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Ebook: 6081 - Lady Ewa
Heelsposing at the Faktory Gate
For all friends of mini skirts and open-toe pumps, the Lady presents herself here at a locked factory gate in a tartan mini and 16 cm high, open-toe patent leather pumps. Did the security service watch the horny Polish woman by camera as she pushed her long, red-painted fingernails into her wet cunt? BEcause everytime Ewa feels observed, she becomes soaking wet.Ebook: 6082 - Lady Lena
Walking in Lingerie
At the request of pensioner Heinz-Jürgen from Krefeld, Lady Lena walks around in sexy lingerie under her open summer coat and high heels on her feet between partly abandoned houses. Unfortunately, the hot Lady cant find her customer Heinz-Jürgen anywhere. Whether he is secretly covering the Lady behind the windows or is he even filming her?Ebook: 6083 - Lady Ewa
Turkish Wanker at the Road
Member Mustafa meets Lady Ewa on a main road near Bonn. The Turk has jerked in the last years much sperm on the photos of the Lady and wanted to grope the wonderfully soft body of the Poland Lady now in real. And he wanted to squirt in her 16 cm high heel pumps with which she had previously satisfied herself. After a cigarette Ewa begins immediately with an intensive member-support. Blondie shows her boobs and cunt and she wanks his cock. However, Mustafa seems to have jerked off several times today.Ebook: 6084 - Lady Barbara
Black Fur Stole
Today I show off on special request of a member stark naked, only in a black fur stole, a lot of jewelry and 16cm high mules. I like to be for you all the stark naked high-heeled exhibit. Preferably, as here, with tight constricted tits, so my nipples always stand out hard. I would like to repeat the shoot sometimes in the midst of a dozen elegant men in a suit and tie. Listen to my wanking instructions, then you know what I mean.Ebook: 6085 - Lady Rebecca
Smoking Rebecca in Hotpants
From which package I shall take one? Rebecca is choosing a long and slim cigarette. While she lights up the cigarette, she puts her long sexy legs on the table, with 16 cm high heeled mules on her feet. Smoking is horny is Rebecca´s slogan. And while she puts her long red claws behind her sexy redhotpants and crawls her hairy cunt, she makes a deep breath from her  cigarette ...Ebook: 6086 - Lady Ewa
Doctor Ewa is testing
From now on, members who want to apply as a performer must first make a kind of pre-employment examination by Dr. Ewa K. Stability and hardness are thoroughly tested by the Polish doctor. She checks the size of your balls and your cock, and tests how much and how often you can cum.Ebook: 6087 - Lady Heike
Starck Naked in the Forest
Married slut Heike was driving with her small car in a forest clearing at the lower Rhine. She comes from work and is wearing a transparent lace blouse and stockings at a garterbelt. She first must pull up the skirt and show her bare shaved pussy wide open in stockings and nylons. Then the horny blonde must undress totally naked and hope that there are comming no walkers.Ebook: 6088 - Lady Barbara
Fucking my Titts
Here I meet a member in my heelsstudio for handjob and titty fucking. When he was kneading my breast, he did this very shy, but feeling his big dick between my balls was great. I also like to rub such as a thick, hard Glans on my nipples. You can also listen to my wanking instructions and find out what Im currently dreaming of.Ebook: 6089 - Lady Ewa
HeelsShopping in Krefeld (1)
Lady Ewa strolls through the pedestrian zone in Krefeld in high-heeled mules and a business costume. The blonde is looking for new shoes. Again and again she is secretly gazed at by individual men on the street. Unfortunately nothing is high and cool enough for a real Heels Lady ...Ebook: 6090 - Lady Lena
Please Wait !
Today the horny Lena is on her way to a member. But when she rings the doorbell in the apartment building, nobody answers. So she waits in front of the house in her white dress with hot hold-up nylons and without panties. And because she was already horny on the way there, Lena spreads her legs and begins to fondle her bald wet pussy.Ebook: 6091 - Lady Rebecca
The Pit Chick
Dressed in a tight pants suit and 15 cm high red mules, Rebecca drove to the waterworks in Willich in the afternoon for a photo shoot in her convertible. The hot pit babe quickly opens her suit and shows her gorgeous cunt hair. First the blonde plays with her heels on her hot nipples, then she masturbates with them on her cunt.Ebook: 6092 - Lady Barbara
Gardenwork in Slingpumps
Here you can see new private HDR photos of me gardening in white pants and 15 cm high sling pumps. My tits are tied under the thin shirt with two rubber rings, which you can see very well in the neckline and under the thin fabric. Take a look at my garden and think about where you could hide and watch me.Ebook: 6093 - Lady Ewa
HeelsShopping in Krefeld (2)
Without her business jacket, just in a thin top with spaghetti straps and with other high-heeled mules, Lady Ewa continues her shopping trip through Krefeld. Not easy for the photographer, who gets hornier again and again by the clatter of the heels and the smacking of Ewas feet on the soles of the mules. He also sees how not only guys stare at the legs and buttocks of the hot Polish wanker-Lady.Ebook: 6094 - Lady Heike
Presentation on All Four
Stark naked, with rubber rings around her tits and sexy high-heeled platform Sandals on her feet, Lady Heike must kneel on all fours on the massage table to present her cunts and boobs. Like on a pet exhibition, the naked housewife is extensively examined from all sides by a member and her pussy and ass is wide opened. Is Heike from Geldern suitable for hard gangbangs?Ebook: 6095 - Lady Ewa
Ducks in the Garden
In a sexy mini dress, sheer nylons and 15 cm high transparent pumps, Lady Ewa feeds our two house ducks in the garden. The fact that her boobs are nearly falling of Ewa´s dress, leaves the two ducks cold, but not the member who wanted to come later that day to grab Ewa´s buttocks and boobs.Ebook: 6096 - Lady Barbara
Walking the Dog  in Heels
The bikini season is slowly coming to an end in Spain too, and when I go for a walk with my dog, I am dressed a little more and a little more elegantly than in summer. Here I am wearing a black and white dress and 14 cm high black and white mules. Im curious to see who will watch me again today.Ebook: 6097 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose Wankers
After Lady Ewa wanted only to make an innocous-looking pantyhose shooting, some wankers came out of the bushes and were watching the pantyhose slut from near by. They grabbed the big silicone breasts of the hot Polish, touched her buttocks with their dirty fingers and when they saw that Ewa became hot, they masturbated her wet pussy. Ewa was really checked off by the horny wankers.Ebook: 6098 - Lady Lena
Catsuit + Heels at the Train
In a transparent lace catsuit, the frivolous Lena is posing today on a train station in Duesseldorf. What did Lena think, when the train stopped? Would she probably like to have the experience, that hot guys come out off the train and fuck her? Unfortunately, the hot brunette is all alone there, except of the cameras that watch everything.Ebook: 6099 - Lady Ewa
Smoker in the Park
At the request of member Herbert from the Ruhr area, Lady Ewa is waiting today in a park near Dortmund in a short leather skirt with an open zipper and 16 cm high pumps. Herbert wanted to watch from the bushes how the smoking blonde is gazed at and possibly spoken to. Through the open zipper of the leather skirt you can see Ewa up to the ass when she grinds her cigarette butt under  pumps at the end.Ebook: 6100 - Lady Barbara
Jeans + Sandals
For jeans lovers, Im starting this month with a topless series with tightly constricted breasts. Im wearing tight bluejeans and 16 cm high white strappy sandals with thin toe straps and without nylons. See by bare toes with the long nails. So, whats on? Would you like to knead my golden brown high-gloss balls or suck on my permanently stiff nipples? Or are you a fan of the lower basement and you love to smell my stinky toes?Ebook: 6101 - Lady Ewa
Walking through the Forest
Lady Ewa meets with member Roland in a parking lot near Koblenz. The horny man wants to go into the forest with the blond, lightly clad Polish woman. In the first few meters, he grabs the long-legged blondes buttocks, while she feels every stone and root on her feet through the thin soles of the sandals. When Roland thinks he is alone with her, he pulls up the dress of the hot Cougar and gropes her ass cheeks and boobs.Ebook: 6102 - Lady Rebecca
Smoking in Ultramini
In a patterned mini skirt, Lady Rebecca smokes one cigarette after the other on the old garden swing. Again and again she blows the hot smoke towards the camera. While she balances on 16cm high mules, the ultra-short mini skirt barely covers the hot blondes buttocks. Id rather call it a buttocks-show-off-skirt.Ebook: 6103 - Lady Ewa
HighHeeled on the Dirt Road
For a shy fan of sheer tights, Lady Ewa shows herself beside the highway near Düsseldorf in high-heeled strappy mules on a dirt road. Of course, the horny blonde hopes that there are other wankers there, which she can also pick up and who grab the sexy Polish girls big butocks and her wet pussy. Real macho gropers.Ebook: 6104 - Lady Barbara
Oiled Feet + Breasts
Member Orkan is allowed to massage me on my treatment couch to his and my pleasure today and oil my feet and my breasts with massage oil. After oiling my toes, he just made me a footfuck. I love such machos who take what they want. Actually, he could have done more with me. Would you like to be there when my foot stallion fucks my toes? And then end up licking his sticky sperm off my toes?Ebook: 6105 - Lady Heike
Naked Whore in the DarkRoom
Today, Heike is shown in various poses in a dark room, stark naked in 18cm high heeled pumps. Among other things, the blonde whore presents her shaved cunt, and uses a vaginal pump to inflate her labia and teats for her nipples. During the exhibition, the horny blonde wears 18 cm high heeled gold pumps with super thin heels, in which her feet are literally jammed. Do her toes hurt a bit at the end of the procedure?Ebook: 6106 - Lady Ewa
At the Purple Bush
Here, Lady Ewa is posing in a short dress in the garden with nylons and Red plateau mules. On a lilac Bush the sexy polish Lady bends over and over again, so you can see the garterbelt and the small, red slip of the racy Polish. Later she pulls her panties on the ankle. Whats she going to do?Ebook: 6107 - Lady Barbara
Lady with Turban
In the series today I show you a sexy summerdress together with open toe pumps and my favourite underwear in summer: NOTHING ! I am posing on a wooden desk and show you toesuckers my feet and pussy. Where do you want to lick me first?Ebook: 6108 - Lady Ewa
Colored Rubber Rings
Today there is once again new material the friends of breast bands. See how Lady Ewa from Poland stretches several colorful breast rings around her big silicone boobs. As a wanker material on photos for a small group of pensioners, the blonde mare is sitting almost naked with red plateau mules in the garden. Her long toe nails are freshly polished in bright red. Then the rubber rings come into play until Ewa has round bowl boobs.Ebook: 6109 - Lady Ewa
The Ashtray
Since its nice and warm again today, Lady Ewa is sitting only in a thin negligee and bright red platform mules in the garden and smoking one cigarette after the other. Since she doesnt have a normal ashtray, the sexy Polish woman uses the wrinkled soles of a mature neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous, as the somewhat different ashtray.Ebook: 6110 - Lady Barbara
Pumps and Fur
For the friends of my worn high-heeled pumps, I took a few photos with ultra-sheer, skin-colored nylon stockings on suspenders in a fur coat. Which pumps do you like the most? Tiger pumps? Red or black patent leather pumps? Or the golden ones with the thin metal heel? Write to me.Ebook: 6111 - Lady Barbara
Ripping up my Nylons
Some guys book me for toe fuck, blind dates with grabbing or for hot boobs sex. Member John from Birmingham wanted to rip up my nylon stockings. After we were sitting only 5 Minutes Minutes on the sofa in our woozy Legsworld Club, my sheer nylons were hanging shredded on my legs.Ebook: 6111 - Lady Barbara
Ripping up my Nylons
Some guys book me for toe fuck, blind dates with grabbing or for hot boobs sex. Member John from Birmingham wanted to rip up my nylon stockings. After we were sitting only 5 Minutes Minutes on the sofa in our woozy Legsworld Club, my sheer nylons were hanging shredded on my legs.