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Ebook: 5867 - Lady Ewa
Fishnet and Golden Pumps
Today Lady Ewa poses for all friends of golden shoes and smoking women in coarse-meshed sexy fishnet tights and 18 cm high gold pumps in the living room. While she fiddles with her long, red-painted fingernails on her cunt, she blows the smoke of the cigarette into the camera so that you can almost smell her smoky breath.Ebook: 5868 - Lady Katinka
Lady-B-Shoes for Sale
Katinka had received some private shoes from me, but they are too big for her. Even a small size 38 does not fit if you have shoe size. Gr.35-36. These shoes are now for sale. As you can see, these are worn boots, ankle boots, pumps, sandals and mules. The shoes can be sent discreetly as a post parcel or can be handed over at a free meeting by Katinka. Sold in a pack of 2 or completely. Make me an offer!Ebook: 5869 - Lady Ewa
The Workshop Wankers
Lady Ewa must serve some more customers in the workshop. While the slave had to lick the wet cunt of the Mistress, the other wankers were allowed to grab the Lady. They had their fingers over all and at the end they cum on her sheer nylonstockings.Ebook: 5870 - Lady Ewa
Mules Walk the Promenade
Here you see the first series of the promised pictures from the beach in Spain. I am walking in various mules with 13 and 14 cm heel at the promenade. The young man with the bicycle happened to come the way and he said, he knew me from somewhere, but couldnt remember... maybe from the daily news?Ebook: 5871 - Lady Ewa
WorkShop Slave
After the slave endured the vagaries of Mistress Ewa naked in the cold workshop in Langenfeld near Düsseldorf, he had to give her a semen sacrifice on her nylon legs. But first he had to kiss the 16cm high heeled pumps of the Polish Blondynka and let her pull his balls longer and longer.Ebook: 5872 - Lady Katinka
Masked with a Candle
Lady Katinka shows herself here in her livingroom with a black, full mask in a tight lace-bra and tight black leggings. On her bare feet the blonde secretary wears gold pumps with a large toe opening, so that her long toenals have room. On some photos, the secretary has a candle in her mouth and acts as a candle holder.Ebook: 5873 - Lady Ewa
The Visit (1)
The Lady visits a member in Cologne. Slave Harry is allowed to kiss the mistress black patent boots, but also gets to feel her hard hand and whip. Because the slave is obedient and keeps still, he gets to feel the hand of the Polish mistress on his genitals and she inserts a dildo into his anus.Ebook: 5874 - Lady Barbara
Stinky Naked Footsoles
After a hot barefoot afternoon at my house, we made a series of photos for all friends of mx dirty foot-soles. This is what it looks like when I walked barefoot and vacuumed dust barefoot at home the whole day. And I say to all slaves: On your knees! And lick my dirty soles clean! They have to be sparkling clean my soles, otherwise there is the whip on your bare butt.Ebook: 5875 - Lady Ewa
Red Peep Toe Pumps
Here Polish Lady Ewa shows you her new 16 cm high peep-toe pumps made of red patent leather. The sexy blonde is wearing a see-through dress and fishnet tights. The Lady also likes to feel the cold patent leather pumps with the red soles on her shaved cunt, as you can see. Many thanks from Ewa to member Gentleman for this.Ebook: 5876 - Lady Katinka
NylonLady in der Werkstatt
Nylon-Lady Katinka looks around in a locksmiths workshop in a mini denim skirt and black pumps. In a black bra and sheer mocha-colored nylons on suspenders, the blonde poses first on a bicycle rickshaw and then between greasy oil barrels.Ebook: 5877 - Lady Ewa
Partyimpressions in Moers
Two members have fun with the high-heeled nylon Lady Ewa. They caress her legs and knead her big boobs on the couch while the blindsided wife of one member must watch them. Then they slowly undress the blonde to her lingerie. They knead Ewas buttocks and rub their horny dicks on them ,until one of the two jerks her a full load of sperm on her buttocks. The members wife has to kneel at the feet of the pretty mistress. She has nothing to say.Ebook: 5878 - Lady Barbara
Fruit Salad made by Lady B
Maybe you can get such fruit salad sometimes at one of my parties. This time it got my neighbor in Spain, whoproved to be a secret fan of such things. Would you also get your very special fruit pulp made by me? Banana mousse that was squeezed out between my toes or orange juice that was squeezed out by my toes?Ebook: 5879 - Lady Ewa
Horny Apartment Visit
Member Marc from Solingen will show Lady Ewa, who only is wearing high-heels and lingerie with nylons, his new appartement. But the photographer is interesting in other things and he wants Ewa to open his trousers to play with his member dick. The hot Polish Lady begins, half naked, with her long claws to work his dick.Ebook: 5880 - Lady Katinka
Heels-Feet on the Dashboard
On a trip through Bonn, Katinka shows her feet in sheer mocha-colored nylons and 15cm high rhinestone mules with plateau. She keeps her feet on the dashboard with and without shoes while sitting on the passenger seat and takes pictures of herself.Ebook: 5881 - Lady Ewa
Lady in Red
For all fans of smoking women, smoking Lady Ewa presents herself today in red with a long cigarette holder: The Polish blonde wears a sheer, red evening dress made of lace and red patent leather pumps with red soles. Her long, bright red nails look out of the open-toe-pumps. Ewa shows you revealing pussy and asshole which she stimulates with her reg fingernails..Ebook: 5882 - Lady Ewa
In the Store
In the magazine of a boutique, Ewa had to show her cunt, that she can choose something nice to take home. The owner of the boutique photographed a private series in which the Lady tried some sportswear. Again and again, she showed her hot ass, her big silicone boobs and her bald fuck slot. Even though it was outside rainy and stormy, the high-heeled Lady came of course with bare feet in high-heeled mules in the boutique.Ebook: 5883 - Lady Tamara
The PumpsWanker
At a hot private party in my basement bar, a member was allowed to cum on Lady Tamaras 18 cm high gold high heels! Lady Tamara quickly realized that the young man could no longer hold back his sperm after licking her pumps. And then the cumshot enjoyed not only Lady Tamara but most of all the foot-horny guy himself.Ebook: 5884 - Lady Katinka
Ripped Nylon Stockings
After a stroll with nylons and tight pumps, both nylon stockings in the toe area are ripped by Katinkas long toenails and they look out of the stockings. Completely exhausted from the stroll, the secretary lies on her bed and plays fully masked with high-heeled mules on her bald cunt.Ebook: 5885 - Lady Tamara
Tamara´s Licker in the Studio
At a small private party with a submissive couple, Lady Tamara is in the modd to use member Christopher as her permanent lick slave. He doesnt just have to spoil her hot feet ... His head between her thighs, Lady Tamara enjoys the nimble tongue of her licking slave, who kneels naked in front of her. Obediently and unconditionally, he could hardly wait to serve his mistresss wet cunt.Ebook: 5886 - Lady Ewa
With Fur Coat in a Car Wash
Lady Ewa is invited by member Mike to visit a car wash. In 16cm high pumps and a sheer nylon pantyhose under her fur coat, the hot Polish woman poses between the washing brushes until Mike had a big bulge in his pants. While Mike grabs the Polish womans big buttocks, she presses her knee against his bulge.Ebook: 5887 - Lady Ewa
Red Soles Waiting
Ewa sits on the white treatment bench and awaits a guest from Hanover. Member Fred is probably standing in a file on the highway and so the Lady shows you the red soles of her 16 cm-high patent leather pumps and other nice things. With an ultra sheer nylon over her hand, she rubs her bald pussy, so the cunt is wet, when her guest finally comes.Ebook: 5888 - Lady Katinka
Satisfaction in the workshop
Lady Katinka is groped by the Hobby-Doc in black seamed nylons on suspenders, mini jeans-skirt and 13cm high sling pumps from RoSa-Shoes. The Doc first gropes the Lady?s tight bound boobs, then he fists her with black latex gloves. In the end, a vibrator is used, which lets the secretary cum.Ebook: 5889 - Lady Tamara
Fully Fashioned NylonTamara
Before the champagne corks pop, Tamara would like to show her nylon soles, which smell strongly after a long shopping spree. After lighting a cigarette, the smoking Lady puts her sweaty foot soles in black silky reinforced stockings on the table . Like almost all real ladies, the secretary particularly loves such sheer fully fashioned nylons with sole reinforcement.Ebook: 5890 - Lady Ewa
Blowjob in the Carwash
Mike was the owner of a car wash and had provided his location for photo shoots. Because he was so hot on Lady Ewa, he got a hot blow job from her at the end as a thank-you gift. Before that, she allowed him to take a closer look at her hot body and to touch everything. Especially the big Butt of the polish mare was awesome for him, with and without pantyhose.Ebook: 5891 - Lady Ewa
Private Party with Whip-Ewa
A member is educated by Peitschen-Ewa with the cat to a foot and shoe licker during a Legsworld private party in Moers. After serving the mistress well, he can feel the cold patent leather of her high heels on his balls and in the end he gets the command from the Polish mistress to wank and jerk off on her extremely high red patent stilettos.Ebook: 5892 - Lady Katinka
Trip in New Sandals
In a sheer, black summer dress and new black & red platform sandals, Katinka makes a trip to the Neuwied area. On a country road, she is photographed in her new sandals before she was driving to an erotic cinema in Oberhonnefeld near the A3. From there are still some other photos on a love swing. Maybe you can meet Katinka there.Ebook: 5893 - Lady Barbara + Tamara
Two Ladys with Champagne
While my slave is cleaning the basement, I take a glass of champaign together with Lady Tamara. Working under our permanent observation maybe later. If he is working good in the basement good, maybe I let him lick my toes later.Ebook: 5894 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose Show
Lady Ewa poses on a white sofa for all friends of sexy nylon tights today. With her dark brown sheer pantyhose, which is patterned with lace in the buttocks area, the blonde Polish woman wears a semi-transparent nylon blouse with a tiger pattern and tiger pumps with 14 cm high heels.Ebook: 5895 - Lady Ewa + Tamara
Member Visit in a Hotel ShoeJob
In a nice hotelsuite in Duesseldorf Lady E and Lady Tamara are visiting member Paul for a double shoejob. Here Lady Tamara is wearing rhinestone sandals without nylons and Lady E wears 15 cm high heeled black mules together with sheer nylon stockings. At the end the Ladys allowed Paul to jerk off into another pair of Lady Ewa´s sexy pumps.Ebook: 5896 - HD-Video mit Lady Katinka
Posing & Fisting in the Workshop
Today you can see Lady Katinka in the workshop-video Posing & Fisting. First she poses in denim mini, sheer seamed nylons and pumps in a cycle rickshaw, then she masturbates there and in the second part she is fisted by the hobby-doctor at the workbench with black gloves and a dildo untill she has jerked on the floor. Nylon whore Katinka wanted to be fisted harder and harder.Ebook: 5897 - Lady Ewa
Sexy In the Kitchen
Very rare private photos of the sexy Poland Lady in her kitchen. She weras Lady Ewa nylons on suspenders and a black underwire bra. Realize how the hot Polish girl handles in the kitchen and what a nylon Lady does, when she says she makes kitchen working. In the end, she pushes her gold-covered hands into her panties again.Ebook: 5897 - Lady Ewa
Sexy In the Kitchen
Very rare private photos of the sexy Poland Lady in her kitchen. She weras Lady Ewa nylons on suspenders and a black underwire bra. Realize how the hot Polish girl handles in the kitchen and what a nylon Lady does, when she says she makes kitchen working. In the end, she pushes her gold-covered hands into her panties again.