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Ebook: 5989 - Lady Heike
Housewife on Wanker´s Parking
In a parking lot, the elegant high-heeled Lady Ewa is showing the naked housewife Heike to some wankers on a chain and let the slut kiss her shoes. Before "Boobs-Heike" - as the wankers on the parking lots call her- has to kneel in front of the wanking voyeurs, she is allowed to drink something from a dog bowl. For the amusement of the men present.Ebook: 5990 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Heels Stroll Through the City with a Transparent Top
In a half-transparent lace top that shows her white bra, and a short skirt that shows the welt of her stocking, Lady Ewa is tottering on this summers day through the city in Duesseldorf. On her feet, the racy Polish wears patent leather pumps with 16 cm high heels. The longer she goes, the more her cramped toes are hurting in the tight shoes.Ebook: 5991 - Lady Barbara
Red Sandals & Long Nail
Today I show you in nice close-ups my stocking feet in 16cm high strappy sandals. See how the sheer nylon fabric stretches over my long toenails. The thin straps of the shoes hurt hurt my toes when I am walking in the shoes. If you dont believe that, you should try it yourself. So these shoes are more for my masochistic days.Ebook: 5992 - Lady Ewa
18 cm High Heeld Goldpumps
Lady Ewa is walking through a forest on the search for a picnic area where voyeurs should be. When she found the place, she sits with an elegant costume, ultra sheer nylons and 18cm high-heeled gold pumps on a stone bench and smokes a cigarette. For the wankers creeping around, she  opens her labia with her long, red-polished nails.Ebook: 5993 - Lady Ewa
Slave + Sandal Mistress
Slave Werner from Hanover gets to feel the full program of Polish Lady Ewa. First he has to kiss the sexy blondes sandal feet, then crawl in front of her on all four. After the slave got to feel her whip, he had to jerk all his semen on the bright red polished toes of the Mistress.Ebook: 5994 - Lady Michaela
Michaela´s Summerdress
In todays update, sexy boutique owner Michaela shows off two of her summer dresses from the new collection and, of course, also shows what she normally wears underneath in summer: nothing. The horny Polish Lady wears black designer boots with her dresses. Take a close look at her hot big boobs and her big buttocks in beautiful poses.Ebook: 5995 - Lady Erika
Peeing in the Convertible of his Ex
One of my members is into pee and he asked me if I could just piss in his ex-wifes convertible. So in the morning I put on a sheer summer dress and high-heeled sling pumps and off I went. Herbert had borrowed her car and the game could start. Herbert wanked in the background: It is so cool when my unsuspecting ex later sits in her car that you previously used as a urinal.Ebook: 5996 - Lady Ewa
Lady in Pink
Lady Ewa poses on her green monster jeep at Kaarster See near Neuss in a pink dress, sheer light brown tights and 16cm high pumps. There the hot Polish girl is often in the back row where most of the voyeurs are and has fun making the horny guys even more hot. Every now and then she lets herself be tempted to do a hand job or they can grope her big boobs.Ebook: 5997 - Lady Ewa
Home Visit by the Doc
Private M.D. Mueller visited Lady Ewa, who had just completed a photo shoot in the garden. Still on the terrace the doctor works out his investigation bank and the Polish Goddess must undergo a health check directly in lingerie and nylons. Incl. 6min. HD-Video of the examination.Ebook: 5998 - Lady Ewa + Michaela
With Heelsfriend Ewa in the Boutique
When the Lady is visiting Michaelas Boutique, the two Ladies became friends because Michaela also likes high heels very much. She was fascinated from the 18cm high heeled goldpumps of the Lady and began to play with her, no matter wether the people couls seee her through the shopwindow or not.Ebook: 5999 - Lady Barbara
Breastrings at the Old Castle
With strong breast rings  under my bikini top, a pair of hot pants and high heeled wooden designer mules (from Gianmarco Lorenzi) I am posing in front of an old castle in Spain. I love to wear the tight rubber rings around my big balloon boobs, it´s a great feeling. Especially when I feel that someone could come at any moment and watch me.Ebook: 6000 - Lady Ewa
Checking the Lady on a Parking
Lady Ewa is meeting some members on a wanker parking at the A57 in Duisburg area. Here is in summer a lot of action and of course everyone wanted to touch the Lady´s body. But only subscribed members were allowed to touch her and they got also a handjob from the sexy vamp. All others could watch and must wank themselves. Unanimous opinion of everyone: Super how willing the Polish mare can be groped.Ebook: 6001 - Lady Tamara
Tamara´s PussyLicker
In my heels studio, Lady Tamara sits on the HeeelsChair in sheer seamed nylons and orange-colored suede pumps. She gets a visit from two members who are both extremely horny for the mature blonde. One licks the sexy secretary to orgasm until her bare pussy shines bright. The second holds her foot in the heels and he gets randy with the leather scent of Tamara´s shoes.Ebook: 6002 - Lady Michaela
Emegency Doctor in the Boutique
Businesswoman Michaela is visited by a horny emergency doctor in her boutique in Kevelaer. The boutique is very well known among wankers from the Lower Rhine region and so the Doc is also totally enthusiastic about the hint of visiting the sexy businesswoman. On the occasion, of course, the Doc takes a close look at the complete body of the Polish boutique boss, especially her feet and beg big silicone boobs.Ebook: 6003 - Lady Barbara
Red Mules on the Castle
Today I visit with my great dane an old Castell in Spain which is currently being restored. I wear a pink summer dress and red high-heeled mules with a gold-colored metal heel. On my legs I wear skin-colored toe-free tights to my pink dress. It is very slippery in the mules.Ebook: 6004 - Lady Barbara
Makeup in Front of the Foot Bull
I had bound my big titts with strapping rubber bands, and to the red costume I was wearing matching, red patent sandals with plateau and light brown sheer seamed nylons, when the foot Stallion visited me. In front of my footbull I did my make up. While I put red lipstick on, the footbull is watching me and is wanking his big dick. At the end I put on a fur coat.Ebook: 6005 - Lady Ewa
Smoking in Summerdresss
After a 2-hour licking date with a non-smoker, Lady Ewa was already very nervous and finally had to smoke a cigarette. So the hot blonde goes in her lilac-colored dress with deep cleavage, sheer, brown nylons on suspenders and transparent high-heeled pumps out on the terrace.Ebook: 6006 - Lady Ewa + Michaela
Polish HeelsFriends (vol 2)
When the Lady visits Michaelas boutique in Kevelaer, the Polish nylon whores get down to business. The exhibitionist, big-breasted Michaela (75-G silicone boobs) obviously has fun taking off her clothes and playing splinter naked only in pumps with Lady Ewas feet & shoes and is licking them.Ebook: 6007 - Lady Barbara
French Nails on Tour
On a trip with the motorhome to the Rhine, I photographed my French Nails in various mules. Actually, I was supposed to have a show run in Rüdesheim and was secretly photographed by a member, as my husband told me on the way back. But this guy showed the white feather at the last moment. People: If you make dates with my husband, where you secretly watch and photograph me, trust yourself!Ebook: 6008 - Lady Heike
Blonede ToeSucker &Polish Madame
Before Ehehure Heike is allowed to suck a members cock in this photo series, she has to kiss the shoes and feet of the blonde Polish Mistress Lady Ewa. While Lady Ewa wears an elegant costume with sheer nylons and high heels, Sub Heike must of course be naked when she licks the sweaty feet of the elegant Polish.Ebook: 6009 - Lady Ewa
Private Photos - Garden Work
After Lady Ewa cut the lawn, some fine work had to be done. Really stylish, the blonde Polish mare does everything in a sheer summer dress, sheer black nylons and high-heeled open mules. Always hoping that someone would look under her skirt, and sees with what she covers her cunt.Ebook: 6010 - Lady Ewa + Michaela
Big Polish Balls under the Fur
Nearly naked under her fur coat, big busty Michaela is posing in her second-hand-boutique in Kevelaer. Under her outrageously expensive furcoat the hot Polish is only wearing small panties and 15 cm high heeled mules. One week later, Michaela noticed that the hot wanker must have cleaned his sticky Dick into the 30-thousand-euro expensive furcoat after he had jerked.Ebook: 6011 - Lady Barbara
Reunion in Jeans
Today I am meeting my footbull again, and while I am wearing a blue jeans, blue turtleneck pullover and sexy white strappy sandals with 16 cm high heels, he is hot on my big titts under the pullover. And without asking, this real hard man grabbed my balls as if they were his toys.Ebook: 6012 - Lady Ewa
Stroll through the Town in Costume
In a dark costume with a high slit and flashing stocking edges, the sexy Poland Lady Ewa strolls through Düsseldorf. In addition to that, the hot blonde wears tight and pointed pumps with 16 cm high heels. While strolling, she is constantly gawked at by guys who have no idea how her toes are squeezed tightly in the pumps. But Ewa has to fulfill member Horsts order: two hours of show walking for the city-wankers.Ebook: 6013 - Lady Tamara
Foot- + Shoejob
Member Heinz from Kassel visited Lady Tamara today. As requested, he got an extensive foot and shoe job from the high heeled corset Lady. Especially, her red polished long toenails were awesome for Heinz. The masked member could also feel her long fingernails on his balls and on his dick. Until he had jerked all his sperm on Tamaras nylon feet.Ebook: 6014 - Lady Barbara
Weights on the Terrace
Some members love it, when I hang heavy weights on my already long pusy lips. They should get longer and longer, so that in a public sauna, everyone sees for what I am used. In this series I am wearing beige suede mules with 15cm heels, they match perfect to my long blue polished toenails. When you want to see, how heavy the clamped weights tie down, look inside ...Ebook: 6015 - Lady Lena
Naked Shoe Fetisist in the Heels Cellar
Lady Lena is totally horny for my unusual collection of high heels. In my shoe studio in Willich near Krefeld, the big-titted secretary plays stark naked with the hottest stilettos and, above all, likes to smell my freshly worn shoes, as she told to the photographer. Correct toe prints seem to electrify the busty Bi-Lady. At the smell of the sweaty leather, she probably would have liked to shove the long, thin heels and the tips of some pumps into her vagina, but she didnEbook: 6016 - Lady Gina
Nylonslut in a Sexclub
The nylon Lady with the elegant pinned-up hairstyle visits an adult theater in Bochum in a sexy little dress and dainty sandals. Patient are some gentlemen standing in the file, and everyone is waiting that the kneeling nylon Lady sucks his dick. Again and again they are wanking into the mouth of the elegant Polish granny.Ebook: 6017 - Lady Ewa
The Ass of a true Lady
At this dark morning, Lady Ewa presents you her luscious butt in the relaxation room on the treatment bench. After she has pulled off her skimpy panties, the racy Polish is kneeling in ultra sheer nylons with seam on suspenders, on the white couch as in the Church. With her long red nails she opens wide her big racy buttocks and shows you her tight vagina and her sexual rarely used anus.Ebook: 6018 - Lady Barbara
Sleep with Double BoobRings
As a memberwish I show my body lying on a massagebed. At first I am wearing a garterbelt and ultrasheer black stockings from Ars Vivendi, the the stockings are taken off and I am shown with various stiletto shoes. All the time I had my big titts bound tight with double rubber rings in this DreamDate. A pleasure for every Sleepy fan with a hard cock whoy wants to grope my boobs.Ebook: 6019 - Lady Ewa
Teasing a member in Summerdress
While making a trip with member Upskirt, Lady Ewa is teasing him with her longe legs under the black&white summerdress. Again and again the blonde polish is bending over, so that the hot guy can see her almost between her buttocks. And not only does he seem to be watching, also (accidentally?) present voyeurs.Ebook: 6019 - Lady Ewa
Teasing a member in Summerdress
While making a trip with member Upskirt, Lady Ewa is teasing him with her longe legs under the black&white summerdress. Again and again the blonde polish is bending over, so that the hot guy can see her almost between her buttocks. And not only does he seem to be watching, also (accidentally?) present voyeurs.