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Ebook: 6020 - Lady Heike
Partyimpressions: Saggy-Hanger-Heike
Heike meets a new man, whom she wants to serve submissively. For this afternoon, he has come up with something very special for the slave girl: First, he will pat her butt and then treat her big tits. The high-heeled Heike will humbly obey her new master and she will do what he expects from her. In the end, she sucks him submissively his balls empty, as it is the job of a cock sucking needy party-slut.Ebook: 6021 - Lady Ewa
MulesWanker in the Forest
In a forest near Bonn Pantyhose-Lady Ewa meets member Mark. Ewa wears only a pantyhose and a sheer blouse from which her big boobs dangle out. First the hot fetish man can knead the big tits and grasp the crisp pantyhose-butt of the hot Polish Lady. Then the sexy blondie wants him to jerk off into her 16 cm high black mules. In the end, she proudly presents his sperm that she has milked from him into her stilettos.Ebook: 6022 - Lady Barbara
Diva on the TreatmentBed
Here I lie in a jeans leggings with dainty sandals, laced down tit-balls and a full mask on my treatment bench. Im fully prepared for a Diva-Date or Stealth-date where I can be almost defenseless groped by my guest. He can touch my tits, finger my pussy or asshole, fuck my feet or my mout cunt. But when I become sleepy, I dream from a bull ... from my bull.Ebook: 6023 - Lady Ewa
Blind Date on the Bank
Lady Ewa has a photo shoot with a businessman in the wellness area. In an elegant sequin dress and high-heeled strappy sandals, the blonde sandal Polish welcomes him with a blindfold and is tapped over her clothes. Then he drapes her on the treatment table. He pushes her dress up and down the tiny panties until you can see the Ladys tight, little-fucked slit. Do YOU want to fuck her? Shall I ask him?Ebook: 6024 - Lady Ewa
The Sandal Slave
Sarah introduced herself to Lady Ewa as a maid on the instructions of her husband and shows her first adoration for the Poland Lady by submissively kissing her sandal feet. While Ewa is sitting on the garden chair in pantyhose, the brunette maid kneels in fishnet stockings and serves the blonde. She would have loved to lick her cunt on the first day.Ebook: 6025 - Lady Heike
Partyimpressions with Ass Licker Heike
The high-heeled party mare Heike is supposed to heat up member Georg from Hanover with her bare butt at at his small private party. With her hands and her mouth she is willingly available to the horny guy and not only licks his cock but also his butt hole under the supervision of the elegant Lady Ewa. Heikes friend is horny for Ewa and so the clueless Heike has to pay for her friends fun. With her fuck holes. At the end the horny housewife on the video gets a full load of cum in her innocent face. Well done.Ebook: 6026 - Lady Barbara
MachoJailer in the Prison Bus
In the prison bus I first got a body check by the driver and thn I was guided to my lock-up. There I frst had to wank his dick and I must take on the rubber rings on my boobs. But while I was wanking him, he would not jerk off into my hands, but between my big, tight bound tits. At the end, I was naked and got showered my big balls with his sperm.Ebook: 6027 - Lady Ewa
Jerk off at the Nylonlegs
Member Gero from Muenster visits the Lady for a photoshooting in the garden in Willich. The hot Polish loves to wank his dick and after he got a handjob from her, he jerked off at her long sexy nylon legs. A big load of sperm was decorating her sex legs. Ewa loves it on her nylon stockings!Ebook: 6028 - Lady Tamara
Lady Tamara strips out of her jeans and shows up in a white corset. In addition, the chief secretary from Düsseldorf wears white bridal nylons on suspenders, white panties and white business boots. Is the laundry from her last wedding? Seems so ...Ebook: 6029 - Lady Ewa
Nylonposing at the Jeep
Lady Ewa wanted today to makr photos on a wanker´s parking in a black dress, seamed nylons and 15 cm high-heele transparent pumps. Because it was pretty hot, the hot blonde has pulled off her dress quickly. And so the sexy Polish was soon the half-naked wankers prey for the voyeurs in the bushes.Ebook: 6030 - Lady Barbara
Dancing Lady
When we met last time, my footbull wanted to dance with me, when I was wearing this red costume together with the red platform sandals. And that is precisely the mesh where you must go if you want to conquer me. Dancing - smooching - fuck was always my motto. Unfortunately, the Fußhengs has dared only the first point. Are you better?Ebook: 6031 - Lady Lena
Black Sequin Dress
Frivolous Lena from Essen is posing in a black sequin dress, black nylons and black pumps in the garden. And of couse she was hot to show you her wide open horny pussy. Show the slut, how dominant you are. Maybe, she let you play with her greedy dark cunt and more?Ebook: 6032 - Lady Ewa
Exhibition Puppet
Here you can look on the naked Poland-Lady from all sides - with and without silk panty. Initially Ewa is still wearing her sheer summedress, but soon Ewa stands naked in the living room at the beginning with her panties, and then starck naked only with her high strappy heels. Is this waht you want? A naked Polish at your home, every day?Ebook: 6033 - Lady Ewa
Shoeblack Sahra
In the Legsworld Heelsstudio the wife of a member has to serve as a maid and clean my shoes under the supervision of the high-heeled Lady Ewa. The brunette Sarah from Cologne humbly kneels in front of the elegant Polish Lady to do her work. If your wife should also clean and kiss our shoes under the supervision of a Poland Lady, then contact us.Ebook: 6034 - Lady Barbara
For Sale
Here you see some new photos on my sexy tanned summer feet in hot mules. I hope you like my new french style on the toenails. I am wearing these shoes and my french toenails all the summer at the beach, and a lot of men were gazing at my toes. I like this feeling when men get horny, gazing my toes. And I get horny too.Ebook: 6035 - Lady Ewa
Lingerie Wanker (Part 1)
After member Upskirt was on a shopping tour with Lady Ewa in Krefeld and bought her some sexy Lingerie, the Polish woman had to show the linen she got from him. In part 1 the horny guy is sitting on the sofa, masturbating with relish. When the blonde has pulled her panties aside, his cock is already hard. But the Lady doesnt allow him more than rubbing his cock on her buttocks.Ebook: 6036 - Lady Heike
The Elegant + the Naked
Everyone can get to the horny marriage whore. Held by the high-heeled and elegant Lady Ewa on a leash, the stark naked Parking-Heike has to serve blindfolded between some cars several guys, which she is not allowed to see. Then the naked blonde gets the blindfold removed and is examined and tapped by the parking lot guys. Surely the popular big-busty slut knows one or the other already, whose cock she just had in her mouth.Ebook: 6037 - Lady Barbara
Partyimpressions with Bound Boobs
This was my hottest helloween party ever. Two businessmen were invited by my cuckold in the cellar bar. While I was wearing an elegant costume, stockings and my super high white sandal, they grabbed my boobs and more. At the end I was standing nearly naked only in nylons and high heels in front of them. But before that, the two businesmen had a lot of fun with my tight bound boobs, my big butt and my long pussy lips. And of course they wanked their dicks on my body and used me as I must be used by wankers. My cuckold was only allowed to watch us from the other room.Ebook: 6038 - Lady Ewa
Lingerie Wanker (Part 2)
After Lady Ewa showed the member Upskirt the clothes he had bought, he got so horny that he had to cum. After the Lady had dressed again, he pulled her panties onto her knees. When the blonde sat in front of him with her panties down on her feet, the wanker knelt in front of her and jerked a big load of cum on her feet in the transparent pumps.Ebook: 6039 - Lady Ewa
Smoking Lady in Costume
Lady Ewa is posing today smoking in an elegant gray suit and white lingerie on the terrace in Willich. The hot Polish woman also wears sheer nylons and open-toe pumps. In the course of the photo shoot, she pulls up her skirt and shows her tiny, white panties. Would you like to smell it? Or would you rather slide your fingers behind it and feel her wet slit?Ebook: 6040 - Lady Michaela
Michaela and the Doc
Boutique boss Michaela from Xanten is examined and had to pass an expert opinion by a Doc in her noble Second-Hand Boutique. Only her designer pumps the horny Polish mare may keep, otherwise she must be stark naked. As the Doc pulls her labia apart, the big-boobs exhibitionist moans aloud. Whether she needs a big cock, which fucks her vigorously?Ebook: 6041 - Lady Erika
Erika´s Lover from Oberhausen
In this series I present you my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000 which were never before shown on Legsworld. Today I was was meeting again my big-dick-lover in Oberhausen and I licked his big bull balls. He licked my asshole and we did a nice boobs fuck. My cuckold was only allowed to watch us and take pictures.Ebook: 6042 - Lady Tamara
Private Party with Nylon-Tamara
The mature, elegant chief-secretary Tamara is pampered by two submissive members in the LegsBar. After a glass of champaign, she slips out of her dress and just stands there in lingerie, nylons and pumps. Then the two bosses have to massage and lick the secretary, and at the end they are allowed to cum on the blondes sexy nylon feet as a reward.Ebook: 6043 - Lady Ewa
Nipple Stretching at the Lake
Today the Lady is posing in a sexy summer dress and high-heeled sandals at the Kaarster lake nearby Duesseldorf. There are often lots of wankers in the bushes, which rub their dicks, when they can watch women as Lady Ewa. Especially when the hot Polish gets out her big boobs from the dress and stretches her nipples long. So long, that she could cry.Ebook: 6044 - Lady Barbara
Tanned Toes
For you hot foot- and shoe fetishists I show today a small selection of my high heeled mules on my wet feet in the wonderfully warm sun. I love my high-heeled stiletto shoes, but if you like, I can give some very well worn shoes away. To all footslaves: On your knees and kiss my sexy stinky toes !Ebook: 6045 - Lady Michaela
Posing with Eveningdress in the Boutique
A member wanted to see, how Michaela shows some of their most beautiful pieces at her boutique in Xanten. The fashionable Polish is dressed with a red evening dress and French designer pumps. The dress she pulls down a little during the photo session, till she stands there topless and is showing off big tits. If the Member also came from Xanten?Ebook: 6046 - Lady Ewa
Meeting Member Martin Outdoor
In a secluded parking lot, Lady Ewa met today with Member Martin, who was allowed to go for a small fee at her sexy legs. The hot Polish allowed Martin to indulge  and kiss her nylon legs and when she saw that he got horny, she took his big dick out of his pants. Whether she would have like to fucked from the hard dick of the slave? Watch on the video clip, what Madame is doing with him.Ebook: 6047 - Lady Barbara
Blind Date in the Corridor
Only those who can amuse me can make a grab on me. In the basement I get danced a little by member Jürgen from Dortmund. I get champagne from him to drink and then I get grabbed by his strong hands while Im blindfolded and cant see anything. I am wearing 15 cm high mules and a sheer summer dress when I feel the firm grip on my big boobs. Yes, I like it when someone kneads my tits so roughly. This is better than boring caressing sex. Especially when Ive already had a drink and when I am in a party mood.Ebook: 6048 - Lady Ewa
Lady in a Park
Lady Ewa is walking in a park near Duisburg. There the smoking Polish woman is followed by an old wanker, for whom she has to open her trench coat and must pull up her skirt. The horny old man wants to take a close look at everything of the hot blondynka and and at the end you can see how he wanks his big dick in front of the horny nylon Lady in the video.Ebook: 6049 - Lady Ewa
Slipless In the Car
Lady Ewa is sitting on a well-known wanker´s parking lot near Neuss in her summer dress and high-heeled strappy sandals in the car. Unfortunately, the secret wankes did not dare to come out and only watched the big-titted Polish woman from her hiding places. Blondie shows the shy guys her bald cunt again and again.Ebook: 6050 - Lady Heike
Transparent Blouse or Naked Hangers
How is Heike supposed to get to the parking lot tomorrow? In a transparent blouse or with bare hangers? Only dressed in a transparent blouse and the new platform sandals that she had to buy, Heike from Geldern presented herself to all Legsworld members in my garden. Of course, the blonde not only shows her big natural hanger-boobs, but also very nicely to everyone her shaved and her regularly from strangers fucked cunt and her buttocks. Because for tomorrow, the piss-hungry home-whore hopes for a slave with a long tongue to clean her vagina and anus, after users had fucked her.Ebook: 6050 - Lady Heike
Transparent Blouse or Naked Hangers
How is Heike supposed to get to the parking lot tomorrow? In a transparent blouse or with bare hangers? Only dressed in a transparent blouse and the new platform sandals that she had to buy, Heike from Geldern presented herself to all Legsworld members in my garden. Of course, the blonde not only shows her big natural hanger-boobs, but also very nicely to everyone her shaved and her regularly from strangers fucked cunt and her buttocks. Because for tomorrow, the piss-hungry home-whore hopes for a slave with a long tongue to clean her vagina and anus, after users had fucked her.