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Ebook: 6263 - Lady Barbara
Lady at the Pool
In the midst of some of my favorite mules, Im sitting by the pool in the sun again today in Spain. In Germany I regularly had slaves and masseurs around me who greased me. Unfortunately there are no slaves far and wide who oil my feet or my boobs. Especially my big tit balls need a lot of oil every day in the sun to stay supple. Only one time a had a young grease monkey here. When he greased my balls i felt his dick on my toes and at the end her jerked.Ebook: 6264 - Lady Heike
Houseslut Gives her Anus
High heeled housewife Heike is fucked today by a user into her asshole in her fuck apartment near the train station in Geldern/Rhineland. Freshly showered and with sexy corsage and nylons, she welcomes the whoremonger friendly. After he briefly grabbed her between the legs, the Blonde directly bends over, so he can touch her wet holes. While she is kneeling on all fours, the user takes the big saggy titts of the mature housewife-slut as handholds. Does the horny blonde have a problem with his big, hard dick ?Ebook: 6265 - Lady Ewa
24h in the Hotel: 1. The Arrival of the NylonSlut
Lady Ewa spent 24 hours with member Upskirt in a luxury suite at the Airport Hotel in Düsseldorf and was accompanied by him around the clock with a camera. Well show you what happend in these 24h in seven episodes. Today you can see how the heels and nylon whore arrives at the hotel and unpacks her suitcase.Ebook: 6266 - Lady Barbara
Russian LAdy in Pumps + Fur
Lady Valerie was just in the appartment of a member for Easter-visit. Now, the hot Russian is back on the way to the bus stop. She likes it to walk in hot lingerie under her coat on the streets and sometimes to show what she weras under. But beeing yet elegant with closed fur is important for her. Only the 16cm high heels make her some problems. But practice makes perfect. And so VAlerie is tottering bravely the 500 meters to the bus.Ebook: 6267 - Lady Barbara
Busty gives Footjob
In pink legins and sheer seamed nylons over them, I talk with my foot stallion Orkan on the red sofa. At the top I wear an open jacket, underneath my bare boobs are tied off with rubber rings. Of course, the horny rapper goes straight to my boobs and feet. But thats how I like it when men are brash and take what they want. In the end I get what I need: A full load of sperm on my bare hot toes.<br>Would you like to be my cuckold? Then listen to my wanking instructions!Ebook: 6268 - Lady Ewa
24h in the Hotel: 2. Champaign in the Bed
After arriving in the hotel suite, member Upskirt first serves Lady Ewa a round of champagne to the bed before the Lady slowly undresses. Smoking and in hot underwear, pumps and nylons, she constantly provokes the poor guy. But he has nothing else on his mind than to take great nylon-pictures from the hot Polish for you. Well done, UpskirtEbook: 6269 - Lady Heike
Please in with that Piccolo in my Cunt
Heike is availiable for almost all special wishes and today she should get a piccolo into her pussy. But although the blonde mare gets fucked regularly, this does not succeed right away. First of all, her smooth cunt ust be extended slightly with an inflatable dildo. A member will be happy to do this work.Ebook: 6270 - Lady Valerie
In Fur Coat + Mules at the Trucks
Between trucks, Russian Valerie poses like a street whore in sheer nylons in delicate girls underwear under her fur coat, which warms the luxury mare a little even though she shows her charms to the truckers. The always horny Lady wears 16cm high red patent leather mules on her feet. Did the truckers take a closer look to that? Or are they just horny for Valeries big buttocks?Ebook: 6271 - Lady Barbara
Smell my stinky Soles
Here I sit with a black evening dress and black summerhat at the pool terrace. My sexy mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi I had put on the table and I show you my naked sweaty footsoles. Who wants to smell  my stinky toes? Or lick my soles? While that you can push one of my stinky mules over your stiff dick.Ebook: 6272 - Lady Ewa
Red Pumps + Hat
For friends of women with hats: In todays update, the smoking nylon Lady Ewa is playing with her 16cm high red patent leather pumps on her shaved pussy. The hot Polish woman, who wears sheer nylons on suspenders, slowly rubs the cold leather of the shoes on her labia and clitoris. She drives herself from one orgasm to the next, posing in front of the camera.Ebook: 6273 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
TestWalk in 7 Inch
Valerie tries to get a grip on the 16 cm heels of her high-heeled shoes. As a beginner in heels, she still has some problems at the moment, but someone might want to help her expand her collection. The young Russian tries very hard to cope with the steep heels. With fur and handbag, she stumbles awkwardly on the sidewalk. (Partial recordings in slow motion)Ebook: 6274 - Lady Nicole
The Heels Fitting
The good church employee Nicole from Bremen finally wanted to experience something, wear hot high-heeled shoes and show herself to men in high heels and tights. When asked about her reasons why she was doing this, Nicole said she wanted to imagine what you later do in front of the screen:You will rub your big cocks when you see her. Why not?Ebook: 6275 - Lady Ewa
Private & Blindfolded in Forest
Lady Ewa loves it to be presented on parkings lots. One time she was even secretly hauled here by a member with the camera so you can see what she makes before and after the shootings. Once she is wearing fur, then she´s even half-naked in lingerie. Most of the time she smokes a cigarette. But sometimes her hands go between her legs. What is she doing there?Ebook: 6276 - Lady Barbara
Sole Licking + Wanking
Today I was again visited by the foot bull, who was directly hot on my bare feet. With red-polished nails, they were first in high-heeled mules and then in open strappy sandals. The foot Stud licked my soles and pushed his big dick between my foo-t and shoesole again and again until he jerked into the opening and a gave me a big load on my footsole. I love his sticky sperm on my soles.Ebook: 6277 - Lady Ewa
Jerking off on her Nylonsoles
Lady Ewa has an appointment with a member in an elegant black suit and tight 16cm high pumps in the heels studio. The nylon- and shoe-horny wanker has his cock worked with some stilettos, smelled on several shoes, and after he had rubbed his dick on the nylon legs of the grabber Lady long enough, he jerked at the end a big load of white cum on the Lady´s footsoles, which are in ultra-sheer nylonstockings.Ebook: 6278 - Lady Heike
Masturbation with Heels in the Hooker Apartment
When her customer was gone, the constantly horny Heike first pushed a few fingers into her dripping wet cunt. Because the guy hadnt fucked her, but only rubbed his dick on her body and then jerked on her. Now hes gone and Heike is still horny, very horny. So the blonde housewife takes a high-heeled shoe and continues wanking with it. She rubs the heel on her bald cunt and tries to cum.Ebook: 6279 - Lady Barbara
Naked in the Pool
It was very hot again here in Spain today and I jumped naked into the pool. Because I was horny just before and I had tied my tits tight with rubber rings, I now crawling through the pool on my back with my tied balls out of the water. The big, souped-up parts looked out of the water like buoys. Did one of the neighbors watch me with the spy glass again?Ebook: 6280 - Lady Nicole
The FootSoles of the ChurchMouse
Today the good church mouse Nicole puts her feet on the table for you. She shows all the friends of hot smelling toes and soles here her wet stinky footsoles with and without nylons. Surely one or the other of you would like to sit at the table with her and smell or lick her little shoe size 37 feet. But first, the woman from Bremen has to put on her make-up.Ebook: 6281 - Lady Ewa
Lady with Hat at the Roadster
In front of an English roadster from the 1970s, Lady Ewa is posing today in a sexy corsage with ultra-sheer black seamed nylons on suspenders and 16 cm high red pumps with toe openings and black heels. She also wears a beige summer hat. Technical specifications:<br>Car: 4.2 liters, 190 hp<br>Lady: 75DD, shaved vagina<br>Did the Polish woman drive through the villages in her car, dressed like that?Ebook: 6282 - Lady Valerie
On the Park Bench
Valerie presents herself in sheer brown nylons on suspenders and black open-toe pumps on a park bench in Duisburg. Always in the hope that wankers will watch her and that she can make them horny. Because the young Russian with the big bottom is very popular with mostly old (over 65) wankers and gropers.Ebook: 6283 - Lady Barbara
for my Pee
During a walk I suddenly had to pee. What should I do? Because no toilet was nearby and also had I no peeslave with me, who could hold his open mouth just before my cunt, I sat with wide open legs on a park bench and let it ran. At home in the front yard I did again pee standing up. if you are a peeefan, you could have a lot of fun this day.Ebook: 6284 - Lady Barbara
Stinky Bare Footsoles
After a long night of dancing, Im always hot. Especially when my feet are all the time in tight pumps. Today I play thereafter with a rubber dick on my feet and show you my naked stinky soles. On your knees slave! Smell my toes and suck therewhile the rubber dick !Ebook: 6285 - Lady Lena
Smoker´s Paradise
Tamara, Ewa and Lena are very heavy smokers. So they are a real playground of every smoke fetishist. Here you can see Lady Lena in her smokers paradise with various cigarettes and cigarillos. As she smokes one after the other, she keeps holding the soles of her dirty, sweaty feet up to the camera. Would you like to smell the soles and inhale the hot smoke from Lenas mouth?Ebook: 6286 - Lady Ewa
24h in the Hotel: 3. PumpsShow
In the hotel suite, Lady Ewa shows member upskirt her red patent leather pumps with 17cm heels. She only wears sheer brown seamed nylons on suspenders. Does the wanking upskirt make her so horny that it makes her rub her clit? In any case, he is happy to have his Wanker-Poska around for so long in the hotel.Ebook: 6287 - Lady Heike
Heike´s Pantyhose Posing
Slut wife Heike poses in patterned black tights and sexy, 16 cm high black patent leather mules in her fuck apartment near the train station in Geldern. What is she thinking in the photo? Does she imagine that your thick hard cock just drills its way through her pantyhose and penetrates the hole between her buttocks? Definitely something like that, because Heike was very horny again during the shoot. MAybe because she didn´t get a dick.Ebook: 6288 - Lady Barbara
Waterboarding-Help my Toes
A big and hard jet of water hits my feet. he bangs my footsoles and runs out between my toes, he hits my feet and bangs merciless between my toes. Do you also want to treat my feet like that? Imagine that it is your sperm or your golden shower, which hits my feet. Incl. 11min. MP4-Video.Ebook: 6289 - Lady Barbara
Today you can see a special from me with photos and slow motion videos by the pool. I go into the water in hot underwear and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. There I take off my nylons. After pulling them over my hands and arms, I caress my body with the delicate stockings. Who wants to play with me as my underwater slave?Ebook: 6290 - Lady Nicole
Striptease & Walkingmachines
Church mouse Nicole does a striptease in the party room. Then the chicken-breasted stark naked redhead puts on a pair of walking machines. These steel shoes have about 10cm plateau and about 26cm high heels. Shoes that you can hardly walk on. In other words, you cant really say shoes, they are really high instruments of torture.Ebook: 6291 - Lady Ewa
24h in the Hotel: 4. Tour
Late in the evening, the Lady in a short skirt, seamed nylons and sling pumps haunted the hotel and was photographed by member upskirt. In the corridors, she tightens her suspenders, in the lounge she spreads her legs and fumbles between the legs. In the dining room there are interesting looks under her skirt to the pee droplets in her nylon panties ...Ebook: 6292 - Lady Heike
Heike´s Stinky NylonSoles
Because she hopes for even more fuckers with such recordings, Heike sits in sheer beige-colored nylons and open-toe patent leather pumps on her sofa and holds her sexy nylon feet in the camera. Of course, the hot blonde shows and fondles her horny pussy. Because just foot fucking is not enough for the horny Lady. She is best for stallions who love to smell stinky toes while fuckeing a real slut-wife.Ebook: 6292 - Lady Heike
Heike´s Stinky NylonSoles
Because she hopes for even more fuckers with such recordings, Heike sits in sheer beige-colored nylons and open-toe patent leather pumps on her sofa and holds her sexy nylon feet in the camera. Of course, the hot blonde shows and fondles her horny pussy. Because just foot fucking is not enough for the horny Lady. She is best for stallions who love to smell stinky toes while fuckeing a real slut-wife.