and to her bitter anus. Benno smells under Ewas armpits, on her heels-feet and shoes. He just wants to suck in all the scent he can get from the blonde Polska-Goddess.Ebook: 6305 - Lady Svetlana
Trampling at the Pond
With unusual, open-toe, pink pumps, Russian Lady Svetlana tramples on slave Tim from Munich in the garden. Her heels dig deep into the slaves flesh and you can see how the Lady has fun tormenting the slave. Withal she is herself, also just a wank template. There will also be a video about this in the next few days.Ebook: 6306 - Lady Barbara
FootBull Orkan Cummed on me
Today my foot stallion Orkan from Hamburg came to visit me again. After the footfucker squirted my toes twice while footfucking, we did it a third time in front of the camera. This time there was a big load on my sweaty bare soles after the stallion had previously smelled my pantyhose buttocks extensively. Its a shame that he didnt even pull my tights down. I would have loved to feel his tongue between my buttocks.Ebook: 6307 - Lady Ewa
Dirty Shoesoles and Toes
In a forest parking lot, the Polish Lady was out and about with high-heeled narrow sandals. As she sat down on a stone table, some guys marvel at the Ladys sexy feet. Since she had been walking around there for some time, not only are the soles of the shoes were dirty, but also the toes that were hanging out of the shoes. Wheres the toe-licker that licks her dirty toes clean? Everyone is just interested in grabbing the blondes hot body.Ebook: 6308 - Lady Heike
Heike and the Crossdresser in Cinema
In the porn cinema near the Duisburg brothel, Ehehure Heike, in an elegant dress and ultra-sheer, shiny seamed nylons, serves a hot crossdresser with her warm mouth cunt. In between, she wants to blow the cock of another horny man in the cinema before it is the crossdresser´s turn again. Both can be sucked for over an hour but they have agreed not to give the frustrated Heike sperm. That is why she is looking more and more at the rest of the cinema dicks.Ebook: 6309 - Lady Barbara
Barefoot in Mules
Before my guest comes to tea time today, I quickly adjust the garden chairs. Ive already put on my dress for tea time: 15 cm high black patent leather mules on stark bare feet, plus jeans and a silky blouse with an underwire bra underneath. Just as my guest wanted ... When Corona is finally a thing of the past, I would like to go dancing in this outfit. Do you come with me?Ebook: 6310 - HD-Video with Lady Svetlana
PumpsTrampling at the Pond
Member Tim from Munich had booked her. And the hot Russian Mistress was extremely horny that day to crush a slave with her high heels. In a 7- minutes video you can see how Mistress Svetlana tramples on the submissive guy on the bridge in the garden. Again and again the masked slave feels the hard soles and heels of her platform pumps between his legs.Ebook: 6311 - Lady Ewa
Slave, on the Lead !
In Heinsberg, this slave is put on a leash next to the road and he is taken on all fours by the Lady to an old mill. In front of the building he has to strip naked and he must kiss the Ladys feet and lick between the the buttocks of the sexy mistress. In the end, the Polish blonde tries to milk the little slaves cock in a pair of mules.Ebook: 6312 - Lady Barbara
At the Wooden Bridge
On the wooden bridge in the garden I present my golden toe-free (no toe straps !) mules on the feet and around the top you can delight in my boobs. They are triple-tied under the turtleneck sweater with tight elastics so that they come into their own. Do you like the way the big balls stand under the sweater? Real bowl boobs said one of the viewers at the shoot. Can I venture out so into public without attracting attention?Ebook: 6313 - Lady Ewa
Naked in High Heels
Where does Lady Ewa stumble around here during the day, stark naked only in 16cm high pumps? Is that a campsite or the backyard of a brothel? The blonde Polish Lady doesnt need more than her high heels and some jewelry in the summer anyway, does she? But one thing is certain: the Lady was guaranteed to be gazed at!Ebook: 6314 - Lady Lena
Visiting a Strange Member at Home
Lady Lena is ordered to make a home visit and she is ringing the doorbell. Since member Herby from Neuss doesnt open immediately, the horny hobby whore with the big shaved cunt takes off her clothes on the doorstep as a precaution. Did he want me naked at the door? she thinks. She only leaves the hold-up nylons and high-heeled shoes on. When still nobody opened, Lena went around the house into the garden. But nobody is there either. Would anyone just gawk at the naked Lena without paying?Ebook: 6315 - Lady Ewa
Trying on Shoes in the Garden
Lady Ewa has brought some of my stilettos into the garden that she liked best. So she tries on several of the high heels on the terrace and poses with them. Some of them seem to smell good at my feet and she does what you also would do in such a case: She smells and licks the shoes.Ebook: 6316 - Lady Barbara
Sleep-Diva in Spandex
After the Dream Dates with a member, some photos were taken where you can see how the vaginal opening was torn from my spandex suit. During the date I was so horny that member Tom could (almost) do whatever he wanted with me. But what exactly happened remains our secret. At the end you can see me lying there and my red spandex suit was torn at an opening that was way too small...Ebook: 6317 - Lady Ewa
At the Old Deutz Tractor
In her 17cm high-heeled open-toe patent leather pumps, Lady Ewa poses with sheer nylons and suspenders on an old Deutz tractor. The horny Polish proudly sticks out her big boobs, which are tied off with a pair of office rubber rings, so that everyone can reach out to her balls, if someone is around.Ebook: 6318 - Lady Heike
ShoeWank on the Garden Table
On the garden table, Heike is presenting us her horny big butt and plays with my golden 18 cm high heeled pumps at her pussy. On her legs she is wearing black sheer hold-ups with seam and black shiny pumps with peep toe. Again and again she rubs the thin high heels on her clitoris and on the long pussy lips until she is wet.Ebook: 6319 - Lady Valerie
After the Office
After working in the office, Valerie poses for the photographer in a business dress in front of an old office building from the 1960s. For me this is pure relaxation from everyday office life, says the young Russian as she opens her legs and shows her panties and hold-up nylons. Hopefully her work colleagues are not watching her.Ebook: 6320 - Lady Barbara
Footsex in the LivingRoom
In the living room I play with my toes on the dick of my foot stallion Orkan. And he is so horny that he has to lie down on the carpet under my feet. The present Wannabe-Cuckold still stimulates the stallion on the nipples while he rubs his dick on my toes . In the end, Orkan jerks a load of cum on my feet again. Not very much, but it was the fifth time that day.Ebook: 6321 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Shoejob with Special Mules
Here I am giving a member a shoe job with special mules in a 48-minute video. The 15cm high golden shoes are very special. They are completely open and only have a strap halfway up. The toes are completely free on the sole. The foot is only held with an adhesive pad on the shoe sole. But sometimes I leave that thing out.Ebook: 6322 - Lady Barbara
Straitjacket & Bare Boobs
Here you see something for the friends of Bound Ladies.  My webmaster bound my titts with rubberrings and my hand in the jacket, so my titts are standing like big balloons and i think my nipples are bursting. I almost felt like I was in a straitjacket. Sure there are some of you who would like to take advantage of me and play with my big boobs and turn my nipples like radiobuttons.Ebook: 6323 - Lady Barbara
Knit dress on the Bank
Today Ill show you an XXL series where I met my stallion on the Moselle. Im wearing a thin beige knitted dress with no lingerie underneath and pointed black designer pumps by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Everything without nylons. When we go for a walk, the horny guy can hardly keep his fingers with him. He spoils my feet on a bench and squirts them full. He makes me so horny that my nipples are under the dress again like a one. One bottle of wine, and it could have been easy for him, to fuck me between the bushes.Ebook: 6323 - Lady Barbara
Knit dress on the Bank
Today Ill show you an XXL series where I met my stallion on the Moselle. Im wearing a thin beige knitted dress with no lingerie underneath and pointed black designer pumps by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Everything without nylons. When we go for a walk, the horny guy can hardly keep his fingers with him. He spoils my feet on a bench and squirts them full. He makes me so horny that my nipples are under the dress again like a one. One bottle of wine, and it could have been easy for him, to fuck me between the bushes.