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Ebook: 5807 - Lady Barbara + Tamara
Partyimpressions with Tamara
Here you can see photos of a great party. It was another hot night with Tamara, Ewa and me, as well as many great guests. Tamara, in particular, was in great demand that evening in the adjoining room by a few gropers who wanted more than her high-heeled feet. In the party room Baby sucked on the feet and heels of the ladies as usual and his mouth was also used as an ashtray.Ebook: 5808 - Lady Katinka
Frivolous under the Fur at the River Rhine
That afternoon I was lightly clothed under my fur coat and with sandals on my bare feet on the Rhine walk. In between, I had to pee on the walk sometimes. Then we drove to Cologne in a sex cinema, where you can see me first fixed on a cross, then I lie with wide open legs on a gynecological chair.Ebook: 5809 - Lady Ewa
The Cock Sucker
At first the slave has to worship the Lady´s feet and legs. Before he is allowed to lick between the Lady´s legs, he has to suck the dick of the old man. At the end the Lady gives the old man a handjob into the slave´s mouth.Ebook: 5810 - Lady Ewa
Lady at the Lift Truck
In a warehouse in Duesseldorf Lady Ewa poses in blue 16 cm high-heeled patent leather pumps and ultra sheer nylons of her own brand, the Lady Ewa fullfashioned stockings on a fork lift. When she realized, that workers were secretly watching her, the blonde Polish spread her legs and began to masturbate her bald shaved pussy.Ebook: 5811 - Lady Barbara
Nylonsoles in Mules
For all fans of seamed Nylonstockings who are looking forward into woman´s in the back of the mules, I made this show today with really big closeup pictures. You can almost smell my sweaty nylon soles. In those pantolets, Ive often been cruising through the Krefeld city. Often Ive been followed by horny guys there. Once I was a bit sexually annoyed , youll find it under Babsis  true experiences.Ebook: 5812 - Lady Tamara
After the Sauna
After going to sauna, Lady Tamara, the Chief Secretary from Düsseldorf, put on her sexy brown suede pumps to rest on the relaxation bank. But of course the mature blonde had to pose for my photographer and must show her body half-naked for the members. When she uses my sauna, she must show her body for wanking.Ebook: 5813 - Lady Katinka
Lady "K" as Street Whore
Katinka is standing in a lonely spot on the street-walkers patch in Cologne. When the first driver stops, she goes to him and opens her black coat. The blonde chief secretary is naked except for a brief black panties under the coat. Although its cold that day, she does not freeze. She just hopes her boss will not drive over there.Ebook: 5814 - Lady Ewa
Pink Knitted Cap
For all friends of knitwear Lady Ewa presents stark naked in a textile warehouse only dressed with a pink knitted hat and a pink scarf. Of course, the blonde Polish wears high heels on her feet: this time it are blue, 15 cm high pumps.Ebook: 5815 - Lady Ewa
StraponSlave in the Office
Chief Ewa wears a hot strapon in the Office of her warehouse, and walks around there only in garter belt, stockings and very high-heeled pumps. What she does not know: warehouse worker Mueller is still in the company. As he sees the Lady, he must go on his knees and suck the strapon of his pervert chief.Ebook: 5816 - Lady Katinka
Machine Fuck at her Feet
Katinka wanted to feel her fucking machine on the soles of her feet today. The blonde secretary put on black strappy heels and let the fucking machine slide between foot and shoe sole again and again. But in the end she came to the conclusion that it should rather be something warm, alive. Maybe you want to put your cock between her foot- and shoe-soles and then cover her toes with your warm juice.Ebook: 5817 - Lady Ewa
Upskirt !
This wanker is lying on the floor and looks under the long, slashed skirt of Lady Ewa. While the elegant Lady is standing above him, he looks at what she is wearing under her tight, black pencil skirt. Then the polish nylon Lady pulls her skirt higher and higher and she the horny guy her shaved pussy provocatively. Her breasts are hanging from her blouse.Ebook: 5818 - Lady Ewa
Mistress & Footlicker in the Studio
Lady Ewa is sitting in the education Studio on her throne, smokes a cigarette and takes a glass of  champagne with orange juice. The new foot slave must do what Ewa says and kiss the feet and shoes of his mistress. Come on, lick my smelly toes and my dirty heels, you slave the PolishLady says to him. The young man obeyed and then may smell the well worn panties of his new goddess.Ebook: 5819 - Lady Katinka
Tool Box on the Balls
Katinka is today waiting on high platform mules only with a brief slip under her fur coat on a S-Bahn parking lot. The special thing: At her bound boobs hangs a heavy toolbox with a drill. Again and again, the blonde looks around to see if anyone is watching her.Ebook: 5820 - Lady Ewa
ShoeLoveIn the Heelsstudio
Hardly Im even one day out of the House, Lady Ewa plays again in the Heelsstudio with my sexy atilettos. Elegantly dressed with high, red sandals and hold-up nylons, she shows how she loves my shoes and plays on the shelves with them. The sexy blonde licks the heels and rubs the cold leather of the shoes on her pussy, which becomes soon wet.Ebook: 5821 - Lady Katinka
The Car Slut
On a parking lot near Meckenheim, Katinka today offers herself almost naked under the fur coat as a car whore. A commercial representative from Frankfurt who is just taking a break in the parking lot, looks at the slut with the big tits and can not hold his hands with him. Well, who likes to buy the pig in a poke?Ebook: 5822 - Lady Barbara
Catsuit in the Snow
With a black transparent catsuit and high-heeld platform mules (close-ups from this scene come later) , Ill pose for you today in the snow. Despite the high plateaus, Im very cold in my toes. Even my nipples show you how cold it is ...Ebook: 5823 - Lady Ewa
Smoke and Masturbation
At the end of this photo shoot Lady Ewa had to go to the toilet again. So the shoot with this member ended with Lady Ewa smoking on the toilet and rubbing her bald shaved pussy violently after making the pee. And as you can see in the video, the horny guy wanked his cock too, while kneading Ewas big silicone boobs.Ebook: 5824 - Lady Katinka
Vintage Platform Sandals
Katinka wears in this update a wide girdle from the 60s with sheer beige nylons under her fur and a pair of golden vintage platform sandals from the 60s on her feet. After she had presented herself in that dress extensively, she had to pee. Maybe you want to be next time lie under the source and take her warm, golden nectar?Ebook: 5825 - Partyimpressions
Three NylonLadys and their Baby
After this lovely boy gave my girlfriends and me some slippers as a gift, Baby Tommy from England was allowed to serve us in the heelsstudio. As moms in slippers we Polish Ladys took care of our baby just before the partybegan, and we let him smell our new house slippers and our stinky nylon toes.Ebook: 5826 - Lady Ewa
NylonLady at the AbfickKlappen
After many of you missed seeing the Lady in a porn cinema, here are the photos. At first, Poland Lady Ewa just wanted to show the wankers only her sexy body and feet in the porno cinema. But then more and more men grabbed the blonde when she wanked dicks on theFickklappen. In the end she had to get jerked on her sexy nylon legs and her 16 cm high blue pumps.Ebook: 5827 - Lady Katinka
Hot Saturday in January
Last Saturday Katinka went on a hot trip with her master. First, the two met a member in a P + R parking lot near Bonn. Katinka got into the car and gave him a hand job. Member Horst filmed the horny mare while she was wanking. Then they went into a forest path for a walk in mini and heels under the fur. In the evening they went to Cologne to the cinema Hole, where Katinka was worked on in succession by two members. Incl. 13min VideosEbook: 5828 - Lady Ewa
Lady at the Throne
The Lady wanted to sit on the throne already every now and then in the education Studio, but before she had to let a slave at her feet, she poses it in sheer Brown nylons and 16 cm-high mules in front of the photographer. The hot Polish shows not only her legs, but again and again her bald shaved fuck slit.Ebook: 5829 - Lady Ewa
In the Marriage Bed of a Member
Lady Ewa was welcomed with a red rose when she visited a member in Gladbeck. The sexy Polish girl poses in lingerie and seamed nylons on his marriage bed. Next to her is the host, who thinks its pretty cool how the blonde mule Lady presents him with everything. In any case, his dick is stiff when he is allowed to touch her from time to time. What will he think of when he fucks his wife later in bed?Ebook: 5830 - Lady Barbara
Platform Mules in the Snow
Today there is something for the fans of Ladys who love to wear high heeled, open mules all the year, so also in winter with ice and snow. Here you see me with platform mules and naked feet in the snow. While the small toe is constantly hanging out of the shoe, it is pretty cold also for my other toes in the snow. Who will warm them?Ebook: 5831 - Lady Katinka
Forest Botanical Garden
On Wednesday we took pictures with Katinka in the foggy forest botanical garden in Cologne. The nylon-enthusiastic hobby whore presents herself under the fur coat in sheer seamed nylons and vintage sandals with plateau on a bench. Maybe you want to be there with her when the weather is nice.Ebook: 5832 - Lady Ewa
The Panty Sniffer
Between the boxes in the warehouse a panty-horny worker is sniffing on his bosss panties. And she does not only let him sniff the panties. Boss Ewa has come to the store this morning in an elegant costume, sexy lingerie with sheer stockings and 16cm high heels. Standing in the midst of her legs, she lets worker Müller crawl on all fours and humiliates him. With her panties over his head, Müller has to lick the strict bosss pussy until she comes.Ebook: 5833 - Lady Ewa
Worshipping the Boss
So it looks like, when the boss has execised his authority and the employee knows again where his place is. After Chief Ewa rebuked her emplyee Rolf, he obedient kneeled on the floor. He kissed her feet, legs and at the end also the bare butt of his boss, when she was standing in front of him in garterbelt and nylons because she pushed up her business skirt.Ebook: 5834 - HD-Video with Lady Katinka
Pantyhose Lady machine-fucking
After Lady Katinka lay only  in pantyhose on the dining table, she cut a hole in the scrotch so the rubber dick had easily access. Then the fucking machine was put on. While the machine penetrated the wet hole of the blonde hobby whore again and again, Katinka always had to keep her feet high-heeled. 10 min VideoEbook: 5835 - Lady Ewa
Lady Styles for the Shooting
After a shopping spree in a loose jeans mini, sweater and very high blue heels Lady Ewa dresses for a sexy shooting. From her denim mini and sweater, she wedges her body into a pink corset. her  sheer nylon stockings the Polish Blondie retains for the nylons-lover who comes later.Ebook: 5836 - Lady Barbara
The Nylonsoles of Lady B
Today Im going to show you another series with me in sheer seamed nylons from Albert´s. After an exhausting shopping spree in tight crocodile pumps, I sat down at the dining table at home and put my strongly smelling, tired feet on the table. While reading in an old lexicon, my photographer takes beautiful close-ups, where you can clearly see how the sheer nylon fabric spans my long toenails.Ebook: 5837 - Lady Katinka
BoobShow at the Nuerburgring
Lady Katinka takes off her fur coat in a parking lot at the Nuerburgring. In a tartan mini-skirt, hold-up black nylons and sandals, the blonde secretary shows off her tied boobs in a foggy winter background.  Incl. 6min VideoEbook: 5837 - Lady Katinka
BoobShow at the Nuerburgring
Lady Katinka takes off her fur coat in a parking lot at the Nuerburgring. In a tartan mini-skirt, hold-up black nylons and sandals, the blonde secretary shows off her tied boobs in a foggy winter background.  Incl. 6min Video