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Ebook: 6112 - Lady Rebecca
Hotpants + Mules
With her long red polished claws Rebecca fondles her cunt in tight hot pants today. In 16 cm high red mules, the blonde poses in front of a hobby photographer who always wanted to get the swinger-Lady in front of his lens. The sexy Düsseldorf woman with the big, round bottom slowly pulls her hot pants down a little and shows the photographer the approach of her dark cunt bush.Ebook: 6113 - HD-Video mit Lady Ewa
Dancing in 18cm High Heels
At the request of a member, Lady Ewa has to dance for 30 minutes in 18 cm high pumps. Jens wants to see how the blond Polish womans feet hurt in the high heels. And he would like Ewa to give up before the 30 minutes, because then he would have a 2-hour date with her for free. But only the white pumps gave up, because after 3 minutes the heel was only hanging loosely on the shoe. Before he broke, Ewa had to dance on tiptoe until she had to change shoes.Ebook: 6114 - Lady Barbara
Naked Soles in the Sun
I put my legs on the table for you and show you my sweaty, bare feet in the Sun. On the table are still the designer mules, I was wearing just for the shopping. Also the shoes are still smelling of my foot sweat. Come on slave, kneel in front of me and lick my stinky footsoles and toes. Put on your stiff tongue between my stinky toes and lick my feet clean!Ebook: 6115 - Lady Ewa
Hard Whips for Charly
Lady Ewa whips member Charly in the heels studio while he has to fuck my high heels. The horny Polish Lady loves to be stark naked in such slave actions, except for a pair of bright red patent leather mules with plateau. She took the big brown cat to whip him. With that she gives the slave a lot on the buttocks until the madame herself has a wet pusyEbook: 6116 - Lady Ewa
Mules Sex with Charly
Lady Ewa excites Member Charly in the party basementtoday with her red, extremely steep plateau mules. Again and again, the cruel Polish presses the cold leather of  her heels against his hot balls. But Ewa does not let the poor charly cum. Whenever he is at the point to jerk, she stops poor Chary. How cruel.Ebook: 6117 - Lady Anoushka
White Nylons
Blondie Anoushka is lolling on her bed in white nylon stockings on suspenders and high, silver-gray platform sandals. She looks bored when she shows her shaved cunt. Perhaps she was hoping the photographer would be more interested in herself than in the pictures? Finally she grabs her dildo and works her own cunt.Ebook: 6118 - Lady Barbara
Long French ToeNails
In skin-tight leggings and silver glitter sandals, I make myself comfortable here on my pool lounger. I took out my big tits especially for you and show you my permanent hard nipples. Well who would like to suck on it from you? Or are you more horny for my long toenails, this time in a French look.Ebook: 6119 - Lady Ewa
HeelsLady in Red EveningDress
In the Fetish Hotel Gelsenkirchen, Lady Ewa presents herself all in red. Under the transparent, long evening dress you can clearly see how the sheer nylons are attached to the suspenders. Further up, her nipples look out of the dress of the frivolous Polska. The blonde wears 16cm high, open-toe patent leather pumps, matching to the dress. Come on, rub your dick on me, she seems to be about to say.Ebook: 6120 - Lady Rebecca
Horny Pumps
Rebeccas nipples stand up steep and hard as she plays on them with the heels of the pointed red pumps. These stilettos are Lady Rebeccas favorite toys for today when she is sitting on the swing in the garden. As a pumps fetishist she kisses the shoes after taking them off and plays with them on her tits and between her legs. She shows you her dark pussy bush again.Ebook: 6121 - Lady Ewa
Autobahnparking: A59
Grandpa Herbert ordered Lady Ewa in silver-gray nylons and red platform mules for a parking lot on the A59 between Düsseldorf and Cologne. In front of strangers, the horny old sack (thats how he calls himself) unabashedly grops on the body of the Polish Lady. Again and again he adjusts her nylons so that his wanker friends get to see as much as possible.Ebook: 6122 - Lady Barbara
Dancing at the Pool
Here I am dancing on old rock songs, dressed in a black and white top and a tight black leggings under which you can clearly imagine my horny ass cheeks. On the feet I wear high-heeled sandals with Rhinestones, which glitter pretty fine in the sun. Of course I also show my big boobs for you, and you can see my stiff and horny nipples.Ebook: 6123 - Lady Ewa
Grandpa Herbert´s Wanker Mobile
After picking up Ewa in the parking lot, Grandpa Herbert takes another Legsworld member into his WixerMobile, and both of them are satisfied at the sight of the blonde Poland Lady, who is now wearing a Scots mini and a pair of open-toe 16cm high patent leather pumps with her sheer nylons. Again and again the Polish shows her big round butt to make both of them horny. Because Ewa wants especially one thing: jerking dicks.Ebook: 6124 - Lady Ewa
Making ready for the Date
Here Lady Ewa is getting ready for a hot date with a member in Bochum. While the sexy Polish woman puts on her sheer gray nylon stockings, you can admire her long fingernails. Surely you would like to stroke the nylons or feel Ewas long red polished claws on your balls or on your dick.Ebook: 6125 - Lady Ewa
Heavy Weights on Ewa´s Labia
Dressed in lingerie in the style of the 50s, a pair of sheer nylons and 15 cm high black pumps, the sexy Polish Lady presents herself again for her 75-year-old regular wanker Egon. Today the Lady has to carry heavy stainless steel weights for her fan, which let her labia hang out nicely. If you have such weights on for a long time, it is really quite painful, which you can also see in the imprints of the clamps in the last pictures.Ebook: 6126 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
When my titts were bound by members, they normally do this very tight, so I need a breast massage there after. Here you see in slow motion how I oil my big balls and knead them through. My nipples stand always steely and I get wet between my legs, when I do this. I am dreaming often, that a man with big workers hands grips them roughly.Ebook: 6127 - Lady Barbara
LegginsButt + More
For all slaves who just like to smell my leggings buttocks without my grabbing my buttocks, I show myself here again in black sexy skin-tight leggings and silver-colored rhinestone sandals. To all slaves: on your knees, you lousy poor guys! Smell my leggings butt! And keep your hands off from your little wienie!Ebook: 6128 - Lady Ewa
Wandering through the Park
Smoking and in a black sexy dress with a very short pleated skirt, Lady Ewa strolls with bare legs without nylons in high mules through a park in the Frankfurt area. She bends down more often so that a voyeur who happens to be present could see what the Polish woman is wearing under her skirt.Ebook: 6129 - Lady Heike
Married whore comes out at the train station in Geldern
Heike gets the inscription Ehehure on her cleavage at the train station in Geldern. There the blonde had to go again up and down and wait for a member. She wears a corsage, hold-up nylons and pumps. Heike has to keep her coat open every now and then so that everyone can see what the blonde has written on her chest. In fact, she is approached by a strong guy that Heike takes with her to her fuck apartment at the train station.Ebook: 6130 - Lady Ewa + Jennie
Selection at the Slavefarm
Together with Lady Jennie, Lady Ewa chooses one of two slaves today, who is allowed to serve the Ladies in the outdoor area of Jennies slave farm in Heinsberg. The little slave has to kneel naked in front of the two latex mistresses and offer them his services, such as kissing the high patent leather boots.Ebook: 6131 - Lady Barbara
Mules Feet
Here I show you some of my mules in the Spanish sun that I wear there regularly. Slightly lower blue mules that are very comfortable, red mules in crocodile design with gold metal heels, wooden mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi, black crocodile mules also by GML and yellow 16 cm high mules whch I love very much.Ebook: 6132 - Lady Ewa + Jennie
Outdoor Worship at Jennie´s Slavefarm
On the slave farm in Heinsberg, Lady Ewa and Jennie have fun with a member and slave. While the slave is on the floor and feels the womens feet on his body and face, Jennie shows how horny she thinks the Polish womans thick melons are. Of course, the slave also has to lick Lady Ewas patent leather boots. But do the two women also let him jerk in the end?Ebook: 6133 - Lady Lena
Outdoor in Catsuit
In the darkness of this hot summer night, the always horny Lady Lena dares to go out on the streets in the middle of the city in a transparent catsuit. But even if she thinks nobody sees her: Lena is being watched. Because in her transparent suit, the Big-Boob-Lady is an ideal wanker template for voyeurs.Ebook: 6134 - Lady Barbara
The hot Shoe Salesman
First, hobby shoe seller Michael serves us and tries on some sexy shoes. After my foot stallion Orkan became horny at the sight of the shoes on my feet, he took his cock out of his pants and the slave first had to suck his balls and last but not least lick his sperm off my nylon feet. Slave Michael likes to do that when he can watch my sexy toes.Ebook: 6135 - Lady Carmen
Karate Toes
For all those who like it hard on their feet: Real karate toes and soles like the profile of a tractor tire: Carmen. The vivacious cleaning Lady from Brazil  can be seen in this shoot again under the dress and in front of the bare mules. Who wouldnt want to kneel behind her hot ass and slide his cock between the sole of her foot and shoe? But be careful: it could hurt!Ebook: 6136 - Lady Heike
Mouth-Fuck in the Slut Apartment
This member was picked up by the big titted slut at the train station in Geldern and she took him to her apartment. The hot Lady cant get enough of big, hard cocks and is also open for unusual sex games. After she made her customer hot, the blonde was a proposed hour long fucked into her throat - deep throat until she was exhausted. What is clearly to be seen!Ebook: 6137 - Lady Ewa + Jennie
Foot Worship at the Farm
The slave chosen by the two Ladies Ewa and Jennie is taken to the open-air area in Heinsberg on the slave farm on all fours, stark naked, and has to worship the Ladies shoes and feet in front of a bench. If he does not do his job carefully, he will be punished by the mistresses.Ebook: 6138 - Lady Barbara
Open your Jeans, FootBull !
Here I show you a series that I made with my foot-bull on my own. After my request Jeans off, foot bull! he took off his blue jeans and pants and then he was allowed to tamper with my feet. At the end of the footjob, I got a big load of cum from him on my feet. Well done! I love the foot-bull with the big, strong dick .Ebook: 6139 - Lady Carmen
Footjob on the Bed
When Lady Carmen heard that the foot bull was visiting me again, she really wanted to get to know him. The hot Brazilian has made herself comfortable on the treatment couch in a sheer summer dress and nylon panties. So she is waiting with a towel over her face for the foot bull to play with his big cock on her feet. Incl. Toe fuck video.Ebook: 6140 - Lady Valerie
New ! Lady Valerie in 16 cm Pumps
Today in yellow pumps: Valerie, the Russian girl next door. The 26-year-old presents herself here in a tight skirt and 16 cm high yellow patent leather mules in a commercial park in Krefeld. In the tight business skirt, her thicker, rounder o comes into its own. The businesswoman with the hot Russian accent likes to use it in negotiations.Ebook: 6141 - Lady Gina
Lick my Toes, Slave!
The hot Gina loves my toes. And since Im in a good mood today, while lying on the treatment bench, I give her my feet. While wearing a sheer summer dress and seamed nylons, Gina must first give a massage to my feet, before she may lick my toes. Therewile slave Michael repeatedly is rubbing his dick on my other foot. Gina loves the smell mixture of foot sweat, leather and penis.Ebook: 6141 - Lady Gina
Lick my Toes, Slave!
The hot Gina loves my toes. And since Im in a good mood today, while lying on the treatment bench, I give her my feet. While wearing a sheer summer dress and seamed nylons, Gina must first give a massage to my feet, before she may lick my toes. Therewile slave Michael repeatedly is rubbing his dick on my other foot. Gina loves the smell mixture of foot sweat, leather and penis.