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Ebook: 5746 - Lady Ewa
Worship in the Biker Garage
Lady Ewa is looking around in a biker garage. She wears elegant dress: a black costume, sheer black nylonstockings and her new 16cm high black sandals. A cheeky worker had to go on his knees and had to kiss the Polish madam´s stinky luxury nylonfeet. Everyone else from the garage staff is watching from the background, waiting for the Lady to show more.Ebook: 5747 - Lady Katinka
Undress !
Katinka is standing in leggings and top in the bedroom in front of the mirror and thinks about what to wear. The blond secretary gets some things out of the closet, then she sits down on the bed and takes off her leggings. Standing, she takes off the rest until she is naked.Ebook: 5748 - Lady Barbara
My Big Pantyhose Ass
At the memberEbook: 5749 - Lady Ewa
Posing in 18 cm Heels
Today, Pollish Lady Ewa again makes a visit in Mönchengladbach in the apartment of  a member. The blonde is posing as wanker´s object stark naked in 18cm high, silver pumps with toe opening and smokes a cigarette. On the small dining table she shows member Erwin again extensively and from near her shved wanker´s cunt, which is only made to watch and wank.Ebook: 5750 - Lady Katinka
Foot Soles At the Desk
At the desk in the nail salon Lady Katinka creams her legs. And after taking off her gold-black pompom sandals, her feet as well. Take a close-up look at her bare soles with long toenails. Would you like to smell it? Or push your tongue between her toes? Dominant men can fuck her feet or smell feet and fuck Katinka´s  cunt.Ebook: 5751 - Lady Ewa
First, the slave got to feel the thin, 18cm high metal stilettos of the blonde mistress on his balls and dick, then Lady Ewa polished his balls even with a professional polishing machine to a glossy shine. The mechanics of the motorcycle workshop, who were watching in the background, were hot for the ultra sheer nylonstockings the almost naked Polish Lady was wearing.Ebook: 5752 - Lady Barbara
The tight Pumps
Here you can see my feet in tight designer pumps made of crocodile leather after a dance evening in Cologne. They are totally jammed and smell like leather and sweat. They urgently need a massage now. Do you want to strip my sweaty feet after a dance evening from the tight pumps, massage them and then maybe Ill allow you to smell my sweaty toes ...Ebook: 5753 - Lady Katinka
The Examination - Anamnesis
Lady Katinka was introduced today to a Hobbydoc in Cologne for the first examination. First, the 50-year-old secretary had to undress except for the underwear, she was questioned and scanned. Then nipple suckers were attached to her nipples. If you would like to take part in a follow-up examination in a few weeks as an assistant doctor, then get in touch with us. Doctor´s white coat is required.Ebook: 5754 - Lady Ewa
Shoejob for a Member
A longtime member came to the Heelsstudio today to get a shoe job from PolishLady Ewa. Of course, he got the full program from the Lady in seamed nylons and lace dress. The slave had to suck the heels of the sexy blonde, then he must smell the sweat from her ankle boots and at the end he got to feel her pointed stilettos on his dick.Ebook: 5755 - Lady Ewa
Action im PornoCinema
Lady Ewa yesterday visited with a member a porno cinema in the Rhine area. She went there nacked under her fur coat, only with 16cm high heeled pumps on her feet. In the cinea the member wanted her to make fun with an old man on a couch and let her body touch from other visitors, because he would feel like a cuckold.Ebook: 5756 - Lady Katinka
Lady Katinka ist standing stark naked only in black and golden pompom mules with plateau at the wardrobe. For the evening visit to the sex cinema, the blonde secretary takes a short fishnet dress out of the closet and puts it on slowly. Do you want to see her life in this style? Then make an appointment with us from the 28th of November on to the next date in a sex cinema in Cologne and let Katinka wear your desired dress.Ebook: 5757 - Lady Barbara
Downblouse and Glittersandals
Here you see me in my garden. The snow is nearly gone and I like to wear glittersandals and show my new long toenails. To this beige pantsuit I like to wear the black sandals with rhinestones that present my long toenails very good. Do you like the shoes too ?Ebook: 5758 - Lady Ewa
Phonesex with the Polish Lady
Because the  Poland Lady does not speak German very well and has a strong accent, wankers sometimes get hooked on her defencelessness and her strong polish accent. Here Lady Ewa was filmed and photographed in a sexy lace dress, sheer nylons and 16cm high heeled pumps while talking on the phone with some horny guys. See how she reacts on the phone and what she does for her callers.Ebook: 5759 - Lady Katinka
At the Old Cemetery
Before we visited a member at home, we made some outdoor shots nearby at an old cemetery in the lignite mining area in the Rhein/Erft district. Katinka was already naked under her coat all day, wearing only high-heeled platform mules on her bare feet. Just as member Fred from Moenchengladbach wanted to see her.Ebook: 5760 - Lady Ewa
Naked Mistress with Peaked Cap
Splinter naked in silver 18cm high-heels and clothed only with peaked cap and a whip Poland Lady Ewa stands in the dark and waits for obedient slave contenders who are allowed to kneel behind her with their faces in her divine anus. Not only the toes and heels the slave-candidates of the blonde madame have to kiss and lick clean, but also her asshole the Lady wants to have smelled and licked.Ebook: 5761 - Lady Barbara
Stilettos and Crutches
Today you see the dream scenario of a member who asked himself the question: Can you wear high-heeled shoes, although you need crutches, because you sprained your foot? I was led today stark naked in a dark grotto and was wearing plateau sandals with very thin heels. Likewise, I wear on member request therewhile a blindfold and rubber rings around my boobs. Luckily it was not so cold there and with some fantasies that you can hear here, I also made myself warm thoughts.Ebook: 5762 - Lady Katinka
Measuring the Pressure
In front of hobbydoc Werner from Cologne Lady Katinka sits stark naked only with 13cm high luxury pumps from RoSa on her bare feet and nipple suckers on her breasts. The Doc wants to measure her pressure, but in the face of nudity, and the nipple suckers this goes vigorously down the drain. Way to high! says the Doc.Ebook: 5763 - Lady Ewa
First shows Lady Ewa her hot, sexy buttocks in a sheer pantyhose, then she pulls the nylon down very slowly over her butt. The blonde shows a member on the terrace in the garden her pantyhose posing in a short leather bolero and 15cm high, blue pumps. When she fumbles her hot pussy at the end, the dick of shy Heinz is hard and near to explode.Ebook: 5764 - Lady Barbara
Pantyhose and Ankle Boots
Here I pose for you in the cold on a small wall in the garden. The fur I had to take off before and I wear only a mocca-colored tights and white ankle boots with 13cm high heels. At least the sweater and cap were warm. I wonder if anyone has seen me from the bushes?Ebook: 5765 - Lady Katinka
SEXTÜV - On the Test Block
After the anamnesis and pressure measurement Katinka had to the Sex-TÜV on the test station. Splitter naked only with 13cm high heeled pumps on her feeet the blonde chief secretary stretched her buttocks to the doc on the test block and was extensively checked by him. He started with measuring her rectal temperature till at the end the doc did a taste test from her anus.Ebook: 5766 - Lady Ewa
Nylondildo in the Heels Studio
Lady Ewa is posing with her dildo in a tiger dress, tiger pumps and hold-up nylonstockings in my Heelsstudio in Willich. The sexy Polish woman coats the rubber dick with a sheer, black nylon stocking. After she has sucked the nylon dildo wet with her hot lips, she shoves it into her wet cunt and masturbates. Also the rest of the stocking is pushed into her cunt.Ebook: 5767 - Lady Barbara
Catsuit + KrokoBoots
Member Heinz from Neuss had once again ordered his BoobsLady in a transparent Catsuit for an appointment. For him and all fans of high heeled boots, I will pose today in a half-transparent Catsuit and 13 cm high crokoboots on the terrace. With an open zipper of the Catsuit, I stretch my hard and stiff nipples and show you my bald pussy.Ebook: 5768 - Lady Katinka
Ironing in HighHeels
Lady Katinka has just had breakfast and is still wearing her negligee and night coat. The busty Lady already wears suspenders and stockings and on her feet she has golden house mules with platform and black pompom. So styled, the blonde secretary is ironing her tartan mini skirt for the next photo shoot with a member in the afternoon when the work is done.Ebook: 5769 - Lady Ewa
Splinter Naked on the Ceiling Hook
Anoter photoset for the friends of naked Ladies, now with Lady Ewa. A dominant member visited us and wanted to see live, when the Polsih shoe fetish Lady ist bound in the heels studio and standing about 1 hour in her 16cm pumps having pain. At the end the naked Lady got a foot massage by the house slave.Ebook: 5770 - Lady Ewa
Medical Doctor Ewa
A member is extensively examined on the gyn chair by the Polish doctor and has to milk with tied eggs. Here, Dr. med. Ewa K. (who smokes a cigarette before the examination) is wearing very sheer nylons and high-heeled pumps and her hands are covered with sensitive latex gloves. Dr. Ewa treats the balls and the dick of the patient, until at the end he has to milk.Ebook: 5771 - Lady Katinka
The Examination - Gyn Chair
In the course of her examination by member Werner from Cologne, the naked Katinka has to lie down on the gyn chair. After she was examined there by the hobbydoc, the blonde gets a treatment with the fucking machine. Again and again the motor driven dildo rattles into the fuck hole of the secretary, who then begins to be goating and is leaking of lustfulness. Incl. 8-Minutes-Video.Ebook: 5772 - Lady Ewa
Wanker´s Help
Why do you always jerk alone on my pictures? In todays update Lady Ewa is working for this member again as a useful wanker´s assintance. While he looks at my photos, she wanks his dick so he can jerk a decent load on my photos. If you also need a female wanker´s assintance, then get in touch with us. Maybe one of our Ladys can help you too.Ebook: 5773 - Lady Ewa
High Heeled in the Sauna
For her long-time fan, penisoneer-wanker Egon, Lady Ewa is today sweating and posing in the sauna in high heels. Egon likes to see high-heeled women in the sauna and insists the hot Polish to show her sexy ass and her bald shaved pussy into the camera. This was not a problem for Ewa, because the Polish  loves to show her advantages to everyone.Ebook: 5774 - Lady Katinka
NylonLady "K" on the Ladder
In 15cm high-heeled mules and original seamed nylonstockings under the black pleated skirt, Lady Katinka climbs on the ladder to wipe the top of the cupboard clean. Here you can watch under her  skirt up to her labia, because the blonde secretary wears as so often no panties. Actually the ideal position to push your stiff dick between foot- and shoe-sole while your nose is in her crotch. If you have a leader and are visitable, then let us know.Ebook: 5775 - Lady Ewa
Nylonposing for a Wanker
While Lady Ewa is posing in seamed sheer nylonstockings and 16 cm-high-heeled mules in a chair of her hotelroom, a masked wanker stares at the nylonlegs of the polish mare. He pulls out his big dick from his pants and rubs it at the legs of the hot Poland Madame. Therewhile the hot Blondy is rubbing her pussy with her long, bright-red polished fingernails wet.Ebook: 5775 - Lady Ewa
Nylonposing for a Wanker
While Lady Ewa is posing in seamed sheer nylonstockings and 16 cm-high-heeled mules in a chair of her hotelroom, a masked wanker stares at the nylonlegs of the polish mare. He pulls out his big dick from his pants and rubs it at the legs of the hot Poland Madame. Therewhile the hot Blondy is rubbing her pussy with her long, bright-red polished fingernails wet.