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Ebook: 6051 - Lady Barbara
Bound Boobs + Mules
Here you can see me in the garden, photographed from the balcony. Maybe you stand up there wanking? For everyone who likes to see my tight, big, hot boobs and also my polished toes in hot 15 cm high sexy mules, I pose here and show what I have. If you like tits rubbers, then write how you want to see me or my tits with them ...Ebook: 6052 - Lady Ewa
Garden Work
In a high-slit black black evening dress, skinny brown nylons and high-heeled platform mules, Lady Ewa makes herself useful in the garden. She is again and again bending over and pulling the weeds out. She presses her sexy butt so far out, that I´m sure: men definitely want to grab between her buttocks. Or?Ebook: 6053 - Lady Barbara
PrivatePhotos at the River Rhine
Today you can see private photos during a short camper weekend on the Rhine. Here, too, I had a secret peeper who got excited by the fact that I only wore a black transparent lace bra and a pair of high-heeled mules with my jeans and walked around so at the outskirts of the campsite. Why didn´t you come closer?Ebook: 6054 - Lady Ewa
PumpsWanker in the Parking Lot
The Lady meets two horny members in a parking lot at Kaarster See. After the two of them play around with the hot Polish mare and stretch her nipples long, she wants the dicks of the guys. With her big boobs hanging from her bra, she wank both cocks at the same time. In the end, both guys jerk their sperm on the 16cm high pumps.Ebook: 6055 - Lady Ewa
Waiting for the Train
In a sexy mini skirt and 15cm high heeled mules, the smoking Lady Ewa is waiting for the next train. Her short dress spans just over her big sexy buttocks. Then the blonde polish mare sits down on a waiting bench, pulls her panties to the side and shows her clean-shaven pussy lips in public. Does she hope to be seen by some wankers?Ebook: 6056 - Lady Tamara
Tamara´s Footslaves
First one, then two members are at this little party, which Tamara uses as a footrest and foot massage therapist. The two horny guys pamper the sexy feet and legs of the elegant executive secretary with dedication, just as it should be. In return, they get a lot to sniff out.Ebook: 6057 - Lady Barbara
MoselleTrip with the Dog
Last weekend we had made a trip with the dog into the region of Eifel and Mosel. Sometimes I dont know who is more striking the men: the dog or me with my long toenails and the hard, long nipples who want to come through the material of my top. Here I go for a walk in tight leggings and high-heeled mules on the Moselle river with my dog.Ebook: 6058 - Lady Lena
At the old Power Station
Today Lady Lena takes a nearly naked walk at an old power station in Krefeld. Again the hot milf is wearing an open trenchcoat over her sexy lingerie. But the big titted Secretary from Essen likes to take off the trench, to present herself openly for her wanker friends. Will you become one of Lena´s wanker friends?Ebook: 6059 - Lady Ewa
Milked with LeatherGloves
With black leather gloves, this new member gets an extensive handjob from Lady Ewa on a parking lot, while wankers are watching from the bushes. See in nice close-ups and in the HD video as the hot Poland Lady milks her white juice from the slave on her black leather gloves.Ebook: 6060 - Lady Barbara
Tight Boobs on the Bench
Here you can see the typical situation when you book a sleepy date with me. For this member I was booked in a thin summer dress, I was supposed to wear 16cm sandals and my head had to be covered. He only wanted my sleepy body. Furthermore, extreme platform shoes should be between my legs. So I lie tired on my treatment bed ...Ebook: 6061 - Lady Lena
On the Wooden Bank
Lady Lena was ordered by a dominant gentleman to an area with old mansions, where she should go for a walk in an open trench coat. Under the trench she was only allowed to wear sexy lingerie and nylons. After some time, the frivolous sexy Mare went only in black lingerie and grey stockings through a park-like garden. On a garden bench shes opening obediently her bare shaved pussy.Ebook: 6062 - Lady Ewa
Fishnet Pantyhose
In the garden, the smoking Lady Ewa shows her hot, sweaty foot soles in a wide-meshed fishnet pantyhose. She always spreads her toes nicely for you. While the hot blonde pulls on the foot part of her tights, she offers even more insights into her smoothly shaved Polish pussy because of the missing panties.Ebook: 6063 - Lady Barbara
Reinforced Seamed Nylons
These ultra-sheer real seamed nylons have a great reinforced sole. I think they go very well with my golden brown flower mules. You can see beautiful close-ups, including my long red claws over which the delicate nylon of my stockings is stretched. Do you want to come more near with your nose and  smell my stinks nylon-footsoles?Ebook: 6064 - Lady Ewa
LingerieLady in the Garden
In sexy lingerie, sheer nylons and high-heeled mules, Lady Ewa does a little gardening. Although the garden is almost invisible, there are places where strollers can look into it if they go behind the bushes. Sometimes there are also wankers and voyeurs hiding that secretly watch us.Ebook: 6065 - Lady Lena
PussyShow at the Swing
For all lick slaves who dream of getting to the juicy pussy of a tall, sexy milf, Lena offers a foretaste of her wet slit at this point. If you are a good pussy licker (Women like Lena don´t like poor blighters)  then ask me for a free appointment in front of the camera with one of the Ladys. But be sure you can bring us to Orgasm. Otherwise you will get the whip.Ebook: 6066 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa met with a member in a wanker parking lot on Sunday. She liked the bright red Mustang oldtimer from 1969 straight away and the Polish woman immediately sat in it, started the engine and gave it a hard drive. But member Dave and the present wankers on the square would rather see that the horny Polish woman leans over the bonnet. Did the seam on her dress still burst?Ebook: 6067 - Lady Ewa
CarFetisch (part2)
Of course, member Dave became horny as soon as Ewa got into his bright red Mustang in the wanker parking lot. And so he soon sat down on the passenger seat and enjoyed the Polish Lady´s hot nylon legs. While he has to chew on her nice smelling nylons, Dave is allowed to cum into Ewa´s 16cm high patent leather pumps.  Incl. Video from this meeting.Ebook: 6068 - Lady Barbara
The Secret use of my feet
The masked man does not intend however to steal something when he came into my house. He is only hot on my feet. Slowly he sneaks up, touches me on my feet, is licking my toes and the soles of my feet. At the end he squirts on the soles of my bare feet. By the way, when the photos were made I was really pretty much off the wall. Incl. 6-minutes Video.Ebook: 6069 - Lady Michaela
After there no customers anymore in her boutique in Xanten, the two hot Polish women could play with each other if front of the camera. Michaela is helping Lady Ewa to try on an evening dress. Thereafter both Ladies are playing with their sexy high heels on a Biedermeier Sofa..Ebook: 6070 - Lady Ewa
At the Jeep
Shortly before a thunderstorm broke out, Lady Ewa wanted to stop with the jeep in the middle of the fields on the Lower Rhine and pose for the members. She gets off in her sheer green summer dress and pointed, 16cm high pumps. Again and again she pulls up the dress and pulls her buttocks apart so that you can see her cunts.Ebook: 6071 - Lady Ewa
Strip at the Yellow House
Even the Polish Heelsqueen Lady Ewa  can barely walk on the cobblestones in her 16.5 cm high open-toe patent leather pumps. Therefore, she poses here half naked like a female bodybuilder and flexes her hot leg muscles. But no matter what she takes off - the heels must remain. No matter that the tight shoes are pressing her toes together and make pain.Ebook: 6072 - Lady Barbara
Camping Weekend
On the last long weekend I drove to the Moselle again in my mobile home. When the sun came out, I sat outside in a transparent dress with nylons on suspenders. Apparently to the delight of some Mobile-Home-Retirees. I think one or the other would have liked to have a glass of wine with me in the evening if he had been there alone.Ebook: 6073 - Lady Ewa
Visit to the Horse Stud
The stark naked Lady Ewa is visiting a horse stud farm on the Dutch border. Only in 16cm high, black mules does she stroll around the horse stalls. Standing at a box, she suddenly feels the hands of a groom, who kneads her big silicone tits out of the box and gropes her naked body. In return, the horny Polish grabs the guys balls to see what he has to offer.Ebook: 6074 - Lady Ewa
Jogger´s Fun
After a photo shoot on a wanker´s parking near Düsseldorf a Jogger came to the Lady. He liked her legs and  high heels and knew Lady Ewa from the Internet. After he had completed a membership for the site, he was allowed to grope the blonde Polish mature and jerk off into her sexy, high-heeled mules. On these Sperm-Mules, Ewa continued to totter further across the parking lot.Ebook: 6075 - Lady Rebecca
Pit Babe at the BMW
In a tight hot pants dress, Lady Rebecca poses as a pit slut in front of her BMW sports car. With her firm, big buttocks and her 16 cm high black mules, the young entrepreneur from Düsseldorf inspires men on the Königsallee almost every day, who are constantly watching her. However, she does not open her top for them, bur for you.Ebook: 6076 - Lady Barbara
Tight Jeans + Mules
While a made my wekend trip with my mobile home at the Mosel last weekend, I made a walk at the stony shore with tight leggins-jeans and 15 cm high heeled silver mules. To totter with the high heels through the river stones was not so easy. But the feeling to be observed and to know that someone has a hard dick in his pants, inspires to me do crazy things again and again.Ebook: 6077 - Lady Rebecca
Rebecca´s Hot BubbleButt
The blonde Rebecca had to show off in front of the camera for member Egon today in a tight leggins that visibly divides her big buttocks. In these blue and white butt-trousers, the 75-year-old pensioner wanked for Lady Rebeccas ass several times. The blonde also wears 16 cm high red pumps which press her toes firmly together.Ebook: 6078 - Lady Ewa
At the Loading Bay
Today Lady Ewa poses naked in almost 17 cm high, red patent leather pumps at the loading ramp of an old train station. She only wears a tight thong and these stilettos on her feet, otherwise the blonde is stark naked. Will the horny Polish also be secretly gazed at by pervert voyeur-grandfathers again here, as usual ?Ebook: 6079 - Lady Rebecca
Rebeccas Naked Foot Soles
Lady Rebecca first holds her dirty shoe soles in the camera at the garden table for a fan of bare soles. Come on, lick her shoe soles clean slave, then maybe the goddess will let you smell her sweaty and stinky foot soles, which were stucked for hours into the high mules while she was shopping.Ebook: 6080 - Lady Barbara
With My Motor Home at the Upper Rhine
Here I show you pictures, I made last weekend at the upper Rhine when I was on tour with my motor home. To tease the men on the parking, I was cleaning the windows saturday morning. Of course in high heeled mules and only wearing a shirt over my pantyhose. Then you see me in transparent leggings and bra on a bike and later taking a sunbath in bra and string panties. On sunday ...Ebook: 6080 - Lady Barbara
With My Motor Home at the Upper Rhine
Here I show you pictures, I made last weekend at the upper Rhine when I was on tour with my motor home. To tease the men on the parking, I was cleaning the windows saturday morning. Of course in high heeled mules and only wearing a shirt over my pantyhose. Then you see me in transparent leggings and bra on a bike and later taking a sunbath in bra and string panties. On sunday ...