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Ebook: 5838 - Lady Ewa
With Catsuit in the Warehouse
Only wearing a transparent catsuit and 16 cm high heeled pumps, the Lady is going on this Friday afternoon shortly before the end of work through her warehouse. Boss Ewa knows that some warehouse workers secretly watch her and at the sight of her perfect body they are wanking their cocks.Ebook: 5839 - Lady Ewa
Footjob in the Studio
In a Studio in Dortmund, Poland Lady Ewa is sitting on her throne in a black latex coat with 16-cm high-heels and is treating a naked slave. After solid kicks with her pumps on his little shrimp, the slave got a footjob from the the bare feet of the mistress. Then the hot guy was allowed to jerk off on her feet in the pumps.Ebook: 5840 - Lady Ewa
18 cm high heeled Golden Pumps
Here, Lady Ewa is visiting a member in his Office in Cologne. In 18 cm high-heeled gold pumps the sexy Polish had to undress naked and is presented as an exhibition object of the male employees. The men preferred to stay -as their boss- in the background. Before the employees were going back to work, the stark blonde got much applause for her naked body.Ebook: 5841 - Lady Katinka
Snow on her Cunt
At a little prayer house in the Eifel, Lady Katinka crouches almost naked under her fur coat in her platform mules. Dressed in sheer black nylon-stockings and a transparente lace skirt under the coat, the blonde, always horny secretary rubs her bald, wet cunt with the already wet, but still cold snow. How cold, you can see on the video clip.Ebook: 5842 - Lady Barbara
Winterdress in Spain
Here I show you how I am often dressed in winter in Spain if it is colder. And you can see what Im doing on Sundays often: Im lying in high heels on the deckchair and relax in the sun. When my photographer then presses on the shutter button, I get out my tits of course.Ebook: 5843 - Lady Ewa
Posing on a Parking Lot
Lady Ewa is posing sexy in sheer brown nylons and 16cm HighHeeled, open-toe Pumps on a wanker´s parking lot. Unfortunately, this day was just a spinning older voyeur there, that would not come closer to the hot Polish. Ewa would have liked to put her panty beside for him and show him her bald cunt.Ebook: 5844 - Lady Ewa
On the Conference Table
In the middle of a sales conversation, boss Ewa doesnt see a chance for a deal. In order to convince a major customer of the quality of her goods, the Polish Boss willingly lay down on the conference table. Warehouse worker Mueller helps her voluntarily after work. The customer has already taken a close look at the goods, now he can take a closer look at the body of boss. After a thorough inspection of her feet, boobs, cunt and asshole, customer Myers is satisfied. The boss triumphs, her three holes have saved her ass.Ebook: 5845 - Lady Katinka
Sex-TUEV Examination 2020
Lady Katinka has to endure a sex TÜV check again at the doctor´s. First, the Doc grabs the body of the blonde while standing. At the beginning she still wears her everyday clothes because she comes straight from work. She wears a pantyhose under her skirt and, as so often, without panties. But Katinka has to undress quickly. She gets her breasts tied and nipple suckers put on. Incl. 16-Minutes-Video.Ebook: 5846 - Lady Ewa
The Nylon Wanker
In the Office, sexy boss Ewa sometimes let her employees on her nylon feet and legs. Today warehouse worker Mueller has a turn. First, he must intensely kiss and lick the feet of the Lady. Then she shows him her hot butt and urges him to jerk her a big load of sperm on her feet. Mueller would have loved to lick the bosss thick, round bottom while jerking.Ebook: 5847 - Lady Katinka
On the Gynecological Chair
With tied udder balls and nipple suckers, Katinka has to go to the Doc on the gyn chair to get a thorough examination. Since every doc gets horny while such an examination, the patient has to take the pressure from his balls afterwards.Ebook: 5848 - Lady Barbara
Shoes without Toe Straps
Here you can see my feet in over 130 photos in old and new stiletto-mules without toe straps. I like to wear these kind of shoes, because it shows especially my long toenails to advantage. See also in many close-ups how my toes hang over the delicate shoes and how they sometimes touch the ground.Ebook: 5849 - Lady Ewa
Widow in Patent Leather Pumps
Today you see Lady Ewa totally in black. The sexy widow is in veil and costume with half-open blouse on a snow-covered cemetery. She pulls up her skirt and looks if the nylons are still correct on the suspenders. Who are she waiting for? To whom dees the sexy Polish blondynka present her hot body?Ebook: 5850 - Lady Ewa
Pantylicker in the Storage
In the warehouse in Neuss at the river Rhine, worker Mueller can once again smell his strict bosss panties. But above all, the horny guy is supposed to lick the traces of Lady Ewas wet cunt out of the thin fabric. Traces that the sexy boss had left behind in the course of an busy and hot day.Ebook: 5851 - Lady Katinka
Crazy ToeNails
Today Katinka put very long toenails on her big toes and put on black street sandals on her feet. With a black leggins and a short winter jacket over her tied, bare boobs, she then went to the S-Bahn station in Meckenheim and was posing with bare boobs. Want to see other crazy nails? Write us your ideas.Ebook: 5852 - Lady Ewa
The Horny Mules Kisser
Foot slave Ronny wanted to meet the feet of Lady Ewa. Today his dream came true, and he was allowed to kiss the feet of the Lady. After he intensively kissed the 16 cm high black patent mules of the mistress and her feet, she pressed her high heeled sandal foot on his bump. Then she took his head between her legs and let hin lick her pussy and boobs.Ebook: 5853 - Lady Ewa
Sekretary in Seamed Nylons
A secretary as she should be styled in principle like Ewa here: Elegant, tight-fitting business costume, sheer seamed nylons, long fingernails and a few breathtakingly high stiletto-pumps. Then you want as a boss her to give you the folders from the bottom shelf, so that she must then constantly must stoop in front of you.Ebook: 5854 - Lady Katinka
Waiting for the Foot Wanker
In stormy weather, Lady Katinka waits with her big boobs under her sheer sweater, a tight, black leggings and bare feet in mules for a toe-wanker. As I so often do, she has tied her boobs under her sweater. She wants to hold out her bare toes in the high glitter mules for full wanking. If you want to jerk on Katinkas mules yourself, or grab her booby tight: The next appointment can be found in our newsletters.Ebook: 5855 - Lady Barbara
In Strapped Pants and Designer-Sandals
In this kind Im often dressed here in Spain on the road: sporty with high-heeled designer sandals. Today you can see me in a dark brown strapped pants and designer sandals from Santa Cruz in a Spanish port. Some of the fishermen were starring at my pencil heels.Ebook: 5856 - Lady Ewa
The Boss
The female boss is sitting today in 18 cm high heeled sandals in her bureau on the desk. At first her new employee had to kiss the feet, the long nylons-legs and the high-heeled shoes of the Polish Blondynka before she treated him to jerk a big load of cum on her sexy silver-sandals. At the end, her emplayee had to lick it all clean.Ebook: 5857 - Lady Katinka
Nylon-Foot-Slut in the Bus
So toe whore Katinka could also be ready for you in the bus if you want to have her feet anonymously in a parking lot. As a foot licker, you can breathe the scent of her sweaty soles or you can slide your tongue between her stinky toes. Would you like to buy her sweaty nylons from her feet? No problem. Or do you prefer to push your hard dick into her toeslits?Ebook: 5858 - Lady Ewa
On the Fork Lift
Today, Lady Ewa has controlled the stock and of course also the warehouse workers. While the boss sits smoking in sheer nylon stockings and 16 cm high heels on the forklift. The exhibtitionistic Lady let herself serve by her warehouse workers so they could see her pussy. She is so hot that she rubs the clitoris with her pumps, while an employee must lick her cunt.Ebook: 5859 - Lady Ewa
The Fitting (Private Series)
Today you can see again some private photos of the hot Poland Lady in an outlet center for sportswear. The blonde tries on a few dresses there and of course, as she is as so often, wearing 16cm high pumps. The owner of the outlet is of course always happy when Ewa strips as much as possible of her dress.Ebook: 5860 - Lady Ewa
Bound in a Workshop
The business address where Lady Ewa had her appointment, turned out to be a dirty backyard workshop. And instead of a champagne date with a businessman, she was expect by two hot wankers. These bind the Lady in the workshop on a crane boom and are groping her tits and cunt. Then they rub their dicks on the buttocks of the Polish or slide them between her suspenders.Ebook: 5861 - Lady Katinka
White Leggins & Mules
For all foot fans who like it when women freeze on their toes, Lady Katinka presents herself today in sheer, white leggings and golden house mules with wedge heels on her bare feet. In the stormy, cold weather, Katinka is freezing on her bare toes and would have loved to have a foot licker with her, that would have put her toes in his warm mouth from time to time. Where have you been?Ebook: 5862 - Lady Barbara
Squished Balls
This can happen, if you  only would like to drink a coffee with me. This member had to put down his pants, because I was just hot to crush his balls with my toes. Just before I had put on ultra-sheer, flesh-colored stockings without reinforcement, so you can see my red polished toes through the nylon very well. With my WankFeet I can also squeeze out YOUR balls.Ebook: 5863 - Lady Ewa
Horny Games in the Heelsstudio
The Lady is playing with a devoted wanker in my heelsstudio. At first he had to kiss her legs andshoes, and then the Polish Blondynka wants to rub his dick on her sexy high heeled shoes. At the end, Ewa allowed the horny guy to jerk off on her big silicone boobs, until the sperm drips from her nipples.Ebook: 5864 - Lady Katinka
Golden Shower Slut on the Parking
Katinka was in a white leggings in a forest parking lot. The golden vintage sandals with plateau matched perfectly to her pointed, long toenails. When the blonde secretary peed in the light of her car headlights, parking lot voyeurs watched her from the background. Are you a slave and want to be her champagne toilet next time?Ebook: 5865 - Lady Ewa
Kitchen Work in 18 cm HighHeels
It´s not really good working in these shoes, but when someone loves his skyscraper heels, this doesn´t matter. Lady Ewa trys here today to make some work in the kitchen in a fishnet pantyhose and with patent leather pumps on her feet with incredible 18cm stiletto heels. At the end she is sitting with wide open legs on the countertop and licks the heels.Ebook: 5866 - Lady Ewa
Cum in her Hands
Member Marc from Solingen had a very special request: he wanted to wanki Lady Ewa in her hands. So we visited him at home and made his wish come true. The racy Polish undressed except to her sexy underwear, and hold  her elegant slim hands with the long, red polished nails as a cumbag, so Marc could wank a full load of thick semen inside Ewas hands.Ebook: 5866 - Lady Ewa
Cum in her Hands
Member Marc from Solingen had a very special request: he wanted to wanki Lady Ewa in her hands. So we visited him at home and made his wish come true. The racy Polish undressed except to her sexy underwear, and hold  her elegant slim hands with the long, red polished nails as a cumbag, so Marc could wank a full load of thick semen inside Ewas hands.