The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 6232 - Lady Ewa
ShoeWanking with Grand Pa Heinrich
Whenever he had brought Grandma Else to the medical massage, he called the Poland Lady into his house. Then Lady Ewa had to play on the best piece of Grandpa Heinrich with her high heels. The pensioner from Koblenz is a real grabber and cant keep his hands off the Lady. Today Ewa plays for him first with a mule on her pussy, then she jerks grandpa´s little wienie until he squirts his drops of juice into her high-heeled shoe. Then Heinrich has to pick up Else again from the massage.Ebook: 6233 - Lady Barbara
For the BDSM fans & foot pain friends I made a photo series at Christmas, where instead of sexy stilettos I only have 18 cm high steel screws as heels under my bare heels. The steel pins are boring into my heels. I cant stand like that for long, because it hurts a lot, especially when I took away the old book which was aplatform at the beginning. I prefer my comfortable 16cm high heeled shoes. But what am I not doing for my fans ...Ebook: 6234 - Lady Barbara
Neglige + Pumps
I had spent the night in a sheer, salmon-colored negligee, a blindfold and sheer nylons. Next to my bed, instead of my house mules, were a pair of 16 cm high pumps standing. Thats why you see me this morning after getting up with a blindfold in a salmon-colored neglige, 16 cm high pumps and seamless nylons from Tops Hosiery. So I pose for all morning wankers. Look if you can see that someone had cummed on my vagina at night.Ebook: 6235 - Lady Ewa
Nylonslave Fritzchen must jerk
Lady Ewa visited slave Fritzchen in Koblenz and let him pamper her nylon legs and feet on his bed. After Fritzchen has licked and stroked the mistresss horny legs, the sexy Polish woman presses his little cock stiffly with her toes. Then Ewa said Go! Cum! and Fritzchen had to jerk a full load of cum on the Ladys nylon feet.Ebook: 6236 - Lady Heike
Pussy Show in Heike´s Fuck Flat
Heike is posing on the bed in her slut-appartment today near the station in Geldern where she welcomes sometimes customers. In a black PVC dress, black holdups and golden platform mules she shows off as she has already done this to some of her guests. With a nylon stocking over her hand she strokes her horny pussy. If she comes to orgasm, without a dick in her pussy? I can´t believe.Ebook: 6237 - Lady Ewa
Nylongames at the House Bar
The Lady lets herself be seduced by member Upskirt at her house bar to a glass or two of champagne. Her tight stretch dress, the high platform mules and the sheer pantyhose make upskirt so horny that he takes his cock out of his pants. After a few more glasses of champagne he jerks Ewa a load of cum into the crotch of her pantyhose. The Lady particularly likes to wear tights with cum in the gusset.Ebook: 6238 - Lady Valerie
The Black Costume
You have to take advantage of the nice weather, thought Valerie. After a stroll in a black 50s-style costume with pleated skirts, nylons and pumps, the nylon queen is posing in front of an office building and she is lifting her skirt for the man from the security service who is sitting in front of the monitor. No matter where the Lady crops up: Its great to see how the guys look after the long-legged Russian wanker-object.Ebook: 6239 - Lady Barbara
Worn Out Sabots
Today I am wearing my badly worn pink sabots, which I often wore in Spain as slippers indoors and in the garden. They have 14 cm heels and you can see a lot of them with my bare soles in this update. I also wear toe-free nylons from the brand FALKE Delicate Toeless that just go down to my heels. I love nylons like that because they show off my toes best.Ebook: 6240 - Lady Ewa
The Transparent Catsuit
In a transparent catsuit, with her breasts pulled out, and with very high, red platform mules on her feet, Lady Ewa is standing on the cross in a dungeon in Heinsberg. The classy Polish plays with her high-heeled red patent leather pumps on her boobs and between her legs. She is really hot on shoes.Ebook: 6241 - Lady Barbara
Footbull at Champagne Bar
At my little champagne bar in the Legsstudio, my foot stallion can go on my feet again today. The horny goat is so keen on my toes and only wants one thing: to rub his big stallion-cock on my toes and cum on them. But not only he wants toe sex, I also like to feel his big, hard cock on my feet. He really is a tough guy.Ebook: 6242 - Lady Lena
In Porn Cinema at the Cross
In red pumps, skin-colored hold-up nylons and white lingerie, Lena is placed on the cross to the delight of the moviegoers, who can watch through the open door. Of course, the always-horny secretary has to show her shaved vagina, and so her panties are first pulled down to her knees. This is the best way to review the frivolous Lena. In the end, Lena has to squat with her legs apart so that everyone can see the greedy slit close up.Ebook: 6243 - Lady Ewa
Lady with NylonDildo
Lady Ewa now finds nylons so hot that she even needs dildos with nylon covers. Without nyloncover, masturbating with dildo doesn´t bring her satisfaction. If you once have the luck to fuck her, do it with a nylon over your dick. Today the NylonPolish slips a gauzy nylon stocking over her big rubber dick again. First she strokes it and caresses it, then she fumbles with it over her tights on her cunt. At the end the dildo has to go under her pantyhose and she inserts it little into her (unfucked?) Vagina.Ebook: 6244 - HD-Video with Lady Valerie
RussiaLady in the Hotel
She was in a good mood after a few bottles of wine and then came the annoying husband. Here you can see a 20-minute video, how Lady Valerie in an evening dress with nylons on suspenders and 16 cm high patent leather pumps was bluna and shows off her cuckold (the coward with a mask) and treats him with her stilettos. She had hoped to be alone in the hotel and have fun, so the young Russian keeps kicking her annoying husband with the pointy heels.Ebook: 6245 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose Lady in Spain
I know that I have to take care of you horny pantyhose fans in the future. I like to wear my tights so much. Not only because they are practical, but also because you can show your bottom so nicely without panties. Here you can see me with the sea in the background in a black bra, tights and sandals. In case youre wondering why my legs start to get wet at the end: I preferred not to take off my tights when I must pee pee.Ebook: 6246 - Lady Valerie
The Gents
It had got a little warmer again and when we stopped in a parking lot at the Autobahn, Valerie wanted to take photos in the mens toilet. So she went straight across the parking lot to the mens toilet in a super-short vinyl coat, sheer tights and high heeled pumps. It didn´t take long when she had the first spectator, an old man. Unashamedly she held out her pantyhose butt, then pulled the pantyhose down and showed the peeing guy her pussy as a good wank template. The guy wanked of course then sirectly into the urinal.Ebook: 6247 - Lady Barbara
Toes Jewelry & Rubber Dick
Every now and then, my feet want to play with a big thing. Today Ive been putting on some horny foot jewlery and I am playing with my toes on my favorite rubberdick. I better would have had a real one, of course, but no small slave-wienie like yours or like that one from my cucky. Or are you well endowed? Show me!Ebook: 6248 - Lady Ewa
For many of you it is a dream: to be naked next to a elegant clothed Lady. On this little private party two stark naked members could drink with the sexy Lady in summerdress, stockings and 16 cm-high pumps at the bar. Of course, the two had to present their dicks for comparison, so the Lady could grab and wank them with her jewelry draped hands.Ebook: 6249 - Lady Ewa
The ToeWankers of the NakedLady
When two members visited the Legsworld party studio, the naked, high-heeled Lady Ewa naturally wanted to feel the juice of the two guys on her toes. While the sexyx Polish mare sat at the bar, naked and lasciviously smoking with rubber bands around her breasts, the two men had to jerk on her sexy feet at the instruction of the horny wank icon, who were wearing bright red mules with platform. After the first one had jerked a full load of cum on foot and shoe, Ewa rubbed the cum from the shoes on her tits. Then No.2 could jerk his load.Ebook: 6250 - Lady Lena
Gynaecological Examination Chair
Sexy Lena makes herself comfortable on a gnyecological chair in a sex cinema, after she has presented herself in underwear for some of the wankers there in her white lingerie and red pumps. On the chair, she likes to pull her panties aside so that everyone can see her big hole. All of this takes place in a porn cinema in Duisburg, where every guest loves to see Lena´s shaved vagina. She likes that.Ebook: 6251 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose & Overknees in the Kitchen
After my visit (a young student with a big cock) has just left the house, I still want to take photos for you in my hot boots. Somehow I was still horny at the thought of his young, tight cock. In the kitchen I pose in a combination of tights and overknee boots for you in the evening and start to play with my pussy under the tights, then I pull my tights down over my buttocks.Ebook: 6252 - Lady Barbara
Prepared as Sleep-Diva
Here you can see me shortly before a sleep date. I am already fully prepared for my next guest and lie on the massage bench freshly showered. My face is covered with a towel, the vagina and my ass crack have been freshly oiled and my tits were tight bound with double rubber rings. Only my feet were left natural so that they smell good for my guest. They were only put into 16 cm high heeled fucking-sandals.Ebook: 6253 - Lady Ewa
Fit for spring in 16cm pumps
Spring is slowly coming and Lady Ewa is already tidying up the garden furniture and cleaning the covered terrace. Of course, appropriately in 16cm high pumps and an elegant summer dress, just as you would imagine a Polish Lady to be. We Polish women are always elegant and sexy, no matter what we are doing. Even when we do the house cleaning.Ebook: 6254 - HD-Video with Lady Svetlana
Ballbusting Svetlana
Lady Svetlana takes care of the balls of a submissive member in the heels studio, and not really squeamishly. In that session, the Russian Lady wears a pair of purple high-heeled sandals with her black summer dress. With that she kicks the slave hard in his balls until the horny guy kisses her toes.Ebook: 6255 - Lady Ewa
Kissing her NylonFeet
When Lady Ewa visits member Nylonfritz in Aachen, the latter falls at her feet and kisses her nylon legs and feet. While the Lady smokes a cigarette and drinks champagne, Fritz is allowed to continue kissing the feet and legs that are stuck in sheer seamed nylons. Nylon slaves like Fritz have only one job: to pamper their mistress.Ebook: 6256 - Lady Barbara
The Sole Wanker
Surprisingly my foot bull called me and told me how hot he was on my sun tanned foot soles. We made a date for the next day and I could feel his big dick on my soles and toes again. He was rubbing his dick on the backside of my toes. Hochhackig! Hochhackig! he said. I should hold my feet as if they were staying in high heels. Hochhackig ... After my bull had licked my toes he repeated it again so often, until he jerked off a fully load of cum on my naked, stinky footsoles. I love cum on my feet.Ebook: 6257 - Lady Tamara
Party for Four
At this small private party with two members and plenty of wine, Blondy Tamara and I really enjoyed ourselves again. One of the guests always had a the time a bulge in his pants. He was super hot on both of us and would have loved to make a threesome with us in bed with out the cameraman. Right, Dave?Ebook: 6258 - Lady Ewa
Golden Pumps
Lady Ewa loves her 18cm high gold pumps more than anything. During another shoot at Jils Escort in Cologne, Lady Ewa took off her costume skirt and shows her thighs with the tops of her nylons. Only in sheer nylons on suspenders does she is sitting there and plays with her 18cm gold pumps. Ewa smells the leather of the luxury shoes and plays with it on her bald vagina.Ebook: 6259 - Lady Carmen
Maid in Lace Socks
The black-haired Carmen from Brazil cleans my living room in tight jeans and lace ankle socks for me. After she realizes while wiping the dust, that she is photographed at the glass table, she starts to tease the photographer with her polished toes. Of course maid Carmen got 50 Euros extra. Perhaps your cleaning Lady will let you touch her feet once in a while. Already tried?Ebook: 6260 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Flip Flops
For all friends of sexy flip-flops, toe separators and bathing shoes, I made this awesome update in Spain for you with many close-ups in different shoe models. Imagine I am sitting in this yellow bikini next to you by the pool and you can wank your hot juice between my toes while I am wearing one of these sexy-hot shoes.Ebook: 6261 - Lady Ewa
Naked with Hat
Lady Ewa is already prepared for her first date that snowy, grey day in February. She waits early in the morning, completely naked, smoking a cigarette, only with 17cm high peep-toe pumps on her feet and a black hat on her head, for a member who wanted her as his real wank template. Before Ewa put on a fur coat and went out into the cold with her guest, we took these pictures of the naked Lady in the living room.Ebook: 6262 - Lady Lena
Lingerie in the Streets
In hot lingerie under her trench coat, hold-up nylons and black platform sandals, Lady Lena stumbles around her former place of work and shows her charms by opening her coat every now and then so that everyone can see her body in sexy lingerie. At first she hesitated a little, when after opening her coat for the first time, men from North Africa had made dirty offers to horny Lena out of their car.Ebook: 6262 - Lady Lena
Lingerie in the Streets
In hot lingerie under her trench coat, hold-up nylons and black platform sandals, Lady Lena stumbles around her former place of work and shows her charms by opening her coat every now and then so that everyone can see her body in sexy lingerie. At first she hesitated a little, when after opening her coat for the first time, men from North Africa had made dirty offers to horny Lena out of their car.