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Ebook: 5898 - Lady Ewa Tamara
Rubber Dick
Watch the two Business Ladys Tamara and Ewa, how they play with a big, black rubber Dick. First the elegant mares lick together on the big rubber cock, and then they push it each other between the mules. From what are the two goddesses dreaming? Perhaps from a real big dick of a black stallion?Ebook: 5899 - Lady Barbara
Corkshoes at the Pool
Here you can see me in Spain how I clean the pool and how I feed my cats - all of this as so often in high heels. Today in 18cm high, super cool cork mules. In addition to reality photos and beautiful close-ups of my wedge shoes, there is also a 20-minutes slow-motion video.Ebook: 5900 - Lady Katinka
Bizar unter the Fur Coat
In delicate strappy sandals and sheer nylons, the masked Katinka is out and about in the freezing wind in a jeans mini skirt and with bare cunt under her fur coat. The special feature: Not only the long, red-polished toenails stand out, but also the heavy steel weights on the shaved labia of the blonde home-slut.Ebook: 5901 - Lady Ewa
The Parking Date
Spontaneous meeting in a parking lot in Düsseldorf: Lady Ewa let grope her pantyhose booty and juices a small-wienie member with sheer latex gloves over her red-painted claws. The sexy Polish wears only a costume jacket over her sheer nylon tights and 16cm high pumps on her feet. As it should be for a hot parking lot Lady.Ebook: 5902 - Lady Barbara
Summerdress in the Storm
Here you see me on my terrace in Spain while a gale is blowing. he wind is playing with my transparent white summer dress but blessedlay I am steady on my legs in these 15 cm mules. Maybe someone is watching under my dress from the streets?Ebook: 5903 - Lady Ewa
Jerked into her cleavage
In Duesseldorf, Lady Ewa is invited again today by member Mike to visit the car wash. The smoking Polish Lady crouches down in 16cm high pumps and a sheer nylon pantyhose under her costume skirt. She blows her cigarette smoke onto Mikes cock. He can not be asked for a long time and jerks a good load of sperm into the cleavage of the hot Blondynka.Ebook: 5904 - Lady Katinka
DoubleSeries: Blowjob & BoobHanging
In the locksmiths workshop you can see a double series today with the horny maso-slut from the Eifel: <br>1. The masked slave Katinka gives the Doc a blowjob in nylons and platform shoes.  <br>2. In the end, the blonde slave is then pulled up on her tits on a pulley. At the next appointment in the workshop we will pull her all the way up on her tits.Ebook: 5905 - Lady Ewa
Here the Poland Lady was snapped from above into the cleavage of her costume before she put on pink nipple suckers herself. As a precaution, she has already taken her boobs out of her jacket before. Also nice to see: the 16cm high, bright red patent leather pumps.Ebook: 5906 - Lady Tamara
On the Relaxbed
In a hotel suite Lady Tamara is relaxing on a black bed and shows you, what most of the members wants to see: Her long toenails and what is between her big toes at the other end of her legs. She is wearing a with top and string and at her feet rihnestone sandals. Who doesnt want to lick the mature, sexy executive secretary at this point?Ebook: 5907 - Lady Ewa
Smoking Lady + Red Soles
Here the smoking Lady shows once again the red soles of her ultra-high patent leather pumps in close-ups. Ewa sits in a costume and sheer nylon tights at the dining table and smokes a cigarette. Then she puts her feet in the pumps on the table and shows you the soles of her shoes. Shoes: FOOT made in ItalyEbook: 5908 - Lady Katinka
Visiting an EroticCinema in Cologne
On Saturday Katinka went to an erotic cinema in Cologne in new red and black sandals and sheer nylons on suspenders. First she was treated on the gyn chair between her legs, then a Legsworld member was allowed to fuck her sandals. Maybe you are in sometimes Cologne and want to have fun with feet, shoes or nylons? Then get in touch with us.Ebook: 5909 - Lady Heike
Double Series in the Heelsheaven
Today you see a horny doubleseries with the nymphomaniac slavegirl Heike. 1) First Time in 16cm Heels: At first she shows first time how she wears 16 cm high heeled sandals. You think she behaves a little  stupidly?  2) Shoefetishist Heike: In the second part, she shows how horny she becomes, when she lickes uses and sweaty Lady shoes.Ebook: 5910 - Lady Ewa
Shoeslave Karin
Before the eyes of two wankers, slave Karin has to kiss Mistress Ewas pumps on all fours. In the home of a member in Moers, the slave has to show that she is devoted to the Polish mistress. She kneels in front of the dominant blonde, helps to fasten the nylons on the suspenders and kisses her nylon legs.Ebook: 5911 - Lady Heike, Geldern
Naked under Fur Coat in the Garden
Big titted Heike is posing naked only with a collar under her fur coat outdoor. With transparent, very high platform mules on her feet she shows what she does, when no horny parking-lot-dick is nearby. She sucks her favorite dildo wet and then pushes it between her shaven pussy lips.Ebook: 5912 - Lady Katinka
NylonSlut in the Car
Lady Katinka lies in sheer, navy blue nylonstockings with lace and delicate strappy sandals in the back of the car on the folded bed. The blonde secretary shows you how can book her for foot sex in parking lots. On request, she also wears a black full face mask, so that you can fully concentrate on your feet. With nylons, with shoes or just naked.Ebook: 5913 - Lady Ewa
At the old Bridge
Cars or cyclists passing by do not bother the Polish show Lady when she wants to present her new shiny nylons with a mini dress in the Rhine port of Krefeld. Do horny wankers watch the revealing Polish straps Lady? Ewa enjoys every look from horny, secret voyeurs.Ebook: 5914 - Lady Tamara
Miss Tamara is a hooker
In a school in Frankfurt, member Klaus has to be detained by teacher Miss Tamara. The student wrote improper things on the board and today the teacher gives him a special lesson in becomming horny and wanking. In addition, Miss Tamara wears extra seamed nylons and high heels, and scholar Klaus quickly has a (well, at least halfway) standing dick. But when he gives cheeky answers in between, Miss Tamara quickly puts the boy on the school desk.Ebook: 5915 - Lady Heike
Blonde Member Toy
Heike meets a new man, whom she wants to serve submissively. For this afternoon, he has come up with something very special for the slave girl: First, he will pat her butt and then treat her big tits. The high-heeled Heike will humbly obey her new master and she will do what he expects from her. In the end, she sucks him submissively his balls empty, as it is the job of a cock sucking party-slut.Ebook: 5916 - Lady Katinka
Long rhinestone nails
Despite the fur coat, the wind whistles through the small nylon panties, as Katinka poses with a jeans-mini-skirt, blue nylonstockings and 13 cm high strappy sandals on the sidewalk and she takes a Prosecco. Most striking are the secretarys long, red-polished toenails, which are richly decorated with rhinestones.Ebook: 5917 - Lady Ewa
Polish Madame gives Outdoor Blowjob
When member upskirt bekame more and more horny while he made pictures from the Lady, she gave him a hand- and footjob on a track across the fields. When Member Upskirt made photos from Lady Ewa, he became hot and the sexy Polish in her short dress and 16 cm high, narrow high-heels quickly helped him. First she wanked his dick with her hand stiff while he was kneading her big silicone tits. Then she bend down to him and took his big dick into her red mouth. Look at close-ups, how awesome the Lady can suck cocks.Ebook: 5918 - Lady Ewa
Walk in 7inch Mules & Seamed Nylons
A lonely morning walk does Lady Ewa in seamed nylons and 16 cm-high mules on some tracks out of the way in Krefeld/Germany. Instead of a lover or a hot nylon wanker, the Lady  unfortunately just meets a female passerby with dog. But the place is known for wankers behind the bushes are gaping lonely women. Maybe they secretly observed the sexy mules Polish.Ebook: 5919 - Lady Heike
Heike kisses Stinky Man´s Feet
In my Heelsstudio sex slave Heikeis creeping  on the floor and has to clean the feet of a member with her tongue. First the naked slave girl takes off his shoes and socks, then her warm and wet tongue is licking slowly between his toes. And again and again he pushes his sweaty feet into the face of the needy naked blonde..Ebook: 5920 - Lady Ewa
Nylonwanking at a Gravel Works
On a small road to a gravel plant, NylonLady Ewa has arranged to meet a member for a photo shoot and nylon wanking. The elegant Polish Lady actually thought that there was little traffic there. In a sexy dress with a pencil skirt, sheer brown nylons and 16 cm high-heeled pumps, Ewa not only excited Herbert, but also some truck drivers, because new trucks were constantly coming out of the gravel works.Ebook: 5921 - Lady Barbara
Leathercoat + Pumps
Here I present myself at the pool with a pink leather coat, sheer, slightly pink shimmering seamed nylons and with 16 cm high pink pumps on my feet. I open my buttocks on the stairs for you. Come on slave, put your nose between my cheeks and sniff my horny butt notch like a dog. I know, you need this !Ebook: 5922 - Lady Ewa
Between her Mules
Protected by a gas mask, Lady Ewa shows some voyeurs in short dresses and sheer nylons on a folding table in the forest, what she has to offer between her suspenders. The racy Polish girl pulls her tight, shaved pee slit open and satisfies herself with one of her shoes. As if she wants to say: Now fuck me, you horny goats!. But they just want to wank and ask Ewa to pull her labia longer and longer. Great closeups.Ebook: 5923 - Lady Tamara
Long Nails + Platform
In front of a yellow house the blonde Tamara shows her long pink toenails in sheer nylon stockings and silver platform sandals. After she had pulled off her sheer, pink summerdress, you can see the sexy Executive Secretary only in a hot lingerie set and suspenders.Ebook: 5924 - Lady Ewa
Airport Moenchengladbach
The Lady poses in front of a surveillance camera at the airport in Mönchengladbach in 16cm high, open-toe pumps and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders. She wears an open trench coat over it. Again and again the blonde opens the coat, pulls the suspenders straight or fumbles with her long, red fingernails behind her panties. The man on the monitor was definitely enjoying himself.Ebook: 5925 - Lady Ewa
Cleaning the House - Naked !
Today the dusting had to be done once again in the living room. Since the ordinary cleaning girl was on vacation, Lady Ewa had to do the work and wipe dust everywhere. A pleasure for every house-owner to watch the hot and stark naked Polish only with bright-red platform mules on the feet doing the housework.Ebook: 5926 - Lady Ewa
Polish Latex-Lady
In the garden, Lady Ewa presents herself in a patent cape and black over-the-knee patent boots. She also wears a lingerie set from the 50s without panties and sheer nylons on suspenders. The horny Polish woman fumbles at her shaved pussy with a pair of my pointed designer pumps. After a while, the shaved cunt is soaking wet.Ebook: 5927 - Lady Barbara
Bar Naked Soles
I have my bare feet on the table between my sexy designer mules. The right thing for guests who want to sniff my STINKY FEET. The pictures were taken when I was just coming back from a sexy stroll through the village in the pointed, black mules. At special member request, sole photos were taken as long as my feet (and they really were it) looked totally tired.Ebook: 5927 - Lady Barbara
Bar Naked Soles
I have my bare feet on the table between my sexy designer mules. The right thing for guests who want to sniff my STINKY FEET. The pictures were taken when I was just coming back from a sexy stroll through the village in the pointed, black mules. At special member request, sole photos were taken as long as my feet (and they really were it) looked totally tired.