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Ebook: 6173 - Lady Barbara
Seamed Nylons at the Pool
Completely in a black and white dress and in matching color the high-heeled mules, I am posing today for all friends of sheer, real seamed nylons in Spain by the pool. Unfortunately it wasnt warm today, otherwise I would have undressed, or I would have liked to go into the water in full dress again. Maybe next time ;-)Ebook: 6174 - Lady Ewa
Groper In the Kitchen
Lady Ewa was once again on a member tour. After she helped a member in his kitchen, he opened a glass of champagne and started to grab at the high-heeled nylon Lady. He pulled her tits out of her dress and his cock out of his pants. And then he first payed with her nylon legs. The Lady loved to tease his big dick with her stiletto-feet.Ebook: 6175 - Lady Rebecca
The Widow gets Footmassage
While I, as a widow in tulle, lie stark naked on my treatment table, only wrapped in transparent tulle, newcomer Rebecca oils my toes and feet and massages them. Everything for the next guest who wished a toe Lady with long, painted nails and smoothly oiled spaces between the toes for his big cock.Ebook: 6176 - Lady Carmen
The Mules Wanker
Lady Carmen is serving my young footbull in the heels studio. Because he is very hot for my well worn mules, the Brazil gives him a handjob with some of my stinky mules. My toeprints make this guy right hot. Preferably he would have fucked Carmen, but with my toes in the face.Ebook: 6177 - Lady Barbara
Chat in Neglige
Here you can see me in my typical dress after getting up when its not midsummer. Because then Im usually naked except for my stiletto shoes at over 30 degrees. Otherwise, I usually wear a transparent negligee as you see, when I chat or when I answer emails after breakfast. I cant do anything without high heels. Even not going to the toilet.Ebook: 6178 - Lady Ewa
BoobsLady in the Fitness Studio
Lady Ewa trains hard on a weight training machine and with dumbbells her arms and hands to be able to wank the men even harder. And as it should be for a heeled Lady, she does it naturally naked and high-heeled in red platform mules. Her breasts are tied with rubber rings and her cunt is freshly shaved. Imagine how she smells after training, when you smell under her arms, on her feet or between her legs. Because the Poland Lady is not allowed to shower afterwards.Ebook: 6179 - Lady Tamara
Smoking Lady in the Garden
On a cool day, the chief secretary Tamara sits in the garden and smokes one cigarette after the other. The hot blonde would certainly be the right partner for someone who loves extravagant, mature women who put on make-up for hours and then blow, perfectly styled, their cigarette smoke into the face of their loved one. He stares at her perfectly manicured feet with the  long toenails, which are spanned by ultra sheer nylon stockings.Ebook: 6180 - Lady Ewa
Freezing Toes in Mules
Lady Ewa wears her sexy mules on cobblestones in beautiful close-ups. Look at her bare feet with the red lacquered toes in the sexy shoes. And in these cold temperatures, she stands on her toes so that they freeze. She keeps the soles of her feet nice and high in her high heels so that everyone can slide with his cock between them. Maybe it will become warmer for her with a hard cock under her sole.Ebook: 6181 - Lady Barbara
The Knit Dress
Today Im showing something for the fans of knitted dresses. With my unbuttonable knitted dress, I wear skin-colored tights with black seams and reinforced soles. I also wear brown-beige crocodile pumps with steel heels. If I can unbutton something, I do it, so that you can see my cleavage and the crotch of my pantyhose. And here and there I slip out of my pumps.Ebook: 6182 - Lady Barbara
Footfucker John
Member John from Amsterdam visits me at teatime and he fucks my bare feet. He is particularly fond of my long, red-painted toenails. In the end he really fucks both feet and cums right in my foot cunt, which you can see close up on the 6 minute video. This guy is totally on my fuck toes with the long red wank claws. And when his nig cock squeezes between my toes and spreads them apart, it just looks awesome.Ebook: 6183 - Lady Ewa
Party with Naked Lady - CMNF
Two fully clothed members celebrate a small private party with the naked Lady Ewa and they only have one thing in mind: to grab the hot Lady and to rub their cocks on the luxury body. While the blonde stands stark naked with red platform mules and tied boobs in front of them, the two grab her body and rub their dicks on Ewas legs and ass.Ebook: 6184 - Lady Ewa
Visiting Nylonfritz
Lady Ewa is visiting member Nylonfritzjen in Aachen. Before she drives him crazy with various, ultra-sheer seamed nylons, the blonde Polish Lady lolls on his sofa, drinks champaign and smokes a cigarette. And as is so often, she has tied a number of office rubbers around her big silicone boobs.Ebook: 6185 - Lady Barbara
Black + White (Vol 2)
After my visitor has just left the house, I present myself for you again in my living room in the black & white dress, the black 15 cm high patent leather mules and the skin-colored nylons on which my visitor had just rubbed his cock. Do you want to smell or lick my sexy nylon toes? Then go dance with me.Ebook: 6186 - Lady Tamara
SundayDress in the Garden
Here we show you secretary Tamara in her going out dress in the garden. She only has to put on the fur and then the sexy Lady wants to stroll down the Königsallee for half an hour in nylons and mules. With her long, lacquered toe claws under the sheer nylon stockings and her high mules, the blonde will, as always, attract attention from the wankers. Which fan of long toenails would not like to cum con her feet in a lonely corner?Ebook: 6187 - Lady Heike
Heike loves the PussyPump
On the Red couch, house slave Heike is sitting naked and must work with the vacuum pump on her wet pussy as an order of her Lord. When the blonde is only slowly pumping, her master helps her vigorously: Come on! Pump your whore cunt hard! and the blonde housewife obeys to his words.Ebook: 6188 - Lady Ewa
Member Markus from Aachen lies on the floor and kisses the Ladys shoes and heels. When he looks under her skirt, he sees the Ladys black, semi-transparent thong. Here he would like to smell and lick her. Licking the Ladys hole properly must be the heacen, said Markus. After he has begged the Lady, she did facesitting on him, whereby his cock was allowed to cum in her white patent leather pumps.Ebook: 6189 - Lady Barbara
MemberPhotos: Jeansfan Jerry
Business-style Jerry  <br><br>Suit wearer Jerry visited me this Monday afternoon in my heels studio in Willich. And during our hot teatime date we took very private photos together without a photographer. Look at the photos  how I keep pressing my toes against his bulge until he pulls his cock out of his pants. Then he gets a footjob till he splashes on my hot, bare toes.Ebook: 6190 - Lady Ewa
Lingerie under the Fur Coat
Today the Lady got a visit from an old friend. Member Markus was just in the area and asked for a photo shoot. Poland Lady Ewa wanted to have her vagina licked again for a long time. With high mules on her feet and 18cm high pumps in her hand, the blonde slowly sat down with her nylon panties on Markuss face. While he was licking her tight vagina, Ewa gave him a hand job with her long, red claws.Ebook: 6191 - Lady Ewa
Secretly Observed in her Fur
Under her fur coat, the hot Lady Ewa from Poland is wearing today in the parking lot in Moenchengladbach only nice lingerie and nylon stockings. She notices that a peeper watches her sneaky out of the car and demonstratively the blonde pulls her panties out so that the hot guy can see her shaved pussy. Whether Ewa gets a wet cunt herself?Ebook: 6192 - Lady Barbara
Jeans + Mules
Before my teatime with a jeans fan, I am reading a magazine. If you also want to visit me for teatime, send me an email. I will wear the dress you like and if I have the time, I will make a photo set in this dress before you come. Especially for you. Here my guest wanted jeans and 15 cm high heeled mules with bare feet ...Ebook: 6193 - Lady Ewa
Wanker´s Help at the Car
Totally horny was this wanker on the pictures her ordered from me. Lady Ewa had not much work to let him jerk off on the pictures. When she sighted my pictures with Thomas from Duisburg, he immediately got a prick. Ewa grabbed the prick with her gold decorated hand and gave him a wank till he jerked a big load on one of my pictures. Otherwise Thomas jerks on my photos at home every day alone.Ebook: 6194 - Lady Lena
Boss Lena´s Office Slave
Boss Lenas submissive employee Heinz Müller is also her slave in the office. Here she was once again walking barefoot in the warehouse for fun. Of course, Heinz had to lick her dirty soles clean before Lena went home to her elegant villa. How slave Heinz obeyed his boss, she shows us not only in some photos, but also in a hot 15 minute HD video as a weekend special.Ebook: 6195 - Lady Barbara
Footfucking in the Sauna
This afternoon, I was with my foot stallion in the sauna. There, the hot guy kissed my feet and was playing permanently with his big dick on my sexy long toenails. When I was teasing him with toes, he several times was just before cumming. But I was not sure to let him jerk or not. Do YOU want to go with me in the sauna?Ebook: 6196 - Lady Ewa
Thin and Horny
Sometimes you dont need a big dildo, but only thin stiletteos at a pair of pumps. They are enough to make a Lady really horny. Here Lady Ewa plays with the 18 cm long golden metal heels of her white patent leather pumps on her bare pussy. But first she kisses her shoes, on which several members had already rubbed their dicks, extensively and sucks the metal heels. Is she in love?Ebook: 6197 - Lady Lena
Old Man under HighHeels
Member Heinrich from Munich visits Lena and me in the heels studio in Willich and has to let Lena and me take him to the balls leash. The horny nylon fetishist kneels on the floor and is constantly wanking his big cock. Then he has to lie down on the floor and gets to feel our high heels on his balls before he can wank himself and jerk off.Ebook: 6198 - Lady Barbara
The Hot Nylon Wanker
Foot wanker Mike jerked off on my nylonfeet again when he visited me. I had to sit in front of him in nylon stockings and high heeled mules and show him my pussy, while he smelled my stinky nylon toes. Then he wanted to feel my long toenails and when he was beating my feet with his dick he jerked off a full load on my sexy nylon toes. Incl. 30-minutes slow-motion-video.Ebook: 6199 - Lady Ewa
Licking Heels at the counter
These high heels were given to Lady Ewa today by member Plateaulover. But only on the condition that she worships and kisses the shoes. Nothing easier than that, because the Lady loves stilettos of all kinds. Naked under her fur coat and only with 16cm high pumps on her feet, the Lady at the bar played with her shoes on her vagina. The blonde kisses and licks the sexy high-heeled shoes in which Plateaulover was guaranteed to have his cock beforehand. But Ewa didnt know that ...Ebook: 6200 - Lady Barbara
Alone in the Sex-Villa
Here I am pretty alone in a Sex-Villa near Kempen at the lower Rhine in an elegant white costume, sheer nylons tockings and white sling pumps with 6 heels. At the counter, at the whirlpool and outside. Of course there is nothing going on. Help ... I want to go dancing again ... When will Corona finally end?Ebook: 6201 - Lady Carmen
Hot for Wet Feet
This member is hot for wet soles again. In the heels studio, Orkan plays with Carmens totally sweaty feet and gives her a thick load of cum on her hot toes. The racy Brazilian likes real machos like Hurricane and likes to let him play with her sweaty toes. He would have preferred to fuck the Lady, but she didnt dare because of her jealous husband.Ebook: 6202 - Lady Ewa
At the Stadion in a Fur Coat
In front of the Borussia Soccer Stadium in Mönchengladbach, sexy Lady Ewa poses lonely in an elegant fur coat on a cold December day. Under her fur, the hot Polish Lady wears sexy suspenders, seamed nylons, red platform mules and tight elastics on tboob-balls. A few football fans who do not want to come out and prefer to stay behind the camera have watched her very closely. Instead of being warmed by the fans, Ewa had to light a cigarette.Ebook: 6203 - Lady Lena
She Loves the Flair of Urinals
Lena likes stylish urinals. So today she goes to the mens room in an elegant hotel in a pink coat and red suede pumps. After applying make-up to her face, she takes off her coat and only poses in a crotchless catsuit with labia bulging out in a fuck-me position between the urinals. What would horny Lena have done if an elegant businessman had come in there? Would she rather like be fucked or feel his warm shower on  her cunt?Ebook: 6203 - Lady Lena
She Loves the Flair of Urinals
Lena likes stylish urinals. So today she goes to the mens room in an elegant hotel in a pink coat and red suede pumps. After applying make-up to her face, she takes off her coat and only poses in a crotchless catsuit with labia bulging out in a fuck-me position between the urinals. What would horny Lena have done if an elegant businessman had come in there? Would she rather like be fucked or feel his warm shower on  her cunt?