The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 5776 - Lady Barbara
Wet Soles in front of NC 9606
Here I show you my naked, wet footsoles on the bed, wearing a pair of read slacks and a tiger jacket. My command  on to all slaves is today: Print out a picture of my soles on your printer and jerk a full load of sperm on them. Then make a picture of the result and put it in the image upload of the chat. It is important that my stinky foot soles and your stiff dick must be seen on your phote.Ebook: 5777 - Lady Katinka
Tied and humbled
After he had extensively examinined Katinka in some recent updates, Hobbydoc Werner from Cologne fixes the blonde secretary splinter naked with platform mules to a metal frame. First he treats Katinkas cunt with the whip, then her big hanging balls are tied to the top of the rack and were lashed. At the end, the horny mare is then labeled with lipstick I am a fuckpig.Ebook: 5778 - Lady Ewa
Pink Dress + Dildo
Lady Ewa from Poland poses as a special member request today in a pink summer dress and 16cm high blue pumps. First she stretches her sexy ass into the camera, shows her shaved cunt and then the sexy blonde  is masturbating with her dildo. Again and again she pushes the thing in her bald shaved pussy.Ebook: 5779 - Lady Ewa
Smoking Mistress Educates her Slave
Today there is a series especially for fans of smoking women. Die smoking Lady Ewa educates a slave in his apartment in Dortmund. She ties the masked guy, rides him as a pony and uses him as an ashtray. Of course he also gets his balls and nipples properly stapled. In a 4-minute-video you will see how the mistress removes the clamps with her whip from his body.Ebook: 5780 - Lady Ewa
The Sabots of Lady B
When I came home from a shopping spree in Krefeld and had just taken off my new, pointed sabots, Lady Ewa took my sweaty and stinky shoes. Because the shoes were too small for her feet, she started to smell on them and kissed the toetip. Then she put a condom over a shoe and tried to push the sabot into her asshole and into her wet cunt.Ebook: 5781 - Lady Barbara
Toerings at the Eiffel Tower
For the fans of foot jewelery, toe rings and long toe claws, I show today a few close-up photos in front of a picture of the Eiffel Tower. At the request of a special member, I spread my toes on some photos wide open. I hope that I now get a lot of sperm from you and all other horny toe wankers between my toe slits, my dear Horst.Ebook: 5782 - Lady Katinka
Boobs on the Dining Table
As a gourmet piece for nylon and tit fans, Lady Katinka is sitting in a tartan skirt, original seamed nylons with top-hole and black sling-pumps by RoSa-Shoes on her dining table. Her big hanging boobs are strapped tight with a black leash and of course the secretary does not wear any panty. Actually, only the 5 chairs around the table, we are missing the appropriate gropers.Ebook: 5783 - Lady Ewa
Lady in Latexgloves
Dressed in a fishnet tights and 15cm high patent leather overknee boots, the smoking Lady Ewa takes the mickey out of a fat man. She sits on his face, is fumbling with her latex gloves on his small, slippery wienie and uses her thin sharp high heels on his balls. In the end, the sexy Polish gets still licked her bald pussy properly from the fat man.Ebook: 5784 - Lady Barbara
Footsoles and Jeans
After a long stroll barefoot in pumps,  your feet smell divine, says my photographer. As some members wanted to see more of my naked footsoles, here are the photos. After a long shopping stroll i´m still wearing my blue jeans. This is often my dress, when I go shopping in my residece, together with tight pointed pumps or in summer with 12cm strappy sandals on my feet.Ebook: 5785 - Lady Katinka
Sexy Lingerie under the Raincoat
With a transparent raincoat over her sexy lingerie with an ouvert string, the blonde secretary dares out in the street. On her suspenders she has fixed dark brown original seamed nylons and her feet are put in 14cm high-heeled mules with transparent upper. Would you like to go for a walk with her like this?Ebook: 5786 - Lady Ewa
Naked under her Fur Coat
While Lady Ewa is supposed to pose for the photographer almost naked under her fur coat in a warehouse, she is urged hit by a worker. The hot guy groped her tits under the fur and takes her to an empty room. What the Wicked warehouse worker then does with the half-naked, perplexed polish, you see in one of the next series.Ebook: 5787 - Lady Barbara
In the Medieval District (1)
Here you can see how I walk in 15 cm high-heeled mules in Spain through the old medieval town. On the old cobblestones this is not always easy in these super high heels. You have to balance to avoid bending over with your feet. A member has captured my walk with his camera. Here you see part 1.Ebook: 5788 - Lady Katinka
Customer Acquisition in Pantyhose & Fur
For a new member Katinka had to show her naked buttocks on Sunday. Werner from the Eifel watched us from the background, as Katinka in open toe gold pumps stark naked and dressed only in a beige pantyhose under her fur, was photographed in a parking lot. We got into conversation and he spontaneously registered as a member of Legsworld via his mobile phone. For him Katinka then pulled down her pantyhose and presented new member Werner her bare anus. The horny guy did not want to be shown on pictures, when he was allowed to grab the blonde secretary after the posing.Ebook: 5789 - Lady Barbara
Holidaypictures in the Medieval District (part 2)
Here you can see how I walk in 15 cm high-heeled mules in Spain through the old medieval town. On the old cobblestones this is not always easy in these super high heels. You have to balance to avoid bending over with your feet. A member has captured my walk with his camera. Here you see part 2 with closeups.Ebook: 5790 - Lady Ewa
Peeing in his Bed
Lady Ewa visited member Heiko today in his apartment in Bochum and lies down with bare ass in his bed, dressed in heels and nylons. From her business costume shes only wearing the jacket. So she can give Heiko, who loves golden shower, a nice show with her freshly shaved holes. At the end you see in a clip, as Ewa clears her bladder in his bed.Ebook: 5791 - Lady Barbara
PornToes in the Snow
A series for those who are hot on year-round all weather sandal wearers and overhanging small toes. I went through the garden in snow with bare feet in the Platformshoes. Despite the high plateaus, it was pretty frosty on my toes. But a slave has  warmed my toes with his tongue afterwards in the living room.Ebook: 5792 - Lady Katinka
Female Photo Wanker
Today, Lady Katinka shows you that she is on the same level as you all: For she also likes to wank on the photos of Lady B. Then she sits in sexy lingerie or negligee to her notebook, spreads her legs wide open and watches her favorite series from her favourite Lady. Her fingers then move quickly between her legs to her wet hole. Sometimes she also takes a rubber cock in her hand. Incl. 9-Minutes-VideoEbook: 5793 - Lady Ewa
Wabker Object in Mobile Home
In the parking lot scene, the sexy Polish is a coveted wanking object. Today Lady Ewa poses stark naked undera  fur in a mobile home on a freeway parking lot, only with jewelry and blue pumps. Her shy boyfriend had to stay outside and, like the others, was only allowed to watch through the window as she presented herself. After a user was allowed in to her, the sexy blonde got suction cups on her nipples and was examined all over her body.Ebook: 5794 - Lady Ewa
She loves my shoes
Lady Ewa loves my new designer platformshoes from GianMarco Lorenzi. While the blonde, sexy Lady played with them in the Legsstudio at the bar, my photographer got the camera and made some nice shots how she was smelling at the shoes. At the end she took a condom and put one heel into her pussy ...Ebook: 5795 - Lady Ewa
MilkingLady with Latex Gloves
Lady Ewa is once again visiting a member at home. Today she wears thigh high boots and sexy fishnet tights. Once there, she pulls over her hands sheer latex gloves. With the gloves, Ewa wanks the dick of the big man and kneads his balls. The blonde Polish Lady makes every effort to get the small slave tail stiff.Ebook: 5796 - Lady Katinka
Fishnettights & Dildo
Today, the horny secretary presented almost naked under her beige fur coat only with a fishnet tights on her body and black slingback pumps with 13cm high heels on the feet. Posing naked in a parking lot makes her horny again and again, so she needed a dildo for her wet and hungry cunt.Ebook: 5797 - Lady Barbara
Fur Lady in Pumps & Nylons
Hardly the first snow fell here in the Rhineland, I can finally try my new fur coat. Except for some sexy lingerie and nylons on suspenders, I will not wear anything under my coat later, when I drive to Krefeld in the city for the Christmas market. Maybe Ill show someone my big Christmas balls, who knows?Ebook: 5798 - Lady Barbara
Sandals and Mules in the Snow
Here again something for the friends of sandal women and mules women in the snow: I wear sexy high heeled sandals and mules in the snow. No nylons! Doesn´t the cold white snow match perfect to my bright red hot toe claws?Ebook: 5799 - Lady Ewa
Slave in the Snow
In the icy winter, this slave is naked in a snowy forest educated by the high-heeled Lady Ewa in a fur who also treats him to milk. Since it are probably only the long sexy claws of the smoking Lady to thank that his dick becomes hard, when she rubs him with snow in the end . Because the slave can not see the hot Polis with his blindfold.Ebook: 5800 - Lady Katinka
Jerk on my Xmas Toes
Merry Christmas wishes you Lady Katinka. The blonde secretary sits today at the Christmas table and shows her toes with long red polished nails, which she has made especially for Christmas. She wears golden vintage sandals from the 70s with 15cm heel and 5cm platform from Highest Heel Collection. The shoes are for sale. See Used Stilettos no. 386Ebook: 5801 - Lady Katinka
Christmas fuck with the fucking machine
Even at Christmas Katinka can not do without a hot fuck with her little machine. Christmas styled with a red cap and high white boots, she kneels in the middle of the room on the floor and wants to be served by the fucking machine until the juice comes out of her cunt. Merry Christmas to everyone.Ebook: 5802 - Lady Ewa
The New Boss
First he showed her a kind of office space, then employee Mueller licked the feet ob his new chief after some wine and cigarettes. After some wine, chief Ewa opened her fur, under which she was almost naked. Warehouse worker Mueller took off even her slip and began to fumbled the wet cunt of his sexy boss. At the end, he pushed her still his little wienie between her bare toes and jerkd after a while a big load of sperm on the feet of his boss.Ebook: 5803 - Lady Tamara
The NylonGoddess trom the East
In her toe-reinforced black seamed nylons and a pair of sexy sandals with very thin black toe straps, Lady Tamara presents herself to all in the living room. Since the strappy heels are a bit tight, the two little toes of the ex-chief secretary always hang out of the shoes. Tramaras boss already liked her wide sexy feet mostly in open sandals and sheer nylonstockings.Ebook: 5804 - Lady Ewa
BraLady with Furcoat
Lady Ewa is today posing in a silver-grey fur coat, an elegant costume and high-heeled pumps for her admirer Egon, who sits comfortably in the background in an armchair. He doesnt want to be seen on the pictures. Slowly the hot Polish is stripping out of her dress and lingerie until shes stark naked. She alway looks to the wanking old man, especially when her silicone boobs are falling out of the bra. Did she suck the old man´s big dick, when the camera was off? I don´t know. But blondy always retains her fur coat until the very end.Ebook: 5805 - Lady Katinka
Red Stockings and Fucking Machine
Shes hot again: Katinka will be used in 13cm high sling pumps of pink and red seamed nylons again from her fucking machine. Watch in the video how the little thing shellacs the blond secretary again and again before the meal is on the table. Watch live in the Cologne area from January on, when Katinka is satisfied by 2 fucking machines and jerk on her. On her feet or on her hot boobs.Ebook: 5806 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa is hanging out with my high heels in my heels studio. During the shoot, she puts blue 16 cm high pumps, red patent leather mules and lots of horny stilettos in her panties and bra as well as behind her suspenders. In the end, you cant even see her underwear for for all the hot high heels.Ebook: 5806 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa is hanging out with my high heels in my heels studio. During the shoot, she puts blue 16 cm high pumps, red patent leather mules and lots of horny stilettos in her panties and bra as well as behind her suspenders. In the end, you cant even see her underwear for for all the hot high heels.